Silent Auction

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: MF; M/f; rom; auction; tease; cons; X

Brian was a little surprised about the party he was at, for once he was actually at a loss for why he was even attending. It was not the price tag, though even that number would have been impressive to see; there must have been a wait staff of at least twenty caring to the needs of the guests. That was not even considering the poolside area had three separate bars staffed with a bartender or two at each, there was a BBQ run by some expensive chef that Brian had actually not heard of. Everywhere you looked there was food, drinks, and live entertainment. Brian himself had funded parties like this for birthdays and such, but this was supposed to be some kind of poolside auction. 

Brian didn't even know what the auction was for yet, his friend Steve had been telling him for MONTHS to save BIG, and Steve was still holding out about what was going on. Brian was still wondering why every time he had bought himself some new toy like a Maserati or a lavishly expensive vacation Steve had just shaken his head disappointedly. Brian figured he would know soon enough as the auction was about to start. He had noticed a bidding table set up with fliers and bid sheets at one corner of the bar, but for now, he was avoiding looking too interested, he would be able to learn more once the auction had started and not look like he had already made up his mind to bid or not.

Brian knew a lot of people at this party, but he was keeping to himself, partly because his newly-ex-girlfriend was here. As he looked around he was noticing more and more of his ex-girlfriends. He kept to himself because he didn't want to spoil whatever surprise this auction held that Steve had been so carefully keeping from Brian for what felt like the better part of a year now. And now that he thought about it, there were a more significant number of his ex-girlfriends and ex-lovers here than he would have expected. They were each stealing glances at him every now and then, but Brian felt that this was not really all that abnormal; he did have a particular set of friends that all knew each other. People this rich tended to have tight friends groups, it was difficult to make friends outside of the group when almost every person at this party was far beyond independently wealthy. If Brian had thrown a rock at random into the crowd, he was sure it would hit someone worth at least a couple million, and potentially a lot more. So here he was, enjoying sitting by himself at one of the poolside bars, drinking an expertly crafted Guinness Black and Tan, watching beautiful people swim, gossip, drink, mingle, and flirt, all while avoiding eye contact with anyone he might have slept with.

Brian saw that his friend Steve - the host of this party - was of course, the center of attention but a surprisingly large amount of attention was also going to Steve's ex-girlfriend; rumor had it that they had only broken up just this morning. Brian only knew this because she was by far the hottest girl at this party. No matter how hard he tried it was difficult to ignore her. 

Every time Brian looked up she seemed to stand out of the crowd. She always seemed to be facing towards him, as if some mystical force was lining her up for his viewing pleasure every time she moved around the crowded pool to mingle with another group. Coincidence seemed to split the crowd just right so that she always seemed to be just in view. Brian had seen her in pictures with Steve in cities all over the world on social media, but Brian didn't even know her name... for good reason. 

From afar Brian had noticed her, but always kind of ignored her, he didn't want to get mixed up falling for his best friend’s girlfriend, and Brian knew that this was the kind of girl he could fall for if she so much as blinked in his general direction. Lost in thought, looking around the party Brian's eyes fell on her again, and she was looking right at him... again. Almost as if there was some cosmic significance to his last thought she took a deep breath, and on the exhale blinked hard - as if steeling herself - then she started walking towards him.

Brain had already been at the party for over two hours, enjoying himself in silence by the time she eventually came up to talk to him. She didn't say anything as she invited herself to sit down next to Brian at the poolside bar. The hired bartender silently moved away to give them some space and clean a glass for the fifth or eighty-fifth time - trying to look busy. She introduced herself as Melissa.

"Did you know that I started 'dating'," Melissa made quotation finger gestures, "your buddy Steve exactly one year ago to the day... almost to the hour?" Melissa eventually continued, after seeming to notice that the pause in the conversation was mostly due to Brian trying to keep up with such an odd beginning to a conversation. What was the significance of her comment? He was not sure at all. "You DO know what this silent auction is for, yes? Or did Steve not tell you? Oh, that guy... Figures he would leave you in the dark, to make my work that much harder... or maybe it was to do me a favor...” Melissa seemed to think about that for a moment, then she continued on, “to let me explain myself to you in my own words. OK, well... I guess I've got some explaining to do."

Melissa seemed to be replanning her approach for a long moment while she sipped on what appeared to be a mostly finished martini of some kind. Brian took a deep draft of his Guinness Blank and Tan - to bide his time - and waited for her to keep speaking. He really didn’t know what to say at this point anyway. He was sure there was something profound he could say right now, but he didn't manage to form a substantial or reasonable response before she started up again. 

"Well I guess it's not really fair, I know a LOT about you, more than I probably should - I'll admit - but it seems that you might know little to nothing about me... Let me be blunt. I'm rather hoping that you win the auction tonight." Brian looked up from his drink, again was shocked at just how beautiful she was, and now that he had had a chance to meet her, she was obviously intelligent too. "A long time ago I figured out that I liked to date men for a while, then move on before things get weird or old. I also figured out that I liked to be... well... let's just say dominated... and controlled... used, but loved. But, I also like to have a man to take care of while he takes care of me. It's a mutual relationship as long as I am respected, treated well, and he makes manly demands of me... demands that I basically never refuse. I also like to live with a man when I date him so that I can be home to do all the things he ‘demands’ of me. Cooking, cleaning, fucking," Melissa completely ignored Brian's look of complete confusion, then his sudden look of mild shock caused by her blunt words. She continued speaking like what she had said was not, in fact, shocking at all. "and whatever else is on his mind, even... no... especially the exciting and kinky stuff." Again she ignored his shocked face. 

