The Sitter

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Desperate for sleep he turns to a femdom goddess for help

Can't sleep? Desperate for a little rest? We here at the Temple of Domina suggest praying to the Demi-Goddess "The Sitter".

Fuck it. I was desperate. I hadn't had a full night's sleep in weeks. My body was ready to collapse but my mind just would not allow it. I searched online for anything that would help. I tried it all but to no avail. So, when I found a link to this strange page, I was ready to try it. 

I had heard of the Temple, of course. It was impossible not to. It had spread over the world very quickly thanks to the internet. Most men I knew found it intoxicating, even if they wouldn't dare admit it. Gorgeous, immortal, powerful women who regularly take human lovers? It was a dream come true. They are so rarely if ever seen by the public most view it as nothing more than an alternative religion. That's the camp I was in. Still, I clicked.

Her glorious ass can put you under with ease.

It can make me horny as hell but make me sleep? Highly doubtful.

Don't worry she'll take care of your sleeping body, maybe even visit your dreams. Just pray she doesn't require secondary payment.

Oh, she'll be in my dreams alright. The little I have. Oh, what the hell. I got down on my hands and knees.

"Dear... The Sitter. Please, help me sleep."

Nothing. Figures. I noticed the word 'pray' in the first line was blue while the rest was yellow. I clicked it. 

How to Pray in Domina

A common source of confusion has spread amongst our newest members. They do not know how to pray to the goddess and demi-goddess of Domina. When and where is also a question. One we hope to clear up on this page.


Temples to the Goddesses of Domina have been spreading over the world. Every year on Domina's Birthday, April 5th, you must travel to your local temple and bathe in the Titaness Clay making love to the high priestess. To pray to a particular lower goddess (The Harem or Daughters of Domina) or demi-goddess (The Bachcha) you must make an offering of sex to their priestess.


The bed is the most sacred place in the home. Once anointed by Titaness Clay from the local temple it becomes a direct line to the goddesses. Sex or self-pleasure within it nightly thanks the goddesses for their gifts throughout the day. To invoke a certain goddess or Bachcha rub the clay on the sexual organ and make your request. Use the flesh wand or dildo provided by your temple to pleasure yourself while shouting their name. Lighting certain candles and placing certain items on your naked body help increase the chances of your prayer reaching your goddess.

Domina - Midnight Forest candle/massage oil on your chest

Demi Rose - Cinnamon candle/rose petals on bed and body

The Sitter - sweet dreams candle/sleep cap on head

What the hell did I have to lose? There was a temple in the city. I could stop by after work tomorrow. Yeah, why the fuck not?

I pulled up to the temple the next day a nervous wreck. There was no way this was a good idea, right? I mean the structure was built to resemble a cliff with the main buildings all in an open space in the middle like the cave dwellings out in the desert. I walked up to the base and pressed a buzzer mounted on the wall. A section of ‘cliff’ beside it slid open to reveal pneumatic doors. I stepped inside and they slid shut. I approached the lone desk in the tastefully decorated lobby. A short but busty dominatrix sat giving me the once over. I gulped but tried to maintain eye contact.

“May I help you?”

I gulped again.

“I’m here to join the Temple.”

“Are you a practicing Dominate?”

“N…no, I’m converting.”

“Very good.”

She handed me a clipboard with a questionnaire. 

“Go sit over there and fill this out. A Mistress will be out to help you shortly.”

“A mistress?”

“You would have called a priestess before.”

“Oh, got it.”

I walked over to the provided chairs and sat down. 

It was simple enough stuff.

Name: Simon Barr

Age: 30

Marital Status: Single

Currently Enslaved: No

Occupation: office manager

Hobbies: reading, photography, cycling

Favorite books, so on.

When finished I sat it in my lap and looked around. A woman walked out of one of the side doors. Oh, what a woman she was.

Not much taller than the receptionist, she was far bigger in better places. Her legs were drumsticks I wanted to be sandwiched between. Her breasts were massive, spilling out of her shiny black latex corset. Her striking red hair was done up in a ponytail to showcase her sever but sexually mischievous face. 

“Welcome to the Temple of Domina. I’m Mistress Olena. I’ll take that.”

I handed her the clipboard and she read it. A slight smile graced her lips.

“You’re perfect.”

I blushed. I’d never been called that before.


She turned and walked away. I scampered after. 

“You are only allowed on two levels of the Temple. Here in the lobby and on the Mesa. Everywhere else is for employees only. Got it?”

“Got it.”

We reached the far wall and an elevator door. She pressed the ‘M’ which I took for Mesa. After a minute or two or whirling the door slid open. I was shocked to see a tiny metal cage elevator barely big enough for one person. She stepped inside. I hesitated at the entrance.


