Three Very Different Experiences

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2020 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF; F/mf; mind-control; sex; oral; scifi; cons; X

Rodrick: had always wanted to provide his wife with her every fantasy, and he had done well with all but the most difficult three over the years. Today though he was going to change that for their relationship. It had not been easy getting all the pieces of the plan that he needed, but he did work for the company that manufactured the majority market share of Stem Tech, also a good bit of personal research, and a big chunk of cash had gone into the other part of the plan.

Aileen: came home a good bit early to hear noises coming from the bedroom that she surely did not like! At first she had assumed that someone was robbing them and had grabbed the nearest weapon she could think of, on hindsight it was not a weapon at all, she had not really been thinking clearly. Then she realized that the noises coming from the master bedroom seemed excited and somehow sexual, then she had recognized her husband's voice, and the slight moaning of a woman. She looked down at what she had grabbed as a “weapon” and and realized just how ridiculous the idea was, and yet it was just the perfect thing to get her cheating husband back, she would make him pay!

She never would have thought he was capable of cheating on her, but it was obvious to her now, in her rage, what she was going to do to “them”. The “weapon” in her hand was not even a conventional weapon, it was not really even supposed to exist, but her husband had procured these dangerous little contraptions from work a year or so ago. She dumped the two small devices out onto her hand. She activated one, then the next, and held them tight as the 3/4 inch long “bug” looking machines struggled to free themselves so they could climb out of her hand up her arm.

She snuck up to the master bedroom door, opened it a crack, threw them in to land soundlessly on the carpet then pulled the door shut again, preventing these “bugs” from getting to her. In her mind's eye she could still see the scene she had gotten a glimpse of having looked through the crack in the door. Mostly she had looked because she wanted to make sure she was not making a grave mistake, but she could see an image that was now burning a hole in the back of her eyelids: a naked woman kneeling on the floor naked and her husband standing over her. He had a shirt on, but the bed had obstructed her view of what was surely a spectacular blow job.

He looked flustered as he looked down at her holding this woman's hair out of the way, and the woman, WOW was she hot, from what Aileen could see. The warm glow of dimmed lights in the bedroom had thrown the woman's curves into soft relief and her body looked perfect, too perfect. Aileen loved her husband, and thought the world of him, but how in the world had he managed to seduce such a young beautiful woman?

Robin: was kneeling on the floor in the master bedroom of a man she had just met, but his credentials made him trustworthy and his wealth made him appealing. She loved what she did, but the danger associated with this specific rendezvous was the reason she was here and this might be the most exciting thing she had ever done, ever. She could almost not even believe it was happening, it was both terrifying and exciting. She was naked of course, what they planned to do would be much easier if she were naked from the start, and she never minded being naked.

She thought she heard some noises in the house while Rodrick busied himself touching her in what she considered the most intimate of ways possible, but he didn't react so she assumed that it was a normal sound this house made. She rather enjoyed the feeling of submitting herself to his will and his careful touches, this was something new for her, a step up in her game, a level above anything she had ever tried before. This was almost like a dream, a fantasy come true for her, something she would have never thought possible for herself until he had approached her, explained it to her, and convinced her to try it.

Rodrick's warm slightly rough hands felt amazing on her slightly chilled naked skin, he was masterful and practiced and he sent shivers down her spine as he worked on her body. The room was slightly cold after all, but it was just the right thing to cool her off on a hot summer day, and made her skin tingle and her nipples stand out proudly.

Rodrick: could not believe his luck to have seduced, more like convinced, this woman into his bedroom. She was spectacular in every way, but then again that's what he was paying for after all right? That and her willingness to look past his strange request of her, it had taken hours and hours of personal research to even find someone good looking and... willing. Every fiber in his body wanted to lay her down this instant and fuck the shit out of her but he was not ready for that... yet.

Aileen: sat down in the hall and leaned against the wall. She didn't cry, she was just a bit too shocked to even feel anything but the original rage that she had felt and now that was even fading. There, in her bedroom was something she had always wanted, just not the WAY she had wanted it... She had told Rodrick before that she would want to share their bed with another woman someday, but she had made it clear how she had wanted to do it. She wanted him to pick out the woman and bring her home, then she wanted to be the one to seduce this woman over a fancy dinner and a few too many glasses of wine. Coming home and finding her husband already with a naked woman moaning was NOT what she wanted.