"Let's just say I really enjoy being the 'perfect' girlfriend, or I can play the part of the porn star, the housewife, and all of the other 'perfect' visions of a woman that men have in their minds. It's fun! So many women feel as I do, they would love to be all of these people, but when they are in a relationship, they feel trapped by whatever they feel the relationship is built on. Anyways, I'm the girl that does not exist; the girlfriend that refuses almost no request, the one that brings a hot girlfriend over to join in - now and then - and the one that strives to please her man and asks almost nothing in return." 

Finally, Melissa's speech faltered, but only for a moment, she seemed to be enjoying Brian's reactions and noticing that he had not really flinched at much of what she had said until she had mentioned a girl-girl-guy threesome. Melissa made a mental note of that. Not sure where to go from here she turned her head to look at her drink, seeming to contemplate it, giving both of them a moment to gather their thoughts. She downed the rest of her drink and was already ordering a three-olive, extra-dirty, gin martini before the empty glass hit the bar again.

During the pause Brian could not help himself, his concentration and self-control gave out. Just for a fleeting moment, he allowed himself to look her over. He had never been this close to her before. He knew that she would catch him checking her out - it would be obvious this close up - even as she looked at her own drink. He had already noticed, as soon as she had sat down next to him and crossed her long legs, that one of her high heels had been very close to brushing his leg ever since. As he looked her over, bottom to top, he took in her shoes in more detail, her feet were very small even for a short woman, and her white high heel shoes were almost invisible they were so dainty. They would have been more like thin strappy sandals if it had not been for the tall, thin white heels. They were a fantastic accessory to her painted white toenails and perfect, clean, healthy skin.

Even though it was only a short moment in time that his eyes wondered, he was taking in so much. Time seemed motionless, it almost felt as though the two of them were the only ones in the expansive pool area. Melissa was twiddling the stem of her empty martini while watching the bartender prepare her next drink, she let her ankle sway just a few millimeters from Brian's leg. Melissa's legs were so smooth and perfect. Her skin was so flawless and featureless that they almost seemed to be made of plastic, in a good way. If the muscles had not been flexing slightly as she fidgeted her leg, he would have thought he was looking at a mannequin. 

Now that he could clearly see her feet and see how close to him it was, he found it impossible that she had not bumped into him by now. He could almost feel the heat of her practically bare foot on his leg. Moving up from there her body shape gave the illusion that she was taller than he remembered when she had walked up. Her slender legs seemed to pour for miles out of the bottom of her impossibly thin summer dress. He found this fact highly interesting because when he had seen her in the crowd, she had seemed to be a bit shorter than most of the other guests. But from this vantage, she looked supermodel tall. She was one of those girls that was short, but looked tall when not standing with other people as a reference. Being a pool party, her almost, almost, almost see-through summer dress was not out of place or slutty, but it was still making his heart race. 

He could not discern any garments underneath her summer dress, either she was wearing no bra, and possibly no panties, or she was wearing a bathing suit that lent itself well to wearing such a form-fitting dress and not showing seams. He kind of hoped that she was not wearing a bra, her breasts were just too perfect as they were. Her breasts were just the right size to look enhanced but real. In fact, if they had been enhanced, maybe that was why they seemed to defy gravity without the lift of a bra. Brian really could not decide though, they were reasonable enough that perhaps she just had amazing genes and they were naturally perky perfect breasts? 

Every now and then the summer dress seemed to momentarily cling to every curve of her breasts and body from the most subtle hint of a breeze, then a moment later the illusion would be gone. Whatever she was or was not wearing, it was impossible to miss the hint of erect nipples under her dress, Brian wouldn't have put money on it, but he also suspected that both nipples had ring piercings. They caused just enough of a distortion in the dress that he could always see them out of the peripheral of his vision - which was immeasurably distracting - but if he looked directly at them, he could not make out their shape or size at all.

Brian was not sure he had ever noticed a woman's shoulders before, but Melissa's were somehow elegant and strong and rather attractive, he yearned to reach out and pull her close, and kiss her neck. He could almost taste the sun warmed skin there, in his mind. Her arms and hands were very descriptive in their own right; her hands spoke a whole other language when she talked to him. Her words were telling him a story from the recent past, but her body language seemed to be hinting at the future where her arms would hold him, and her breasts would warm his chest, as they lay naked together. Her hands told of a near future where her legs would wrap around him loosely. Peacefully. Possessively. Passionately.

In reality, his moment of indiscretion had been fleeting, but his mind was moving a hundred miles an hour, so it had felt like he had been inspecting a piece of art in a museum for hours when actually he had barely been looking at her for the time between two blinks. He felt that he was getting too far ahead of himself, so he reeled his thoughts back to just being in awe of the flawless perfection of her body. She sat in front of him, looking away, giving him this moment to admire her. It was as if she were a marble statue placed in a museum for his inspection and appreciation. Her fingernails were french tipped in white, and they were clean and delicate, but short enough that they were practical. His eyes wandered up to her long sensuous neck, and he lingered there for just a moment, even though he knew she was looking at her drink and away from him he was almost afraid to look any higher and find her gazing at him disappointingly for having taken advantage and checking her out in such detail.

Even though her features were fit her lips seemed just slightly fuller than he would have expected on someone with a small sharp face. They were pleasantly full, tinted pink with lipstick. Brian could not help but imagine stroking her soft rosy cheeks with his hand and having her playfully suck one of his fingers into her mouth, while staring deep into his eyes, daring him to do something about her sudden playful teasing.

