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Tales From The Psych Ward 5: The Pony Farm

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2013 - The Technician - Used by permission

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Part 5: The Pony Farm

I was finally back at my apartment and things were going pretty well for me - pretty well meaning that I hadn't done anything in public that would get me sent back to the ward. Dr. Henderson was trying another medication and he said that he was "very hopeful."

I think that what he is actually hopeful for is a big paycheck if he and the drug companies can come up with something that will control "seizure-based schizophrenia." That is what they are calling it now that they have both Cassie and me as "confirmed case studies."

Cassie wasn't too thrilled with having that diagnosis attached to her, but after I told her that they could have called it "Cassie's Syndrome" or something like that, she accepted the new label. I also explained to her that the plus side of the label was that having an official-sounding diagnosis also meant that she could be officially transferred from penal care to psychiatric care. That means that she, like me, could get to go home, at least for a little while, between in house stays.

This morning, I was waiting at the bus stop when Cassie walked up and sat down beside me. I greeted her with, "I thought you were still at the ward. Good to see you out and about."

"Wayne and Debra sent me," she answered quietly. "They said that it is important and that they need us there immediately." After she finished speaking, she got up and began to walk down the block.

I got up quickly and hurried after her. As I caught up with her, Cassie smiled at me and explained, "Debra said that they wanted all four of us or they might not win the race - whatever that means. Wayne is waiting around the corner with a van."

As we turned the corner a large, black van pulled up alongside us. The door swung open and Kelly said, "Get in."

The rear seats were positioned so that they faced each other. A young, girl with short, blond hair sat across from Kelly. Cassie pointed to the blond and said, "That's Billie. I guess you know Kelly." She then got in, sat next to Billie and motioned for me to sit next to Kelly.

A deep, female voice from the front passenger seat said, "And I'm Mistress Debra, but we have already met, haven't we?"

"Sort of," I answered. "I was with Kelly that night and have the ass-cunt to prove it."

Debra laughed. "I'm never sure if Cassie is with Billie or Billie is with Cassie, but the effect is the same, isn't it Billie?"

The blond girl's eyes went wide as she heard her name.

"Show him."

Billie was wearing a short, white dress with white tights. She started to lift her dress and push down the top of her tights.

"All of it! Now!"

Billie immediately pulled the dress over her head and stood, as best she could, between the seats and slid her tights to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra, so when she stepped out of the tights, she was totally naked. She sat back down on the seat opposite me and spread her legs slightly so that her entire pubic area was visible. The large "Debra's Slut" with the inter-twined green vines and red roses was identical to what Cassie had showed me that day in the ward. What I hadn't seen on Cassie was that the vines crossed beneath the words and ran directly across her cunt and pussy lips. One labia had even been tattooed totally green to form a leaf on the vine. The vines then went between her legs toward the back.

Debbie looked up at me and asked, "OK?"

I wasn't sure what she meant, but Cassie answered, "Yes, he's seen that much of it."

Debbie turned and knelt between the benches and lay over the seat where she had just been sitting. The vines came between her legs like a thong. She reached down and spread her ass cheeks slightly so that I could see that the vines circled her puckered anus before climbing up onto her back.

On the small of her back there was a large "Tramp Stamp" tattoo with ornate lettering intertwined with the vines and roses. This section of the tattoo was a double name reflected above itself. On the top it read Debbie & Cassie, but the upside down "mirror image" beneath it had Cassie beneath Debbie and Debbie beneath Cassie. After a few moments, she lifted up her feet slightly so that I could clearly see the beginnings of both vines and the faces of the two women contorted in pleasure and pain.

"You may dress," came the voice from the front seat. "But no tights. Just the dress." Mistress Debra chuckled softly and added, "It will all be coming off soon enough anyway."

After that, we all sat in silence as we made a series of twists and turns out of town and down several different country roads until we finally came to a large, white, filigreed iron gate with a large, ornate arch over it that read, "Polly's Pony Farm - Private Property - Entrance by Invitation Only."

We must have been invited, because as soon as Wayne rolled down his window and looked directly into the security camera, the gate swung open and a voice from the speaker said, "Welcome Master Wayne and Mistress Debra. May your ponies bring you honor in today's races."

