by Mythik

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Storycodes: M/f; mpov; oral; climax; tease; sex; cons; X

I wake up hungry – it’s my first, overriding thought. I roll over to you lying on your back; head cocked to the side; limbs everywhere, hair a mess, looking peaceful and serene. Your chest rises and falls slowly with your breathing and I enjoy the mere sight of you sleeping so beatifically before I grab you by the legs and pull you over to me sharply.

Dazed at first, you start coming to life as my tongue very quickly finds your clit and I start teasing it slowly. “Oh, Sir – what...” I reach up and place a single finger on your lips and you quiet immediately. If I want to wake you in the middle of the night, I’m going to – you know that better than I do. And you follow the standing instruction for silence instinctively, even in your barely awake state.

I return my hands to grip around your hips, keeping you taut against me; light, gentle touches with my tongue across your clit, feeling your cunt already start to dampen against my chin. I rub my nose around your clit - clockwise, then anti-clockwise, up then down, always keeping you guessing – while I start to push my tongue as wide as possible against you and lick up and down your lips.

I start sucking against the wetness firmly but gently, tasting you properly; gently taking as much of you into my mouth as I can. I release suddenly and lick from the bottom of your slit right up over your clit. I can hear you start to moan, and whisper, “Oh yes Sir, yes Sir, that feels so-oo good, thank you…” so I start to attack your clit with my tongue. I forcefully lick over the top of it, probing against it, encircling it with my tongue. Your moans become more insistent - “oh god yes!” - and I can feel you start to quiver so I move my hands to be able to finger you firmly, curling up towards your G spot while maintaining my assault on your clit.

You buck against my head suddenly, but as I instinctively flinch away you grab my head in both hands and hold it in place, pushing it back against you. Encouraged, I continue to please you as best I can, responding to the way your body writhes and gyrates to maximise the pleasure. Licking broadly, nibbling gently, in continuous patterns and sudden shifts; I’m relentless. The bucking starts to come more regularly, and you keep hold of my head, never letting it have enough space to break contact.

Your probing feet find my erection, and you start to rub against it in rhythm with the way you’re now using my tongue, pushing it to where it feels best. You feel my hardness respond as you begin to take control of the experience, and push harder against my face. No longer content with just my tongue you start to press all of my face around your pussy; rubbing my nose against your clit so my tongue is free to lap up your nectar; clamping down with your legs to trap me exactly where it feels the absolute best.

You shudder; a wailing crescendo of burning, fulfilled desire as you lock me in place. Covering me with your juices, forcing me to keep licking you through it, extending the experience for as long as we can both hold it.

Eventually you stretch out languidly, a great contented smile covering your face; eyes serenely closed. I tense to push myself up and take you now, but you quickly use the leverage you have to hold me in place. “Oh no baby, you enjoyed that far too much. You don’t get me until I can be sure you won’t be leaving me short. Say, two more orgasms.” I squirm in confusion but you push down firmly on the top of my head until I’m back in position for you. “Don’t like that? Better get back to licking then.”

In my driving desire I continued as before, with force, but you squeal and rap me sharply on the head with your knuckles. “Gently! It’s sensitive. Worship me baby, I’ll let you know when I’m prepared to let you get me off.”

Abashed, I start to lick gently now. Never quite touching that most sensitive button, as I’ve been told not to, but getting as close to it as I can. Circling softly with my tongue, my nose. Lapping gently across your lips, probing between them; teasing out the sweetness that lies within. Your back arches in rhythm to my ministrations, and you run your hand through my hair, patting me, letting me know just how good I’m doing for you.

You can feel me start to grind gently into the sheets below, so turned on now I can’t help it. You use my hair to lift my head so you can look into my eyes. “Now, now baby – that’s mine. Not for you to play with.” I let out a low, guttural growl of frustration. “I know, it’s tough. But it will be worth it, I promise.” I growl again as you push my head back down forcefully. “Now get back to it.”

No more soft and gentle now – I attack your clit again, rubbing my tongue against it forcefully. Biting the area around it just hard enough to let you know before pressing my face against it. Curling my fingers into your quivering, sopping tunnel, searching for your G spot. Desperation drives my need to please into highest gear, and it’s an unrelenting assault across all of you. Flares of quiet pain as I suck just a bit too hard against your lips heighten the waves of pleasure that roll across you. Eventually it’s too much – you grip my head firmly and just start using my face to grind against before you eventually peak the crest and cum; covering me in your juices, gripping me with your thighs so tightly my vision starts to blur.

With a mighty groan you release your grip, leaving me panting and weak. You reach down and pull me up to you, “Who’s a good boy… oh you make me feel so good…such a good boy…” You kiss me sweetly and gently; on the lips, across my face; pulling me in close and tight and warm, and you can feel me shift to get in close; pressing against the softness of your curves.