I gulped but climbed in too. The space was so small I was pressed right up against her. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me even closer. The cage slammed shut. As it rose my boner pressed against her.


“Never apologize for sexual attraction. It is sacred. I am honored by it.”

I blushed again.

We came to a stop and the door slid open. She let me go and I slowly stepped out onto the exposed ‘mesa’ floor. Mistress Alena led me past the massive rectangular ‘stone’ buildings until we reached the massive one in the center. It almost looked like a cathedral. 

“Each of these belongs to a different goddess or Bacha. This one is to Domina herself. It is where all travelers begin their journey into her possession.”

The main temple was kept cool with neutral earth-tones and furniture made from wood, all aged.

"Sanctifying a bed can be a very difficult thing to get just right," she continued on her little tour, "I may have to come over and... inspect your work."

I blushed at her implication. 

"Of course, as a priestess, I don't bother with beds all that often. I prefer my fucking in the sacred Titaness Clay."

God, I was so hard. She opened the door to a large sauna-like room. In the center was a massive statue of three sexy women having a three-way. 

"In the center is our creator, our one goddess above all, Domina. To her right is our queen and restorer of the Domina faith, Queen Val S. To Domina's left is the Queen's step-daughter and love slave Princess Anastasiya."

Clay flowed from the statues' tits and pussies into a massive round bathing pool. My guide, who had introduced herself as 'Mistress Alena', pressed a button on the wall. All the doors in and out slammed shut and locked. All windows looking out into the garden and the rest of the temple frosted over. 

"Clothes off," she demanded.

I quickly complied. 

"Good. I like a slave who knows his place."

She slowly stripped out of her clothing, letting me take in every delicately hugged curve. Something told me this was the only delicate part of this woman. She charged forward and shoved me back into the clay. 

"Normally this would take a week. You would be matched with the priestess best suited to assist you in worship. We'll be skipping that part of the process. I claim you."

"You… why?"

"I find you very sexy and want to fuck you weekly."


"That's what you've committed to. Besides, I saw your favorite books on the application. I too am a bibliophile. It's like Domina made you for me."

She shoved me into her and slammed away. I needed no more instruction. I wrapped around her and we fucked long into the night. Once done she handed me a jar of clay and a flesh light shaped like her own pussy. 

"Be here Thursday or I will kidnap you."

"Yes, Mistress."

Well, here goes nothing. I rubbed the clay into the frame of my bed, naked as the day I was born. Once finished I sat in the middle of the mattress. I dripped the last of the clay onto my dick and slowly stroked away. I looked at my laptop on the bedside table and recited the ritual to sanctify my bed. 

"Díno questo super Domina ea tutti quelli che sequuntur. Se aftó, le donne governano e io kai prépei kai et semper pareo."

In English it meant ‘I give this bed over to Domina and all who serve her. On it, women rule and I must and will always obey’. I came hard but instead of bodily fluids, a wave of energy shot out of me and over the bed. 

"Step one, complete," I mused.

I went around the room lighting the Calm Dreams candles I bought on my way home. I placed the sleep cap I bought as well upon my head. I took a deep breath. 

"I need to sleep!"

I took the flesh light and turned it on, slipping myself into it.


I moaned at the sensation. 


I buckled from the coming storm inside me.


I came hard and collapsed. I was tired but not spent. Again, nothing came out.

"Hello there."

I shot up. Sitting on the dresser across from my bed was a gorgeous blond woman in a gold corset and panties.

"You called?"

"Who? Who are you? How did you get in here?" I asked, timidly.

"You should know. You summoned the Sitter, after all. Did you really expect me not to come?"

"I... I wasn't really sure any of this was real."

"Then why do it?"

"I'm desperate. I need to sleep so bad."

"Nothing in Domina comes for free."

"Name it! I'll give you anything just to sleep again."

"I want your body."

"C...come again?"

"You won't be using it while you sleep."

"What... what will you do with it?"

"That knowledge is forbidden to you."


"You're mortal."

"I see. You won't humiliate me, right?"

"I have no need for that."

"OK. Good. Do whatever you want. Just let me sleep."

"Lay on the bed. Face up."

I jumped into place. She climbed onto the foot of the bed with a gentle smile. 

"Don't worry, I'm going to take good care of you."

She turned around, giving me a glorious view of her large, juicy ass. My dick was now fully awake.

"Do you know why they call me The Sitter?"


She smiled playfully. She gently lowered her ass until it covered my face. I don't know what came over me. I just smiled and took the longest, deepest breath of my life. A wave of calm washed over me. Then I fell. I did not fall down but up. Up into her ass.

The Sitter stood and looked at the sleeping man. Her ass never failed. Handsome fella, she mused, she would have to have some fun with this one. Though, as with most things in this life it seemed, there was work to be done first. 


