The Manor

by ForeverAltered

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I fell back to the bed, with a thin layer of sweat that coated the entire length of my naked body. Sexual moans and groans had once filled the room but now had been replaced by an aftermath of heavy breaths, nothing sexual but to get air back into my lungs. Heat radiated from my body and caused the sweat to leave my body, soaking the messed up sheets that laid underneath me.

I gave up.

The only other thing that occupied the bed was my newest in a large range of sex toys. A large phallic device that vibrates the clitoris, at the same time fills you up and explores deep inside you with spinning and vibrating motors. It was by far the most pleasurable one I have had inside me, with many online reviews stating that the device had made the user orgasm within a minute of trying it out.

Despite it being pleasurable, It sat between my legs, with the battery depleting and the spinning of the penis-shaped object slowly getting slower and slower. I felt defeated; it had failed in doing the one job I have never been able to do in my entire lifetime. In nearly thirty years, I have not achieved a single orgasm.

This wasn't due to disinterest, or a medical situation. I have tried on many occasions with many different objects and devices to get to that heavenly place. I masturbated nearly daily and have become a professional at pleasuring all the parts of my body… but I would always hit that edge. The part where the orgasm approaches and feels as if I'm about to go over the edge and then it goes, fades away back into my body, no amount of pleasure would bring that point back.

Frustrated once again, I jumped out of bed.

It was a Monday morning, getting towards the end of the year meant the sun had disappeared from the UK, behind a thick layer of clouds. The best part about living alone was no one around to judge your standards of living. As I walked naked through my tiny apartment, the one large window for the entire living room showed me that not just the sun was hidden, but a lot of the town had hid behind a thin layer of fog also.

My naked, ebony body sat by the window, staring out into the town. Despite the fog, my vision of the area was clear. I could see the town square, where a small number of people currently populated it's numerous shops.

This was Oakenshot, a small, coastal hamlet with a population of less than two thousand. Many of the people here were nearing retirement age and nothing around here ever changes. I have lived in the area for nearly ten years, at first living with my father and when he decided to move, I started to rent this small apartment in an old block that looks over the entire town.

It wasn't anything glamorous, but it was home. Being a freelance reporter for a town where nothing happens didn't expand my financial situation. However, the owner of the local newspaper, The Oakenshot Weekly, used many of the stories I submitted, which paid for the four walls around me and the food on the table. It was due to this reliability that I couldn't move away with my father.

Despite my current situation, I loved being naked and hardly ever wore clothing inside my own place. At the beginning, I was shy about being naked in the window. I loved to look over the town and was very skeptical about others seeing my nude body through the glass, but after years of doing this, I sat at the window almost fearlessly. I didn't care who saw me, in fact, I almost welcomed people to get an eyeful of what I had on show. My apartment was near the top of the building and thus, I wouldn't get many on-lookers.

However, I could see below, I've looked into the dozen or so rooms beneath me countless times. I've seen people naked, people having sex and masturbating. I've seen people argue, do drugs and other crimes.

"God, I’ve got to get a life." I thought to myself, realising that I'm people-watching in the most boring town on the planet. A town that hates change. Last month, the oldest woman in the town, Ms Charlston, had died, leaving her manor house empty, the local residents still act as if she is around. I've never met the woman as she never left the building, but I had appreciated the large building everytime I walked past it.

It was a lovely, old fashioned building with many different rooms. It was a large building, but not big enough to be considered a mansion. The building itself was set near the back of the structure with a private garden in the back. In front of the house was a long driveway, connecting it to the town. However, in her last years of solitude, Ms Charlston placed a large stone wall around the entire length of her property, with only one metal gate to let people in and out.

Despite her attempts to hide away from the world, the entrance of the building was visible from the vertical height of my apartment. Past all the buildings and the town square, it was still possible to see, despite being so far away.

The fog did not help on this day, obscuring my vision even further… but I swear I saw a vehicle in front of the house. I tore my naked body away from the window and searched my poor excuse for a living room for my camera. It was sitting on the table, with the longest lens I had. Once I connected them both together, I found myself back at the window, bent down in a weird angle to get both me and this stupidly long lens in the best position to zoom in on the old Charlston estate.

I was right, two moving vehicles were currently parked on the gravel outside the house. Despite being the longest lens I owned, I was still too far away to make out any specific details, but it gave me enough to sense that I would be able to write a story about this for the local paper.

