Soul Mates

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2020 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sex; oral; mind-control; majick; cons; X

Natalia Forrest didn’t even see Mark coming. Witches and Warlocks could sense each other from miles away... as it was, Natalia was keeping tabs on about ten others in the area, none of which were any kind of a threat to her, she was much more powerful, and would be on guard if any of the others got closer to her. Natalia was recently single, having been “dumped”, per se, by yet another man that didn’t love her. It always started the same, she was attracted to men with no magical powers, she was always worried that someone of her ‘kind’ would try to take advantage of her power instead of her body.

This of course was ironic because she got a thrill out of being taken advantage of, by the right guys of course! She would date a guy for a while, make sure he was worth it, and that he loved her, then she would drop it on him. She would show him her powers, show him that she was a witch. If he didn’t abuse the knowledge, didn’t ask her to do bad things, and he stuck around she would eventually let him in on the next ‘dark’ secret; she would place a ring on each of their fingers and cast a spell on them. This would link her directly to him, she would feel his wants, and soon want these things for herself.

Her boyfriends would not even have to ask her for anything, she would just KNOW what they wanted... then she would want them as well! It always went the same at first, when the power was still taking hold, still growing, she would end up, in private, acting out every man’s fantasies... all of them, and she was rather good at it by now! She would be the good housewife, an amazing lover, and of course she would be the best fuck toy the man had ever had. Natalia loved it! She knew that she was being controlled, turned into a mixture of passionate romantic lover some days and other days she was the dirty porn-star every man fantasized about, even if he didn’t know it himself. She had now tried just about every fetish you could think of and she had loved them all thanks to the ring. The problem was that it was too much of a good thing, and it never lasted.

Then men would start to tire of her perfection and she would start to play hard to get because that’s what her boyfriends wanted, even if they didn’t know it. This would lead to confusion, disassociation, and emotional detachment. Eventually her boyfriends would start lending her out to friends, and she loved it. Not just because of the power of the rings but because she loved the idea that she was being taken advantage of sexually, by the ‘right guy’, and his ‘right guy’ friends, and occasionally his ‘right girlfriends’. Eventually, inevitably, every boyfriend once they got to the “lending her out” stage would start to fall out of love with her and the rings powers would start to wane. Once the love was gone, the rings stopped working and she would snap out of the spell, knowing that another exciting, exhausting, exhilarating relationship was now over.

Mark, on the other hand, had SO little power and SUCH a limited, subtle, specific talent, that no one had ever perceived anything, not even a glimmer of power from him even from only inches away in the busy city. He didn’t even know what he was; since no one had ever sensed him, no one had ever told him he was a warlock. Mark had also spent his entire life hiding what he could do, since as it was, he thought he was crazy. He figured he was not hurting anyone though, and until today he had been correct. Even though what he did made him feel slightly uneasy, and a bit sleezy he did rather enjoy it, sometimes... OK most of the time. As Mark walked through the busy plaza, minding his own business, an attractive young Asian woman caught his eye. Now he had never felt the calling in his life because he had never been this close to someone with powers as strong and practiced as Natalia. What he felt though was a sense, a feeling of something interesting, something new, dangerous, powerful, and alluring. Any practiced witch or warlock would instantly know her immense power and keep their distance. Mark just felt compelled to understand this woman, experience her, and his talent lent itself to this perfectly.

Mark had not started the day planning to use his power, but suddenly he could not resist the desire to have this woman. Mark took a ‘blank’ clear crystal from his pocket and held it in his hand, focusing his power through his skin into the hard-crystalline structure. He closed his eyes and concentrated HARD on the girl, then as usual he felt IT happen. Suddenly the ‘calling’ he had been feeling was gone, without taking another look at the woman, Mark pocketed the crystal and went on with his day, more than usual looking forward, to enjoying the crystal later. Today he had not been actively searching out a new fling, but on the days he was “in the mood” to use his power he usually spent hours in the mall trying to find someone interesting enough to focus his attentions on, by now in his life he had done this SO many times that it took a VERY special woman to make him even want to use his talent. But this Asian woman had been interesting enough to make him use his powers on the fly.

