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Stranger In The Room

by Hot Rox

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© Copyright 2009 - Hot Rox - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; hotel; maid; lingerie; oral; sex; voy; cons; X

My lovely shy girlfriend Anna and I were laying in bed one night when she told me about a story she had heard at work a few days before. I could tell it was exciting her as she told me how one of the chamber maids at the hotel where she worked had been sacked for offering single men private shows or sex in their rooms. She would leave a note in their rooms telling them to text a number if they wanted a girl to call, the girl would enter the room blindfolded and perform for them, all without seeing who they were and without the guest speaking, so they could go home without fear of being identified.

The girl was the chambermaid herself, doing it secretly on her own. She was caught by out the hotel manager though; one of the guests had booked out in a rush leaving the note on the table unread. The manager had gone into the room to check it and found the note, much puzzled by it he texted the number and sat wanting for a response, then in came one of the chambermaids wearing a blindfold. He stood watching as the girl went straight to the bed and started to unbutton her blouse, he simply stood dumb struck waiting for some of the staff to jump out of a cupboard ‘shouting got you!’ But as she stripped off the blouse and started on her skirt whispering sexy little innuendo’s he didn’t know what to do.

Soon she was out of her skirt and was unclipping her bra, the man in him said go along with it, but the manager in him said sneak out and come back in as if you have just caught her. She threw her bra aside and exposed her breasts to him, then started to toy with her knickers. Before he had time to think her knickers were flying past him and she was dancing for him naked. He eventually plucked up the courage and told her to stop, she jumped in fright as she recognised his voice. She covered herself with her hands and fell back on the bed, she ripped off the blindfold and squealed as she saw him standing in front of her.

He told her to get dressed and leave the building, she was sacked. Then she saw he had a great big hard on, she said sexily “if you forget about this I will make it worth your while.” She then took her hands from her body and stood naked in front of him. She continued, “I’ll do anything to tell me to when ever you want.”

She then slid her hands down him front and knelt in front of him, her face looking up at him as her fingers started to unbutton his trousers. She slid out his hard cock and stroked it gently, and then to his surprise she started to suck his cock, unable to move he stood there with her sucking and licking his cock. It didn’t take her long to make him cum in her mouth. However, he still told her to dress before telling her she was sacked. Strangely enough he moved to a new hotel which she had already gone to, and it is common gossip that occasionally they both disappear for a couple of hours at the same time.

Well Anna was all giggly as she told me the story, I stoked my hand over her body as I asked if the idea turned her on, she gasped, “Yes” as my hand stroked over her pussy.

I delved further on the subject and asked her if she had imagined being the chambermaid, she gasped, “I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything else since I heard the story.”

My fingers stroked her pussy again. She bit her lip in excitement imagining her fantasy again. I stroked her clit as I said, “Why don’t you book a room for me tomorrow and we’ll live out your fantasy.”

Anna groaned as she imagined the fantasy coming true, then rasped, “Yes, I’ll do it, I’ll leave you a note and you can text me, I can pretend you’re a guest and you can pretend I’m a call girl. God this is making me so horny.”

Cruelly I then took my hand from her pussy and said, “I want you extra horny for tomorrow night, so tonight and tomorrow, no sexy, no playing with yourself, I want you as horny and frustrated as hell.” For the next hour Anna was squirming with excitement in bed, not allowed to touch herself but the fantasy driving her nuts.

The next day Anna went to work as excited as I had ever seen her. Then at midday she texted me to say she had booked room 34. Now it was my turn to get excited. I sat biting my nails at home for hours, then drove to the hotel. Anna was by the reception and handed me a key as if I was any other guest, and none of the staff knew me so I passed by unnoticed. I went straight to the room and unlocked the door and entered, the note was on the table as planned, I had decided to hide a camera to record the fantasy to show Anna later and relive the event, she didn’t know about that yet. Once the camera was recording and hidden by the bed I texted the number on the note, saying I wanted a strip show and all the extras.

No sooner had I sent it than a man walked out from the bathroom and said, “I haven’t ordered room service, I informed reception an hour ago that I would be leaving two hours late”. I was so shocked by his surprise appearance that I apologised and quickly left the room.

I walked back up to reception to see if Anna had booked another room, but she was no where to be seen, her shift was due to end so I sat in the bar next to the reception and ordered a drink to stiffen my nerves.