As I looked from Kelly to Cassie to Billie, I hoped that my face did not show the same look of fear and shock as their's did. None of us had ever been pony trained and if we were expected to bring "honor" to Wayne and Debra, things could go very badly for us today.

Wayne must have seen - or felt - our fear and said in what sounded like a re-assuring voice, "Don't worry. You don't have to win."

Then he added firmly, "You just better not lose! Debra and I have a sizable bet going with a couple of pony masters. They say that it takes years of training and conditioning to make a good pony team. I say it just takes four very good and obedient slaves who are willing to give everything they've got because their master expects it of them."

He laughed and added, "That, and the proper controls."

Somehow that wasn't very reassuring. Kelly, Cassie, Billie and I were going to be in some sort of team race against highly-trained ponies and all we had to do was "not lose."

"What happens if we lose?" asked Kelly.

"You really don't want to find out," came the answer from Debra.

The van stopped next to a very long barn with a large number of paddock doors along the side. Over one set of doors it said, "D&W Farms."

"Let's get you all tacked out," said Wayne in a matter-of-fact voice.

It always worried me when Wayne went cool and business-like. That meant he was really angry or really worried. Since we hadn't given him any reason to be angry, I assumed that he was worried. The coolness might also mean that he was afraid, but I had never seen him fear anything.

"Leave the clothes in the van," ordered Debra as we started to step out onto the soft ground. Billie was already almost naked. Kelly, Cassie and I quickly stripped down and threw our clothes back onto the seats of the van as Wayne called out. "In here."

When we walked into the barn, Wayne was holding a strange-looking leather arrangement in his hands. "What is going to make this work," he began, "are these special harnesses. They are fitted with electronic devices that will signal you as to what we want you to do. Come here, Kelly and we will demonstrate."

Kelly stepped over by Wayne and he guided her to step through the leather straps and slip them up her body. There were no buckles or adjustments on the two straps that went up over her shoulders much like a pair of suspenders. A double leather strap went between her legs, but did not really cover her cunt or asshole. It must have been made especially for her because the entire rig fit her naked body exactly.

I tried to hide my smile as I pictured Borat's mankini made of leather in my mind. I didn't think now was the time to look happy.

In addition to the main harness, there was a wide belt of sorts that snapped around her waist and another small belt that circled her chest exactly at breast level and crossed the suspender straps exactly over her nipples. On the back of the belt was a small, square, black plastic box with wires running from it to inside the leather straps.

"That's the basic harness," explained Debra. "Now the extras." She held up a large plastic dildo that had two shinny metal stripes down opposites sides. She smeared a large amount of anal lube on it and said, "This isn't just to make it easier to slide in. This stuff also helps electrical contact."

Turning to Kelly she ordered, "Spread your legs."

Kelly did, and Mistress Debra slowly pushed the dildo in place in Kelly's cunt. It was quite large and Kelly grunted a few times as it was put in place. Debra then picked up a slightly smaller butt plug and also smeared it with lube.

"Bend over."

Again, Kelly did as ordered and the butt plug was slid into place with a gasp from Kelly as the large head stretched her nether hole. There was a large horse's tail attached to the butt plug that exactly matched the color of the hair on Kelly's head. When Kelly stood back up, Wayne reached down between her legs, and I could hear something that sounded like snaps clicking into place.

"These attach to the two straps between her legs. The straps hold them in place and connects them to the control box."

He held up a small remote controller device. "All I have to do is move this joystick forward and you receive a shock in the ass telling you to get moving."

Kelly jumped slightly as he moved the control in his hand. "If I pull it back, the shock in the front tells you to slow down or stop." As he said "stop" he pulled the joystick all the way back and Kelly yelped in pain. "As you can see, the shock level can be anything from a slight tingle to a real attention getter. All you have to do is move away from the shock."

He wiggled the joystick slightly to the left and Kelly bounced slightly as electricity poured into her right nipple. She instinctively moved slightly to the left to escape the shock, but since it was coming from the harness, there was no escaping the pain as she slowly turned in a circle to her left.

"There are a few more items to your tack," explained Wayne, "but we will wait until you are hitched up to put on the headdress, blinders and binders."

Debra signaled for Cassie to come to her and Wayne beckoned me with his finger. Soon Cassie, Debbie and I were outfitted exactly as Kelly had been - well, not exactly. What I had in front was a wide crotch strap with a hole in it that my penis stuck through. I could feel the cold metal on either side of the hole pressing against my pubic bone and holding my testicles tightly against my body.

