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The Telephone

by Dionette

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© Copyright 2011 - Dionette - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; phone; tease; fantasy; mast; caught; cons; X

‘Smith and Smith . how can I make the difference. Gwen speaking…." The soft voice came on the phone…..

‘Is that Smith and Smith? The parts software department? " his voice came over the phone, his husky voice caused Gwen to stir….

"Yes it is the Software’s department, what can I help you with?" Gwen said….

"Well I am looking for specific software, one that requires interaction., like when you talk, it appears on the screen…" he said… she could hear his apprehension in his voice..

"Well we have many of those, depends on your needs as a client, then the software comes to just the right person…. Sort of like it was just designed for you…." Gwen said….. she knew her job, just like she knew the work being developed here at Smith & Smith…..

"Okay, say I want a conversation piece done… do you software that can be custom made for that kind of thing?"

"You see I'm in a wheel chair and I cannot use my hands…. And I don’t want to use the head piece…." He said… now she knew the apprehension in him….

"Yes we do… let me transfer you to another line, where I can help…. It's gonna take a little while to demo you the software……. Are you at your PC now?" Gwen asked…..

"Yes I am…… why?" he asked

"Ok in order for me to send you the right demo, I would need your email address and some information about you.." she said as she transferred the call to the office….

Giving her the email address, she slipped the demo to him….

"You should have it, can you install it for me?" Gwen said…

"Give me a moment, my assistant is doing as we speak…." He said..

"Ok, first your name…?" Gwen a said..

"Harrold Blake" he said…. Gwen started type… then stopped… he was the famous writer, the writer who made millions of woman feel and be sexy by his writing… he wrote soft porn, in a love story… even young girls would read his work, till he was involved in a car accident, a few years ago. Claiming the lives of his family and his ability to write…. he dropped off the face off the earth, till now…

"Gwen, are you there? Yes I am him…." He broke through the thoughts of her words…

"I am sorry, Mr Blake…. Yes it is a clothing button, that is just searching your PC for any copy material, or viruses.. can you see it…?" Gwen asked

"Yes I can…What do we do?" Harrold asked?

"Well just say yes, install… I will do the rest from here… you see I can see your PC, but don’t be alarmed, I cannot get info back… that’s the nice thing about this, you get everything, and can only share if you tell it to share…" Gwen said as she clicked on the accept button..

She could hear him telling the assistant to leave……..

"Gwen. A personal question, tell me are you alone? Is there anybody who can hear and see what is about to happen?" Harrold asked her…

Gwen could only imagine, here is this writer, who doesn't’t want anybody to hear or know that he is still alive, in a sense of speaking…

"Yes Mr Blake, I am alone…." She answered him…

Hearing him chuckle…. She gave a sly smile… even his chuckle made her nipples hard, just like his voice….

"Please call me Harrold….and thank you Gwen…. Another question, are you an open minded lady, I can hear in your voice, there is an amazing sensual woman answering the phones…" Gwen smiled, nobody had called her sensual…

"Yes Harrold I am open minded, and I get the feeling that this is a piece out of the new book,… but rest assured I won't divulge anything that is said in this office…" Gwen pulled up her chair….

"Well Harrold, when you are ready, all you have to do is say start, and let the software do its bit. You see as you speak I can read and it puts your words into almost a picture in your mind…." Gwen put down the blinds, as it was in order for strict policy… Silence…..

"Gwen, can you see what I want to do to you?, can you see I want us to do everything……."

we do every thing...

you let me tie you up...MMMM


ok waiting....


and you are blindfolded.. so you can't see where I will touch you.. or what i will touch you with...


mmm more


I am sitting beside you in the bed and tell you to open your mouth and you do....

and i give you the sweetest tasting strawberry you have ever had....




and while you are tasting it, i give your nipple a suck and a little bite.....




then I kiss you on the mouth and flick your lip with my tongue wanting you to chase me....when you flick your tongue out I pour honey on it and it runs between your breasts and down your belly


oooh that is mmmmm


I rub my cock through the honey and bring it to your mouth.. rubbing it across your lips as you open your mouth and take me inside.....


you do know i am hot




temp wise darling



while you begin to let my cock slide in and out of your mouth ..I suck my middle and index finger and slide them slowly and deeply in to your soaking wet pussy.....




I pull my cock from your mouth, and slide down you kissing your breasts and belly and flicking my tongue on your thigh which makes you gasp and spread your legs.....



my body temp just went up


I lay between your legs and gently pull your pussy lips apart with my thumbs and begin to lick you from the bottom of your pussy to the top ..gently sucking on your clit...MMMMMM


you taste so sweet, I want to lick you until you cum.....


wet is not the word right now,,,,, i need a cold shower


I'd love to see how wet you are...MMMMM, and I haven't even slid my 7 inch cock in there yet....




I would tease you with it, rub it on your clit..poke it in a little ways and the pull it back out ..MMMMM




I bet you are touching your pussy right now aren't you???


with the economy as it is, the shop is closed for the whole week, that's why i am so wet and horny..... but it happens.... sorry, hence the cold shower.....


i like you wet and horny ..I'd like to slide my cock in and out of you and then stand up and cum all over your lips and neck..and the blindfold....

I am horny like this every day....


oooh....we need to set up this site.... get it out.... don't you think....??? i get horny the most time when am about to have my period, and when i have it.... it get really bad.... then for a few days after, oooh its bad.... i stay wet.... 24/7


its hard to be like this......


yes, that is normal. I am horny pretty much all the time ...I love pleasure. We will get it set up as soon as I figure out how.




I know I masturbate 2 or 3 times a day, still have sex with my girlfriend a few times a week and everything.


oooh that sounds good


yes ..i am doing it right now thinking of your naked body :):)


lol.... that's so not fair...




i cant do anything....



want me to wait until you can???


lol..... and then, you gonna fuck me from there???


I can talk to you while you pleasure yourself....

I'd do it all .I'm not shy, web cam


oooh you are dangerous..... and we are gonna have fun with the site...

"Gwen, Gwen…..?" she could feel somebody touch her shoulder….as she looked up, her boss Nathan brand was standing next to her…. She in turn had her blouse undone, with her creamy white breasts sticking out, her skirt pulled high and her hand was wet….

She had masturbated all over her panties, he breast was sticking out of her bra…

Blushing she looked into the eyes of Nathan Brand….

"Well I am glad to see my software is working… so you see no need to touch…. That’s what cyber sex is all about……

Smiling he gives her his hankie….


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