Shortly after, I found myself on the street. With my naked body now covered in three layers of clothes, I marched past many people who I see everyday, but do not know the names of, but it all became a blur. I passed them all with a set goal in mind, to get to the property. After going down a few sets of streets, I was soon at the familiar gate. I always forgot how small this town actually was, you could get anywhere with a short walk.

I walked up to the metal gate, the only part of the wall that allowed you to see into the property. The moving vehicles were very clear now, two white vans each with two men bringing in items that were stored in the back, between them was a young lady dressed in a typical maids outfit, overseeing the operation.

I found her attire strange, as it seemed very much like the stereotypical French maid outfit, a smart, black dress with a white frilly apron and hat. It was short and showed off her legs that were covered in black tights and black, shiny high-heels. I've never seen a person dressed like that, apart from a period drama on TV or those sexy maid outfits you see in costume stores or the Internet.

While my brain was thinking, the young lady noticed me and began coming down to the gate. She walked with a professional and polit manner, but with a slight butt wiggle that added to the sexual image. 

"Can I help you?" She said in a polite and clear voice.

She stood up straight as she finished walking, with both her hands clasped together in front of her legs. Her head was tilted ever so slightly to show she was ready to listen to me, her pale skin being a complete contrast to the black outfit that covered her body. Her dark brown hair was made into two plaits that fell down her shoulders and rested just above her breasts. Despite being the same height as me, she seemed more petite in her structure and facial-wise, having a curvy nose and full lips. Her dark brown eyes both saw right through me, yet had a level of understanding that added to my comfort.

"Good morning," I found the energy to speak, "my name is Saffron Winters, I am a freelance journalist, currently working for the Oakenshot Weekly. I was hoping to get an interview with the new owner of the property… are they available?"

"They aren't here at the moment, the master of the house isn't taking visitors or requests at this time" she politely declined my proposition but kept a friendly face.

"When will he become available? Could you give him my number?"

"I'm sorry, he has strictly said to not take any visitors for the time being."

I held the card in my hand with my digits scribbled on it, I always had them available for the rare occasion that I needed to give someone my details.

"Is he from around here? The new owner?"

"I believe he has visited the area on occasion, but this will be the first time he has lived here himself."

"We live in a tiny fish bowl here, throw a stone on one end of Oakenshot and it will make it to the other side with room to spare. The people here, they hate change. Ms Charlston, the lady who used to live here, she was a cared for and respected woman. People still haven't got over grieving her yet. He should make himself known to everyone, before the torches and pitchforks come."

Despite feeling that I overstepped my boundaries, I still held up the card with my number on it. Her kind face never vanished.

"Okay," she smiled softly, taking the card from my hand between the gate, "I cannot guarantee anything, but I'll let him know tonight."

"Thank you," I smiled back.

She turned around and began to walk up the long drive, her high heels clicking on the ground with each step. I inspected her covered body once more before walking away, my mind raced with ideas why her master would place her in such an interesting outfit. After a few steps from the gate, my phone vibrated.

"Coffee?" the text said. It was from Melanie, the only person who ever texted me on this phone.

The only coffee shop in Oakenshot was surprisingly busy today. Despite being one of the newer locations in the town, people seemed to have accepted it as part of their daily shop, a rarity in an area that was stuck in their ways.

I sat quietly, holding my phone in my hand in the rare chance that the mysterious new owner of the manor would call, but I wasn't holding out much hope. In front of me was a normal coffee, no sugar and on the other side of the table, where Melanie was about to sit, was a caramel latte that made me feel ill just thinking about it.

"Hey Saffron!" Melanie's voice echoed from the entrance.

She was as sweet as her drink. The young, short woman jogged her way over to me. Wearing a short, pink dress that didn't cover much of her body, her melon-sized breasts looked as if they could fall out any moment. Despite her being only a few years younger than me, she acted much less mature with her long, bright blonde hair being placed into two pigtails and every item she had on her being a different shade of pink. If her name was Barbie, it wouldn't have shocked me.

She wrapped her arms around my body, giving me a firm yet loving hug, topping it off with a kiss on my forehead. She took the seat opposite me and drank a large gulp of her sweetened coffee.
It was sad to say, but she was my only friend in this town. We had nothing in common and were very different people, but something about her innocence and naivety that always intrigued and entertained me. I'm not too sure what she saw in me to keep a friendship going for this long.

"So, what have you been up to lately?" she asked as soon as the coffee went down her throat, "It's been a while."

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I've been very busy," I lied, "How are things your end?"

"Great, seeing this guy from work tonight, so looking forward to that… are you expecting a phone call?"

