Temple of Domina: Arianny

by The Scribe of Domina

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© Copyright 2022 - The Scribe of Domina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; naked; trick; kidnap; chloroform; bond; rope; enslave; nc; X

Towel boy gets ambushed at the spa

“I’m tired of watching other women paw all over you,” Tabitha complained.

“No one is pawing me,” her boyfriend replied.

“Karl, I watch the tapes.”

Having a girlfriend in security can be a little complicated sometimes.

“Those are just lonely older ladies looking for a safe flirt. Nothing more.”

“You don’t have to flirt back all the time.”

“I do if I want tips.”

Tabitha just did not understand. This was what you had to do if you wanted to make it as a towel boy. Greentree Spa did not pay enough to live off in my current position. So, what if I flirted? It was not hurting anything. 

“I’m warning you. If I see you get handsy with one of them again, we’re through.”

That look. She meant it.

“I promise.”

He tried to keep that promise. He really did. The fact was that all the women were a little too old and a little too heavy for him anyway. Then she arrived.

The leggy Latina was nothing short of perfection. Her wavy dark hair flowed past her shoulders giving him a full view of her stunning face complete with look of importance and utter control from her fiery, dark eyes. She sat out on the balcony in a simply stunning green one piece swimsuit. 

“Hello there, handsome.”

“Hello yourself. Are you new to Greenleaf? I would remember someone like you coming in before.”

“Why thank you. Yes, this is my first visit. Please, call me Arianny.”

“Well, Arianny, what brought you to our little facility.”

“I’ve heard good things about the amenities.”

“We do our best to serve lovely ladies.”

“I see the talk of the flirty towel boy wasn’t exaggerated.”

He blushed. Had he been flirting again? So, what if he had been. When would he ever get a chance to do so with a woman like her again? She had to get this kind of stuff all the time. There was no way she would think anything of it.

“I hope they say good things.”

She stood and walked over, stroking his face as she spoke next.

“Very good. You know they were right about one thing.”

“And what would that be?”

“It’s impossible to keep my hands off you.”

As if to emphasize this she ran her hands all over his body. She was skillful. It felt like a massage. He moaned and leaned into her touch. After a second or two he stopped, coming back to his senses. He pulled away.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s unprofessional, that’s all. I should be going.”

As he scurried away, he heard her call, “catch you later!”

She did her best too. Everywhere Karl went that day Arianny was waiting. Always with her knowing smile. Always with a hand to rub his leg or shoulder when he passed. Always with a provocative remark. He did the only thing he knew to do in a situation like this. He just smiled and carried on. He was not going to let Tabitha down. Not this time. 

Finally, the day came to an end, and he had not flirted with anyone else. He had done it! It was his night to close. He whistled a happy little tune as he worked. There was no one left in the building. He was safe. All he had to do was finish here and go home to Tabitha. Show her how wrong she was. He was so eager to do just that he failed to notice the shadow creeping up behind him.

“Hello, Karl.”

He let out a small shriek as he jumped and spun around. His heart could not regain its normal rhythm. Not with the combination of the scare she gave him and the unreal sight she presented before him. 

Arianny stood there naked save for her panties, and two small garments she was holding up with just her hands, covering her nipples.

“Arianny!” he almost shouted. “What the fuck are you doing here? And where the fuck are your clothes?”

“I couldn’t very well leave here without a taste of the towel boy, now, could I?”


“If you insist.”

She dropped the garments and yanked him to her. Her mouth collided with his, her tongue swiftly taking over. He soon found himself moaning and leaning into the kiss again. She ran her hands over his body, unbuttoning his shirt along the way. He forced himself away again. 

“Stop that!”

“Why? I think we both know you like it.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I just can’t.”

“You can tell me.”


She hit him with the puppy dog eyes.

“Fine! My girlfriend works security here during the day. If she saw the video, she’d break up with me.”

“Is that all?”

“What do you mean ‘is that all’?”

“If she dumps you then I can have you.”

“No! That is not how any of this works! I don’t want to be dumped!”