Natalia’s drink was still slopping down the table to the chair where she had been sitting only a moment earlier. She neither felt anything or knew anything, she was nothing more than a feeling frozen in time. She was just... nothing... for now.

Once home on the couch Mark took today’s new crystal from his pocket and examined it, the thing had turned to a deep raspberry red color on one end and the deepest lollipop navy blue on the other with a small golden band right around the middle between the colors. These colors seemed to mimic the clothing and gold chain belt this woman had been wearing. Every person’s crystal seemed to have a slightly different color, but none had developed multiple colors or patterns before. Mark was now even more interested to “try this girl out”.

The next thing Natalia knew she was crawling on the floor on all fours, naked, and she had no thought in her mind beyond an almighty desire to suck the flaccid cock in front of her. She didn’t even have enough awareness to realize that there was a man attached to that cock, or that he was only half paying attention to her.

Marks interest was piqued more than usual, but so was his guilt. He had never felt this good or this bad about using his talent on someone since he had first discovered his talent. After all, this woman on the floor in front of him was not a real woman, she was a hallucination like all the ‘crystal’ girls before her; only a mindless copy of something extraordinary. It was only a glimpse of the shell of the body of a woman that he would have given anything to date for real. A shell with no mind, only purpose.

When Mark had been young and played with a crystal for the first time he had felt something funny happen when he had thought about a girl playing on the playground near him. Then later that night, when he touched the crystal again and thought about her she popped into existence in front of him wearing exactly what she had been wearing before. He had freaked out, who wouldn’t have!? This girl seemed focused on only one thing, touching his face with hers. After calming down some and finding that having her lips on his was not all that bad he tried to talk to the girl, but she was single minded.

Many years and A LOT of experimentation and experience later he had found that the person that popped out of the crystal was just a mindless copy of the person he had “copied” into the crystal. He also found that he could choose the focus of the copy he created. It didn’t take long at all before he had had all the experience a young boy would want, playing with and learning about the female body, but it was as lonely as it was exciting. These things... these copies... had no minds, no emotions, no desires but the ones he gave them. When he fell asleep they would disappear. Mark found that he could recall them at will from the crystal again, recall copies from one or more crystals simultaneously, and copy anyone he wanted in the crystals if he could just get within sight of them. He could call them forth with any motivation he chose, any clothing he chose to see them in, or naked, but always hollow. Mark had never tried to capture a witch before though, mostly because he didn’t even know they existed, and partly because he had never been so unlucky, or in this case lucky. He didn’t know that this was different, that he had captured the real person, not just imprinted a copy onto this crystal.

Natalia crawled forward and took the soft penis into her mouth and started working on it. She had never had a soft one in her mouth in her life and it was a rather nice change, something new. She liked the way it played across her tongue, somewhat springy, somewhat spongy. She reached up with one hand and felt her small tight breast, pinching her nipple between her fingers absentmindedly. The pleasure it brought her was nice, but more than that the pleasure seemed to heighten her sense of self. In fact, every tiny piece of pleasure gleaned from the textures and tastes of the cock in her mouth to the wonderful pain of pinching her nipples seemed to bring her out of wherever she was and back into her own mind, back to… real. Like waking up from a dreamless sleep, slowly…

Mark tried to watch TV and yet enjoy this unknown woman’s soft warm mouth slowly working to bring him to erection. He didn’t want to look too much at her, she was so beautiful, almost too beautiful, like perfection that could only be possible in the movies or in art. If she was a real girl he would be watching her eyes, smiling at her as she tried to smile back at him, even while her mouth was wrapped around his cock. This thing’s beauty was so bewildering though that he felt somewhat bad, as usual, for taking advantage of this image of the real woman he had seen in the plaza. But he also enjoyed his talent enough to let him get past the guilt about whether this was morally wrong or not.

