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The Spoiled Boy

by Loathed

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© Copyright 2006 - Loathed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; mum; toys; reluct; X

She sat there, her legs crossed and hands planted firmly in her lap. To anyone casually observing her they might think her no different then any other woman dressed with a bit of pirate flair. Such dress wasn't uncommon these days. Especially for those in her scene and of her demeanor.

There was however a storm brewing. She knew well the maelstrom brewing inside her thoughts, what she did not know however was how deep into the pit she was about to descend.

The events that had brought her to this place had begun some time before. Her mate had mysteriously decided that he was no longer interested in her. In fact this choice had been made just days before their grand adventure was scheduled to take place. She could forgive being made to look the fool as her birthday plans came and went and her friends all had to be informed of the curious situation. What she could not forgive however was the utter lack of respect that had been paid to her.

A flight announcement sounded and she raised her eyes. She didn't know exactly what she was going to do, but everything was not going to be alright. The lying was going to end, this little experiment would prove once and for all what was really going on.

* * *

He stepped out into the sun and raised his hand to shield his eyes. He was not looking forward to this encounter, too many old ghosts. But, if he was expected to act professional and thus he would. He was not sure what made him agree to this, correction, he was absolutely sure why he was here. He remembered how it started. How neither of them were looking for each other and yet they found each other. He remembered the way she had always tried to take care of him, and how she became the one he wanted to take care of.

He chewed on the inside of his cheek nervously. From a distance it was easy to keep up the ruse as he had been. It was easy to make excuses when no one was looking you in the eye. Even though he knew that she knew better, it would be different now. She would be there, and he didn't trust that he would be able to keep everything shut off. She had once told him that it would be impossible to run forever perhaps, he thought, I should have swallowed my pride then and worked on love Instead he had denied it and now he found himself in this position. Too many lies, how could he now tell her that he had always loved her, so much so that it scared him. His love for her, had changed him. In ways he never realized he could change.

* * *

Their meeting began with professional politeness. A smile, a light hug and an offer to get her bags for her. It was not long before the airport was fading behind them. The conversation was casual, an offer of dinner to which she accepted. A few brief moments of silence. She could almost hear his throat drying as they sat there. She had never really thought of herself as one to get off to torture, but what she was experiencing now was delicious.

It was early when they finished their food and she suggested to him that he come back to her room with her to see a few “things” she wanted to show him. As per the usual he uttered a few crude jokes and she rolled her eyes. She reminded him that this was all professional. And he returned to normal. They arrived back at her room soon enough. It was nice but not too nice. Just as she had hoped it would be. She truly hoped that he had not taken notice of the cruel little twinkle she was sure passed over her eyes. In order to make time for the preparations she asked him if he would be a doll and nip off to the store for a few things she would need. You know, the basics, water some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls, she was silly and had forgotten them. She handed over some money and thanked him. No sooner was the door shut then she began.

The way she figured it she had no more then 15 minutes. Being new to this and not even knowing just what she was going to do, she was not comfortable with that time frame. She had no choice.

She started by pulling back some of the bedding. On top of the sheet she laid open the mummy sac. She was glad that it seemed it would lay flat and hopefully not be noticed when she pulled the bedding back into a normal position.

She then returned to her suitcase and removed some lengths of rope. This was going to be the tricky part. It seemed that long ago hotels and motels and realized beds with any gaps in the headboard would likely be used for naughty things. Most of them now were solid and attached with very little room for anything as they ran right down to the frame. There was always some wiggle room though, you just had to want it bad enough. She did. A few scraped knuckles later and the rope was secure. She hid part of its length behind the mattress and let the rest of it coil on the floor. She smiled a moment before noticing the time and hastily tucking the coil under the bed so that it was not easily seen.

She had what she needed to get started, almost. She took the final tool from her bag. This is the part that scared her. Yes, he was smaller in build then she was but still, he was trained to fight at one point in time. If she couldn't get control of him in the first few seconds, this could be all over. And she wasn't sure he would be too happy if he did get free. You didn't really have many options though when it came to quick restraint techniques, so handcuffs would have to start things off.

* * *

He returned a short time later, and she was prepared. She helped him with the bags and playfully told him she had a surprise for him. It took some convincing but finally she had him in about the position she had hoped for. It did not take too much much convincing to get him to hold out his hands either. Once he had done that it took her mere seconds to get the cuffs around one wrist and push him to the bed. He had been too shocked at first to fight back, but now she could tell he was not pleased at all. She had feared for a moment that the time it took her to throw back the covers might cost her dearly, that did not seem to be the case.