She noticed my hand hovering over my phone, I didn't even notice I was doing it.

"Oh… sorry. Yeah, I'm actually waiting for a phone call…"

"Anything good?"

"I'm not sure… it might not even happen, have you noticed the moving trucks outside Ms Charlton's old place?"

"I haven't, that was fast, she only died last week."

"It was a month ago… I was hoping to get an interview with the new owner."

"Wow, you do not waste much time," she stated, taking another sip from her coffee.

"Need to pay the bills, nothing else happens here that's newsworthy." I turned the screen on my phone, as if that would help.

"Well I hope they call soon," Melanie stood up, "I'm sorry I cannot stay, I have a job interview to get to. I hope it goes well."

I stared at her walk out of the door, "I hope it goes well for you too." The pink dress she was wearing barely covered anything, it was clear she was using her sexual abilities to get work, something she could never hold onto for very long. That was the typical amount of conversation me and her shared, despite being my closest friend in this town, we were like two passing trains, only in each other's company for minutes at a time and it was always when she was going somewhere and needed to waste a few minutes, that we met.

I drank the last of my coffee, the leftovers of hers had already made me feel sick. I had nothing left to do but to take a slow walk back to my shoebox of an apartment. I grabbed my phone and my coat off the seat and set off into the foggy town. I passed the same people whose faces I knew but with names I never bothered to learn.

The door to the apartments squealed open, and the shiny, bland floors and walls of the reception welcomed me. I always hated this area, it was completely void of anything visually stimulating. The quiet steps of my shoes echoed up and back down the flights of stairs that stood in front of me, every single movement was amplified tenfold in this empty space.

I opened the door to my apartment, still nothing visually exciting but the familiarity of the place put me more at ease. With no lights on and the natural fog of the town illuminating the room caused it to be very grey, almost as if everything was black and white. My thoughts went immediately to my new toy that I left on the bed. The batteries were probably dead by now but it was the closest to an orgasm I had been in years.

The typical coming home routine began, with my coat on the hook by the door and my shirt now on the floor, I wore a white bra that contrasted with my ebony skin, I began to pull down my leggings as I sat on the sofa, exposing my underwear, which was as white as my bra. As my leggings got to my knees, something made me stop what I was doing.

A quiet buzzing sound… at first I thought I had left one of my sex toys on, but it was coming from the living room. Despite my alone situation and freedom of nudity, the toys were something that stayed exclusively in the bedroom.

It came from my handbag… my phone…

This was something new to me as my phone hardly ever rang… in fact it never did. The only people with my number were Melanie, who only ever texted, my dad… who was a technophobe and the owner of the local paper who has never got in contact with me, it was always me calling him.

A tingle went up and down my spine as I got the device out and a foreign number to me was lighting up the screen, it was clearly a mobile number. This couldn't be a coincidence.~
I put on my professional voice.

"Hello?" I asked after accepting.

"Hello, Is this Ms Winters?" a deep but charming male voice said on the other end.

"Yes, it is" I tried to hide my nerves, "May I ask who this is?"

"It's Mr Freeman. I'm the new owner of the Manor. You came here this morning asking for an interview? My maid said you were quite persuasive?"

"Oh, I'm sorry about that Mr Freeman."

"Don't worry about it, I won't lie, I was in and saw it all unfold from my study. It's a nice thing to see as there is nothing wrong with being assertive."

It shocked me how young he sounded, I always thought the next owner would be an older person. I would have guessed this man was the same age as me, give or take a few years. His speech was new to me, but the mixture of his posh accent, and deep but caring voice was enough to get me settled and comfortable within seconds. I even found myself twirling my dark curly hair as if I was talking to a close friend.

"Thank you," I smiled, "So, will you be available to talk soon? As I said to your maid, this is a tiny area you've found yourself in, people here aren't comfortable with change."

I heard a chuckle from the other side, "I completely get that. I'm going to be busy for the next week or so, as I have to set everything up here. I do have a party going on tonight, a small gathering to celebrate moving in, but we can meet before that if you would like?"

"Yeah, sure thing. When is best for you?"

"Well the party starts at six, so if you could get here for five o'clock, that would give us enough time for a nice chat."

"That would be perfect, thank you so much for fitting me in."

"No problem, see you later Ms Winters."

"See you soon, Mr Freeman."