Brian was still avoiding looking at her eyes, just in case this moment of frivolity had ruined any chance he ever had at getting to know her better. He knew he would see it in her eyes instantly, so he looked past her eyes to get his first good look at another thing about her that he had found wonderfully distracting. Her ever-changing hair was intoxicating, it consisted of layers of natural colors ranging from dark brunette to blonde, so every time she moved her head, pushed back her hair, or it got caught in a breeze it seemed to shift colors. Sometimes she was distinctly a dirty blond, other times brunette, and sometimes brunette with strong blond highlights. It was somewhat like trying to decide what color an iridescent butterfly wing was. Every once in a while a mild spicy scent of clean hair and something exotic would waft past his nose. Spicy, but not musky; wonderful. Accompanying the mild spice scent was a hint of warm vanilla that could always make him look up to see who it belonged to when he caught a whiff of it in a crowd.

Lastly her eyes! He looked at them now, really looked at them, took them in. She had given him plenty of time to look her over while she absentmindedly inspected her drink, but she seemed to know just when to look up. She didn't move her head much, but she looked up into his eyes with a sideways glance, like she was afraid to see an undesirable rejection in his eyes. As their eyes met though both could see approval then poorly hidden joy in the others gaze.

Brian was reminded that it had been her eyes that had initially attracted him to her in all of those photos he had seen of her traveling around the world with Steve. Really, every part of her was perfection, but her eyes were not just attractive, they called to him to look deeper. Drew him in to learn about her, figure her out, learn how to please her and what made her happy. Her body could easily make him very happy, but her eyes drew him to a deeper place. A place where he wanted nothing more than her happiness, even though he did not even know her! As she looked at him, still demurely, he was able to truly see her eyes detail. She had piercing silky light blue eyes - almost silvery in appearance - with a stark dark blue thin limbal ring delicately laced into the edges of her irises.

It had really only been a few seconds, but it had felt like ages for both of them. Melissa continued to look into Brian's eyes as she moved on with her soliloquy. "Anyways, look... I figured if I date men in quick succession - like I've been known to do - then I'm ending up with nothing at the end, just old age, and memories. But if I married a bunch of times, and agreed to just take a small portion of their money in some 'prenup' I would feel like I was cheating the system and causing more harm than good. But to live the life I want, and not end up a penniless woman or a many times married siren I had to think of something new. So I came up with this auction you are attending. It's a silent auction... kind of. I basically know the score to this game any time I want to check.

“The auction is simple: If you win, as Steve did last year, you get to have me as anything you want for one year, and if I choose to do this again next year you must put on a BIG party for me at the end to auction me off to the next man... or woman I guess. I keep all of the auction winnings, and the winner gets to "keep" me for a year. Simple. It's like entering a marriage contract for one year, without all the religious and moral problems. Or, you can think of it as a long-term prostitution if you want, though I really honestly think of it as much more personal than that. It's more real to me than that.

“Steve was a sweetheart, he knew he was starting that new business of his and would have to travel a lot, yet wanted me as his companion for the year to simplify things. He treated me like a girlfriend the entire time, keeping me all to himself and not sharing me with anyone... Dan, on the other hand - the man before Steve... That man practically lent me out as a party favor weekly, it was 'almost' too much for me to bear, but I actually rather enjoyed it, knowing it would not last forever. Now I hope this does not make me sound like a slut, but honestly, I know you've slept with just about as many women as I have men, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. So, I want you to put in a bid on this auction for me. I can be your loving girlfriend, your pretend wife, or your dungeon slave, your slut, or all of the above, any time you want, it's really up to you. And, in case you are wondering, there is a short, very short, list of things that are off limits for me. Just so you know ahead of time." Melissa waved, beckoning a short, skinny girl over who was dressed a little bit too business-like to be one of the pool party guests. The girl quickly bustled off somewhere else instead, but Melissa seemed unperturbed.

"Look, I hope you don't think of me so much as a prostitute, I guess, in one way or another, we all sell ourselves for money, love, and companionship. I just found a new way of doing it that works for me. It's more like the middle line between girlfriend and wife, where we spend some time together, romantically, but you know it won't be forever, and I know I won't come out of it broke. And, since it's a business proposition of sorts, you won't be shy about asking me to do all the depraved kinky sexy fun things you've always only dreamed of. I, on the other hand, get to enjoy that unprecedented level of honesty in our relationship.

“How many times - after breaking up with a guy - did I find out about some amazing sounding kink we shared... too late? Also, this arrangement basically relieves me of any jealousy for my partner, so I don't even blink an eye at the idea of picking up some hot little number and bringing her home to share. One other way to rationalize this; I mean, look, if two people live together long enough in a relationship, common law takes effect - as if they were married - and if they separate each party can come away with a bit of money, just like a divorce. This is just a prearranged, short duration, common law-ish arrangement."

The business attired, short, skinny girl that Melissa had beckoned earlier walked up and stood a few feet away. She was quietly holding a small sheet of paper looking down submissively. "This is Tina, my colleague, and I guess you could say... what? trainee?" Melissa ended her question with a tiny bit of trepidation, seeming to falter on the word trainee. Melissa took the sheet of paper from Tina, looked it over, frowned slightly, then handed the paper back still facing Tina. 

