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by Jackie Rabbit

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; capture; enslave; bond; ropes; chain; pirates; stakedout; beach; group; oral; sex; climax; hist; cons/reluct; X

It all started like a fairytale for me, I was promised in marriage to the prince of a neighboring country at an early age, and at least I can say that the gentleman was beyond handsome. I had no choice in the matter in any event, and was required to remain pure before the ceremony while so many of my royal friends were out fornicating like rabbits in heat. I used most of my time to become as educated as a future queen should be, but in some worldly things there is no substitute for experience. I used my private time to explore my body in ways that satisfied my curiosities, and I found all manor of inanimate objects, (some quite large), that could be put to use for my relief. I still considered myself a virgin despite evidence to the contrary, and intended to wear white at the ceremony as I had not as of yet entertained a human lover, and I only hoped my prince could measure up with my expectations.

The wedding was an event to behold, a grand marriage of our two cultures, but the first night in his bed was disappointing to say the least. The prince was handsome without a doubt, but his ability and desire to perform were another matter. Had I not attracted the lustful stares of most of the men in attendance, to include his sovereign, I might have concluded the fault was my own. I also had experiences that I couldn't admit to that led me to the conclusion that of the two of us, I was at least in proper working fashion, but one doesn't make such a charge against a man who may one day be king without expecting to loose her head. I had also found him somewhat less masculine than even some of our stable boys, but we had really just met.

It was suggested that the prince and I should get away from the hustle and bustle of the castle for some time alone at one of the kingdoms small islands, and clearly others must have known about his failures in matrimony to make the suggestion, even though I didn't dare utter a word of complaint. However, alone for the prince and I meant his entire staff of man servants, so we would never be "alone" in the traditional sense.

The ship was small and lightly armed, and being the only female passenger I had the attention of every man aboard. It was good it was to be a short trip, less the desires of my flesh get the best of me with one of the crew. I noticed the prince was showing obvious signs of desire on the ship full of men, and I assumed at the time that this change of location might be what he needed to cause me to produce an heir to the throne.

On our third day at sea and out of sight of land we were approached by a heavily armed man of war, and she easily overtook us and came along side to board us. It was a surprise to our men as the ship was flying friendly flags, and our men had little choice but to surrender to the superior force, with my prince demonstrating a serious lack of courage in battle. I was discovered below decks and brought up by the pirate captain, and none of the captured men, including my prince, would accept his offer to duel for my honor. I looked my prince in the eyes as if to plead with him to save me from those barbarians, but he just looked away in shame and cowardice.

The pirate captain looked at all of them in disgust as he shook his head. "If none of you have the courage to claim this fine woman, I will".

With that settled my arms were bound behind my back to a small deck gun, with the barrel of it between my shoulder blades forcing my chest out lewdly. The ropes were tightened until I thought my body would snap, and my bosom looked twice it's normal size popping the buttons on my dress. As my prince and the others looked on the pirate captain reached under my long dress and removed my undergarments, and he threw them to the deck right at the feet of my cowardly groom, who looked as if he were about to wet himself. He moved into position as his men cheered him on, and he lowered his britches and thrust up into me while meeting little resistance. It felt like I was once again mounting my bedpost, both in size and firmness, and I figured if the prince wasn't man enough to protect my honor from this barbarian, I would give him one hell of a final show to remember me with.

My head rolled back and I uttered the most obscene things as the pirate captain thrust into me with our grunts in perfect time, and I couldn't help myself as I wrapped my naked legs around his muscular waist, freeing his hands to tear away the top of my dress and the garments beneath. With my milky white breasts on display for all, and rolling around in time with the barbarian's thrusts, he captured one of my tender buds in his teeth and distended it from my body painfully. The pain was lost in the moment, and I went rigid in ecstasy as every muscle in my body clenched on it's own. The pirate captains manhood was crushed inside of me as I bore down on him, but he withdrew before erupting anyway, drenching my smooth thighs with his sticky seed.

