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The Ride Of Her Life

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM/f; strip; naked; motorbike; bond; straps; outdoors; tease; climax; sex; rom; cons; X

For the first part of my life I was scared to death of motorcycles, but my best friend Tina told me repeatedly that there was nothing like going for a ride on one. She admitted to me with a deep grin that she just recently went for "the ride of her life" on her boyfriends. It was a double entendre, but we had been friends long enough that they flowed between us naturally. We were more than just friends and roommates living together, but exclusive lovers until Tina's boyfriend came into the picture. I was forced to share Tina after that, but Jim was at least a nice enough guy, and I even thought he got off on the idea in typical guy fashion.

Tina was every guys dream, long and curvy, and sexy as hell, and I was fortunate to be her lover even part time. She had joked once that Jim might like to watch the both of us have a go at it, or even join in himself. To which I replied that we would probably kill him, but not discounting the idea outright. I liked guys, but I preferred women, it just seemed much more natural for me to relinquish control to Tina than any guy. Still her suggestion had an implied offer to it that I found interesting, making it happen in the real world and all of us remaining friends afterwards didn't sound possible to me though.

Jim was her boyfriend, but I was her petite submissive lover, willing to do anything to please her in the slightest way, including her laundry and dishes when she asked. At times I felt like a pet in Tina's eyes, (the same eyes I had to look up into as she seemed nearly a foot taller than I am in her stunning heels), but also an irreplaceable one. And just like the jealous pet I sometimes emulated, I intentionally misbehaved at times to get her attention.

The suggestion of going for a ride of my own came often from Tina, and I finally agreed to try one, but only if it was Jim giving it as I didn't trust any of his rowdy friends. Tina gave me a look as if I didn't know what I was asking, and I assumed that riding on the back of his large Harley and feeling the vibrations of the engine up through the saddle tickled her like only a seven hundred pound vibrator could. I had even heard Jim affectionately call it his Milwaukee vibrator, and I assumed that was the "ride of her life" part.

Riding on desolate country back roads with my arms and legs wrapped around Jim's waist, (while suppressing an orgasm), sounded like an adventure in misbehavior that would have to be dealt with. Better yet if I screamed in his ear and made a mess on the seat of his cherished machine. Tina would be forced to punish me as she had done several times before, and then to later make up with me when she felt guilty about it. I knew Tina was trapped, if she didn't offer to share her Jim with me after I was given no choice in sharing her, I would be able to level the charge of hypocrisy and she would also be forced to pay me more attention.

I felt as if I couldn't loose, but still she smiled back at me in her typical superior way as if she had a tremendous secret. Tina told me she would only set it up if I pinky swore that I wouldn't back out. A pinky swear was the most stringent form of commitment between us, and I knew the second we unhooked our fingers that there would be consequences if I failed to live up to my word.

I only heard one half of her following cell phone conversation with Jim, but it went something like this:

"Hi babe, I've apparently been talking up my 'ride of my life' with Jessica a little too much, and she wants to try one of her own, but she only feels safe riding with you... Oh, it's called a Lobo, I didn't know that... No, no, no, I think that part will definitely be a surprise... She has promised me she won't back out... The Pink Pussycat, amateur night, you'd like that wouldn't you? I bet you'd invite all your friends too... I'll tell you what, if Jessica backs out before the ride is over, we'll both dance on amateur night for you and your buddies..."

Tina hung up and told me that if I broke my promise with her and backed out of my Lobo with Jim, we would both be stripping on amateur night at the Pink Pussycat for him and all his friends, as well as all the other guys who ordinarily show up there. And she promised me if she had to do that, I could bet I would be giving a lap dance to every guy who wanted one before I got my clothes back...

With proper motivation we both dressed for the amateur night strip tease that neither one of us wanted to do, in my case that was a light cotton button down mini dress and skimpy panties, with matching high heeled cork sandals. Tina wore a mini skirt and tube top and spiky high heels, and I wanted to make love to her before we even left for Jim's place.

Tina intentionally drove past the Pink Pussycat on our way, and I saw the parking lot full of cars and motorcycles, and the banner inviting new girls to dance. It was a subtle reminder that Tina was as heavily committed as I was not to have me back out on Jim. I had no intention of doing so, and as it was dark out I thought my identity safe on the back of Jim's bike. I realized after we left that my tiny dress would likely be blown all over the place in the wind, and if not for the darkness I would be putting on quite the show with my limited undergarments, with or without amateur night on this hot summer night.

