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Stop Yer Tickling!

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2013 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; naked; asian; swimsuit; tickle; torment; video; climax; cons; X

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sequel to "Drip, Drip" featuring the same characters. It can be read as a stand-alone story though.


Will you stop yer tickling, Jock!
Oh, stop yer tickling, Jock!
Dinna mak' me laugh so hearty,
Or you'll mak me choke.
Oh, I wish you'd stop yer nonsense,
Just look at all the folk.
Will yer stop yer tic-kle-ing, tic-kle-ic-kle-ing.
Stop yer tickling Jock!

"Stop Yer Tickling Jock!"
Harry Lauder and Frank Folley


Geoffrey Holmes awoke and found himself laid out on a table. He was naked and covered by a light blue blanket that left his shoulders and feet exposed. He realised he was manacled to the table with clamps round his wrists and ankles. Though his arms were by his sides his legs were spread out like Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man".

Geoffrey twisted against his restraints but he knew he was securely bound. A thrill ran through him as he felt the blanket rub against his bare skin and his nipples and penis became erect. Even though he knew what was going to happen he felt excited being naked and helpless. He stopped and lay panting slightly on the table. He could remember being allowed to shower and shave and then being given a meal and plenty to drink. He guessed that either his food and drink had been drugged as he'd fallen asleep afterwards. He looked round the room. This was larger than the previous one he'd been held in. It was white with a tiled ceiling and floor and strip lighting in the ceiling. There was a faint hum from either a heater or an air conditioning unit somewhere. The air felt cool on his face and feet and he wriggled his toes.

Looking to his right, Geoffrey saw a Chinese girl sprawled in an armchair opposite him with a small table next to it on which was a water jug and two glasses. She had a heart-shaped face and her head was leaning on her left shoulder. Her brown eyes were looking straight at him. Her brown hair which she wore in a fringe came down to her shoulders and her legs were spread out. She was wearing a bikini with pink, yellow and beige vertical stripes that showed off her smooth, slim figure. It made the girl look cute but Geoffrey knew she wasn't.

"It's the lovely Su-Lin", he said to her. "How's my favourite sadist. What have you got for me now?"

Su-Lin got up and sauntered over to Geoffrey. "The usual. Beating, rape, electric shock treatment. Which would you prefer?" she asked as she stood over him.

"Making love to you very slowly. Tasting your lovely smooth skin", Geoffrey replied.

Su-Lin bent down and kissed him, her hair falling around his face. "How do I taste?" she asked.

"I thought you might need sauce but you're sweet as you are", Geoffrey answered.

Su-Lin cupped his face in her hands. "Thank you. I like western boys" she said. "They are so strong. So -chunky I think is the right word. I like to take a bite out of you and chew you slowly in my mouth. Feel your creamy juice slowly ooze out".

"This is a bit like 'Double Indemnity'", Geoffrey said. "Where Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray trade double entendres".

"Is that that where someone is thrown off a train"? Su-Lin asked.

"Yes it is".

"Funny, I thought it was Billy Crystal" Su-Lin said.

"That was "Throw Momma From the Train"".

"Perhaps we should all travel in freight trains", Su-Lin said. "That way no one gets thrown off. I'd like to pack you in a box and send you by freight".

"I thought I was already tied up?", Geoffrey asked

"I was thinking of bubble wrap. Polystrene chippings and finally, nicely tied up with packing tape" Su-Lin said. "You'd be snug and warm in your box ready to be unwrapped very, very slowly. And when you were unwrapped I'd make sure your buttocks received a delivery stamp on them!" She flicked Geoffrey's nose and giggled.

"I like the way you're torturing me" Geoffrey told her. "I'm in pain already and I haven't being physically hurt!".

"How have I hurt you then?" Su-Lin asked.

"Just by looking at you. Wanting to touch you: make love to you".

"Then if you want me to hurt you I will"

Su-Lin sat on the edge of the table, facing Geoffrey. "You've caused me a lot of trouble" she said.