I hung the phone up, the tingle in my spine had traveled down to my legs and overall, I felt a few degrees warmer. Several layers of nerves and excitement flew over me. The phone stated it had just turned twelve noon, giving me five whole hours to waste before I was needed at the manor. I giggled to myself, the first time in a long time, I kicked my legs out, throwing my leggings around the room and allowing me to relax in just my underwear. I wasn't sure what got a hold of me, but this was the happiest I'd ever been. Was it getting the exclusive interview? Was it the voice of the new owner? or was it something else?

Who knew…?

The hours went by rather slowly. sadly, within the four walls that surrounded me there wasn't much to do apart from browse the Internet, watch TV, read and sexual stimulation. I wasn't exactly house-proud enough to fill my apartment with luxurious items, only the essentials applied to me.

I read a book and got bored, I watched TV but couldn't find anything decent to watch and I browsed the Internet but my mind wouldn't focus on anything. I was strangely excited about this, more excited than I thought I would be. This morning, upon seeing the vehicles in front of the house, it was like a story fell on my lap and gave me the opportunity to write it. Now, however, It was an exciting new addition to the town. A young, interesting man sat on the other end of the phone and I wanted to meet him.

I couldn't express how long the day dragged for me, but now five o'clock had come around and I found myself once more on the roads of Oakenshot. The thin fog of the morning had passed and now the sky was filled with a dark purple sky with the orange glow of the sunset, falling down in the distance. A very beautiful day despite the end of the year coming soon.

This time, I decided to take my car. Despite being a cheap, small car that I never use for obvious purposes, I thought the look of me pulling up in a vehicle would give a look of importance, rather than walking up the long driveway. My car sat on the road by the building, the typical place for the tenants of this building to park. The door to my car creaked open as if yelling in pain due to the door not used to being opened. As a surprise to me, the car started the first time.

Driving took less than a minute to get to the gates of the manor. The old metalwork greeted me once more but this time it was also letting me in. I pressed the button next to a speaker. It beeped a few times before a familiar voice came in on the other end.

"Ms. Winters?" the maid from earlier asked, "It's nice to see you again. Come on up, my Master is almost ready."

"Thank you," I said back, not completely sure if she heard me. Whenever she said about her Master, my body reacted strangely. It never seemed as though she was talking about an owner of the manor or her boss, it seemed more personal.

The gates squeaked as they split apart, slowly being pulled away by an unseen machine to let enough room to get my car passed. The driveway looked longer than expected and the house looked taller and more intimidating. The interview alone would have been worth it though. I took my foot off the clutch and slowly began to accelerate my car forwards, it crawled up the slight slope with the sound of the stones underneath it being pushed aside.

Despite being a good size, the actual manor was rather underwhelming and simplistic in its appearance. A large door stood in the centre of the building with a few plants dotted around and a single stone path to the door. It didn't scream money or value, but more importance.

The maid walked out of the entrance to greet me, standing in a similar pose as she was in this morning. She wore a different outfit this time, despite still looking like a typical maid's attire, this one had no tights and no back to the top, meaning she was showing off her bare legs and back. Giving the outfit more of an evening look, I parked by the side of the house and got myself out of the rustbucket.

The maid walked up to me, but still stayed a few feet away, still with her hands holding each other.

"It's good to see you again, Ms Winters." She bowed slightly.

I replied to her as I got my bag out of the car and locked it. She finally let go of her hand to usher me towards the entrance of the house. As I got towards her, she turned around and began walking beside me.

"My Master is getting ready for the gathering tonight, but he will be ready shortly."

"Thank you," I smiled at her, "Can I ask? Why do you call him Master?"

"He is the Master of the house, it is the proper term for me to call him."

"It seems so old-fashioned though, did he ask you to call him that?"

"No, he is happy for me to call him anything, Mr Freeman… Jack… but Master seems right for me."

"He sounds like a good guy."

"He really is."

It was at this moment that I noticed a thin, silver necklace around her neck, it was beautiful but tight, almost like a choker but more forgiving. It was simplistic, a typical silver band but with a ring at the bottom and on the ring was a beautiful blue stone.

"That's a lovely necklace you got on there," I stated, as we walked through the front door.

"Thank you so much, it's lovely, isn't it? My Master gave it to me when I started working with him."

Now I felt strange, almost as if this situation I walked in was different than I thought it would be. For the many years that I have tried to orgasm, I have looked into many different sexual sub-cultures and one of the most typical ones were bondage-related. If I were to guess, I would have assumed that this maid and the owner were in some type of Master/Slave relationship.

The thought went out of my mind as soon as I saw the interior of the property. The reception was a large room that split off into three other rooms, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. A large staircase with a red carpet came down all the way to the front door.