After half an hour I began to wonder where Anna had gotten to, it was not unusual for her to be late. After an hour a thought entered my mind, which chilled me to the bone. What if Anna hadn’t known about the guest and had gone into the room as planned, surely she would notice it wasn’t me, but how? An hour and a half had passed and no Anna in sight, I was at a loss as what to do, if I told any one she could loose her job. When two hours came I was biting my nails to the bone, then I saw the guest who had been the room checking out of reception.

He had just left when Anna sauntered up to me and gave me a big long kiss. My heart stopped when she whispered “That was amazing; you haven’t fucked me like that for ages. I felt like such a horny slut when you used me like a whore.”

My mind was in a whirl, what had he done, had he really fucked my girlfriend, I can’t tell her it wasn’t me she’d feel so humiliated. Then I thought, shit the camera, I made an excuse that I had left something in the room by accident. I ran down to the room and quickly picked up the camera, my hands shook as I noticed it was still recording, I would have to wait to find out what had really happened.

I met back up with Anna and we drove our separate cars back home. I felt so weird as she cuddled up next to me on the sofa imagining that man having just touched my lovely young girlfriend. She eventually said, “I’m tired darling, I’m off to bed to dream about our sexy little adventure today, I’m to tender still for a replay.”

I listened to Anna go to bed, then snuck upstairs to check she was asleep. I was shaking with nerves as I put the DVD in the machine and pressed play on the handset. I promised myself that if she had been used that I won’t get turned on and in a way be unfaithful.

The picture came on with me walking away from the camera and texting Anna, next the man came out the bathroom and I heard myself utter an apology and leave. I watched as he follows me to the door, he noticed the note and picked it up and started to read. He then picked up his phone and started texting. I felt the blood rush to my head as he then put the note back and put eighty pounds on it. My heart thumped as I counted the seconds until Anna would arrive at the door. I heard the knock, then in came Anna in her chambermaids outfit, wearing a blindfold. I could see she knew the rooms like the back of her hand as she scooped up the note and money, then she walked to the large four poster bed and sat there nervously, she could hear sounds coming from the bathroom. Then in he came in to the bedroom wearing a long dressing gown and pulled a chair up a few feet from her, at the foot of the bed.

Anna pulled herself up onto the bed, and then in a husky voice said, “Don’t worry sir, your discretion is my command, I’ve read that you want the full show.”

My nerves jangled as I saw Anna reach for the back of her skirt whilst kneeling on the bed in front of the man. I watched as she slowly unzipped the side of her skirt and revealed that she was wearing black stockings and suspenders. She reached further up and undid the button at her waist and slowly slid off her skirt, she revealed her lacy black panties for him and gyrated her hips as she through the skirt aside. Her shapely white legs were quivering with excitement inside the sexy black stockings. Her little lacy black panties barely covered her excited mound, a dark shadow only just visible of her neatly shaved hair. She kept the husky voice as she said, “I hope you’re enjoying the show, I certainly am.”

I couldn’t stop my dick going hard as she started to unbutton her white work blouse. I always got excited at seeing her strip, she had such a sexy body and big round breasts which she always tried to hide because she was so shy, this wasn’t like her. The buttons slowly popped open one, by one. The man could see she was wearing a lacy black bra, her ample breasts rising above it in two sexy mounds as the shirt started to gape open further. As Anna reached the last buttons my cock was ready to burst out of my pants. She opened the blouse up and gave him a full view of her in her underwear. The blouse was thrown aside as she became really turned on, she knelt there showing off her curvaceous body, her bra letting him just see the dark circles around her pert nipples through the dark lacy material.

She huskily said, “Now I’m getting really horny, you know what’s next… my bra, I’m going to let you see my big juicy breasts.” She had never talked like that before; I was envious of the guy sitting in front on her. My eyes were on storks as she turned around; her back was now to the guy.

Her hands went around behind her as she unclipped her bra, I noticed the guy opening his dressing gown and starting to stoke his hard cock excitedly. She slid the bra off and threw it aside, she covered her big breasts with her hands as best she could, and then she turned and faced the guy. I saw his mouth fall open as he saw how big her breasts were. His hand stroked his cock faster as she slowly slid her hands from her breasts, stopping cruelly as her fingertips reached her nipples. She then carried on to reveal the true size of her breasts, her nipples stood proud in her excitement. She sexily bounced her breasts the way she knew I loved to see them. Then she said, “I bet you can’t wait to touch them. I know I can’t. But first you’ll want to see me remove my panties.”