"Glad to hear that", Geoffrey replied, smiling. "I like to cause trouble for people, especially beautiful little sadists like you!"

Su-Lin leaned forward, her head resting on her shoulder. "I've been told I must break you!", she told him.

"I hope you've got some superglue to put me back together" Geoffrey said.

Su-Lin tossed her hair back and Geoffrey thought how lovely she was. "I don't have any glue" she answered. "I have this though" and she kissed him again. Their lips moved together, moisturising each other and Geoffrey felt her kiss was soft and tender. Their mouths parted and Su-Lin peeled the blanket down, revealing Geoffrey's bare chest. "You were ten hours under the water torture. It was the longest ever. How did you manage it?" she asked.

"You haven't worked ten hour days at the Department of Works and Pensions" Geoffrey answered.

"And what did you do there. Photocopy your bottom?" she asked.

"I'd rather have you over the photocopier" Geoffrey retorted. "I'd take you from the rear and press your head down on the glass. I'd photocopy your face as I fucked you".

"Promises, promises" laughed Su-Lin. "I really will have to hurt you because you are so evil!" She sang: "Lets talk about sex, baby. Lets talk about you and me". Then in a normal tone of voice she added: "And why I'm going to torment you with it. You see me. A beautiful girl, in a bikini. You want to kiss me?". She kissed him and then whispered in his ear: "You want to fuck me don't you?".

Geoffrey felt his penis harden and moaned: "You know I do you little asian tart!"

"Then taste this", said Su-Lin. She turned and rubbed her bottom into his face.

Geoffrey murmured as he felt her lycra clad buttocks against his face. They were very smooth and beautifully curved. His tongue slipped out and tasted the material. He felt her press gently down on his face and Geoffrey's nose nuzzled her anal cavities. He could also hear her breathing frantically. Su-Lin got up and knelt down next to the table so her face was level with Geoffrey's. He looked at her and saw she was smiling. She reached out and stroked his face; running her fingers along his mouth and down his chin to the hollow of his neck. Geoffrey felt her touch was gentle.

"Well you at least you didn't fart on me!" he said eventually.

Su-Lin grinned mischieviously and stuck her tongue out between her teeth. She leaned over and licked his chin. "I don't do scat", she told him. "It's disgusting. I can smear ice cream over you and lick it off. Of course it would be have to be very, very cold", she added, ticking off his nipples as she spoke.

"I'd like to be covered in chocolate and have you lick it off," Geoffrey suggested.

"Too fattening", Su-Lin replied.

She went over to the small table next to the chair and came back with a large feather. Geoffrey saw it was nine inches long and jet black in colour with shades of grey. "You know what this is don't you?" she asked.

"Feather. Often seen on birds, also ducks, geese and pheasants", Geoffrey replied. "Do I get a goldish in a bag?"

Su-Lin knelt down so her face was level with Geoffrey's again. "Do you want to know why I have it?" She asked, twisting it round between her forefinger and thumb. "In my country during the Han Dynasty, tickle torture was a punishment for nobility since it left no marks and a victim could recover relatively easily and quickly". Su-Lin leaned forward so her face was close to Geoffrey's. "Let me give you a history lesson," she said softly. "Heinz Heger who was imprisoned in the Flossenbürg concentration camp during World War II, witnessed the guards perform tickle torture on a fellow inmate. They stripped him naked, tied him up and then tickled him with goose feathers. They tickled him on the soles of his feet, between his legs, in the armpits, all over his bound, naked body. He kept quiet at first but the tickling wore him down. He started to laugh, then to cry and finally he screamed in pain. But the guards didn't stop tickling him. They kept on tickling him until he died".

"Supposing I'm not ticklish?" Geoffrey asked.

"I think you tickle very easily Geoffrey Holmes", Su-Lin replied and brushed the feather up his chest and ran it around his face. Geoffrey jerked as it brushed against his skin. It felt firm but was also soft and made his skin tingle .