We stay tight in that embrace, relaxing into each other; simply catching our respective breath. For a time, the world shrinks, and we exist in that moment where there is just the sweetness of being pressed together in a quiet and loving embrace.

Eventually, you start to stir. “Well then baby, I told you three. Only one more to go.” You shift so one of your breasts is covering my face. “You can start up here this time.” I start to suckle gently against you; softly, softly. I can feel your nipple stiffen in my mouth as I work, hear your breath start to become laboured once again.

“Both sides, gotta keep things even,” you tell me as you shift me so I can do the same to your other nipple. Before long it stiffens, and you wrap me up in a bear hug, pushing my head down forcefully into your breasts so I can hardly breathe; my tongue still doing what it can to ensure your pleasure.

I strain against your grip, trying to twist my head just enough to suck in air. My fingers reach down and find your clit, and the unexpected pleasure there is enough for you to relax your grip just enough that I can breathe again.

“Oh, cheeky boy – you get down there again if you want to play there; you keep your hands up here though.”

You push my head down, and I start with broad strokes of my tongue up and down your pussy, stopping just shy of your clit. Gently kneading your breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingers, hearing you moan. Starting to lick circles around your clit, you get too impatient to wait for the stimulation and just push my face full into your pussy, using it to grind against rather than allow me to please you.

I stick my tongue out, and your grinding turns into trying to use my tongue to fuck your pussy, while keeping some part of me – sometimes my nose, my forehead - against your clit. Using my face like nothing more than a toy you writhe and moan and speed up.

“Oh god no, no, I wanted this to last…” You pitifully whine to the world.

Clearly the morning’s proclivities have really done a number on you, as you lock your legs so soon once again and hold me in place; covering me again with your juices, your hands grabbing mine on your breasts and keeping them groping you as you cum all over my face.

“Fuck, fuck, I wanted to make you really earn that one…” You tell me as you relax your legs and I can catch my breath once again.

I look you in the eyes, which are starting to glaze over with post orgasmic bliss, and slap you as hard as I can, right on your poor over-stimulated clit.

“Owww!!” You scream and instinctively close your legs, rolling away from the torment.

“I hope you enjoyed that, slut – they are going to be the last orgasms you get for a while. Open your legs for me now.”

You roll back towards me and spread your legs obediently, presenting your cunt to be fucked. At least that’s what you thought, before I slap it again, but this time I hold you in place with my knees and other hand.

“Owwowww, noo, please Sir, I’ll be good! I did enjoy it Sir, oh god, please no. Oh god, oh gooo….”

You trail off as I push myself inside you, and start fucking you roughly. “My cunt. Never forget that.”

“Oh god, no, never Sir, yours, all yours… Did you enj- oh god -, you enjoyed it too, uhhh, though, Sir?”

I stare down at your puppy dog eyes; even feeling how hard I was through it all, you still somehow need reassurance. I smile at you. “Of course I did slut.” Then follow it quickly with slapping you across the face; you let a long, low moan and I can feel your cunt quiver around my cock.

“This is better though, isn’t it? With me in charge?” I slap your other cheek this time, and you moan louder, and start bucking against me.

“Oh god, yes Sir, yes…please…”

“Good slut. Please what?”

“Please use me, hurt me, fuck me. Make me regret thinking I could, ohhhhh fuuuck, I could ever be in charge.”

I chuckle. “As you wish, slut.” I reach down and grip your over-stimulated clit in my fingers, and give it an almighty squeeze which I hold as you writhe and buck under me as I slow my pace right down. “Count to 10.”

“Oh fuck, fuck, O-one, t-two, oh god, t-three, f-four, god, no, f-f-f-five…” Your counting slows, and your chest shakes with the effort of trying to count through the pain.

“S-s-s-iiiiiix…oh god, fuck, please, s-s-seveneightnineten oh god please Sir please let it go oh god..”

You’re now just mindlessly babbling with the intensity, I hold my grip for another few seconds, squeezing so tightly I can feel the cramp in my thumb before I release my grip. You immediately squeal as the blood rushes back, but before you can thank me I pull out and slap your cunt as hard as I can and you squeal again before I plunge back in and resume fucking you, using you to get me off.

Hearing you on the verge of tears, I slap you across the face twice again, hard enough I can see the red marks, before holding your face down with one hand and pushing the other under your ass for leverage to point your cunt up.

Hearing quiet sobs but feeling your cunt clench around my cock very quickly pushes me close to the edge. I pull out, and using your hair as a handle, pull your mouth over my cock and hold it all the way down my cock as I cum down the back of your throat.

Desperately you try to pull away but I’m implacable. I don’t release until my orgasm has finished completely, you cough and splutter and try to get all your air back. I chuckle as I look down on you.

“And you really thought you could ever be in charge? Adorable.”


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