"Quick test," said Wayne and I jumped forward as a sharp shock tightened my asshole around the anal plug. I moved to the left as the shocks hit my right nipple and then to the right as my left nipple tingled from the electricity. I then screamed and almost fell to the ground as a thousand tiny ants bit into my testicles all at once.

"Oh, forgot the lube to make the connection solid." muttered Wayne. He tossed me the tube of lube and said, "Squirt some of this down there and rub in around on your balls and then we will try again."

I did as he had ordered and as soon as my hand was pulled back out of the belt, I felt a painful, but bearable, tingling.

"That's better. This is for control, not punishment. You have to be able to respond to the command and still stay in the race."

My face evidently showed my relief, but Wayne added ominously, "But if I kick this up to maximum, it will still fry your balls."

He pulled the joystick all the way back for just an instant, and I dropped to the floor with my hands grabbing between my legs.

"Time to hitch up," said Debra. "Wayne, if you will pull the cart outside, we can make the final adjustments."

There were several somewhat strange looking carts sitting toward the back of the stall area. The one that Wayne pulled out looked like a cross between a sulky and a chariot. It had a low platform like a chariot, but had two seats mounted so that Wayne and Debra would be sitting much like a jockey in a sulky race. Rather than having two poles that would connect to a trotter, there were three poles forming two slots for the "ponies."

Wayne put Kelly into the right hand slot at the back with me in front of her. Billie was in the back of the left hand slot with Cassie in front of her.

Short chains connected our belts to the poles on either side of us. Once we were in place and connected to the cart, Debra ordered, "Hands behind your backs... palms together." She then slipped a binding glove up over our arms and tightened it in place.

After that, Wayne brought out several "head pieces." When he had mentioned headdresses and blinders, I had assumed some sort of feathers and maybe the large, square "blinders" that were used on horses. These were total head coverings with no eye or ear holes. A large black plume of feathers stuck straight up from the back of the bondage hoods. We were going to be running totally blind and deaf with only the electric shocks providing any direction.

I think there was a reason why Wayne waited until our hands were bound and we were chained to the cart before showing us the head pieces. If I had seen what they were, or known what was expected of us, I probably could not have controlled myself and would have run away as fast as I could. Now that we were chained in place, it was too late.

We stood waiting for several minutes while Wayne and Debra did something, and then I could feel the upward pull on the poles which indicated that someone was climbing into the cart. A second, lighter pull told me that a second person, probably Debra, had stepped up into the cart.

After a short period of movement indicating that the two people were seating themselves in the drivers' seats, the downward weight returned to the poles. Shortly after that, I felt a light tingle in my asshole indicating that we were supposed to start moving forward. A couple more light shocks and we were loping forward. A tingle in my right nipple and we began to turn to the left.

We had no way of knowing where we were going, but as we turned, the tingle stopped, so we stopped turning and continued straight ahead. A few more lefts and rights and then a tingle in my balls brought us to a stop. A couple of short pops to the ass moved us forward... evidently too far, because after we were stopped, there was a quick jolt to the front. We all stepped back one step, and after a very short shock, we stepped back one more step.

We could see nothing and hear only a slight murmur from the crowd as we stood and waited. Suddenly there was a loud bang - perhaps a starter's pistol - followed immediately by a hefty shock to the ass. Billie, Cassie, Kelly and I started running. We kept increasing speed until the shocks to the ass stopped.

The fact that we kept turning left again and again meant that we were on a track of some kind. Occasional adjustments slightly to the right or left probably meant that we were passing someone. It was impossible to know if we had been passed, but strong shocks in my ass told me that either we were in danger of being passed or Wayne really wanted to pass someone just in front of us.

Just as I was starting to think that I could run no further, a series of intense pulses made it clear that Wayne expected one last burst of speed from us. I don't know if it was the pain or the fact that I knew that Wayne needed me to go faster, but somehow I found the strength. So must have the others, because I could tell that we were again gaining speed.

I had no idea what was happening, but we could hear that the crowd was now shouting, almost screaming, as we ran. Suddenly the noise became even louder. I could hear loud noises that sounded like fireworks exploding above us. It took a moment to realize that I was being shocked from the front as a slow down signal. Evidently Wayne could tell that we were not feeling the signal, because he gave one really strong shock, followed by lesser ones to get us to rein in.