Natalia’s other hand was now feeling its way down her stomach, slowly, while she used her core muscles to maintain her balance. With her knees spread wide on the carpet and her mouth wrapped tightly around this man’s cock she was able to stay on task rather well. As her hand found its way down between her legs her hand softly caressed her pussy lips bringing more pleasure, and with it, more awareness and sense of self. There was a man that seemed to tower above her, even though he seemed to be a normal height. It was more that his presence towered over her than his height. In reality he was 10 feet tall, in her mind he felt 1000 feet tall. She didn’t know why, and it didn’t really matter. He was a god to her, and she wanted nothing more than to have him in her mouth and bring him pleasure. Another small part of her though was also focused on her own pleasure, and her empty mind was re-learning old ways to pleasure her own body. Every twinge of pleasure, every flick or pinch brought her closer to... something... something she had once known... something that would make her very happy. Natalia was not sure if it was the pleasure itself or the awareness it brought with it that was her goal, but she knew she needed to find it again, no matter what it was.

Mark didn’t notice Natalia’s hands on her body, no shell had ever done anything but the most basic thing he had brought them out to do, so his pleasure flooded mind didn’t even bother to look for signs of intelligence. Mark had given up on watching TV and had his eyes closed now anyways, rather enjoying the feeling of the woman’s talented cock sucking skills. He still didn’t want to look her in the eyes, he could see her beauty on the back of his own eyelids anyway, she was such a wonderful creature how he could forget her face so soon, even distracted as he was! Mark was sure he would fall in love if he looked at her, and he didn’t need to have an obsession for a mindless sex toy.

Natalia’s mind was clearing now, three of her fingers were buried in her pussy, fucking herself while the knuckles of those fingers ground harshly into her swollen clit. Her other hand was alternately bracing herself on the floor and playing with her sensitive breasts. She still had not realized that “waking up”, kneeling naked, in a stranger’s house, and sucking his cock as if she needed it as badly as the very air she breathed was abnormal. She of course had fucked strangers before, but she had “met” them then fucked them, not found herself fucking them, then met them... and she had as of yet to meet this man in a less intimate way. She didn’t even know his name.

Mark did start noticing something was strange. This girl was a little more energetic and talented than most of his other “blow job girls”; crystals containing copies of girls with particularly nice faces or thick lips. He also noticed that she was breathing hard, something that usually only happened to girls that he had summoned to do more aerobic sexual activities. Then Mark heard the first moan escape her lips. Mark ignored it, already thinking he was insane to have this power in the first place. Then she moaned again, through her nose, and he felt the vibration of her soft voice tickle him nicely.

Natalia was feeling nice now, her mind was more active than it had been fifteen minutes earlier when she had been aware of being nothing more than a pair of lips and a tongue attached to a body with no other purpose than to balance her head over this man’s cock. Now her body was singing with pleasure and moans were starting to come from her throat unbidden. She looked up into this man’s face, he was not really all that bad looking, nerdy for sure, not as healthy as she usually went for but very acceptable, and it seemed that he didn’t really care much for his looks; unshaven face, sloppy hair, wearing a T-shirt with holes in it, but then again, she knew she looked good enough for the both of them, and that he would clean up rather well if he wanted. She knew that her body was close... to something... and her fingers reached for it through the pleasure centers she had re-discovered on and inside of her body. She contented herself with staring longingly at his face, wishing he would look at her.

