Slumber Snake

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; hypno; mind-control; snake; kidnap; reluct; X

Tai doesn’t trust older women

“Have trouble sleeping? Ever see someone be put under hypnosis and wish ‘god, if only it were that easy’? Do you ever get jealous of how easy Kaa puts Mowgli to sleep in The Jungle Book? Well fret not. You can now have that too.

“Introducing the Slumber Snake! The newest innovation from your friends at TMMF Industries. Her coils are padded with the latest in memory foam technology to wrap you in a soft yet weighted cocoon to provide instant and unrelenting comfort from start to finish. Her eyes light up with proprietary LED innovations to bypass your conscious mind to instantly, naturally, and completely put you to sleep. Bad dreams? Not with Slumber Snake! Dreamcatcher mode gently puts you into a hypnotic trance which completely recreates all the benefits of sleep while guiding the mind on a self-chosen fantasy.

“Slumber Snake also acts as home security. Place the snake into ‘safe mode’ before you leave. If anyone enters her home without the safety bracelet the snake will hunt them down and bind them. Her hypnotic eyes will place them into a deep sleep until the police arrive.”

TMMF Slumber Snake Infomercial

Tai Chopra didn’t trust older women. He doubted he ever could. Not after his mother. It had been bad enough when he found out she was a pervert who liked to tie up and tickle younger men as she… as she screwed them. It made him shiver to think about it. Then came last month. He had stopped by to visit his old best friend, Greg. It looked like he had moved away. So he called up Greg’s mother to get his number.

“You have some nerve calling me, you little shit!”

“I don’t understand. Mrs. Cullen, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Your whore of a mother!”

His heart sank.

“What did she do now?”

“What did she do? What did she do? She stole my son!”


He had to have heard her wrong.

“He quit his job, moved out of his apartment, and told us he wouldn’t be back. Ever. He’s living with your mother as her slave.”

“Her what?!”

“He spends his days locked in her house cooking, cleaning, and fucking that whore!”

The conversation just deteriorated from there.


Teachers at his college, co-workers, employees at the stores, it didn’t matter. He didn’t trust any of them. He would glare. He would avoid. He did everything he could to make sure they couldn’t get him.

So, when he got a sexy older neighbor last month, he knew it would be trouble. Tai was short, 5’ only. So, when the 6’5” busty Brit knocked on his door he felt like he was in the presence of a giantess. Her long curly brown hair framed her gorgeous face.

“Hello, Little Boy, are your parents home?”

“I live here alone. I’m twenty.”

She smiled and stroked his face.

“I know. I did my research.”

What the fuck did that mean?


“I like to know who I’m living around. Can’t have any sex offenders in the neighborhood, am I right?”

“I guess not.”

“I just had to come over here and say hello.”


“I have a thing for Indian guys.”

Was it OK for her to say that? It felt racist but he also kinda liked the attention. Still didn’t trust her though.

“That’s…that’s a weird thing to say to someone you just met.”

“I’m weird,” she said flatly. “I mean I’m a nudist at home.”

His erection shot to life.

“Ex…excuse me?”

“I feel like you should know. You’re the only one who can see into my backyard. So you’re going to be seeing me naked all the time.”

“What makes you think I’m going to look?”

“I’m telling you to. I like being watched.”

This was too much, too fast.

“Well, it’s been nice meeting you…”

“Emily. Emily Paris.”

“Miss Paris. I need to get ready for work. Maybe we can talk some more later?”

“Count on it.”

She turned and left, shaking her ass as she did.


He tried not to look. All month he tried not to look. He failed each and every day. He would run into the bathroom and look out the window. Sure, enough she would be there in her fenced-in yard. She was sunning herself on her pool chair. She was totally naked. She would look up at him and smile. She would wave and he would drop down to jerk off to her image. Still didn’t trust her.

One day a large box was delivered to his door. Strange, he hadn’t ordered anything. He dragged it inside to get a better look at it. TMMF was stamped all over the box. He definitely didn’t order anything from them. He grabbed a letter opener and cut it open.