As quickly as she could she locked the empty cuff around a length of rope she had left looped out of what she had twisted around the lower part of the headboard. Because she did outweigh her plaything it was easy enough to keep him on his stomach. She had to admit the way he writhed between her thighs was more then a bit arousing. This sadism or rather actually acting it out was a new experience for her. But some part of her found the irony of the situation empowering. How many times had he tried to say that he had only said what he did for her benefit since the breakup? How many times and she said to him in return, I deceived you in no way.

She soothingly stroked his hair and she sat atop him. Telling him he was going to be safe, sort of. That she had promised to stick by him until such a time as he actually began to act like the man he had always said he wanted to be. And promised her he would become. He should just think of this as, a helping hand.

She leaned forward then and was very sure to put too much weight on his head. She wanted to make sure that his face was pressed tight against the mattress. She wanted to watch his reaction as breathing became something he had to work for. She wanted him to feel the same panic and inability to comprehend what was happening that she had felt when he had so cruelly abandoned her. She brought up the extra length of rope that she had left coiled on the floor and secure his other wrist. Now this, was going to get fun.

She debated for a moment whether or not she should run the length down and secure his legs as well, but then thought better of it. It would make undressing her toy far too difficult.

Slowly she slid off of him and once again began to console him. To reassure him that this was for his own good. She reminded him that he had long ago asked for this and that there was the old saying, better late then never. She informed him that at any point he could be released. All he had to do was admit he had taken the cowards way out and denied what he truly felt. He had but to give over to fear and let it leave him, and then he would truly be free. He was, though it seemed not so in complete control.

She slid from a top him then and began to undress him. As per the usual it was easy enough to see him free of his button up shirt. Because of the bondage he had now found himself in she was forced to cut it free along with the shirt beneath it. But she told him that she had brought replacement clothes. But those too would have to be earned. She slid her hands beneath him careful not to hurt herself as he squirmed and tried to find a way to free himself. She was not at all surprised to feel a stiffening in his nether region as she began to free him from his pants and boxer undergarments.

After having rendered her plaything naked she ran the free length of rope down his body to his legs where she began to wrap them. From the knee down both of his legs were now bound together. She had thought it a particularly nice touch that she had brought the rope between the cheeks of his posterior and then wrapped his legs coming around from the front. He had often asked her about wearing a thong and what that experience was like. Now, if he moved just right, he would experience it for himself.

She took a break then to find her smokes, and of course her lighter. He seemed to think because she was not so near him now that he could begin to make more noise then she was comfortable with. This saddened her, she had hoped that during this they would be able to converse and that she would be able to hear his words, and perhaps moans in all their glory. Instead it would seem that it was time to break out the bit. And so she did. She took special delight it tightening it down as hard as she could. She never having thought that she would find this type of hardcore situation so pleasing was again shocked at how handsome she thought he looked with the corners of his mouth turning red. At seeing this she had an idea. She removed from her purse a tube of lip ointment and carefully applied some to his lips and at the corner of his mouth. She did want to take good care of him after all.

She stepped back to admire her work then, clearly pleased. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, and yet here she was. Right where she wanted to be with just who she wanted to be with. The way she figured it, even if he never did admit that which she wanted him to. At least she was finally in a situation with him that she totally, and completely, had clarity in. She was so pleased that he had told her long ago of his fantasies. Without knowing them she may never have gathered up the courage to give him what he had so desperately wanted.

The fun began then.

She sat atop him raking her nails down his back. She really would have to remember to thank him for the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. This little game was turning out to be a lot of fun. Slowly she traced the lines of his back. She noted each and every freckle and blemish. The human form really was a beautiful thing. Even more so when looking at it under these circumstances.

From time to time and she left a new scratch she would lean forward and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. She was also not ashamed to leave gentle kisses upon his brow. He kept his eyes pinched shut, she was sure that he was imagining only the worst of things in his future. It gave her a little shiver.

After growing bored with the scratching and welting of her playthings back she returned to her bag. He had admitted to her that he acted like a spoiled little rich boy. And mostly thought only of himself. That he had tried to turn his mind off to acting adult regarding their situation because it was not fun. The problems she had with this were many. There we just some things you did not do, and abandoning your kitty because you do not have an interest in the work it takes to foster a  relationship, is one of those things.