He looked up at Su-Lin who'd stood up and was smiling. "There, I told you you were ticklish".

She went down the table and Geoffrey raised his head to see her cup his right foot in her hand. "Sorry, I mean't to ask if you were right or left-handed?" she said.

"I'm right-handed", Geoffrey answered.

"Okay" she answered. "Geoffrey, don't beg me to stop because I'll just carry on". Su-Lin smiled at him and began stroking the sole of his foot.

* * *

Geoffrey felt the feather brush gently against his sole of his foot and start to tingle. His breathing quickened and his whole body tensed. "Can't feel anything," he called out.

"Sssh. Be quiet and relax," Su-Lin told him.

Geoffrey felt a stab in his foot and moaned. The tingling sensation was now starting to run through his body. He shivered. He started to writhe against the clamps and his moans increased. Then he gave out a little "Ooh!" and giggled.

"Told you you were ticklish", he heard Su-Lin say and as he felt the feather rub against his skin, he chuckled and his body jerked in response.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle," Su-Lin giggled.

"Who's...who's...tickling - whom?" Geoffrey said chuckling.

"I am," Su-Lin answered. "And I've only started."

Geoffrey rolled his head from side to side; his moans turning to gasps. The feather continually rubbed against his bare foot. His laughing grew louder and he felt his feet rub against the clamps. He gasped and raised his head to see Su-Lin smiling back at him. His whole body shook with laughter and then he felt her start to tickle his left foot. His laughter increased and he felt his hands clench and unclench and his fingernails dig into the palms of his hands. He let his head fall back and then felt Su-Lin start to insert the feather between his toes. It felt soft and he stopped laughing for a moment and lay on the table panting. Then he started giggling as he felt the feather twist around his toes. He gasped and his laughter came out in a machine gun rattle. He was helpless but this was the only way he could react to the torture he was enduring.

Geoffrey's laughter died away and he let out a deep breath. He felt his breathing decrease and also felt sweat on his brow and chest. How could laughing so much make you hot, he thought. He felt his toes being massaged and raising his head saw Su-Lin was sitting between his outspread legs. Her back was towards him and he looked at the knots of her bikini top round her neck and back and thought of undoing them and slipping the top slowly off her breasts.

Su-Lin turned to face him. "You've got a funny laugh", she said.

"It's my best Sid James' laugh," Geoffrey said and he gave a deep-throated yuck, yuck, yuck!

Su-Lin giggled. "I really enjoyed tickling you just now. I think it was seeing your body writhe beneath the blanket. You know, I think I gave you an erection". She giggled again and gave a little "Ooh!" as Geoffrey wriggled his toes. He wriggled them against her fingers and felt her gently squeeze and rub her fingers between them. There was silence between them and Su-Lin turned her back on him "You've got very supple feet," she said eventually. "Though your right toe-nail looks funny. What happened to it?"

"In-growing toe-nail when I was a kid", Geoffrey replied. "Had to have an operation to have it removed. Very painful". He expected Su-Lin to squeeze it but instead she went on playing with his toes. Either this was another part of his torture or maybe she was just drawing breath.

"What did you say about giving me an erection?" he asked.

Su-Lin came round and sat on the edge of the table next to him again. "Well, it was so easy to do," she said softly, "And I didn't have to touch you. But if you like..."

Su-Lin slid her hand underneath the blanket. Geoffrey felt her hand slip over his thigh and squeeze his manhood, causing him to groan.

"So easy", Su-Lin told him. "I can play with your whole body: make you do whatever I want. And you can't stop me".

"If I asked you to kiss me would you stop?" Geoffrey asked.

Su-Lin raised her eyebrows quizzically. "No," she said eventually. "But I'll kiss you anyway." She bent down and kissed Geoffrey on the lips. She then nuzzled his left ear and whispered: "I think you're very brave. A lesser man would have broken a long time ago."

"I thought I was a lesser man"? Geoffrey asked.