Before turning back to Brian again, Melissa gave Tina a knowing look and tiny head nod toward Brian. It was not exactly covert, but Brian had a feeling that the three of them were the only people in the room close enough to see Tina's eyes widen slightly and her head nod ever so slightly in the direction of Brian. He didn't know what that was all about, but it felt like their body language was clearly saying 'Do you think he's a good choice? Would you fuck him?' from Melissa and 'FUCK YA, every day and twice on Sundays!' from Tina. Brian would have blushed if the Black and Tan and the ongoing conversation had not already given his skin a nice toasty glow. As Tina walked away, Brian caught a light waft of Tea Rose perfume.

Melissa watched Tina go, kind of blankly staring somewhere around Tina's pert ass, or maybe at the paper in Tina's hand, Brian was not entirely sure. She seemed, for the first time in the conversation, to be breathless, but that didn't last. "Well, I never thought I would feel so sad about an auction bid that high. I would enjoy my time with... well for privacy let's call him Mr. X. I would enjoy my time with Mr. X, we have very many interesting and sexual fantasies in common, and I've heard nothing but good about how he treats women and men alike. But..." 

Melissa now looked, for the first time in this entire conversation, like she really didn't have a plan on what she wanted to say next. "I've kind of had my eye on you for what feels like the better part of a year. Steve has told me a lot about you, I saw you at his Christmas party, shortly after my contract with him started. At first, I thought to myself, 'God, I wish Steve would lend me out to a hunk like that guy.' But Steve wanted me as his girlfriend and never lent me out to anyone, even though the contract outlines explicit stipulations that lending me out to a friend would be acceptable, even desirable. I forgot about you for a few months, then he mentioned you in passing, something about him thinking your new girlfriend was kind of hot. Jealousy swelled up in my chest, not for his desire for your girlfriend, but for her to have you, some girl I didn't even know having some guy I didn't even know. How ridiculous!"

Melissa seemed to stop for a few moments. She seemed to be consciously bringing her energy level down a notch, having gotten a bit worked up. Even with the occasional faltering, she had been building so much momentum with her story, and it looked like she had hit a kind of wall and was realizing just how much she had already said. It seemed like she was restrategizing her 'sales' pitch; taking into account what she had already said, and what she had meant to say from the beginning. Brian still didn't know what to say, the conversation seemed to be taking so many turns so quickly that he could barely keep up, and he was rapidly losing blood-flow that would usually be going to his brain for thinking. This blood was resolutely flowing to his other head, which was less capable of thinking clearly.

When Melissa continued again her voice was confident, airy and yet it was still smooth and well spoken, considering the topic. "So this woman, who I didn't know, and this man, who I didn't know, had my blood boiling like it does when you are in the heat of lovemaking with someone for the first time. Hot, heavy lust. That momentary rush of blood that makes you light-headed just as the head of his cock presses into your sex, pushes forward past any final resistance the body might have. Well... I guess you don't quite know THAT experience... anyways I felt like that, just THINKING about you, and I knew then that I had to have you." 

Melissa tilted her head back and let the remainder of her martini flow down her throat, there had been more than a large gulp worth, but she had let it slide down to her stomach like a college student doing a beer bong. Her lips had stopped the 3 olives in the glass, and she was now fishing them out with two slender fingers gingerly. She placed them in her mouth one by one and enjoyed them. When she set her glass down on the counter, there was only a moment that passed before the bartender seemed to appear out of nowhere and refill it, having already prepared it unnoticed at the other end of the bar.

Melissa nodded at the bartender with a wry smirk, thanking him. Brian's last bit of self-control stopping him from blurting something stupid and unprepared melted away. He didn't even know what was about to come out of his mouth, but since it was his dick talking at this point, he knew it would be just exactly the wrong thing to say.

Luckily, before she turned back to him, she had already started speaking again, interrupting his opportunity to make an ass of himself. She was still looking at her drink, twiddling the stem of the glass between her fingers distractedly. Melissa spoke a bit softer now, with less confidence and fervor than before and more like a person speaking from wisdom than lust; there was a more sober quality to her now. "You know, after finding out about your girlfriend for the first time, I kind of forgot - for just a second - about Steve's feelings. I asked him, well begged him, to let me go to you... just for a fling, just to get you out of my head... well into my bed, or your bed, or the couch... back seat of the car..." 

Even though she was still speaking to her martini, Brian could see a small smirk in the corner of her eyes, she was enjoying talking about this even though her voice was filled with regret. She was getting herself back under control, enjoying the vulnerability she had caused herself by submitting this embarrassing story to Brian. "I only saw how much I had hurt Steve's feelings a week later when my fervor... never-mind... let's say... later, when I had kind of gotten over the initial shock of learning about your girlfriend. Steve knew perfectly well that he only had me for the year, and he was happy with the arrangement. But, I was not acting my part as 'girlfriend' the way he wanted.” Melissa paused. 

“To this day I deeply regret it...” She paused again, but continued with a naughty smile on her face. “That's around the time that I found Tina over there, and she was able to help me beg for forgiveness..." Melissa looked into Brian's eyes fleetingly, shyly, just long enough for Brian to see her point with a flick of her eyes at Tina, who was busy talking to some other guests. "Steve has a good heart, and enough room in it to see that it was actually rather impressive that I had been playing my part as a loving girlfriend - 24 hours a day - for the first part of my year-long contract without flaw. He forgave me, though he didn't let poor little Tina or me know that he had forgiven me for quite some time! He took advantage for days, and all three of us loved it!" Melissa looked at Brian again. Deep in the sparkle of her eyes, he could almost see Melissa and Tina on their knees, doing all kinds of depraved, wonderful acts for Steve... Forgiveness indeed! Who would not find forgiveness if they had two such beauties at their beckoning call.

