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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; spank; naked; slave; punish; cons; X

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Slave hunnybunny goads her Master into spanking her.

Making your Master angry enough to spank you sounds like a good idea for a spankophile, but what if you push too far?

I know this is a very short story, but I just got one book published and am working on two more and I didn’t want people to think I had stopped posting. One of those new books will be posted for free on all of my regular sites in a series of posts. I’d put it on all sites, but not everyone allows the same things and my writings often dance on the edge of what many sites allow.

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My Master is making me write this story about my latest punishment. He says he will make me read it out loud at the next munch as a warning to all of the other slaves to behave and listen to their Masters.

He doesn’t punish me very often, partly because he thinks I like it. He said to tell the absolute truth in this, so I guess I have to admit that if it’s a spanking, I usually do like it. Sometimes when he spanks me, I like it a lot.

Oh, that makes me tingle just saying it. It is true. Sometimes I love being spanked. But Master has other punishments that I really don’t like at all. Sometimes, if I have been bad, he will make me take myself almost there and then make me stop. He will watch me squirm and listen to me plead to be allowed to cum. Then when I start to cool down, he makes me take myself back to the edge... again... and again... and again. I don’t like that.

Other times he will set up a video camera when he punishes me and then post it online. I don’t like that either, even if it’s a spanking. When he does that, I am always either fully hooded or he makes sure that it doesn’t show my face. I don’t have any tattoos or birthmarks– at least not where anyone would see them– so I don’t have to worry about being identified if somebody sees the video. Not being publicly identified in a video or picture is one of the major things in our agreement.

The other major thing in our agreement is my safe word. My safe word is cauliflower. I hate cauliflower and would never just say it, so Master knows that if I say it, we have to stop and talk.

Master knows that I don’t like electrical things either. But if I have been very bad, he sometimes puts those little TENS pads on me in places I don’t want them. And if I have been especially bad, he uses anal and vaginal electrodes. That is pure punishment, but it isn’t unbearable and he only does it if I really deserve it. I’ve never used my safeword during those punishments.

I did scream out, “Cauliflower! Cauliflower! Cauliflower!” once when he used one of those big cattle prod-like things on me. He stopped and we talked about it. I told him that the big electric cattle prod wasn’t allowed in our relationship.

“What about the little one?” he asked, and zapped me right above my clit with something about the size of an electric toothbrush.

I yelped and then said very calmly, “Cauliflower, Cauliflower, Cauliflower.”

He shrugged and said, “OK, hunnybunny, I guess I can sell my prods to some other master.”

Then to make it up to me he made slow, sweet love to me and drove me higher and higher and higher until we both exploded together.

But I am supposed to be writing about what happened tonight.

All week that gnawing feeling had been growing deep in my tummy that can only be quenched with a spanking. By Friday night I REALLY needed a spanking. And I needed a long spanking that would take me over the edge.

So Saturday morning I started doing everything I could to irritate Master. I kept walking in front of him while he was trying to watch a game on TV. Then I was late getting supper prepared... and I burned the potatoes. When I knocked over his glass of wine while serving him dessert, he lost it.

“You, young lady, are going to get a spanking!” he yelled firmly.

I tried not to look happy, but it must have shown on my face.

“You need a spanking, don’t you?” he said. His face was all scrunched down. He wasn’t mad. He was disappointed in me. I could tell.

“A spanking doesn’t have to be a punishment,” he said firmly. “You could have just asked for one. And then we could have made love afterwards.”

I stood there staring at the floor. As usual when we were at home, I was naked. I really wanted to run and hide... not because I was afraid, but because I was ashamed that I had disappointed my Master.

“I’m sorry, Master,” I started to blubber. “I just didn’t think.”

“Then I will have to make sure that you remember in the future,” he said, “even if you aren’t thinking.

“But I really need a spanking,” I whined. “You can punish, punish me later, but first, please... please... please... give me a take-me-high spanking.”

He sat there silently for a long moment, just looking at me. Finally he said firmly, “I will give you your take-me-high spanking... but it will also be your punishment.” He paused to let that sink in and then continued, “I will take you high. Then I will take you past the point of enjoyment. And I will set up the video cameras while I am doing it so that your spanking can be shown at the next gathering of Masters and slaves. That is the only place it will be shown so you will be bare faced as well as bare assed.

“No, please,” I stammered out, “once it's on video anything can happen to it. And once it's out, it's out forever.”

He thought a moment before saying, “OK, you will be masked. But you will write out a full description of everything that happens tonight and read it before the video is shown at the munch.”

I said, “Yes, Master,” and stood quietly while he set up the video camera. Then I moved over to stand next to his chair so that he could pull me over his lap.

But rather than reaching for me, he said curtly, “Go get the suitcase.”

The suitcase isn’t really a suitcase. It is an old-fashioned black leather Gladstone bag that looks a lot like what doctors used to carry in the old days. It opens from the top and inside are two compartments that are perfect for keeping all sorts of ropes, whips, restraints, and of course, paddles.

I hurried to the closet in the bedroom and brought back the bag. After I set it at his feet, I opened it and then stood there nervously. If he were going to use one of the leather or wooden paddles on me, this was definitely going to be a punishment spanking.

He rummaged around in the bag for what seemed like forever. Finally he held up an old, woman’s bedroom slipper with a thin leather sole and said, “Ah, here it is.”

I had never seen that in the bag before. As old as it was, I’m sure it had been in there for a long, long time, but Master had never used it on me. He held it out for me to see and said, “The beauty of a slipper is that it can be used for everything from a light kiss to a severe beating.”

I gulped slightly and trembled a little in fear. He had promised me both.