He was Mowgli. Only he was twenty. He was running through the jungle. Bagheera wanted to take him back to the man village. He wouldn’t go. He managed to slip away getting lost deep into the dark undergrowth. He tripped over a vine. As he tried to get up a vine rubbed the crack of his ass through his shorts. Turning back to look at it he saw it was not a vine but a python’s tail. It bound his legs and yanked him into the trees. Emily was waiting in the canopy. He sat naked and grinning. She ripped off his loincloth as the snake dropped him into her lap. Her hands and mouth began an erotic assault on his vulnerable body. 

Tai awoke on the couch. Funny. He didn’t even remember falling asleep. Why was his front door ajar? He pushed it open to find nothing there. Strange. He checked the time. Shit! He ran to the window. There she was. She wasn’t lounging today. She had a boy. A boy like him. He was tied to her pool chair. She was tickling him. He was screaming for help! She had kidnapped him! He had to save him!

She left for work later that night. He went around back and climbed over the fence. As he suspected the back door was unlocked. He slid it open and crept inside. He looked all around but could not find the boy. Where had she hidden him?


Tai crept up the stairs. One of the doors on the landing opened and closed on its own. Well, that wasn’t good. He could hear something heavy slide over the wooden floor. He stopped, not moving, not breathing. Whatever it was drew nearer. He almost screamed as the anaconda revealed itself.


The snake turned and looked right at him. It was only then he realized it wasn’t a snake. Not a real one anyway. It looked just like Kaa from The Jungle Book. The eyes were big and animated on a shaped screen over the mouth. Those eyes now locked onto him. He turned and ran down the stairs. The snake came crashing after.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

He ran as fast as he could, but the monster was faster. It took the stairs three at a time with powerful leaps. It gained on him more and more with each step. Panic fulling taking over he ran back into the yard and made for the fence. He struggled to get back over. Something large, soft, and heavy swatted him off and onto the ground.


Those big eyes filled his field of vision. He had no time to think, let alone move, before they erupted into colorful spirals. The vacuum of color pulled him right inside. He felt himself becoming so sleepy. The coils bound his body leaving only his head exposed. He was shocked to feel that the body was made of pillow. This was the last clear thought he had. He was getting so sleepy. He needed to sleep. It called to him. He had to let his mind go. He had to let something soothe it. The colorful spirals did just that. He watched them spin. He watched as he sank deeper and deeper into them. Deeper. Deeper. Deeper. His eyelids were heavier. Heavier. Heavier. They were closed.

He was Mowgli again. He heard singing by the river. Walking over he saw Emily naked, bathing. He became so aroused by the sight. He felt lightheaded. It was like with Kaa. Someone else’s thoughts were in his head, guiding his actions. He found it comforting. He had to be near Emily. She turned to face him. He took off his loincloth and jumped into her waiting arms.


Tai woke up. The snake was asleep but he was still stuck in its coils. He was now in the living room. The door opened. Emily walked in smiling wickedly. What time was it?

“That worked faster than I thought.”

“What did?”

“Like my Slumber Snake?”

“Let me go.”

“You met her earlier.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I had her delivered to you.”


“As soon as you opened the box, she shoved her face into yours and hypnotized you. It made you see what I wanted to see.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know all about your mother. Like I said, I do my research. I made you think you saw me with that boy. There was no boy.”

“Yes there was. I saw him. He looked just like…”

He saw the image again in his mind’s eye. She was tickling and fucking him.

“It was me.”

“Bingo. It was a trap. You see, I'm a hypnotherapist. I know all about your trauma and I’m going to help you through it.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“You will.”

“What about the Mowgli dreams? Were those you too?”

“Of course.”

“Why then?”

“I have a thing for Indian Boys. Especially a legal Mowgli.”

“What are you going to do to me?” he asked, terrified.

“I’ll tell you all about it when you wake up.”

The screen of colorful spirals dropped into his line of sight, stealing his mind once more.

He was Mowgli again. 


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