Brian stole a look at Tina for the first time, realizing that he had not really even honestly seen her before, being captivated by Melissa's story and sheer beauty. Tina was after all a good looking girl, no man would deny her unless he had an unwavering taste for thick asses and a huge tits. Tina was small framed, but you could tell from any angle that she was an adult. She was skinny, small, and short, yet no one would confuse her for a young girl. Then it registered to his blood-starved mind what he was doing. Brian looked back in his memory, to two seconds earlier and registered a flash of jealousy and maybe some sadness in Melissa's eyes when he had looked over at Tina. But, her face had quickly changed when he had absentmindedly looked Melissa's body over again, absentmindedly comparing her comparatively more luscious form to Tina's small frame. Melissa was biting her lip now, she had sat up just a little more, expectantly, like she was proud of what she had to offer and very happy with Brian's apparent returned interest in her offerings. She had seemed to appreciate it when he had looked her over, but he didn't want to push his luck, so he looked in her eyes... wavered nervously and decided to look at his drink instead.

"Anyways, the flash-in-the-pan lust I had felt for you quickly faded, partly just by being distant from you and not knowing you, partly because Tina... Well, to be fair, she can be very distracting... even without Steve around... Mostly though, it was because I had grown slightly as a person from hurting Steve and learning from my mistake. I have to admit though that, at the time, my interest in you had actually been growing, quietly, in the back of my mind and Steve saw it, even if I didn’t. Steve is such a saint... Anyway, a few months ago, seeing that our contractual time was coming to an end Steve had proposed to me..."

"Oh don't look so shocked... not proposed with a ring... let me rephrase... Steve asked me if I wanted to be yours by the end of the next Auction if he could arrange it. He explained how he had seen this coming and had told you months earlier to start saving up. He told me that you had been doing a good job of it, as far as he knew. He had known that a... to quote Steve... 'a treasure such as me' would be a wonderful thing to pass on to a good buddy such as you. But he had told you to start saving so that you could have a chance at me when Steve was done with me... if you wanted.” Melissa made eye contact for a brief moment, looking for Steve’s approval... and finding it in spades. “Honestly I think Steve had this planned out even before I saw you, so, me liking you was just a very serious bonus for his plan.”

“At some point, toward the end of our contract, Steve mentioned that you had broken up with your girlfriend, he had known it would not last. When he told me, I almost slipped up in front of him again, but Steve knew he had given me a gift by letting me know these things. So I started studying up on you, as much as I could, maybe a LOT more than I should have. My goal was to know everything you liked, learn from your ex-girlfriends mistakes, and figure out how to be your 'perfect'... whatever you wanted.”

“As far as where I got my information... and why there are SO many of your ex-girlfriends at this party, this is where I kind of need to ask for your forgiveness. Let's just say that I can be persuasive with just about anyone when I want to be! I might as well apologize for this right now, so it does not get weird later if it comes up. I kind of... interrogated most of your ex-girlfriends and sometimes that meant sleeping with some of your ex-girlfriends, or hooking them up with their crushes, whatever it took with each one... and a few of them were harder to crack than others, so I had to bring them home to Steve to get them to open up to me... Sometimes Steve, Tina, and I all had to... umm... work it out of them... but Steve promised me that you would not be too upset. He said that all the girls that I... umm... What is a nicer, more orgasmic version of the word 'interrogated'? Well anyway... all of the girls that I got information from had been ones that you were 'over,' so to say. A lot of them showed up tonight, just to see if you would participate and win the auction. There are some pretty hefty bets rolling around about the outcome of tonight."

"God I'm so off topic... In Tina's hand is the offer of the highest current bidder. Tina and I are the only two in the room that know the price and person listed on that paper. If you are interested, and I really hope you are by now, and that I have not COMPLETELY messed it all up with my mad ramblings... I would really like it if you would beat the offered price, and since Tina decides when the bidding has ended, I have it on good authority that the bidding will suddenly end if you bid in time. Mr. X won't even be mad, I doubt he had actually planned on winning right now anyway, but I think he knows about my interest in you, and maybe..." Melissa squeaked out the 'maybe' and pinched her fingers together indicating a small chance that she was right, "maybe he's just trying to make sure you pay a fair price for me... and maaayyyybe he's even a little jealous and wants to make you pay just a bit more... he did make quite a nice offer this year!" 

Melissa paused again, thinking of what to say next. "To be fair, I've been auctioned 4 times for 1 year each... my price has risen sharply... as has my experience and talents." Now Melissa was starting to sound like a saleswoman, but Brian didn't mind... with what felt like limited blood flow he didn't have much of a mind left to mind with anyways. "The first year my price was a measly $200,000, and it has grown each year with the current bid from Mr. X at $4,000,000." Melissa watched desperately for something in Brian's eyes. She almost didn't feel that she was worth that much, but an auction was an auction, and the highest bidder would win with whatever bid they felt she was worth.

She just hoped that Brian would think she was worth more, not for the increase in money, but for the implication about what it would mean about what he thought of her worth. To be honest, though, his eyes had been mostly glazed over since his initial shocked response, after all, how can one go from shocked to super shocked then look any more shocked... Right now his eyes were still glazed over, lost in thought, and it seemed he was also lost in her lips. Melissa leaned closer, just to watch his eyes follow her lips. She kept her back straight for a little fun. It was obvious that the ark her head was taking - from sitting up to leaning into him - would eventually put her rosy pink lips right in his lap IF she continued on the same trajectory. Instead, she stopped when she was leaning in at a 45-degree angle, looked up into his dreamy eyes and took something from her bra and slipped it into the breast pocket of his unbuttoned button-down dress shirt. 