After hearing a particularly loud moan, Mark could not help himself anymore. His eyes popped open in surprise as a particularly loud deep moan vibrated down his shaft right into his balls. The sight below him was the best thing he had ever seen! This woman’s face, her eyes, her hair, everything was just perfect, but the way she was looking at him was the real surprise. She was staring at him, begging for more, begging for something... somehow deeper. Her head was moving up and down, but her eyes never wavered from his. He watched her slide her mouth down on his cock and take him into her fully. She stopped down there and smiled up at him vaguely as her tongue suddenly darted out of her mouth and massaged his balls. This was the first time he had ever felt something so wonderful, he had not even known it was a thing until this second. The unprecedented fact that this mindless copy was smiling at him was lost on Mark as he felt his balls tighten. As his cum flowed, with difficulty, through the tightness surrounding his cock, he saw something in her eyes change. Her eyes started fluttering and it was only now that he realized that she was touching herself, he could see from the position of her arms that she was doing something, but Mark didn’t care. At this moment his entire world consisted only of the pleasure coursing through his cock deep into the back of this girl's throat, and her eyes, her passionate eyes. Eyes that had deep desire, and lust in them, eyes that didn’t belong to a copy or a shell. Eyes that could only belong to a loving girlfriend that was reveling in her success at causing her boyfriend such intense pleasure. Then her eyes closed, lips still wrapped around the base of Marks cock, tongue now fluttering wildly on his balls, throat clenching tightly around his shaft, almost as if she was experiencing pleasure herself. No crystal copy expressed pleasure like this, not ever.

Natalia was loving the feeling of the cum sliding down into her stomach, enjoying the taste of his cum as tiny bits of it graced her tongue, loving the sensations that her fingers were causing on her breasts and pussy. But all of that was nothing compared to the explosion of pleasure that came the moment that she realized what had become of her. She still didn’t know what had happened or how she had gotten here, but the pleasures of the last twenty minutes had slowly awakened her to the fact that she was completely under the control of an absolute stranger. She was this man’s pleasure toy, not by her own design, not by the design of her lame ass ex-boyfriends final desires. This was unbridled lust, pleasure at its richest and most pure.

At the moment of that realization she closed her eyes and the world seemed to cease spinning, time seemed to have stopped. She could feel her entire body overcome by the building pleasure of everything that had happened. She came. Her entire body shook, her throat tightened around this stranger’s amazing cock, her eyelids and tongue fluttered wildly, and her legs almost gave out to the pleasure! Natalia had never felt anything like this! Her body was giving itself over to pleasure that SHE had wanted, not some ex-boyfriend had wanted for her and the rings had made her want in turn. This pleasure was hers, and she owned it. Even though her mouth seemed to belong to this man she didn’t mind AT ALL, this was her ultimate fantasy, and this man seemed a perfect partner to share it with! Her body and her pleasure had been hers to command, and she found out what she truly wanted for herself.

Mark had no idea what was happening, never had a crystal copy done anything remotely so HOT and sexy as that! Never EVER had a copy had an orgasm, ever! Mark was afraid to move, afraid to sleep, he needed to find out more about what was going on! But the girl was moving, on her own volition! She was crawling up onto the couch to straddle him, resting her soft clean sexy hairless body against his sweaty hairy one. Then she reached up to his face and ran her finger down the side of his temple and Mark felt himself getting drowsy instantly.

Natalia didn’t know what to do, she needed time to think about what was happening, she had cast a spell on this man, making him want to sleep, she would take some time to decide what to do next before waking him back up. Silently thanking him for this adventure with her eyes she watched his face. He was looking right at her, trying to hold onto her eyes with his as his eyelids began to sag more and more. Then they were closed, and his head fell back softly onto her arm. Natalia vanished, now she was nothing again. Timeless thoughtless nothingness.

Mark eventually woke in the morning and looked around hopefully for this amazing woman from last night, but he was alone, as always. Maybe it had all been a dream, but no, there, laying on his pants only a few feet away was the raspberry red, blue, and gold crystal that he had evoked last night. Mark grabbed up the crystal and thought hard about what he wanted from the girl this time, and how she wanted her to look, naked just would not cut it anymore for such a treasure.