“Too late for that. We are already making out on video. Might as well give her a hell of a show.”

“What do you…?”

His question was murdered before it even got out of his mouth. She tackled him, firing kisses all over his stunned face, each one leaving a dark red lipstick mark in its wake. These were mixed with deep, overwhelming kisses forced into his gaping mouth. Her hips ground against his, keeping his dick nice and hard for her. She ran her hands over him, grasping and groping.

Gasping he managed to grab a nearby chair leg and pull himself free. He took off like a rocket, just trying to get out of there. He had to get home! He had to get home! He had to … destroy that recording! He turned and ran the opposite direction of the door heading straight for the security office. He could hear the slap of bare feet behind him. 

“I’m not done with you yet!”


Luckily, he knew this place better than she did. He ducked into the mud room. Hah! The door burst open behind him, sending Karl sprawling onto the floor.

“Oh, baby wants to get dirty,” Arianny teased. 

Karl tried to scuttle away and back onto his feet. Arianny was too fast for him. She was also too fast for herself. The blow from her tackle sent them both crashing into the mud bath. He tried to pull himself free, but she was stuck on him like a spider on a fly. She even tried wrapping her legs around him. She struggled to gain traction in the mud and only managed to knock his shoes off. Boy, he was glad he chose not to wear socks today.

He pulled himself free and took off through one of the side doors. He could lose her by zigzagging through some of the massage rooms. With each room having four doors he was sure he could lose her. Except for the mud trail he was leaving behind. Damnit! He quickly pulled them all off and wiped off with a towel the best he could before taking off again. There. That should do it.

He was just a few doors away from the back offices. He was almost there. SMACK! He was struck from behind once more, crashing into a tray of massage oils, spilling them all over himself.

“Oh my,” He heard Arianny say, “you want to get really dirty.”

She tossed something over his head. I looked up to see it was her panties. I gulped, my face blushing. She jumped onto my back and began to rub. Her hands rubbed his back with the skills of an expert masseuse. Her pussy rubbed his ass like a woman possessed. Karl found himself trapped in a conflicting vice of lust and relaxation. He moaned into her touch.

“That is it, baby. God, that feels so good.”

“Wait till I get my hands on your dick.”

Snapping back out of it he slipped out of her grasp and out into the hallway. There it was! The security office! He just had to get inside before…

“Get that sweet ass back here, Towel Boy!”

Panic swelling, he bolted. 

Just had to make it to the end of the hall. 



Almost there. 

Bare feet closing in. 



Almost there. 

He pushed the door open.

“Hello, Karl.”


His girlfriend sat at the console watching the camera feed.

“What are you doing here?”

“Administering your test.”


Arianny strolled in.

“Hey, Tabi.”


“Arianny and I know each other from church. She agreed to help me see if you were serious about not flirting anymore.”

“I am!”

“You flirted with me,” Arianny reminded him.

“You almost passed,” Tabitha continued, “you did catch yourself and didn’t do it again. Then you ran.”

“She was chasing me!”

“You ran here. To cover it up. To lie to me.”


“I can’t trust you.”


“I can’t be with you.”


“I can’t stand working here knowing you’re still here, flirting away.”

The next thing she said was directed at Arianny.

“He’s all yours.”

“What?” he asked.

The next thing he knew Arianny tossed him over her shoulder and walked off into the night.

“Hey! Put me down!”

“I will.”

She kept her word. She dropped him into her trunk where a chloroform-soaked rag waited to send him to sleep.

When he woke, he hoped it had all been just a bad dream. He turned his head to see another young guy in bed with him. He was naked, his skin covered in lipstick kisses. His arms and legs were tied together, anchored to the headboard and footboard respectively. Karl quickly realized he was in the same position. A naked Arianny climbed onto the bed at their feet. 

“I see you met Petey. He’s been with me since Christmas.”

She gripped their dicks and began to jerk them both off.

“Now he’s got a lifelong companion to keep him company while I’m off hunting. Now I have two soulmates. Life’s looking good for Arianny.”


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