She placed her index finger on the center of his chest, directly on the skin. Her finger was still cold from fiddling with her Mojito. As she spoke her final words to Brian, she pressed into his skin lightly while pushing herself back up to a more proper sitting position. "F.Y.I. Tina is 'supposed' to ignore any bid that does not beat the highest bid by at least $200,000, but she also knows to take any offer you make over the highest bid, even if it's just a dollar. In your pocket is a shorthand version of the Auction contract. I suggest you read it FAST if you have any interest in my offer. I would LOVE to give you as much time as you need to make a decision but as it is, my timing has been carefully planned out. Tina has been instructed to end the auction if she receives a higher bid from you, or to end at sunset, which is ABOUT 15 minutes from now.... but sunsets are kind of 'up to interpretation,' so it gives Tina the leeway to end this whenever she wants from about now to 6 o'clock. 

Also, just so you know Tina is not part of the contract, she's just my friend that might spend a lot of time with me if she pleases... So don't take what I've said about her too seriously, there is no guarantee that she'll join me with my next lover, but then again the way she looked at you, I might have a hard time keeping her away. No matter what though, I will tell you this: If you outbid Mr. X before sunset tonight I want the first night with you to belong to me, I will blow your mind, rock your world, but we will be doing it my way tonight. I know the contract says that I'll do anything you want, but you'll have to give the first night to me, please, it's a personal request. I'll run the show, just you and me alone. I can guarantee you won't regret it, I'll make sure that you will never forget tonight! Once I've had you once though... my way, and all for me... then I'm all yours, anything you want, any way you want, any time you wish to, within the contract perimeters, and probably any woman you want too... I have a way of bringing women home to my lovers."

Brian didn't even see Melissa stand up and walk into the crowd carrying her half-empty extra dirty martini. He had almost expected her to kiss him passionately, closing out her sales pitch with a BANG, but then she had practically evaporated. One moment she was there, with her ankle ALMOST touching his, and the next she was gone.

Five minutes must have passed before he snapped out of it and looked around and found Tina looking at him with a worried, bewildered expression. Some guy was trying to chat her up, but she only had eyes for Brian, wondering why the hell he was taking so long and wondering if she needed to go smack some sense into him before it was too late. Seeing Tina's distress, Brian quickly seized the paper from his pocket and read it. The first part was a short paragraph about what the auction was all about; Melissa wanted to be dominated, she wanted to care for her man or woman, who would be her lover for a year, and she wanted to do anything and everything that that person wanted, and she wanted to be paid for doing it. Melissa could play the part as a lover, girlfriend, wife, slave, slut, housekeeper, really whatever the winner wanted.

There was a very very short list of things that Melissa did not like to do or have done to her, but he could not have told you what they were 10 seconds later since none of them were notable or deal breakers.

The next section was the rules about lending her out to friends, sharing her with others, involving her in orgies, etc. Most of it was safety stuff, condoms, safe words, safe songs to hum, how to handle safety if she was in bondage, and wording about ensuring her physical and mental health, etc.

Requested body modifications of any kind had to be paid for by the contract holder and agreed to by all three parties (contract holder, Melissa, and her handler). There was a short list of body modifications that had already been done by her, or to her by previous contract holders. Brian was surprised to find that breast implants or augmentation was not already on the list, they were actually natural, it turned out. She had had laser hair removal on every inch of her body below her eyebrows, according to the paper. It was no wonder her legs had seemed so perfect as to look almost plastic. Brian was also interested to see that she had 4 permanent piercings; navel, clit, and each nipple. Since these piercings could not be removed without a cutting tool, it led Brian to believe that one of her previous lovers had had them installed to use to tie her up or play bondage games. Each and every one of these body modifications made him more and more excited, she seemed more his type by the moment!

The last section was about supervision, she would be allowed, and required, no matter what, to contact an outside 3rd party handler once a week to ensure that she was safe and being treated well. There was another provision with rules about ending the contract early if her wishes were not met or if her handler felt that she was somehow being abused, outside of what was allowed in the contract. The contract also gave permission to the handler to come inspect the contract holder's premise and Melissa at any time to ensure her health and well being.

Brian stood up, walked confidently and calmly towards Tina. He leaned his head forward slightly and looked her deeply in the eyes - like a man filled with lust about to lift his woman off her feet and carry her to the bedroom. Brian was thinking clearly now, and his actions were carefully planned; he wanted to make a scene: he wanted everyone watching. When Tina noticed him she almost hopped up onto her tippy toes with excitement and bit her lip with wide happy eyes aglow. She was almost bouncing she was so thrilled! Tina saw him walking towards her, and she was ready to hear the good news directly from Brian, but he walked right past her, making her spin on the spot to track him. He was walking so fast and close to her that she almost spun herself right off her tippy toes.

Brian liked a little shock factor and a little drama, he was sure that Melissa was watching from somewhere and Tina's confusion at seeing him walk right at her, then past her, must be driving both of them wild with expectation, curiosity, and wonder. Silence was quickly falling throughout the pool party. Brian was starting to understand, only now, that the rumors of the rigged auction had spread to every single person here, and that he had probably been the topic of almost every single conversation this evening! Brian walked right up to the table that had been set aside for the auction. He noticed that the party had fallen completely silent behind him, the DJ had even stopped the music. 