"Wow," was the only word that came out of my mouth.

"I know, isn't it amazing? The late Lady Charlston kept this place up very well. My Master didn't have to do much work when he moved in."

"This is beautiful," my mouth was agate as I took in all the details of the room, the soft carpet that I could feel, even in my shoes, the classic paintings that hung on the wall and the cleanliness of the entire place, "This place is so pretty."

"Thank you" another voice echoed in response.

I stopped in my tracks as I looked straight towards the staircase, a young man was walking down it, from the voice I knew it was him. He wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt and a black and white striped tie. He was pulling at his watch as he took the final few steps off the stairs. He was a handsome man, definitely the same age as me, but about half a foot taller. He had sharp features with short brown hair and a small amount of facial hair that was more than a stubble but I wouldn't have called it a full beard.

"Hello, it's nice to finally meet you. My name is Mr Freeman, but you can just call me Jack." He brought out his hand for me to shake.

"My name is Saffron Winters," I took his hand and tried not to stumble on my words, "You can call me anything you like."

Both Jack and the maid laughed, probably sensing my nervousness. Jack's presence and the way his blue eyes stared at me were enough to put me at peace.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked, "Ms Roseburn here can do a great cocktail."

I noticed he pointed toward his maid, I blushed as I realised I never knew her actual name. Ms Roseburn, that was a nice name.

"Oh, no thank you," I politely declined, "I'm good."

"Okay," He smiled once more at me and then turned towards the maid again, "If you could let everyone in and put them in the living room ready for tonight, me and Saffron here would be in my office."

"No problem, Sir," Ms Roseburn bowed again.

Jack placed his arm gently behind my back, encouraging me to walk next to him as we began to ascend the stairs.

"Oh, and do not forget to put Rebecca in her room after she's fed," he stopped, "you know excited she gets with people around."

"Her room is being used by the guests today, Sir," she politely reminded him.

"Oh, yeah. All the bedrooms are being used too… well, bring her into my study then."

"Very good, sir."

"Rebecca is a very interesting name for a dog," I smiled at Jack.

He grinned back at me, "It's what her previous owners named her. She is a lovely pet, very loyal and adorable. It looks like you'll see her later."

The top of the stairs made the place look much bigger. It also separated into three places, two went into different corridors, showing a large amount of doors which I assumed went into bedrooms, the other was just for one door. Jack continued to gently encourage me to the lone door. He opened it and allowed me to go in first.

It was a typical study with a large, wooden desk and two chairs. A large bookcase filled with leather-bound books sat behind his chair and on the other side of the room was a plant and a wall filled with black and white photos. They didn't seem to be of family or scenery, but more of working people from what I could guess was the early 1900s: miners, grocers and blacksmiths filled the wall.

"What's this about?" I asked with a slight chuckle in my tone.

"Oh, that's a long story. Let's save it for later. I thought you would have noticed the scenery first."

"What's that?"

I looked at him and then towards the window. I could see the entirety of Oakenshot from where I stood. The sun was further down now but the sky was still a beautiful purple, the streetlamps illuminated the town square and the area where my apartment would be sat in darkness. It was a very beautiful image for a town that I began to despise.

"Wow, That's beautiful," I smiled, taking a longer look before getting back to Jack.

He sat down at his chair and I finally pulled myself from the window to sit down opposite him. He sat patiently as I put my handbag down, taking out a pen and notebook.

"Okay, are you ready?" I questioned him as I sat back in the comfortable chair.

"Sure… I do have one odd request though." He rested his chin on his hands.


"All you are allowed to print will be the interview. Nothing you see will be written down and if I tell you to stop writing notes, I want you to do that."

"Okay…" I took a moment to process that, "May I ask, why?"

"One of the reasons I agreed to do this interview is that I like you, you were very persuasive and you were correct, we do live in a small town, a hamlet, I believe you call it. What you will write, people will read and my business depends entirely on your word."

He sat up on his chair, "Saffron, this is a young business, I'm not known around here and if people don't like me, it will make my life very difficult here."

"I completely understand," I nodded, "I agree, I don't like the idea that people's views are based on my opinion… but I'm happy to put only our conversation in the article, I promise"

"Thank you for understanding," He sat back down, "Shall we begin?"

"Ofcourse, So why Oakenshot? What brings you to this town?"

A smile had risen on his face, "Ms Charlston, I'm not a person who comes from money, I had to work hard for myself and to bring this business up from nothing. Ms Charlston offered me her property in her will, to expand my business."

