The Server

by [email protected]

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Storage Technologies International Announces Postponement of New Server

New York; AP February 15, 2001

Today, Storage Technologies International announced the postponement of their new, highly awaited server blaming unspecified technical problems…

“Let’s run it up again!” I ordered.

Contrary to the way new computer technologies are depicted in the news and TV, in actual fact they are pretty boring in reality. Disk drives, servers, computers, are all designed on a computer to fit a certain need, then produced down in the workshop (with the engineers and production people); then tested by us engineers to see if the damn thing works.

With the Internet the hottest thing, the newest Middle Class toy, demand for new servers is jumping. So I can just imagine our new server sitting in a server farm somewhere, selling all sorts of goodies for Internet Commerce. Though more than likely the damn thing will be pushing Porn somewhere.


Sue was one of my engineers (unusual for a woman) and a genius to boot. An MIT graduate she was one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with. Unfortunately, because of sexism in the male world of computers, she was the token woman engineer. Paradoxically, she was quite attractive: 5 foot 6 inches; moderate breasts and hips; and a lovely face. And she was still single.

Me? I’m Dave, and I’m still bitter from my divorce. When I came home and saw Catherine in bed with some guy, I packed a suitcase and left. I realized then that I had been a bad husband, working endless hours in the lab instead of attending to my marriage – especially to a wife who needed constant reassurance that I loved her.

“Powering up!” Sue announced.

The new server was in its final testing stage. All that was left was to fine-tune the software to make it as fast and efficient as possible. With a calendar showing the days remaining until the dog and pony show to the press for the box, we had to finish. So here we were, alone together in the computer room. On a table was the remains of dinner – a pizza box and Coke; staples for anyone in the computer industry.

We both watched our respective monitors as more and greater demands were progressively placed on the server. A program, meant to simulate Internet traffic, was putting the server through its paces.

“We’re faster than anything else on the market,” said Sue, “this should really sell.”

“Yeah,” I said, wishing for a cigarette.

Even though we were in the cold computer room, I was beginning to sweat for some reason. Glancing at Sue, I saw that a sheen of perspiration had developed on her forehead. Was the pressure getting to us to get this box to market?

“You OK?” I asked.

“Fine, I just need to stretch my legs,” Sue answered, rising to her feet.

“Me too,” I said, pulling my chair back and joining her.

We walked over to the new server, looking like idiots watching the lights flash as the machine was tested by the other computers. By accident, I brushed by Sue, and was surprised to find her kissing me on the lips.

“You know Dave,” she purred, “ever since we started to work together, I’ve been attracted to you.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“There’s really only one way to get a man’s attention,” she continued.

She backed me up against the new server, plastering me with kisses and fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. Then she opened my pants, which fell to the floor, and reached inside my underwear. Her hand massaged and pulled at my semi-erect cock.

“Fuck me!” Sue cried, undoing her plaid skirt.


“Yes, here!”

Sue had slipped off her skirt, then slipped her red panties down her hips exposing her sex. She then pulled me to the floor next to the server, and opened her legs to accommodate me.

“Fuck me!”

I pulled off my underwear, and my cock was rock hard solid. I plunged into Sue’s open, wet and ready sex, and she moaned in pleasure as I began to piston inside her. Soon, my grunts and her moans were echoing through the computer room.

Sue was acting like a bitch in heat as her legs wrapped themselves around mine, drawing me ever closer to her. I smelled her perfume, but couldn’t place it. It had been so long since I had been with a woman I was out of touch.

While still a teenager, I thought that sex in the back of a car was uncomfortable. I never thought that I would be screwing a woman on a computer room floor!

“Ahhh! Make me come!” Sue begged.

Like the machines around me, I turned into a mindless sex machine. I placed all of my mental and physical energy into my hard cock, driving it into Sue’s open cunt. She moaned with obvious pleasure from each thrust, even as her butt bounced on the cold computer room floor.

“Oooooh!” Sue cried.


“Fuck me, Fuck me, I’m coming!” Sue screamed.