"She ours now", he told his captives breathlessly. They were deposited in the small shore boats with food and water as the pirates told them which way to row for the nearest land, and not to follow less they fire their new deck gun (meaning the one I was bound across).

Once my cowardly prince and his crew were out of sight, the pirate crew split into two groups to man the new ship they just acquired, in addition to their own as both ships sailed away on different courses intending to meet up again at their 'treasure island'. When the men had the sails set I was stripped of the rags I was left wearing after the pirate captain took me, and put in irons and placed in the small brig in the bowels of what was our ship. The pirate first officer was the acting captain of their newly acquired ship, and he came down to me and studied my naked and chained body before he spoke.

"You will remain in irons at all times, not that I think you can somehow escape, but for your own survival if we should be captured. If we are, all of us will hang for our crimes, but if you can testify that you were forced to do all the things you would surely be accused of. You will also not be harmed if you cooperate, but seeing how you responded to our captains iniation, I don't think that will be a problem".

I served their meals and cleaned their clothes, and they took turns using me in every way imaginable while I was helpless in the irons. I was hung from my wrists, chained to tables, and passed around like a jug of rum to be shared among the pirate crew. I learned more in that first week with the pirates than I ever expected to learn in a lifetime as a princess, but never once complained.


A storm came up that pitched and rolled the small ship horribly, and the superstitious pirates decided the angry sea didn't like a captive woman on board their stolen ship. Two frightened men dragged me up on the heaving deck and petitioned the first officer to place me at the bowsprit to calm the angry sea, and he allowed it, I think, to at least calm the frightened crew.

The first officer's permission may have calmed his men, but now I was even more terrified as the men bound my wrist cuff chains to a stout line at the bow. The line was wrapped around my elbows next, then just below my heaving bosom as the ship tossed about violently. The sea spray was in my eyes as we all struggled to maintain our footing on the slippery and moving deck, but they at least wearing clothing to ward off the chill of the ocean spray. Another wrap went around my waist, and another below, as well as three more before my naked legs were pinned together firmly as they laid me down on the deck.

The men were aided by some others and I was hauled out to the end of the bowsprit by the heavy line that was ordinarily used to haul out the sail that belonged there in calmer seas. My bound wrists were high over my head and pulled me out over the sea below, but the men kept tension on the other end of the heavy line keeping me up against the heavy spar. I closed my eyes in both fear, and to keep the salt spray from burning them. They tied the heavy line off and I was left to ride out the storm on the bowsprit like a ships figurehead, one that our ship didn't have until moments before.

Whenever I got the courage and opened my eyes I saw the churning ocean below me. On several occasions the bow and bowsprit dipped below the waves as I was briefly submerged beneath the surface. I closed my eyes and held my breath when that happened, convinced I wouldn't survive the storm and the battering strength of the waves pounding my bound body. The repeated submersion in the cold ocean were weakening me, despite the tropical latitude we were sailing in, and I expected if the ship somehow survived the storm I still may not.

The ocean started to feel warmer, at first I thought I was imagining it, but then the sound of the ocean changed as well. The wind, or the ships course turned several times, and then the ship lifted up and came to a sudden crunching halt. There was the sickening sound of wood planking splintering over top of the roar of both surf and wind, and all motion ceased as if the ship had grounded. I was high up off of the water and horribly exhausted, and my world went dark as I hung in my bonds...


I woke with the sticky feeling of dried ocean about my body and matted hair. My lips were painful and tasted of salt, but the chill I remembered from the ocean was at least gone, and replaced with the wonderful feeling of the sun. I found myself stretched out in wanton fashion, and the sun's warmth could be felt on my exposed and battered body as I realized my nudity. I remembered my capture by the pirates, and that explained my lacking clothing, but the wet sand beneath me remained a mystery. The sun was too bright to open my eyes to just yet, and when I attempted to close my splayed legs and pull my arms from over my head I found both firmly fixed and unable to move.

A dry croak escaped my parched lips when a small shadow blocked the sun from my face, and I opened my eyes with the sudden shade. A very small and thin white bearded man holding a jug stood between my splayed legs, his stature no more than that of a young boys. He was muscular and naked, (save for a loin cloth), but what stood disproportionately large and erect beneath his loincloth identified him as no child.