"That's nice of her" I wrote small details down on the paperwork, "So, how did you get to know the late Lady?"

He went quiet for a moment, taking the time to answer this time, "We… used to be good friends. Somehow she found out what I did, so she came down to the warehouse that I was renting to see what I did. That was a few years ago, she enjoyed what I did and we have kept in regular contact. These last few years when her health started to decline, I came to Oakenshot as often as I could to look after her."

"That's so thoughtful of you."

"It was the least I could do. She was an amazing person, I wish there was more I could have done for her."

"Didn't she have a son? I thought he would have gotten her property."

"No, He got her entire fortune and all of her valuables. He has two properties that are giant in comparison to this. So, he should be happy with those."

I saw in his eyes that he was thinking of the Lady, she must have left a good impression on him.

"So, what business is it that you do? What interest would you and a woman in her nineties share?"

He was deep in thought, his mind fought over what to say next. He didn't stop the interview, so he knew what he was going to say was on record. I wondered why he was being so secretive as there was something he wasn't willing to share; at least with the public.

"Everyone has something that they want… What I deal with is making it happen for them. For example, If you told me what your biggest fantasy was right now, I could begin getting that in motion for you."

"Can you make me a millionaire?"

He laughed, "No, I'm sorry. This has nothing to do with monetary value, this is more experience-based."

"Oh, that's interesting. What's the most weird request you've had?"

"I'm sorry, I cannot disclose any of my clients details. They are extremely happy though."

I scribbled a few notes down, nothing specific, just a few sentences that would make sense when I re-read them later on. His eyes glanced over my work as I put my pen back down.

"Tell me, what made you want this interview so bad?" he asked, his fingers still under his chin, "I'm sure it is partially news-worthy, but you seemed so eager to have it, like everything relies on this night."

"Oh," I struggled to think of a suitable answer that didn't make me seem too needy, but in the end, I decided to be completely honest, "I'm a freelance journalist, this is my only occupation and I need stories that sell. I'm hardly earning enough to make the rent each month."

He took a moment before continuing the conversation, looking me up and down, "If you need any help, I'm more than happy to do everything in my power to do so."

"Like a job?" I placed the notepad on the table, signalling that the interview was on a temporary hiatus, "I'm not exactly good at being a maid."

He laughed again, "I already have a maid, I didn't mean in a job."

"You do seem like a wonderful person to work for, it seems like your maid really loves you."

"Respect goes both ways, she knows I'll do anything for her and her with me."

I wanted to ask him about the way Ms Roseburn was talking about him earlier, but I had to decide my words very carefully, if he takes this the wrong way then I might end up on my butt outside with no right to publish the interview. With Jack's calm and caring behaviour, I knew that this was very unlikely to happen, but the thought of insulting him was enough to make my stomach turn.

"You have a question?" he noticed how I was fighting with my thoughts.

"Oh, sorry."

"It's okay, you can ask me anything, Saffron."

I took a moment, looking one more out of the window at the town. The sun had now gone down completely and Oakenshot was covered in a sheet of darkness, the lamps were doing a great job of lighting up the square, but nothing else. It was now impossible to see where I lived.

"I was just thinking of how your maid was talking about you. It seemed like she cared more for you then she was letting on."

"Ah, you've noticed that."

"Oh… I didn't realise you knew."

"Yeah, I know about it."

He rested his elbows on the desk, looking at the photos behind me before looking at me once more. He was again, wrestling with his thoughts, something was trapped in his mind and it took him a few moments to say it.

"This is off the record."

With my notebook on the table, I sat back, putting it further away from my reach, letting him know that I won't write anymore. He quickly rubbed his fingers around his temples before saying what was on his mind.

"Ms Roseburn… is actually a client of mine," he admitted.

"Okay…?" I struggled to understand, "If she is your client, why is she…? Oh!"

The maid outfit came to mind, it wasn't a typical one but seemed more like a sexy outfit you could find to wear in the bedroom and her happiness to call Jack her master. My body felt funny, like a cross between numbness and a thrilling tingle, like a bolt of electricity that went down my body.

"Yeah, I do apologise," Jack cleared his throat.

"It's okay… tell me more… I'm interested."

"Are you? I won't push anything on you that you don't want to hear."

"It's okay, I'm open minded and would like to know more, nothing will be published, this is just for personal knowledge."