Brian confidently ignored the informational papers on the table and didn't even bother picking up a bidding sheet. Instead, he lifted an inkwell pen from it's well. Beautiful gold flecked gold ink dripped off of the tip back into the well as he shook it off. He pulled out a check from his wallet and filled it out for $5,042,069, leaving the name blank. He could hear that someone had walked up behind him. Someone light on their feet, someone that delicately smelled of Tea Rose perfume. Having been slightly bent over the table, Brian stood up proudly to his full height. To add a little more drama shook the check to let the ink dry. 

Brian pretended that he didn't notice the silent party and all eyes on him! Without warning, Brian turned on his heels. He stepped towards Tina, again looking into her eyes like she was the only thing on his mind, and again he walked right past her. This time when Tina spun on her heels though she had been ready for it. She bustled quickly behind him, quietly trying to get Brian's attention so that she could get the check from him and not make a bigger scene. Brian quickly found his target. Melissa was back at the bar, in the same seat she had been in when she had spoken with Brian - facing towards where he had been sitting - but now she was watching him move smoothly through the dead-quiet and stock-still crowd.

When he first spotted her in her seat she had been sitting confidently on the bar stool, laid back reclining on the edge of the bar, arms up and relaxed on the edge of the bar to either side, legs crossed comfortably. But as he approached she became more guarded, bringing her hands in, almost as if she was afraid, she obviously was out of control of the situation for the first time tonight. The anticipation must have been driving her wild. 

As Brian moved straight towards Melissa through the crowd, people moved out of his way. He noticed that more than a few women - and a couple flamboyant men - looked like they were moments from fainting of raw drama. As Brian pulled close to Melissa, she turned her head away and covered her face with her hands, like the check was somehow going to blind her. Now that they had broken free of the crowd Tina rushed around Brian and blocked his forward progress, holding her hand out for the check. For a tiny little girl, she was looking quite fierce, and Brian could almost see cartoon flames shooting out of her nostrils as she breathed heavily, stared him down, daring him to move an inch closer to Melissa.

Melissa was still shielding her eyes and was unaware of what was happening as Brian polity handed Tina the check. Tina's demeanor changed instantly back to her bubbly, tiny, little, overly-happy, bouncy-girl attitude as she surveyed the check that she had valiantly won from his grasp. She looked it over carefully then spun slowly and started tugging on the bottom of Melissa's summer dress where it lay silkily over her shapely flawless legs. Melissa peaked one eye out between two fingers and found Tina looking at her smiling ear to ear. Melissa let her hands slide down her face in disbelief, Brian could actually see her fingers smoothly sliding across her skin, each one moving to conform to whatever curve it was passing over. 

With Melissa's greatest desire suddenly becoming a possibility, she looked questioningly at Tina who gave that characteristic unfathomably small nod back. Melissa looked like she was about to jump off of the bar stool and hug Tina, or Brian, or anyone that fell within her hug-able attack range, but she controlled herself enough to only let a sigh of relief escape her lips as she slid gracefully off of the bar stool. Melissa slid forward, almost floating on air with pleasure, wearing a huge smile that lit up every feature of her face and made her eyes sparkle like diamonds. She took each of Brian's hands in hers and stepped in for a kiss. It only lasted a second... but it tasted like strawberries... and heaven.

From the silent crowd someone wolf-whistled, and in a moment the formerly still, quiet pool was permeated with cheering, whistling, and clapping, with the occasional whoooop thrown in. Eventually, the crowd went back to their talking and drinking with a new vigor caused by all of the excitement. Tina slipped quietly out of the way and into the crowd. Brian rather liked that Melissa had to look up into his eyes and he got to look down into hers. She was a half head shorter than him in her heels. Brian would have felt very dominant from this higher vantage having just won her for his own, but something in her eyes told him that he was hers to play with tonight, just as she had promised. This party was in her honor, and as she had said she had plans for him tonight. He could see an eager desire in her eyes to get him alone right this second, but her self-control was astounding as she took him in her arm and walked him around the party. Of course, she did it in such a way that it looked like he was parading HIS winnings around to show off to everyone. But Brian, Melissa, and Tina (and Steve, and probably Mr. X, and most of Brian's onlooking ex-girlfriends, and definitely the flamboyant men that had not yet fainted, and probably everyone else) all knew that it was Melissa who had really won this auction. It was Melissa that was showing off her winnings. So far she had not kissed him more than that initial peck; she knew that if he touched any sensitive part of her body at this point, she would not be able to resist her desires any longer, and she was rather enjoying the exquisitely painful anticipation.


Off in a darker corner of the waning sunset-lit pool Tina found Mr. X. It almost seemed like he had been waiting for her, but that didn't matter. She wanted to thank him personally for participating, and she had a favor to ask of him. But first, she needed answers. She had a plan to manipulate him, so she carefully placed suggestive yet 'harmless' hands on his body and a soft brush of her hips against his as she scooted between him and a bush to get in front of him. She planned on taking full control of the conversation and getting her answers, even if it took every trick she knew, well... every trick she had learned from Melissa. 

She had meant to take on a shy demeanor and asked him the one thing she needed to know; why he had offered so much. Instead, she almost demanded to know if he had done it to force Brian to pay more, or if he had really wanted Melissa that badly. Tina knew that his offer had clearly been at least $1,000,000 more than anyone had expected. Mr. X calmly explained himself with a seductively confident, cool, knowing smile. The smile melted Tina, and his powerful presence was quickly eroding her self-confidence about being able to manipulate him to 'tell her all.'