She shook as she put her fingers on the sides of her panties, then she slowly started to push them down. My heart was thumping so loudly I could hear it in my ears. Her panties slid down to reveal her neatly trimmed bush. I could see how turned on she was as she bit her lip in excitement. She slipped the panties under her knees smoothly and threw them aside. She slid forwards on the bed and put her feet on the floor in front of the guy and stood up straight. She was inches from him as she gyrated her hips; she was naked except for the slutty stockings and suspenders. His eyes followed her sexy dance, her mound moving to and fro. She then put on her husky voice again and said, “I bet you would love to see me playing with my pussy, it’s getting hot and wet for you.”

I watched in horror as Anna sat back down on the bed in front of him, she laid back on the bed, her back arched up and her mouth open in erotic excitement, her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed still together as she breathed harder. Then she very, very slowly started to open her legs right in front of the guy. His hand stopped moving on his dick as he watched my beautiful Anna reveal her pussy, inch by inch her legs opened, her hands all over her body. He could see her pussy lips as her knees parted, her pussy slowly opened as her legs reached the bed each side of her. I had to let my cock out as she bought up her legs and widened her splits.

Her pussy was wide open as she leant her ankles on the insides of the bottom two bed posts, I could see her clit and wide open pussy in full view. Her pussy was obviously very wet and very hot with excitement. Her slender fingers slid down to her pussy and stroked her clit making her groan with exhilaration, then her fingers slid over her wet pussy lips teasing herself. I was pumping my cock as I watched my shy Anna delve a finger into her pussy all way in. She started to rhythmically finger her pussy in front of the guy who had started to stroke his cock again. Then she slid a second finger into her pussy, her back arched further as further groans of pleasure came from her mouth. Her fingers pumped her wet pussy quicker and harder, they glistened with her hot juices.

She gasped, “I feel so horny, I’m so wet for you.” She suddenly got up and knelt on all fours like a cat awaiting a bowl of cream, she said breathlessly, “Come and fuck my mouth, I bet you’re hard for me.”

I let out loud as I stared at the screen, “Shit she’s gonna suck his dick.”

I watched helpless as he stood up and dropped his dressing gown, his cock hard and twitching with excitement. He stepped up to Anna, his cock in front of her blindfolded face, then to my horror he pressed his cock up against Anna’s lips. I had to watch as she opened her mouth and slid to over his cock, then she started to suck, her head started to slowly bob up and down, him cock sliding in and out of her mouth. His eyes rolled, then shut as her mouth slid up and down his dick. He started to meet her sliding, sucking mouth with slow thrusts of his cock.

Before she knew it he was fucking her mouth rhythmically, fucking my dear Anna’s mouth like a pussy. He then moved his hand behind her head and gripped her long dark hair and held her head still so he could thrust into her mouth harder. He screwed her mouth harder and deeper, his full length now disappearing between her lips. I could see her gyrating her pussy in excitement at being used like a whore. He was getting more and more turned on, screwing her mouth harder and faster until she managed to pull away and say excitedly, “Why don’t you screw my pussy, it’s aching for your cock. If you are a good boy I’ll let you come in my mouth.”

He let go of her hair and watched as she slid around in front of him, her legs again spread wide to each corner of the bed and her wet pussy open before him. I couldn’t help gasping as he leant forwards and slid his cock over Anna’s pussy, she gasped and begged, “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I watched as his cock slid easily into her wet, hot pussy. She gasped loudly, he started to slide his cock in and out slowly at first, she groaned with delight. His pace quickened, he leant forward on one arm as his other hand touched her big juicy breasts. She arched her back offering him her big sexy breasts; her hands gripped the bed cover. He pumped his cock in and out quicker and harder, he bought up his second hand and kneaded both her breasts at once, pinching her hard excited nipples just how she liked it. He was hammering her pussy at full speed at she yelped in ecstasy.

She started squeal, “Fuck me, fuck me” loudly.

She was starting to cum as her body convulsed, he felt his cock being gripped tight by her wet pussy, she was uncontrollable as she came hard, pussy juice jetting from her orgasmic pussy. He then opened his mouth as he felt his cum about to rise; he pulled out of her and pulled her forcibly up onto all fours. She didn’t delay in wrapping her lips around his wet cock; she bobbed her mouth up and down his cock quickly, her pussy juice smearing her face and lips. Then his face contorted and her head stopped moving, she opened her mouth wide as he came spurt after spurt on to her waiting tongue and face. He seemed to come on her for ages, she licked every last drop from his cock.

She fell back onto the bed exhausted, sweating, juice still seeping from her used pussy, pussy juice and spunk all around her face. I watched as the man got dressed quickly and made an unusually quick exit. Anna eventually recovered and dressed only stopping to wipe the juice from her face in the bathroom, she left the room still looking exhausted.


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