"Okay, I am a dominant. What I've said before was completely true. I make fantasies come true, but those fantasies are rather specific. The warehouse I used to work at was a BDSM club, our clients would come in and by the end of the day they would have had their dreams fulfilled. Over the years, I have seen many people with many requests."

"Oh, wow." That was all I could say, I didn't realise how much of a rabbit hole I was walking into today.

"We can leave the interview here if you want?" he asked, concerned over my silence.

"No… no… It's okay."

The door to the study opened, I didn't look but I knew it was the maid letting in the pet, I remembered the conversation earlier. Not that a dog walking around the room would have made the conversation anymore weirder. I watched Jack's eyes go from the door to the pet, the dog must have walked behind my chair.

"Okay, Mr Freeman. Nothing of that will be posted, the people of Oakenshot will hear about you taking over the manor and nothing more," I took my notes and put them in my handbag, "I must admit, the dominant side of you does sound interesting."

"I'm glad it does and I'm glad it can just be between me and you. Could you imagine what the town would do if they found out?"

"It wouldn't go well, no."

I felt the dog's head rest on my lap. I wasn't paying much attention to it before as I was still digesting the thought of Jack being a dominant and the manor being used as a BDSM club. What did this mean for Oakenshot? I shook my head to clear my head and began to focus on the creature that was begging for my attention.

I gasped, If I was standing I would have lept backwards but the chair forced me to remain grounded. A young woman's head was resting on my legs, despite her being beautiful, I was still shocked.

"Saffron, this is Rebecca… my pet," Jack stated, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I stared at the woman, she must have been young, probably early to mid twenties, her features were very petite and innocent. Her beautiful green eyes stared up at me with a mixture of intrigue and wonder, as if she was trying to figure out if I was a nice person or not; like an actual dog. The most striking thing about her was the thick but short red hair that sat on the top of her head, it wasn't in any particular style but just cut short. It was tempting to run my hand through it.

"Oh, so Rebecca is…" I began.

"She's another client, she is my pet," Jack finished the sentence.

Rebecca tilted her head as if she was trying to understand me, she did seem very dog-like.
She finally climbed off me and began walking on all fours towards her master, that is when I noticed her entirely naked body.

"Oh, god," I covered my eyes.

"I'm really sorry. Should have warned you" Jack laughed, coming out from behind his desk and meeting Rebecca half-way. He knelt down and began stroking her head and neck as if she was an actual dog.

"Rebecca is a good girl, aren't you?" he continued.

My eyes slowly focused on the image in front of me, I wasn't exactly comfortable seeing this end of a naked woman but it was cute to see the interaction between the two. This is a strange turn my night went.

"How… How long has she been your pet?" I asked, trying not to look at her bottom half.

"I think about six months now?" Jack answered, a bit unsure about the exact timing.

"And… You wanted her to be your pet?"

"No, she wanted it. She said it was her natural state. When she was human, she told me she wanted to be treated completely like a pet, not at all like a person."

"So, this is what you do? You made her fantasy come true?"

"Yes," he finally stood up, "This is what she always wanted."

"Does she have any say? Can she return to normality?"

"Yeah, of course she can," he looked down at the red haired girl, "Rebecca, do you want to go back to being human?"

The small woman whimpered loudly, her body slumped down and she became very sad. It was extremely dog-like. If i wasn't staring at her naked behind, I would have said she was an actual dog.
Jack laughed once more and got back down to petting her, reassuring her that she wouldn't need to return to her human stage.

The feeling returned, the spark that travelled throughout the body, it went from my spine and down to my groin. My hands and feet felt numb but a yearning feeling was becoming more apparent.

"I think we are done now, Mr Freeman" I didn't want him to sense my weirdness, I didn't even know what was going on with me.

"Are you sure? I didn't weird you out at all, did I?" Jack sounded concerned.

"No, everything's okay. It's getting late, your party is almost here and I should get home and begin writing up this interview. Honestly, thank you so much for your time."

"No problem, I will walk you out" Jack came up behind me and began ushering me out the same way he was bringing me in. He told Rebecca to stay in the study and opened the door to let me out.
We silently walked towards the staircase. I glimpsed down into the living room and another shock was in store. His guests were occupying the room, all of them were wearing masquerade masks, some were standing and drinking wine, others were on their knees… I already knew what was going to happen after I left. Some of the guests turned around to look at me and Jack and I turned around to avoid their gaze.

Jack walked me to the door, where Ms Roseburn greeted me and opened the door. Despite wearing the same outfit as she was earlier, knowing the context of the situation made it seem a lot sexier.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself." She shot a genuine smile towards me, I nodded in return, not sure of how to respond, "Make sure to come again."