We met Jim in his garage, and he offered me a full face helmet with dark visor that fit me snugly. With the visor down nobody would be able to see my face, and I knew my identify was now one hundred percent safe out on the bike if I inadvertently flashed some skin in my thin dress. It was an exhibitionist's thrill, and despite my fear I was excited to be going for this ride, and I didn't understand Tina's concern that I would bail out on her. She should have known better, one of her favorite punishments was to dump me off somewhere remote without a stitch of clothing while she went shopping, or out to a movie. I would have to hide in the woods, or an old barn in anticipation of her rescue, and I was always grateful for her return.

We both knew it really wasn't a "for real" punishment, but more a form of foreplay to remind me of my place.

I allowed Tina and Jim to guide me onto the rear seat, and each took one of my ankles and lifted it off of the pegs that I had placed my sandals on. It seemed the natural place for my feet to go, but I had never done this before so I trusted the experts. My sandals were removed, and my feet placed up and behind me in between the bars that ordinarily held the removed saddlebags. It was a tight fit for my bare foot, and I had to point my toes with the help of both Jim and Tina to get them in there. The position my ankles were forced into spread my legs fairly widely, and rolled my hips forward to mash my panties down onto the thin seat that I later found out was called a "P" pad, short for pussy pad.

My sandals were placed back onto my feet and buckled extra tight, trapping me spread legged on the large machine with my pussy in firm contact with it's namesake. I had to hold the sissy bar behind me with both hands to keep from falling forward onto the gas tank, and I felt my straining boobs pushing at the buttons of my slightly small dress. In this position with my full body weight on the thin "P" pad it wouldn't take much for me to cum, and I assumed that was the idea.

Instead of mounting his bike and starting the engine, (who's vibrations could drive me over the edge before we ever left Jim's garage), I felt Tina's delicate hands unbuttoning my buttons from the top down. I couldn't stop her without loosing my grip and falling forward, but I didn't think to anyway as I only expected her to undo the first few. The exhibitionist in me didn't mind flashing some lucky motorists in the dark, but I wondered what Jim thought about it. I'm far from average looking everywhere else but standing next to Tina, but in her company members of both sexes always look at her first.

Would Jim prefer to look at my partially exposed and bound body over hers?

She never stopped with the buttons however, but then both of us would be doing so much more for a crowd of drunk and rowdy men on a well lit stage if she did. I had to lift myself off the "P" pad to help her get my dress out from under me as she stripped me for my ride, but that in itself was an act of cooperation, letting both of them know I still wanted my own Lobo, even with the unexpected exposure.

The sudden chill, (or more likely the excitement I felt), had my nipples so hard they hurt. It was definitely the chill though that reminded me of my damp panties. Both of them noticed, but it was Tina's delicate fingers that traced a path over them first making me groan. Jim's large fingers were next, and he wasn't delicate at all as I thrust into him. I felt Tina's hands on my boobs mashing them, but also keeping me from falling forward. Jim took my wrists out from behind the bar, and he gently placed them on the back of my helmet and told me not to move.

The position pulled my boobs up high as if on display, and Tina became somewhat savage in her manipulations of them. Jim placed a thick leather strap first around one wrist, and then the other, and both were uselessly crossed and bound behind my neck in moments. Tina and I had played with some light restraint together so this was nothing new, just unexpected from Jim, as was their "hands on" approach to securing me to the bike. I had just allowed him to secure my arms and legs helplessly while straddling his machine, and Tina to strip me. This was turning out to be much more than what I thought it would be, and with Jim's intimate contact it felt as if Tina was inviting him into our sex life, or more accurately, me into theirs. I had mixed feeling about that, but at the moment they weren't all bad either.

Tina's delicate but savage hands were replaced with Jim's rough ones, and he laid me forward as I had no choice but to follow his lead. He moved me as if positioning me, and I was laid down on his cold fuel tank, but not before he kneaded my breasts like dough. I moaned involuntarily as I like especially rough treatment of them at times, this apparently being one of them. My knees were slightly bent away from the machine, opening up my charms in wanton fashion but for my gushy panties. Jim took more leather straps and secured each bent elbow to some structure on the lower part of his large bike, securing me safely, but helplessly atop his fuel tank. The hard bump in the front part of the saddle was in direct contact with my pelvic bone, and my legs were splayed almost enough to allow him to step in between them and his bike to mount it.