"Drink this" he commanded.

It was not my native language, but I had learned many from my tutors, and I thanked the little man in his own native island tongue.

The surprise of my response was evident on his bearded face, and he held the jug of fresh water to my lips as I greedily drank all that he offered. He then studied my displayed body with his hand stroking his beard as if calculating some mathematical problem.

I started to speak, but the little man cut me off with his tiny raised hand, as if he were used to giving orders that others followed.

"You are the lone survivor of your shipmates poor seamanship, and of course that storm last night. My men have instructions to remove all that is salvageable from the wreck before high tide when it will likely be pulled off the rocks and swept away. To help motivate them I have promised your lovely body for their entertainment, provided they can finish before high tide. I have staked you out thusly at the waters edge so that at high tide you will be submerged beneath the waves and share the same fate as your shipmates. This is nothing personal you realize, but the big people from beyond the horizon have marooned our kind on this island to rid their society of us, and we are disinclined to help any of you in any way. I must ask though, how is it that you became stripped and trussed up on the leading spar where we found you?"

What irony, to survive capture and endless fornication by a band of lusty pirates, and a shipwreck, only to drown staked out naked in the surf by a bunch of little men with a grievance. I was reduced to nothing more than a reward to motivate the little men to finish their tasks so they could have enough time to use my bound body one last time before it ended up beneath the waves. The little man was waiting for my explanation, and as I felt the iron cuffs still on my wrists, I sensed one opportunity to escape what would be a somewhat unpleasant death. I told the little man my story of capture, my cowardly groom's escape, and how I was used by the pirates in every imaginable way. I also told him of how they bound me to the spar to calm the angry sea, and lastly that I was a princess, and worth a kings gratitude if safely returned.

"We found your ships colors down below, 'princess', and this flag is known to us as belonging to the people who marooned us here. You are therefore indirectly responsible for our fate, and no innocent victim worthy of special consideration as we first thought."

If I thought to talk myself out of a slow drowning death sentence, I only convinced them I was even more deserving of it instead. With their new found knowledge I thought I should have been grateful that they could only drown me once, and I initially resigned myself to meet my fate as stoically as possible as not to provide any unnecessary entertainment for the little savages.

However, entertaining the little savages enthusiastically could prolong my existence just long enough that I could somehow gain the upper hand with them. With my greater size I could possibly overpower two or three of the little men at once if unbound, even though I was of entirely normal stature. I was also educated, and these simple little barbarians could still possibly be manipulated in greater number by my clever tongue if given the chance. The pirates had inadvertently tutored my clever tongue in their own way as I was made to kneel before them in my chains, and this vile skill they forced upon me could as a last resort also help me survive long enough for my adopted kingdom to make a new delivery of exiled little people to the island. I could possibly be rescued by them and returned to my proper station back home, but only if I survived long enough for that to happen...

"It's quite magnanimous of you to permit me such an 'easy out' here on the beach with all my people have apparently done to yours. A man of lesser stature wouldn't be quite so charitable, and would probably devise some sadistic method of using one like myself in some menial way to demonstrate his superior position."

"You have a magical tongue princess, but your intentions are clear to me. Your obvious attempt at staying your sentence by suggesting you could be of some use to us however has some merit, and I shall ponder this. As to your 'easy out', I suspect the island's prolific sand crab population will have much more quality time with you than my busy men will, long before you expire beneath the waves. I believe you'll find they have an affinity for the more tender areas of flesh, at least at first."

I couldn't hide the horror on my face, being eaten alive one little nibble at a time by thousands of little crabs would make my time with the pirates look like a vacation in comparison, anything would be better than that. I could think of nothing I wouldn't do to avoid that, and I freely offered the only thing I had left to barter with in rudely direct fashion.

"Sir, have you ever had a princess before? Why don't you let me show you what other things my 'magical' tongue can do, as well as the rest of me, and then judge the merit of a temporary stay of my sentence...

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