She sighed deeply as she withdrew from her bag the paddle. It was not an overly long nor wide implement but it was sturdy, she guessed that likely it was some form of wood that had been covered in leather. She had never thought of using such a tool before, but when she had picked this one up it felt proper in her hand. She had taken that as a sign.

She stopped for a moment as she stood over him. She had never actually brought true punishment to someone before. A list of cliché comments that she had read in stories or seen in movies ran through her mind. She realized she did not even have an idea of what she would say during this. She took a moment and closed her eyes, she asked for strength and for love to fill her. So that she might do right by her plaything.

Before she even realized what was happening her hand was in its descending arc. She startled herself with the force the paddle struck against his bare flesh. The reddening was instantaneous. He cried out, oh lord did he cry out, and she nearly came to climax. She slowly slid the paddle from its resting place against his flesh and leaned in close. She swore she could feel the heat coming off of his skin. At sensing this she tenderly dragged her tongue over the offended area and sealed the act with small kisses.

She stood back again to consider the situation. She realized during this time that she desperately wanted to see his face. To confront him, to see the look in his eyes. She wanted to find some answer there.

She took great care as she rolled him over. She could see the wetness at the corners of his eyes. The reddening at the corners of his lips was also much more pronounced by this stage. Tenderly she sat down next to him as best she could, there on the edge of the bed. As she leaned in close to look at his face she withdrew from her bra the key needed to undo the cuff still attached to his wrist.

As kitty licked at the corners of the tear moistened eyes she unlatched the cuffed wrist. She stayed still, for if fate did not want this to happen then let her toy lash out now. Let him end it all so that she might never have to ask questions of him again. He made no attempt to strike her. Though his hand did find its way to the back of her head where it quickly tightened in her hair and pulled her head back. She looked into his eyes then, full of rage, fear, hurt and confusion. She could only smile. Perhaps now he was really feeling. Perhaps now he felt some of those things which she had when he had tossed her aside. When he had mocked the word love, when he had refused to be strong and to come together for their dreams. Maybe now he understood the pain she felt when he tried to convince their friends that all of the ways he had said he cared about her to them, were just bad ideas.

She raised her hand and he flinched not. She put it behind her own head and loosed his fingers. She laced her own between them and brought down his arm to a position not unlike his other. She pulled at what was left of the rope length and brought it from his ankles back up his body to where it was needed. She kissed him tenderly as she began to coil it around his forearm down to his wrist. She moaned deeply as she neared completion of her little rope trick.

She sat back and admired her plaything. How handsome he looked in his pain. How grown up he seemed to be now. She had expected him to cry more, to protest more. To act cowardly after a fashion. Instead he looked at her only in defiance. That same stubborn childishness that had always frustrated the both of them, and yet brought them so closely together.

She coyly smiled down at him. “I am not much in the mood for more spankings. In fact I think I might dim the lights and watch a little t.v. Might duck out to get something to drink.”

From the look on his face it was clear that he was not following her.

“Oh sweetie. You didn't notice in the hub-bub just what you're laying on did you?”

She clucked her tongue playfully.

“I thought you were taught to always take note of your surroundings. Now look what you've gotten yourself into.”

Pushing some hair back from his brow she stood. She went to his feet and put together the closure ends of the “mummy sac” as she called it. She had selected this one because it was in his favvourite colour, hunter green. She closed her eyes then as she began to close up the bag. She took little notice of his movements in protest. In fact she came to a stop only once and that was to gently rest her head against his manhood. Oh, how she loved this man. Flawed and imperfect as he was. She thought about the past briefly, how once she had let someone steer her away from him. Of the betrayal he had felt when she had done that. She had not realized it then but there are things which hurt more then infidelity. Watching a partner be untrue to themselves is surely a torture of its own. But that was behind them now. He could continue to lie if he wanted. He could continue to deny what his desires were. That, was on him. But she would deny herself no longer.

She completed the seal up to his chin and leaned in close to him. “It would seem you have a lot of thinking to do my love. Do be a good boy while I am out, won't you?”

And with that she completed the closure closing her eyes to the sounds of his protest. She would be back soon enough, and then he would experience all of those things he had only ever read stories about.

It was fun being an adult.




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