The Lady

by LilCthulhu

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Storycodes: F/f; M/f; bond; maid; corset; collar; armbinder; chastity; toys; buttplug; oral; cons; X

Dressing up

Simone stepped out of the shower, thankfully wrapping the towel her maid offered around her body. She was a stunning woman, with beautiful long legs, alluring curves and a petite face. Her hair was a mane of long red locks, her lips full and tempting and her green eyes betrayed an submissive but very curious personality.

The maid helped Simone to towel herself down, before the two walked towards the dressing room. The young lady could not help herself, and asked many questions about the neighbors. She and her husband had just moved in, and she was anxious to find out more about the place - especially since she was getting ready for a picnic, organized to welcome her husband and her into the community.

The maid was happy to answer while she helped her mistress to put on makeup. At first she tried to be conservative and avoid gossiping, but her mistress had a naive friendliness, which made it hard to resist a little chat.

Once the makeup was done, Simone was ready to get dressed. The corset was first. It was an underbust design and had a nice dark green color and a cute floral pattern. Soon Simone felt its firm grip around her waist and while it took a good while until it was properly tightened and tied, it fitted her perfectly, emphasizing her already alluring form.

Next came the posture collar. The collar had the same style as the corset, dark green with white floral ornaments, and was easy to get in. It took only a few moments, and Simone could feel its delicious tightness around her neck.

Once the corset and collar were properly in place, the maid began to help Simone into her armbinder. It was a tiny looking thing, which soon forced the young lady's arms onto her back and into a tight reverse prayer. Simone tried to stay calm, but with every pull of the binding, she had to let out a wanting gasp, unable to contain her delight.

The maid, on the other hand, could not help but smile at her mistress' cute noises and flushed cheeks. Still, she was too well trained to allow herself to be distracted. With experienced hands she pulled the binding tight, before fastening the attached straps to the corset and collar, completely immobilizing her mistresses arms.

With the arms taken care of, the maid focused on Simones legs. She began with a set of thigh high, light green stockings. The silky material stretched easily, hugging Simones alluring legs, before the maid attached it with straps to the lady's corset.

Next followed a pair of knee high boots. The leather had the same dark green color as the corset and the caps were rounded and glossy, just as the trim of the sole. The intricate weaving also fitted with the binding of the corsets, underscoring how well planned the outfit was.

With the legs done, the maid asked her Mistress to lay on the nearby bed, while she fetched the crotch belt. Simone followed the request, but her breath became faster and more nervous. With a soft smile the maid rubbed her hands warm, before she poured lube into her palm.

Simone gasped, as she felt her maids hands on her most private parts. Moaning she closed her eyes, dreaming it was her husband who was tending to her, massaging her fold and bum to loosen up. Losing herself in the fantasy, she began to gently sway with her hips, pushing into the ministrations of her maid.

Suddenly the young lady felt something pushing up against her bum. Simone’s instincts told her to clench and resist, but she knew better, relaxed and with a soft push, the dildo slipped into her. At first Simon felt a soft pain, but with the toy slipping deeper and deeper, it soon transformed into pure bliss.

With the first toy in place, the maid lost no time, and pushed a second dildo into her mistress's waiting fold. Simone could do nothing but let out another deep moan, as she felt her pussy getting filled up. She wished so badly for just a little bit more, so she could explode into an orgasm, but both women knew that only Simone’s husband was allowed to grant that privilege.

With the toys in place, the maid pulled the attached belt up, fixing it to the front and back of Simones corset. She fiddled a bit, until the belt was properly digging between the ladies pussylips and properly rubbing against her clit. Her mistress's tightly sealed and dripping wet cunt was a delicious sight, and these toys surely would keep her distracted for the rest of the day.

Unusual interruption

Albert had suited up a while ago, and was waiting for his wife in the sitting room. Sipping some tea and reading the newspaper, he could hear his wife and the maid chatting and giggling. He couldn't help but smile. He truly was a lucky man to be blessed with such a sweet, submissive wife.

Soon the cheerful talking changed into soft moans and gasps, and Alber knew his wife was getting dressed and belted. Thinking about what was going on, he found himself excited, and after a confirming look at the clock, he decided there was enough time for a little fun.

Putting the paper to the side, Albert got up, and walked up towards his wife's dressing room. He opened the door gently, so he would not disturb the situation too rudely. She layed on the bed, half dressed, hot and wanting, after the maid had pulled the crotch belt into place.

As she noticed him, she gasped his name with a mix of surprise and desire. The servant girl got onto her feet and stood aside, gaze down, bowing towards the master of the household. Albert made a mental note that the girl seemed to be well trained and behaved. He should make sure to properly reward her. For now, however, his focus was elsewhere.

With a gesture he ordered the maid to leave, before he walked up to his wife, and helped her onto her feet. Alber tried to hide his wanting gaze and pretend to only look how everything was going, but it was hard to hide his arousal.

Once the door closed behind the maid, he leaned down, and kissed his wife passionately. Pulling her close, he felt the naked breasts pushing against his body, shivering with the pent up desire of days of constant teasing and forced chastity.

“You look stunning.” He said, making a half step back, looking Simone up and down, and resting one of his hands against her exposed pussylips. She moaned and closed her eyes while leaning into his every touch. Her entire body was pure devotion and desire made manifest.

“We got a little extra time before we have to leave.” He whispered suggestively, with his strong hands exploring her helpless form. She looked at him with hungry eyes, her lips opening for a gasp. He knew that gaze, this glimmer of want. She was hoping that he would take the belt of, and fuck her, until she climaxed.

Albert smiled and kissed Simone, holding her in a possessive hug. “No, my dear, but if you are a good girl today, maybe tonight.” He whispered, and she knew exactly what he ment, shivering both with frustration and anticipation. “For now, get on your knees.” Albert then ordered, and opened up his fly.

Simone dropped to her knees and looked up at her husband with adoring eyes. Her lips opened almost without thinking, and as she leaned forward, she felt the toys shifted teasingly inside of her.

With Alberts shaft touching her lips, Simon felt tight leather rubbing up against her clit and her entire universe collapsed into want and desire. With his hard member between her lips, she looked up, bound, helpless, and adoring him with every fiber of her being.

At first Simone bopped back and forth on her one, but soon she felt his hands digging into hair, taking hold of her and forcing her to go faster and deeper, until her lips touched his crotch. She had to struggle for air between thrust and fight against her gag reflex, but she absolutely loved how she was nothing but a helpless sextoy in her lover's strong hands.

After a while Simone felt Albert was getting tense, and a few moments later he pushed his shaft deep into her throat, holding her in place. Closing her eyes, Simone could feel his manhood puls inside of her and after a few tense seconds he groaned and released a huge load down her throat.

Without even thinking, Simone began to swallow and massage every last drop of cum out of her lover, while he moaned in orgasmic bliss.

Finally he let go of her, allowing to take a desperately needed deep breath. Albert could only shake his head, as he saw how Simone was looking at him, liking her lips, hungry for more. “You are insatiable,” he said with a loving grin.


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