Natalia came into existence again, this time standing, but wearing a basically see through raspberry red blouse, and a very short silk skirt made of shiny, almost candy like, navy blue material. She looked down and found a thin gold belt looped into the skirt and she smiled when she saw the subtle addition of a tiny little gold lock holding the two ends of the belt around her small waist. She took one step forward, planning on talking to this man, she had only one desire, to explain herself to this man. As she took her first step though she felt her nipples slide around inside the loose silk shirt and found a soft breeze caress her pussy lips and she knew she was wearing neither a bra or panties. This brought her back to her thoughts from last night. Natalia had LOVED being out of control, yet she had been a master of her own pleasure and she immediately had a naughty thought of her own. Though her basic thought was to talk with this man and be completely honest with him, she was forming her own thoughts about entertaining herself in the meantime. It seemed that, like last night, she was in control of her own body, as long as she performed the task that he demanded of her. He was driving her to be honest with him, but her own body and mind was driving her to do a little more.

Mark saw the spark of intelligence he was hoping to see when he summoned this girl. No copy had ever shown any sign of ANYTHING happening in their minds that didn’t have to do with the simple desires he was able to embed in their minds when he summoned them, fuck, suck, strip, tease, etc. He had often tried to bring a person out of their crystal for a conversation, but they would just stare blankly at him until he slept, and they disappeared. Then the spark of understanding seemed to fade from the girls face when she had stepped forward, and Mark’s hopes were dashed. After a brief pause she was walking towards him now, she sat down on his lap and looked deeply into his eyes. He had half a mind to send her away, to stop him from falling for this girl even more than he had last night. Her eyes were just so enchanting, and her body’s perfection was insidious! Mark could not help himself though, he continued to stare into her unblinking deep eyes as her warm silk clad body rested itself lightly down on his lap and settled in.

Natalia reached out and touched the man’s chest, getting a feel for him, but soon she found her hands moving down to his crotch. She found him soft, but he would not stay that way for long. She worked one thin fingered hand slowly around inside this man’s shorts as she watched his face for a reaction. She felt the need to tell him everything, but since he had not spoken yet she didn’t mind working on her own desires first. With her other hand Natalia touched her own body. It brought her pleasure to feel her sensitive skin through the silk, but it brought her more pleasure to see his distracted reactions to her self-pleasure. Even his cock seemed to jump to life faster the more she played with herself. This man seemed resigned to let her “do her thing” because he didn’t say a word or try to stop her, which was fine with her after all.

Mark was torn between wanting to stop, to look away, to prevent himself from forming an obsession for this girl, afraid now that she was nothing more than a slightly more responsive empty mindless toy. Yes, she would be his new favorite for sure... well his only favorite since he had never had one, but in the end, she would just be another distraction from his real life’s lonesomeness. He was hard as a rock now, was watching the girl play with her own body, her eyes rolling back in her head, then she stood up suddenly tugging his shirt out of his shorts.

Natalia noticed the look of surprise when she stood up simultaneously pulling his shirt over his head, and in his shocked state he didn’t protest at all when she pulled down his shorts and threw them across the room. She then knelt down on the couch, pinning his arms between her knees and his sides. Natalia did a little stripper style tease for him. She didn’t take any clothing off, but she rubbed her breasts in his face, ran her hair across his face, and rubbed her warm silken body up and down his chest. She lowered herself finally down towards his cock. As it bobbed with the pressure of each of his heart beats she found it and let it twitch against her clit. Then she rubbed her pussy up and down its length moistening it. She got back up and let the head of his cock find her pussy. She rested a feather’s amount of her weight down on it, just enough to hold it at her entrance for a moment while she ran her hands up and down his chest giving one last lustful look into his eyes. Then she leaned forward keeping his cock pressed, ready to go in, and rubbed her breasts on his face again. She pressed her nipples, one at a time, into his lips, waiting for him to open his mouth and accept her into him. When he opened his warm lips and suckled on her left nipple as best he could through the silk she almost lost all resolve to take it slow.