The cool air of the evening hit me in the face, waking me up more from my confused thoughts, it felt more real now that I was outside. I took a few steps outside with the view of the town in sight, looking more beautiful. The large door slammed shut, removing me away from the absurd situation. The thoughts of the people waiting on their knees, the naked, dog girl and the servant maid all swirled up in my head in a weird mixture. Ms Roseburn shutting the door made me feel like an outsider to their activities.

Did I enjoy it? Was I repulsed…? I honestly didn't know.

My feet took me to my car, I was glad they knew what they were doing as my head wasn't focused. I was anticipating something unusual from tonight, but this was much more than I expected. A series of muffled laughters echoed from behind the building as I opened the door to my car, the world went silent as the door closed.

I placed my handbag on the passenger seat, taking one last look at the house I just left. It looked both more and less inviting than before. The warm glow of the windows looked brighter, in comparison to the dark outside world and my mind raced with everything that happened within the last hour.

The maid. Jack. The pet. The guests. Master. Slave. BDSM. Fantasy. 

These words bounced around in my skull. The tingling around my limbs had gone now and what replaced it was a warm yearning feeling down below, a feeling entirely new to me.

The maid. Jack. The pet…

My hand rested on my stomach with my brain begging me to go further down.

The guests… Master… Slave…

I dared… my hand went lower…

BDSM… Fantasy… Jack…. Jack….

My fingers brushed the lace and they travelled into my underwear, I took one final look to see if I was completely alone. A rush of pleasure hit me as my fingers brushed my clit, not being able to help myself I dared myself to go further.

"Oh… oh…" I moaned into my steering wheel, I wasn't in control of my hands, they dug deeper and deeper inside me without any need for reassurance.

The maid, serving her master and guests as loyal as a maid could be.

Jack, the power he had over everyone… he was so dominant.

"Oh, god. It feels so good" I said to the empty car.

The pet, a naked young girl, treated only like a dog.

The guests, a group of dominant and submissive people currently doing sexual acts just feet of me.

Master, the way the maid looked up to him, he had everyone at his feet.

Slave, the two or more lucky women who spend their lives serving Jack.

BDSM, that term used to be so cold, chains and whips… pain… but what I saw was so warm, welcoming and lovely.


"Oh, god" my fingers touched the right spot, building the pleasurable pressure that began deep inside. It was a familiar feeling but this time was building faster and heavier than I've felt before. 

Fantasy… any fantasy made true by Jack… any fantasy.

My hand gripped the wheel, squeezing the leather as tight as I could as a new feeling washed over me, the edge was coming up and it wasn't slowing down. I had lost control over my hand and it wasn't stopping anytime soon. 

"Oh… shit," I clenched my teeth.

I was over the edge, a wave of pleasure overcame me. It was a painful, pleasurable and completely new experience for me. My body spasmed uncontrollably and I couldn't stop it. I was away from my being, like I was in a different world.

My first ever orgasm… It was amazing, Well… apart from being in the carpark, in the open and my hand being covered in a liquid that I didn't even want to begin thinking about. My hand didn't stop, but I had no power or will to stop it. My free hand covered my mouth as my body pulled the orgasm back, almost painfully. I grunted and yelled into my palm, the second coming shuddered up through my body. My yells turned into a scream with my second ever orgasm finally leaving me. 

Despite the grip of my legs, I managed to get my hand free to the relief of my vagina. Heat radiated from my body, I took my time to get my breathing back to normal as it felt like I had run a mile. After peeking one last time at the manor, I turned the car engine on and with my cheeks pink from embarrassment, I fled the scene.

The apartment was cold and still as unwelcoming as ever. The only light filling the place was from the street lamps that were scattered around the square. I had no energy to make it more welcoming. I pulled my body once more to the window, sitting on it and staring out at the town, just the same way I was hours before.

My gaze was centered on the manor in the distance, the glows from the windows were visible from what I sat. My mind raced with thoughts of what was happening behind that closed door, something that made my groin ache to be touched but my body was way too exhausted to continue playing, despite my joy to have finally achieved my first two orgasms.

My thoughts were stopped by the vibration of my phone in my handbag, I found the energy to reach down and pick it up. It was a shock to see a text with Jack's name and number on my screen. My heart stopped as I took a moment to absorb the situation. I breathed in and out to steady myself and opened the text. 

My jaw dropped.

The text read, "Thank you for the show ;)"


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