"You're not," Su-Lin answered. "But I'm still going to break you anyway." She got up and went back to his feet. She peeled the other end of the blanket up to above his knees and picked up the feather.

"Here we go," Geoffrey said to himself.

* * *

Geoffrey felt Su-Lin start to rub the feather along his left foot: on his sole and between his toes again. He felt his body stiffen and the tingling sensation came again. He started to giggle again. "Go on you little tart" he told her in a rattling laugh.

"Ooh language!" Su-Lin said in mock outrage. Then she laughed and said: "I'm going to have to punish naughty boys like you!".

"I bet you ... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... don't - don't have the nerve" Geoffrey retorted. "Your all tits and legs and ... arrgghh!"

Geoffrey arched his body as he cried out. The blanket slipped over his erection and he felt the insides of his legs were damp. He cried out again as his whole body tingled and now he felt the feather caress between his legs. He felt the feather brush his genitals and his laughs turned to cries. He panted. It was like sex and now he could feel a tingling sensation in his loins and he imagined himself released from his bonds and making love to Su-Lin. Her hair was disarranged and she was looking straight up at him. Her body writhed under his and then Geoffrey felt her body begin to tense. Geoffrey felt himself being pushed upwards and his gasps turned into a drawn-out moan . He went limp and his breath came out in shuddering gasps. The tension he felt eased he relaxed. Then Geoffrey realised his genitals were sticky with semen. A hand slid it's way under the blanket and gently touched his moist penis. He heard Su-Lin giggle: "Oh dear. I think I've made you pop!" .

"I wonder how that happened?" Geoffrey panted. "Did you have anything to do with it"?

"Not me. I'm a good girl," Su-Lin said. She knelt down so her face was level with his again. Geoffrey saw she still had the feather in her hand. She used it to stroke his face. He tilted his head back and let her stroke his neck and it's hollow. He shuddered and felt his heart slow it's frantic beating and his breathing become normal again.

Geoffrey turned to face her again. "Did anyone tell you how cute you are"? he asked her.

"No" Su-Lin replied.

"They should have done".

"Cute as in loveable?" Su-Lin asked

"Cute as in shrewd. Clever!" Geoffrey said.


"Probably that as well but I'm too polite to say to say".

Su-Lin smiled again."You're a nice guy," she told him.

"You haven't seen me when I throw a strop. You wouldn't like it!"

Su-Lin thought for a moment before saying: "I can't see you losing it".

"There's a lot that makes me angry" Geoffrey said. "But then, what would be the point of blowing my top. It would only be a waste of energy and it wouldn't get me anywhere?".

"Perhaps its best if you do lose your temper. Get it out of your system".

"Maybe. Still, there's another way of releasing tension".

"What's that?"

Geoffrey smiled at the girl and said in a soft and seductive tone: "Giving you a nice anal fuck. Slowly and gently".

Su-Lin grinned. "I'm told it hurts".

"I'd be gentle with you".

"Have you ever been raped anally"? Su-Lin asked

"No I haven't."

"I can put a proboscis on and rape you with it." Su-Lin told him. "I've done it to other men. Some of them have cried".

"And do you think I'll cry?", Geoffrey asked.

"You're kinky so I'd think you'd enjoy it. But that's for next time".

She got up and went over to the door that was on the other side of the room facing the table. "I'll be right back", she told Geoffrey.

"I won't go away", Geoffrey answered.

Su-Lin smiled and went through the door, locking it behind her.

* * *

Outside in the corridor Su-Lin leaned against the wall and let out a deep sigh. She was tired from the tension of dealing with Geoffrey. She had thought his endurance during the water-torture had been a fluke but now he was withstanding the tickle torture as well. She was realising now that Geoffrey had genuine stamina and willpower.