He set the slipper on the small table next to his chair and then patted his lap. “We will start with a hand spanking,” he said, almost smiling.

I gulped again. That was both good news and bad news. The bad news was that “start” meant that there would be more beyond the hand spanking. But the good news at the same time was that Master was telling me that he would warm me up rather than starting out with something more severe– like the slipper. I’ve been punishment spanked or paddled without a warm up and believe me, it is much better if something a little less severe gets the endorphins flowing before the heavy pain starts, even if it is a pure punishment spanking.

I lay across his lap and he began caressing my asscheeks. I knew he was doing that so my juices would start flowing and my body would interpret the pain to come in a sexual way. Then he stopped completely and asked in a firm voice, “Why am I spanking you tonight?”

“Because I spilled your wine,” I answered. He gave me a sharp slap on the ass with the fingers of his hand and I quickly added, “And because I kept walking in front of you while you were trying to watch your game on TV.” Another sharp slap and I said, “And I was late getting supper prepared... and I burned the potatoes.”

This time he rubbed my ass again and said, “Yes, you deserve to be punished for that, but what is the real reason I am giving you a SEVERE spanking.” He emphasized the word severe by speaking a little louder and slower.

“I don’t know,” I whined. At that point I really didn’t.

“What did I tell you?” he asked.

I lay there thinking for a moment and then said softly, “That if I needed a spanking I should just ask for one rather than trying to make you mad?”

“Correct,” he said sharply. Then he added, “Now keep that firmly in mind as I warm your ass.”

He then started spanking me. The individual smacks weren’t that hard, but he was moving his hand so that each one fell on a new area of my ass. After a little while, I could feel my ass starting to really heat up. I was squirming and thrashing on his lap and starting to call out “Ow! Ow!” with each stroke.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I noticed it when Master made me watch the video, as the spanking went on, my “Ow!” soon began to morph into an “Oh,” and then an “Uh” as a different kind of heat started to spread from my ass to my whole body. I also didn’t notice when Master picked up the slipper and began using it.

In the video, I could hear the slipper make a whole different kind of sound as it hit my ass. It was a much sharper sound. And the feel of it was much sharper also. I remembered that as I watched myself being spanked. But at the time, all I felt was a more intense sensation taking me closer and closer to an explosive kind of orgasm that I can only get from a spanking.

I started sort of singing in one long continuous note that kept getting louder and louder and higher and higher. Then I exploded. I don’t know how Master kept me on his lap, I was thrashing around so violently. With one hand on my back between my shoulder blades, he kept me pressed down over his lap, and with the other hand he continued to whale away at my ass.

After a while, I went back to making “Uh” sounds with each swat. I really didn’t remember doing it, but I went high a second time, including the long, loud note and the explosive orgasm. I even did it a third time, but that orgasm was obviously less intense.

Even after the third orgasm, Master didn’t stop. But my sexual need and energy was spent and my “Uh”s morphed back into “Oh”s and then back into “Ow!”s. It got to the point where I was really screaming “Ow!” with each swat.

Then I started begging Master to stop. “Please, that’s enough!” I cried. “I’ll be good,” I wailed. “Please, I can’t take anymore.”

I know that if I had said “Cauliflower,” Master would have stopped, but I didn’t say it. I had really disappointed Master once and I wasn’t going to disappoint him again by taking the easy way out.

Once or twice, Master either got tired and missed his mark or, more likely, very intentionally spanked a little lower on my ass and struck right where the mound of my ass blends into my leg. Getting smacked there hurts at least twice as much as getting hit right on my asscheek. When he did that I screamed loudly and really thrashed around, but he didn’t even break his rhythm.

Finally I stopped thrashing and struggling and just lay across his lap whimpering and sobbing with each smack of the slipper. After only a few more strokes, he dropped the slipper and began lightly rubbing my ass.

His voice was very soft and comforting as he said, “Do you think you can remember to behave now, hunnybunny?”

I nodded my head up and down and sobbed out softly, “I’ll try.”

“And if your tummy tells you that you need a spanking,” he continued, “what will you do?”

“I’ll just tell you I need a spanking,” I sobbed softly.

“Just lay there,” he continued softly, “while I rub some ointment on your ass. The skin is broken in several places and we don’t want any infections or anything like that.”

I felt something cold being squirted onto my ass and then he began very softly rubbing whatever it was into my skin. After a while he said, “Kneel before me,” and I slid off of his lap and knelt upright between his legs. He untied the full face mask and used his finger to wipe the tears off my cheeks.

“I want you to sit and watch the video,” he said firmly, “and then you are going to write out everything that happened.”

“Could I just kneel?” I asked plaintively. “I might not be able to sit for a few days.”

Master laughed and said, “Yes, hunnybunny, you can kneel and watch the video. And you can put your computer on the chair and kneel while you write everything up.”

That’s what happened. I will show this to Master and he will correct my spelling and grammar and then post it on one of the websites he likes. Then we will go to bed. He hasn’t said anything about having sex tonight, but I will if he wants to even though I know it will hurt... a lot.

Even if he doesn’t order anything, I will use my mouth to relieve the sexual tensions that had to have built up in him while he spanked me. Then, hopefully, he will let me curl up next to him on the bed and snuggle up against his back. I really prefer when he snuggles around me, but I’m not sure my ass could stand even that tonight.

I’ve learned my lesson. I know that I will probably misbehave again and Master will have to correct me with a punishment spanking or something. But I know for certain that if that gnawing feeling starts growing deep in my tummy again, I will go to my Master and say, “Please Master, may I have a take-me-high spanking.”

I wish I had done that this time.

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