Mr. X explained that he had forced the bid so high that no one in their right mind would bid higher for her next year while also keeping it affordable for Brian. He knew that she would never accept less one year than the last since that would be her cue to get out of the game. This would force her to quit at the end of Brian's contract, freeing the new couple, Melissa and Brian, to be together for much longer than one year, if they so chose. Tina's mouth was open wide as she clearly could envision this happening, and shocked that Mr. X had so cleverly yet simply manipulated Melissa's own game. Mr X continued to explain that - in his best estimation - it would take Melissa about a week or two of mad lust filled mind-blowing fucking to get her wits back enough to put the picture together and realize the gift that Mr. X had given her... something more valuable than some extra money; he offered her the love of her life, the way she wanted it, but also the way she needed it. Melissa would know that she was quitting at the end of the year, she would know that she could forge a deeper relationship with Brian, and Brian would be clueless if she didn't tell him. Brian, for his part in it, would be spending the year expecting to lose his greatest treasure and making sure to take full advantage of every second, never taking Melissa for granted even for a single moment. Yet Melissa would be able to get what she wanted. She wanted a man that would take every advantage with her, demand wonderfully dirty and exciting things of her, and a man that would not hold back like a real boyfriend might. 

Brian would unknowingly play his part perfectly. Partly because he had 'paid' for her so he was basically expected to ask her to do all of the depraved things that he wanted, but also because he would want to experience EVERYTHING with her in quick succession, not missing any opportunity, thinking that he was going to lose her in just one short year. Melissa would get the whirlwind love affair she wanted and needed, and end up with a loving relationship with the reigns pulled off, if everything went well. 

As Mr. X spoke, Tina completely let down her guard; her own confidence steamrolled by the cool, collected confidence of Mr. X and his deviously simple plan. She could not believe how clearly Mr. X saw the entire thing. She had come over to manipulate Mr. X, but she was seeing that she, in turn, was the one being manipulated, and she loved it! It was like getting to the crescendo of a great mystery novel, but being a part of it. Tina could see that Mr. X was a genius! She could envision his plan working, and she had a guess that she had been a part of his plan all along, this conversation with him had even been planned; she was completely out of her league.

Mr. X had confided this to her knowing that she would make sure that Melissa did get the idea in her head within the month. Tina was already working on the problem in the back of her head; how to slip the idea into Melissa's mind so that Melissa thought that it was her own idea! Tina was the backup plan and Tina would be a good minion for Mr. X, and the sexy bastard had known it all along! He was not even bothering to ask Tina to keep it a secret or to be subtle about it. How could Mr. X possibly understand Tina enough to anticipate that she would already be thinking down this path. Being in the presence of such a confident, strong man with such great intentions, Tina felt even smaller than she ever had, and that was saying a lot coming from someone as short and skinny as her! His power over the conversion, and over her thrilled her to a deep place she had never known before! She could almost feel her own wetness dripping down her leg! 

Originally Tina had wanted to get her answer, and if she liked it, she was going to ask Mr. X to distract her for the night. She had wanted to give Melissa space to enjoy Brian alone, but Tina had known that she would not sleep for a week unless she got a good hard fucking of her own to take her mind off Melissa and Brian. Tina had learned a great many tricks from Melissa, and she also wanted to try them out 'solo,' she had not been with a man since she had been taken under Melissa’s wing, except when she had been 'shared' between Melissa and Steve. Tina didn't want any of Mr. X's money, nor had she really wanted anything other than a good fucking; that at least had been her original plan. Plus, she rather thought it was a bit sexy to ask to be Mr. X's consolation prize for a night. But after hearing Mr. X's grand plan, she was going to find every possible way to thank him for what he had done. And now that she was "in" on the secret she was probably going to be leaving Melissa and Brian alone for at least a week, maybe a month, and Tina would be continuing to "thank" Mr. X and let him keep her distracted the entire time. 

So much for Mr. X being in her power, he had outplayed her before she even knew the game was afoot. Mr. X was standing calm and quiet, watching Tina, having finished his prepared speech, and giving Tina time to process all of its deep intertwined meanings. Tina was even sure that there were levels and depths to this that she was currently unaware of; she was in awe of its simplicity on the surface and complex inter-workings. Mr. X seemed to be waiting expectantly for something from Tina. Was she supposed to say something? Was he just politely waiting for her to respond or did he expect something specific? Was this the perfect moment, where she should offer herself to his whims for the night? She could feel it, she was sure of it, but then something dawned on her in a rush of excitement; she wondered if he had planned on her offering herself to him tonight. Would it be a complete shock when she submitted herself to his will and his pleasure? Tina didn't think so, he already knew the outcome of this conversation.

Tina could see just how many places she fit into his plan, and knew just how many places he could fit into her. For a fleeting moment she wondered if the entire plan had been just to get her alone for a week, away from her teacher and lover Melissa, but Tina enjoyed the more likely alternative just as much. She rather liked the idea of being his consolation prize, she liked being a wonderful byproduct of a terrific scheme. Well, it was about time to find out! Tina wondered for just a moment how she should give herself to him, but then she realized that she had been his from the start. He knew it, she knew it, he was just waiting for her to catch up. Tina simply grabbed up his right hand and slid it behind her back. He took it from there, moving in for a kiss. Tina's knees actually failed her, but his strong grip around her waist kept her upright even as her body melted in his.


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