Simon's eyes opened but he remained deeply asleep. What looked back at her now was the man's subconscious mind. He climbed off the bed and stood before her obediently. 

"Welcome to my thrall, Little Dreamer."

"It feels nice, my goddess."

"I'm sure it does. Your application at the Temple set off some... alarm bells, shall we say."


"You work for Dr. Ella Perkins, do you not?"

"I do."


She snapped her fingers.

I awoke with a start. Something was wrong. I didn't feel rested. Had any time passed at all. I knew I fell asleep. I felt the relief. I needed to feel that relief again.

"What's going on?"

"I've turned off your ability to sleep."

"What? Why?" I pleaded. "Please, turn it back on."

"I can. Though I will require secondary compensation."

"Anything! Just name it!"

"Kidnap your boss."


"Dr. Perkins is a world-renowned linguist and as it so happens, owner of a great hoard of documents that rightfully belong to our church. So far she has refused to sell or donate them to us. We have given her every opportunity to comply. Now... we have to resort to other means."

"Ki...kidnapping though?"

"Desperate times. Tomorrow you will set up an appointment for me with her. Cancel all others. Once I'm inside her office, close up shop and lock it down."

"I can't..."

"You can or you'll never sleep again."

I moaned pathetically. 

"Don't worry. You'll be rewarded handsomely."

She rubbed her hands over my body. 

"In the naughtiest of ways, of course."

She gave me a peck on the mouth then vanished without a trace.

I trembled as I came into the office. There was no way I could do this. No way. I sat down at my desk. She had three appointments today. Making sure Dr. Perkins could not hear me I called each one and let them know she was feeling under the weather and could not come in. I erased the last two meetings of the day. I changed the name of the first. All I could think to put was The Sitter.

"Good job."

I jumped out of my seat as she appeared next to me. 

"Lock up."

Dr. Perkins sat at her desk going over her papers when the door to her office shot open.

"What the fuck?!"

A gorgeous blond in only a gold bra and skimpy gold panties skipped in. 

"Who the fuck are you?"

"The Sitter."

"No, you're not. All that Domina bullshit is just a myth."

The sitter snapped her fingers and the door to the office faded out of existence. As did all the windows. Dr. Perkin's eyes widened in terror.

"No. No! This isn't real!"

I assure you it very much is."

She snapped again and Perkins fell onto the floor face up, unable to move.

"Don't hurt me. Please!"

"Wouldn't dream of it."

She turned and sat on the pretty black woman's face.

I stood gaping at the spot where the door once stood. It quickly faded back into existence with The Sitter standing in the frame.

"Get in here."

She grabbed my shirt and tossed me in before the room sealed back up. Dr. Perkins was on the desk, asleep and moaning lustfully.

"Lay on her."


"You heard me."

Blushing deeply I took off my shoes and climbed onto the desk, laying on top of my sleeping boss. 

"Now wha...?"

Before I could finish, The Sitter's ass was over my face and I was gone. The next thing I knew I was by a pool. I had never been here before. It felt really inviting though.

"Welcome to Dr. Perkins's dream," came The Sitter's disembodied voice.

"Why am I here?"

"There you are, pool boy.”

I turned to look at this new voice and almost doubled over in shock. My quiet, serious, conservative boss was smiling at me in a tiny little bikini that showed off her actually impressive ass. With her hair down and the worries of work gone, she was stunning.

"Dr. Perkins?"

"Please, Simon, I keep telling you to call me Ella when we're alone."

"Play along."

"OK... Ella."

She laughed a most melodic laugh.

"Good, now get your cute little ass over here and help me out of these clothes. It's time for our... nude swim."

I gulped and approached. Her body felt so real in my hands as we undressed one another. She pulled me into the pull and impaled herself, wrapping around me, trapping me against the edge. I moaned out at the sensation. This was far too real to be a normal dream.

"Fuck me!"

She began to thrust and pound, using me as the sex toy I had become. I became so lost in the motion it took a long while to realize the water was now Titaness Clay. We were no longer asleep but naked in sexual embrace in the fountain back at the Temple.

"What the fuck?!" Dr. Perkins shouted, backing away.

She was cute when she blushed like that. The Sitter sat behind her on the edge of the pool.

"Good Morning, Dr. Perkins."

"How did I get here? What is this place?"

"This is the Temple of Domina. You just became my newest priestess.“

"I will be no such thing!" Dr. Perkins demanded.

"You've read the scriptures, Doctor," The Sitter smirked. "You know that if you sexually dominate someone in the temple pool before a goddess you become their priestess."

"I was asleep! You were controlling me!"