Gentle tingling told us to slow down until we were walking. After a series of left and right turns, the tingling in front became continuous and we stopped. The cart rocked as Wayne and Debra got out. I stood there breathing very heavily, and soon I felt someone's hands loosening the headpiece and slipping it from my head.

Wayne and Debra stood before us. Wayne was wearing something that looked vaguely like a Roman Centurion's outfit. Debra was wearing a black cat suit with a very short, gray miniskirt. Both were smiling very broadly.

"You didn't lose," said Wayne.

"In fact," added Debra, "you won!"

"We had a bet with Mistress Diane and Master Edward. If I didn't lose the blind team race, but they beat us, money would change hands. I had money bets with all of the Masters and Mistresses in the race, but the main bet was with Diane and Edward. If we had lost, we would be where you are in the individual races later today. I would have been pulling Mistress Diane's cart and Debra would have been pulling Master Edward's."

He was grinning pretty broadly now. "I was pretty sure we wouldn't lose, but I really didn't expect to win."

Debra laughed. "Diane and Edward didn't expect us to win either. In the singles race this afternoon, she will be pulling my cart and Edward will be pulling Wayne's. That is even more humiliating for them that it would have been for us. They are part owners of this pony farm."

"As small as the chance was," said Wayne, "I did plan for the possibility that we might win."

He held up a golden head dress. This one was not a bondage hood, but was instead a helmet style with a large golden plume above it.

"As soon as we get these on you, we are going to take a victory lap in front of the crowd. I want you to prance for me - keep those knees up high as we go around the track. Let's show these fancy pony people how really well-trained you actually are."

Wayne and Debra quickly put the headdresses on the four of us and stepped back into the cart. Wayne was sitting in one of the seats. Debra stood beside him holding a pole on which hung a blue and white flag that said, "D & W Pony Farms."

A gentle jolt told us to get moving. We trotted rapidly back to the track guided by very gentle twinges to our nipples that told us whether to turn right or left. Once we were on the track, several quick pops to the ass told us to come up to speed. We ran with our knees up high. The crowd was roaring its approval. Wayne and Debra were waving to the crowd.

At the end of the lap, we turned back toward the barns. As we rounded the final corner, suddenly the loud yelp of a siren screamed into my ears. A voice that sounded like it came from a bull-horn barked, "Stop running. Stand still. You are going to hurt yourself."

I looked around. I was in the street about two blocks from the bus stop. I was naked with my hands clasped behind my back. A police car was right behind me and a uniformed officer was running along side me.

"Do you know where you are?" he asked, this time not through the bull horn, "Do you know where you are going?"

"I have a feeling I'm going back to the ward," I answered.

Someone had called 9-1-1 when I wasn't responding to anything as I sat on the bench. Just as the patrol car came around the corner, I bolted from the bench and started pony prancing down the middle of the street. The driver had pulled the squad car right up behind me to keep me from being run over and his partner jumped out and ran along side me until I came to.

The office who had been running after me was still trying to catch his breath as we got back to the bus stop. He looked around the bench and was surprised that he couldn't find any of my clothes. "Where in the hell did you put your clothes?" he gasped, "And how in the hell did you get out of them so fast while you were running?"

In answer to his question, I gave him my name and asked that he call Dr. Henderson. I figured I might as well speed up the process since that is where I was going to end up anyway.

I was right. They threw a blanket over me, and fifteen minutes later were turning me over to an admissions clerk at the ward.

As she took me down the hallway, Mike, the orderly, called to me from one of the rooms. "We have everything ready for you... even have some sweats and a top laid out on the bed."

I looked at him quizzically and he explained, "I had to chase Cassie down three hallways a little while ago. Once we got her calmed down and dressed, she told us that you would probably be coming in pretty soon. Doc told her that she was just hallucinating again, but I've seen what happens around you two and decided to get your room ready."

I told him thank you, and then he said something really strange - even for the ward. "Doc has his reality and you and Cassie have yours. Some of us are content to just stand at the border between the two and watch the fun. I hear you won the race. Good for you."

He winked at me and strolled off down the hallway back into his own version of reality.

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End of Tale Five of Eight
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