We experienced multiple orgasms together, our bodies wracked with pleasure. By the time they were finished, we lay together gasping for breath.

“Wow!” I said, “I don’t know what came over me, Sue, I didn’t mean to make love to you like that.”

“It’s all right, I wanted it, I begged for it,” Sue answered.

We got to our feet, and I helped Sue with her skirt. I zipped up my pants, and we got back to our terminals.

“When did we start to get horny?” Sue asked.

“Let’s see, when we ran the server up to full capacity and got close to it,” I answered.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sue questioned.

“You’re kidding,” I answered, “that the server made us horny?”

“Ever see the movie “Sleeper?”

“Nope,” I answered.

“Woody Allen and Diane Keaton get into a device called an orgasmatron – an electronic booth that gives them all the sensations of sex.”

“But the server turned us into sex maniacs – I’ve never performed like that before,” I admitted.

“Neither did I,” Sue answered.

“What are we going to do?” I asked.

“Anyone else in the building?” Sue asked.

“The Security Guard makes his rounds soon,” I offered.

“Try him out on the server; to see if it works on someone else. I’ll make myself scarce in the meantime.”

“What if it works on him?” I asked.

“Then we have one hell of a computer problem.”

I didn’t have to be a sex therapist to know that the guard was aroused. I’d known Sam for a year, and we traded jokes and talked about sports scores often enough. I had him stand near the server as the program put it through its paces again. I knew when Sam had a raging erection by the bulge in his pants, and he excused himself and left.

“God Damn!” I swore to myself.

The sun’s rays came through Carl’s office blinds, as we had an early Saturday morning meeting. He had been planning a day of golf with some corporate buyers; instead we had been here all night deciding what to do. Carl was our boss in charge of product development.

Unlike most stuffed shirt corporate types, he had gotten us donuts and coffee before coming in. The look of incredulity on his face was priceless.

“Let me get this straight,” Carl said, “whenever you bring up the server to full capacity, and you’re close to it, you get horny?”

“Yes,” we both answered in unison.

“You’re kidding right? This is just some sort of joke – isn’t it?” Carl begged.

“No,” I answered, “the first time we discovered the server’s effect, Sue and I were standing next to it. Next thing we knew we were on the floor, making furious love. I tested it out on Sam, the night guard, and he had a raging erection by the time he ran out of here.”

“Holy shit! Does anyone else know about this?” Carl asked.

“No. I didn’t tell Sam about it – just showed him the box without any explanation for my real motives.”

“Good. That’s all we would need – publicity! You two did right to keep it under wraps. One more thing.”

“Yes?” I answered.

“Let me stand next to it, run it through a cycle and see what effect it has on me – then we’ll decide what to do!”

We watched from our terminals as Carl, VP of product development, writhed like a Porn star with a raging erection in his pants, moaning as he finally unzipped his pants and ejaculated into a hankie.

“Wow!” breathed Carl, “haven’t felt like that it ages.”

We trooped back to Carl’s office, and after he did a bathroom detour, sat back down for another conference.

“This has to be a total security blackout between the three of us. I’ll call the company president, and we’ll cancel the introduction. You two have done a wonderful job in keeping the lid on this, and deserve a good night’s sleep – so you can go home now,” Carl said.

“Not so fast,” I replied, “before you came over, I made copies of everything from the server’s development and placed them off site in a secure location – and called my lawyer. Any money to be made from the server for use as a sex machine is to go to the whole team – not just the execs – or it will be leaked to the NY Times.”

“You’re a suspicious bastard, you know that?” Carl spat.

“Yes, I do,” I answered.

Well, the server finally made it to market with some crucial modifications. Since we were part of a conglomerate that had some defense contracts, the military came in, made us sign security oaths, and classified everything TOP SECRET.

While the rest of the team got some additional money, Sue and I were bought off by large bonuses of money and stock – enough to keep us in luxury for life.

Sue and I eventually got married, bought a house and had kids. Still, I’ll never forget that one time I banged her on the computer room floor – Wow! Why can’t sex be like that all the time?



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