She saw the automated camera glide over to her and at the same time the monitor next to her came on and the floor manager told her she would be on in thirty seconds. Su-Lin put on her radio-microphone, straightened up and stood in front of the camera as the floor manager cued her in. On the monitor appeared a round-faced man with short, straight hair. This was Lee Wilde who was presenting "The Pain Game's" spin-off: "Xxtra Pain!". Su-Lin saw his expression was relaxed but also concerned. "Hi, Su-Lin. Things are looking very interesting with you", he said.

Su-Lin smiled. With a forced chirpiness she said: "They certainly are. Geoffrey's certainly proving to be a lot stronger than we've given him credit for. I don't now whether or not he will break or withstand it for as long as it lasts".

"What do you think?" Lee Wilde asked.

Su-Lin hesitated. She was sure there was a kinky streak in Geoffrey, but she'd also concluded that he was strong-willed and would refuse to be beaten. She felt it was too complex an answer to be given so she said: "Difficult to say at the moment. I think we should leave things for now and see what happens".

"Interesting," Wilde said. Su-Lin felt they were both skirting round the issue of what to do with Geoffrey. "So you're going to stay with him and try again"? he asked.

"Oh yes," Su-Lin answered but she felt exhaustion settling on her and she wanted to go to sleep.

"Well, Su-Lin. We've certainly found your session with Geoffrey interesting", Wilde said. "We're going to catch up with our other contestants and we'll come back to you later. See you then". Su-Lin watched on the monitor as he turned to another camera. The floor manager told her she was off air and that they would be back with her in forty minutes.

* * *

Su-Lin unlocked the door and went back into the room. She looked at Geoffrey laid out on the table before her with the folded blanket covering his middle. She walked over to him and began rubbing her hands up and down his chest. "And how is my prisoner?" she cooed.

"You know, I like you in your bikini", Geoffrey told her. "I always thought Chinese girls went in for uniforms. Whenever I see the parades on TV They always seem to goose-step with that extra vigour. It makes their breasts jump up and down!"

"When the men goose-step it thrusts out their penises", Su-Lin replied, continuing to rub his chest.

"All erect and standing to attention I suppose"? Geoffrey asked.

Su-Lin smiled. "Of course". She added: "I've raped soldiers and policemen in uniform too, and before you ask I was the one in uniform".

"Were you searching them for concealed weapons"? Geoffrey asked.

"Men always have concealed weapons", Su-Lin said, smiling "And I always know where to find them!" She slipped her hand under the blanket and Geoffrey felt his moist penis squeezed again. "Urrgh. Sticky!" she exclaimed and pulling out her hand wiped it on his chest, grinning.

"Can I have a drink please?" Geoffrey asked.

Su-Lin looked down at him for a moment then she smiled. She went to the table, poured out a glass of water and brought it to him. "Any salt in it?" Geoffrey asked.

"Don't be silly!" Su-Lin said. She lifted his head up with her left hand and with her right held the glass while Geoffrey drank from it. "Thank you," he said. Su-Lin lowered his head back down on to the table. She put the glass away then pulled the armchair up to the table and sat down.

"What's next on the agenda?" Geoffrey asked.

"I thought we'd just sit and be quiet for a while," Su-Lin replied. She leaned over and flicked his nose with her finger. "You can go to sleep if you want". She got up and started to arrange the blanket, covering Geoffrey's body.

"Be sure to wake me with a slap when you're ready," Geoffrey said mischeviously. He looked up at the girl and felt she didn't seem lively and looked tired. "Are you all right"? he asked her.

Su-Lin laughed. "Well, it's hard work torturing naughty little boys like you." She finished arranging the blanket. "There. You're nice and cosy now".

"I'd be even cosier if you were lying next to me", Geoffrey said.

"You be quiet you bad boy".

Su-Lin sat down. She listened to Geoffrey's gentle breathing for several minutes and looking at him, saw he'd closed his eyes. She guessed he'd gone to sleep. Her eyelids were heavy so she decided to get some sleep as well. The production team would wake her when they were ready.

Su-Lin leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes and went to sleep.


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