The thrill and shock of the sudden warmth on her sensitive nipple made her knees give in and she fell with her full weight on his cock, yet he only slid into her about an inch right away due to friction. She would have recovered quickly and gotten back up except that now her light body was sinking slowly onto his cock! Inch by inch she fell, so slowly. He still had a grip on her nipple, now using his teeth, and between the pressure in her left nipple and the growing pressure of the cock slowly filling her up she could hardly think. Every time she would start to get her wits about her his heart would beat again, his cock would pulse again, she would slip down onto his cock another millimeter, and she would lose herself in the lust of the moment, knees still weak, gravity still doing all the work.

Mark felt her come to a rest on his lap and he could feel her pussy clenching down on him. He wrenched his hands out from her leg’s grip and grabbed her in a bear hug to stop her from falling off of him, her body seemed so weak and her muscles didn’t seem to be under her control, he worried that she might pass out and fall right back off the couch and he could not let such pleasure slip off of his cock, so he grabbed her.

Natalia’s head was spinning, she had never felt so out of control of her own body when she was under control of it! It was one thing to lose control because her boyfriend’s desires, fed to her through a magical pair of rings that made her lose control, but it was another thing to lose control JUST because the pleasure and the lust was so great! Now here she was, a stranger (well almost a complete stranger, after all she had sucked his cock, and drank his cum), pressed deep inside of her. She could feel his heart beating a rhythm right into her vaginal walls. He was so tight in her in this position that she could feel every tiny pulse of blood pressure in his cock. Then there were the twitching tiny thrusts up into her body every time his muscles tightened. His cock would fill even more with blood, growing larger inside of her and pressing slightly deeper into her for a moment. As full as she was with him right now though those tiny thrusts felt like earthquakes deep in her firm tight stomach. Just as she was starting to get her wits about her a small orgasm slipped past her attempts to calm down. She allowed herself to grind her clit into his public bone, felt her stomach clench, and her pussy pulse around his cock adding even more pleasure, which made his cock pulse harder and his pulse race faster, and her small, almost unrecognizable orgasm blossomed anew into something more, not earth shattering, but unmistakably wonderful. Natalia fell forward onto his chest, grappling his shoulders for balance while she rode it out.

Mark could feel the girl getting herself back under control, her breathing was slowing, and her body was not twitching so madly any more. He could have sworn he had felt her cum, but he was still not getting his hopes up, no shell before had ever seemed so real! She sat back some and he could feel the pressures of her tight pussy on his cock shift as her body pulled away from his. Now he could see her again. Her nipples were hard like pebbles and her stomach was heaving with every breath she took. He could not take his eyes from hers though, her small Asian face and large eyes (for an Asian) were just looking right into him, waiting for something. She was not moving, not doing much of anything now, but breathing in a more controlled manner every moment, getting herself calmed down.

Natalia, now having at least some of the pleasure she had been planning on, felt the pull of her other desire, his desire; to talk to this man and be completely honest with him, but she was at a loss for words, she didn’t know what he wanted from her specifically, so she didn’t know what to say. 

Natalia went with what felt simple and easy to start with. “So, what exactly would you like to know first?”

Mark’s heart almost came out of his mouth when she spoke!

Natalia just hoped that this ‘talking and honesty’ thing didn’t take too long, there was plenty of time to talk later, but there was only so much more she could take being impaled to the point of bursting before she would just have to give up on talking and fuck the shit out of this man again! After all, he had not cum yet. His cock was still rock hard and filling her up nicely. Maybe he would be a smart man and fuck her right now. THEN they could negotiate a relationship, she would give him anything he wanted, as long as it involved her, and she wouldn’t even need magic rings to get the job done this time. Maybe after they had played around a few times she would figure out why she kept blinking out of existence and help him fix it, but for now she was content with being his in this strange, new, exciting way.

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