"I did not put these thoughts in your head. You've been having this dream for some time. We both know that. I only allowed you to do what you wanted to do."

"I won't serve you."

The clay grabbed her arms and pulled them under.


It slithered up her boobs, wrapping around her nipples.

"S...stop this."

It swirled and spun, tweaking her nipples in the process. Her protests turned to moans of pleasure. The clay continued to suck her under until she was totally submerged. 

"Where did she go?" I asked.

“The Womb."

"The what?"

"A place where she'll be reborn. Now that she belongs to us, so do her papers. Our lost knowledge will soon be restored. Now, as for you."

"You're not going to send me down there, are you? I did my part!"

She snapped. I felt myself fall and land in a small pool of Clay in a small bedroom. Just as I wondered where I was, The Sitter placed her ass over my face and I fell deep inside once more.

Where the fuck was I now? I certainly didn't recognize this Marie Antoinette style shit. Seriously, the bedroom looked like it came right out of a fairy tale.

"Like it?"

I looked over to the vanity to see The Sitter standing there now wearing a more flowery bra and panties set.

"This is the bedroom where I lost my virginity. And took the servant boys' as well. Sometimes I miss my time with Louis XIV but these days I have a lot more control I find."

"Louis XIV? No fucking way you're that old."

"Thanks for the compliment. Indeed, I was born in that time. As the child of a goddess, I can never age nor die after reaching my sexual peak."

"W...why am I here?"

"It's time for your reward. Get on the bed."

I did as she commanded. She crawled onto the foot of the bed just as she had done the night before. I watched as her only attempts at clothing simply faded away. I took in a deep breath as I took in the striking beauty before me. She slowly crawled up the length of my body like a cat closing in on a mouse. She shifted her body around, so her ass was rubbing up against the top of my rigid dick. She slowly rubbed her ass against it.

Back in the temple, the physical Sitter was doing just as her name implied. Now naked, she sat on Simon and rubbed her ass on the sleeping man's dick. He floated in the clay moaning as her dream counterpart did the same.

I moaned and thrusted as she slammed her ass against my all too eager manhood. She scooted back down until her tits touched the tip of my dick. I sat my head up to get a better look. She smiled lustfully as she pressed forward, sandwiching it between her mighty melons. 

"Oh, goddess!"

Why had that slipped out? What was she doing to me? All thought left me for a while as the titti-fucking session began.

I was nothing more than an animal, thrusting away into her, trying in vain to match her erotic movements. Once I was nice and hard she slipped me out.


"Don't worry, Baby, I'm not done."

She slid me into her dripping womanhood and continued her sinful dance. I once again lost myself in the pleasure, gripping her body and joining her with my own lustful movements. 

Temple priestess Mistress Alena returned to her chambers, horny after hours of quiet, solitary study time. She was shocked to find her clay pool already occupied. That sexy newbie Simon lay floating face up, a big dumb smile on his face. With him was...

"My Goddess!" She quickly took a kneeling position before the Bachara.

"Greetings, Little Priestess."

"What brings you to my humble chamber?"

"I saw you in Simon's dreams. You made quite the impression."

A sense of pride overtook her.

"He has been very helpful but at great personal expense. He was caught on camera helping me kidnap his boss. The police will be looking for him. It is unsafe for him to leave our temple.

It would be cruel to tell him this so he shall remain in my dream world. His body will serve the temple and his mind will serve me.

"Though I am not a shellfish deity. I hereby appoint you his guardian. You will command him throughout his daily duties and keep him from being awakened. As reward, he shall live here with you and you will be the only mortal to fuck him."

"Thank you, Goddess."

"Guard my treasure well and one day I may let you fuck his mind as well."

"Yes, Goddess."

The Sitter strolled away. Mistress Alena looked at Simon, smiled, and launched into the clay ready to sate her sexual hunger, for now.

The Sitter traveled to the heart of the temple, deep inside the 'cliff'. Wriggling cocoons lined the walls. Instead of silk, these were made of Titaness Clay. Each one moaned in pure lust. She approached one of the struggling women and gently held their face. The clay retreated to reveal a panting Dr. Perkins.

"Please. Please let it stop."

"I can not. Once you're in the womb you can not leave till your nine months are up. Not until you are bound to me for all eternity."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Domina does not like to be denied. You should be grateful."

"How so?"

"I could have extradited you to Domina Isle for your crimes. Let you rot in the Queen's dungeons. This way you live forever, stay this stunning sensual creature and get to have a lot of sex. Mainly with me. Here let me give you a sample."

The cocoon fell from the wall and into her arms. She laid Perkins on the ground. The clay slid back to reveal her most private areas but remained a restraint for the rest of her. The Sitter climbed onto her new slave and made all her unspoken dreams come true.


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