So this was the Lobo Tina had boasted about, laid nearly naked and bound atop Jim's bike while he started his engine, and forced to cum like a mad woman straddling a seven hundred pound vibrator... Other than it taking a man to make it happen, pretty awesome. Just one question remained, why the helmet?


I was forced to splay my legs even further when Jim stepped between them and mounted his machine, and I fought the feeling of falling as he tilted the big bike off of it's kick stand and started the engine.

Tina then slapped my panty covered ass with a firm crack, and said something to Jim that I couldn't hear through my helmet with the engine rumbling just beneath me. I thought she was joking when she opened the garage door for us, but I realized all I had been subjected to was still in preparation for a ride on the public roads, but not in the manner I had assumed earlier. Naked and bound in the garage was one thing, but out on the road was another. In pure submissive fashion I prepared for the experience Tina intended me to have, and I was comforted that she had apparently done much the same once and seemed no worse for the wear.

The vibrations shook my entire being to the core with my boobs hanging on either side of the fuel tank for whoever cared to notice. Jim drove down his long driveway very gently, and I held out hope that he would turn around and take me back inside the garage instead of out on the road. That wasn't to happen, but at least he drove away from town instead of toward it.

Jim ran his machine up through the gears gently, either for my benefit or his machine's cold engine I can't say. The vibrations transferred through my body were maddening, but the saddle's torment of my pelvis drove me over the top before Jim even hit fifth gear. My toes pointed, and I crushed Jim's thighs with my own as I screamed out in muted form through the helmet, and when my convulsions subsided he slapped my ass with his left hand just as Tina had done and said "that's one". The machine was going far slower than I suspected it could, and the low frequency vibrations it produced had me reloaded for another orgasm before the first stop sign.

I felt the heat radiating from his engine at the stop sign, as well as the slow irregular vibrations of the idling engine that made my hanging boobs take on a life of their own. When he pulled away he was much more aggressive with the throttle, and I responded just as he intended. Jim worked the throttle and gears to find my sweet spot, and I came for a second time just as violently as the first. I realized now that I had underestimated Jim, and I had a new respect for motorcycles as well. Jim slapped my ass to let me know he felt me pop off once again, but his hand lingered on my ass as he explored my messy self with his rough fingers. I thrust back at him to the limit that I could, and he received my message loud and clear. More please.

We drove on some windy roads very slowly, both the slow vibrations of Jim's Milwaukee vibrator, and the hip swaying turns felt wonderful, and I popped off several more times until I felt like a rung out dish towel with nothing more to give. I wondered how long Tina was able to do this, minutes, hours, or all night long?

Jim pulled off of the road, and I thought our ride was finally over. He shut down the engine, and when he did the headlight went dark instantly, revealing we weren't in his driveway, or any other place I recognized. The night was instantly quiet, and Jim told me that was just the warm up, and he asked me if I still wanted the main event.

With the way I was positioned and Tina's earlier boasting, I assumed there would be more. While men aren't my first choice ordinarily, they can be useful at times like this, with the added benefit of earning Tina's wrath and subsequent attention later on. By way of an answer I rocked my hips under his hand that was still sitting on my ass exploring freely. I also knew I would have to do something wonderful to thank Tina for this later on, after she punished me. I had a feeling Jim would be getting his own reward shortly.

I heard the flick of a knife, and seconds later the absolute chill of exposed gushing pussy in the night air once my panties were cut away. His rough hands roamed my ass, and elsewhere before he made some adjustments of his own. I felt him at my entrance, hotter than any cold toy fresh out of a drawer could possibly be, and oh so ready.

He started the engine and sunk himself into me fully, and the position had him bouncing off and vibrating my "g" spot with the aid of his bikes vibrations. I was freely flowing all over him and his magnificent machine, and his free left hand roamed all over me as if he were rewarding his mount for a good ride. This time he varied the engine's speed to prolong his performance, and after he couldn't hold out any longer he filled my with his boiling hot seed.

We ended our ride back at the garage, I was sore all over from my own ride of my life, and I crawled into Jim's bed with Tina back at Jim's house. Tina was pretty angry at me for not leaving Jim with anything for her, and it was hard to believe that the first time the three of us slept together, we actually slept...

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