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The Seduction

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; Alien/ff; capture; insert; tentacles; tease; climax; reluct; X


The night was dark, a million stars twinkled overhead. As she crested a hill there was the moon, brilliantly full, hanging low in the sky. Carolyn glanced at Lee Anne. Her soft, white sweater, stretched tight across her tits fairly glowed in the moonlight. Carolyn resisted the urge to cop a feel.

She had seen Lee's tits, often, but it never went farther than looking. Any touching was reserved for the back: neck rubs, back rubs. They showered together ... sometimes. Temptation almost overwhelmed her then.

"Whoa! Did you see that?"

"No, what?" Carolyn said.

"Looked like a shooting star, but a big one, and I mean really big. Maybe a meteorite."

"Maybe it's just space junk."

Lee Anne chuckled.

"Now there's a romantic thought."

Carolyn gave herself a mental kick in the pants, then settled back to her musings.

It was all innocent enough, except that Carolyn created opportunities to touch and be touched by Lee Anne.

"Lotion my back?" "Sure."

"Oh, I ache. Will you rub my back?" "Sure."

"Lee?" she had called into the next stall. "Will you wash my back?" And Lee Anne came in with her, naked, glistening wet, and soaped her up. Carolyn had nearly lost it that time.

The signs were there. There had been times in the past when the vibe felt right, but she had demurred. Why? She didn't know. Fear? What if she screwed it up?

She'd never seduced a girl before. Her experience had been on the receiving end. She wasn't all that comfortable with her sexuality back then. It was easier to let someone else take the lead. She'd promised herself, though, that when she went to college she'd come out of the closet, find a girl of her own.

Lee Anne certainly fit the bill. They were more than roommates, they were best friends, intimate even - just not in a sexual way - yet.

Carolyn was determined that that would change this week. Then a thought struck. What if Lee was a earlier version of herself, not quite comfortable with the whole thing, waiting for Carolyn to make the move?

The GPS chirped, Carolyn looked for and found the turn off, a gravel road that wound it's way up the side of the mountain. The cabin stood on the edge, overlooking the valley.

It was her uncle's place, popular with skiers and leaf peepers, but spring time was slow, just past mud season, but before all the flowers bloomed, and her uncle said she could use it for spring break. It didn't take much to convince Lee Anne. Beaches and beer were not her thing. She was a wine and candlelight kind of girl. If Carolyn had her way, she'd get plenty both this week.

They unloaded the car. Carolyn lead Lee Anne out onto the porch.

"Oh! It's beautiful!"

"Wait 'til tomorrow, in the light."

Lee Anne shivered. Carolyn wrapped her arms around her friend, hugged her, nuzzled and kissed her neck. Lee Anne went, "Mmm."

Carolyn was just about to turn Lee Anne for a serious kiss when she said, "About that fire."

Carolyn built the fire while Lee Anne opened the wine, poured two glasses. They settled on the floor, on the plush, white bear rug. Then Carolyn got a case of the nerves.

"Uh, listen, I need a shower. Won't take a minute."

It took more than a minute.

(They rely on atmospheric gasses through the large hole and the two smaller, just above. First you seal the larger one. It is a weapon of sorts. I lost the tip of an arm the first time. It has grown back, but is not quite right. Be sure not to block the smaller or it will shortly expire.

Next you remove the outer covering. It exposes more of the exterior and allows access to the orifice and to the sensitive area at the cleft of the limbs.

Insert an arm into the smaller of the two orifices. There is a cavity there. Excrete and fill it. It has a stimulating effect on it.

You'll need to position yourself, covering it, as it will tend to move a lot, but it is easily constrained.

Finally, position yourself between the limbs and provide stimulation. Be gentle. There seems to be some resistance at first, but over time it will respond. As its responses strengthen, you can increase the level of stimulation.)

Carolyn couldn't stand it any longer. She dried off, wrapped the towel around herself, stepped out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. She poured a double shot of 151, tossed it back, took a couple of gasping breaths. Splashed a bit more into the glass, drank it down.

"No guts, no glory. Go for it."

She padded out into the main room. She could see Lee Anne's blond hair, blazing, glistening even, in the fire light, the rest of her lost in shadow. She was on her back, her eyes closed, she seemed to be tossing her head back and forth and she was making soft, muffled sounds.

The shadow changed, turned a luminescent pink. Lee Ann wasn't in a shadow. There was something, some thing, covering her. It looked very much like an octopus. It's body glistened, slimy. Lee Anne's face was covered with the stuff.

Shocked, frozen in place, Carolyn's brain tried to process the scene, but with little success. A moment passed, then another. Then something wrapped itself around Carolyn's ankle. She crashed to the floor, losing the towel in the process. She lay on her stomach, gasping for air, too terrified to scream.

The thing pulled her onto her back, ran a smeared a layer of thick goo across her lips. When Carolyn finally tried to scream, she couldn't.

Tentacles gripped her arms and legs, another probed, then entered her ass. She felt herself being filled, painfully so. She writhed beneath the thing, tried to scream again.

(Not too much. That part of it is fairly delicate.)

Whatever had been pumped into her burned. Soon her whole pelvis was enveloped in the heat. The sensation radiated throughout her body.

The thing covered her, engulfing her in a layer of thick mucous, eventually covering her head, sealing her eyes shut.

She tried to fight, but it was futile. The slime not only bound the thing to her, but glued her to the floor.

A lightning bolt tore through her sex. Carolyn screamed.

(Gently. Begin very gently. In time it will respond and you can increase the stimulation. As its responses increase, so will the fluid production. It is quite delicious, even intoxicating. You are an adult now and prepared to experience these things. But I will limit this experience to three planet revolutions, lest you overindulge. Besides, there are other delights that await you elsewhere.)

The searing pain between her legs was replaced by a gentle tickle. Whatever the thing had pumped into her had made her body tingle, her nipples hard and hyper sensitive, her clit throb. Part of her knew what was happening, part of her didn't care. Thank the 151 for that.

Carolyn came, came again - harder. Came harder still. The stimulation between her legs grew. So did her orgasms.

(You were right. It IS delicious. It is ...)


(Yes. Very nice.)



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