Aileen could imagine her revenge happening at this very moment though. These “bugs” she had thrown in the room were programmed to do something very specific, and Aileen and Rodrick had used them before for some very interesting games! They only ever used one “bug” at a time for safety but one day they planned to get up the courage to use them together. These “bugs” were designed to search out the host port of the Stem Tech connector on the back of the neck of the closest person to the “bug” when it was activated. These Stem Tech ports were issued and used by their health care for diagnostics, recording, and healing of the body of all citizens.

Rodrick though worked in the department that guaranteed that these ports were unhackable. So of course Rodrick knew how to hack them. If they were only using one hack at a time they could just install them into the others' port manually for them, but if they ever wanted to use these in unison then they needed the hacks to be able to self install. At this moment she imagined that the two “bugs” had jumped onto her unsuspecting victims and had quickly found their way into the Stem Tech sockets. The two lovers would be basically paralyzed while the “bugs” attacked and hacked the port. Aileen knew that the paralysis would only last for about 5 minutes so it was time to move into the room now and take control.

Rodrick: had already finished making the adjustments to Robin's port so that it would be vulnerable to his hacking device, then fitted a brand new unused hacking device into her Stem Tech socket. She had been motionless for about 4 minutes now, and she was a sight to see. He didn't know why she had convinced him to be naked for the procedure, any moment now he would be able to command her to do anything he wanted, she would be completely under his control.

Stripping down would have been a menial accomplishment. But then maybe she had just thought it was another part of the excitement of submitting herself to his “experiment”, and honestly he didn't mind, she was stunning after all. It was a little more on the “cheating” side of things, but then again considering that he planned to share this woman with his wife this evening how could it hurt. Plus he was hard as a rock, a nice distraction while he worked.

Robin: had had her head down while Rodrick had worked on the back of her neck, another sign of her submissive nature, but also just because it made access to her port much easier. She could feel the wetness between her legs growing knowing that any moment he was going to implant a chip into her Stem Tech socket that would paralyze her for about 5 minutes, then when she snapped out of it he would be able to control all of the hormone levels in her body effectively making her a completely willing obedient slave, or really anything else he wanted. Then the chip was in and she was instantly frozen in place.

She had felt this before at the doctor's office, it was used when doing body scans to keep the patient completely still for the machines, but this was different, she could feel a slight change in the way she was thinking, and a rush of something exciting boil up in the blood. He had told her that this chip was only set up to cause an increase in libido and a huge reduction in inhibitions when it was first installed so it would not be a huge shock to her system. Later on, after his wife had had a chance to “seduce” her he would slowly start changing her chip settings until by the end of the evening she would be just whatever the couple wanted of her, he had paid in advance, in full, in cash, for a week of her time.

Robin felt the chip's paralyzing effect wear off but since Rodrick was still touching her neck Robin tried not to move a muscle, even as she suppressed a giggle; how could it be possible for this chip to increase her libido when she was already almost shaking with desire at this very moment. This was surely the most exciting 'John' she had ever been hired by, and a rare opportunity that maybe no one else would ever get to experience. She noticed some movement out of the corner of her eye, but she didn't look to see what it was. Rodrick was standing still holding his finger on her newly installed chip, she would have thought that the chip would hold itself in, but he seemed intent on holding it perfectly still so she held still.

Aileen: was sure that by now the “bugs” had captured her prey. There was not a sound coming from the room, no quiet moaning like there had been earlier, no panicked sounds of two people trying to evade the bugs, and no sound of one person shocked to find their lover suddenly paralyzed. Both her husband and this slut must have a bug snugly pressed into their Stem Tech sockets holding them in place so she could come in and decide what to do with them.

Before she stood up she took the last of the three items out of the pouch the bugs had been stored in. It was a simple remote that her husband had built allowing them to choose what settings they wanted for each bug before they set them loose.This way they could play a game, let's say they wanted to roll play that she was a lifeless fuck doll and he was a horny frat boy. They could set the bug for him to raise his libido through the roof, and set hers to keep her paralyzed past the original 5 minutes. Or they could just set a timer on both bugs that would make both of them crazy with lust for 15 minutes, then the bugs would turn them back to normal and detach themselves when the “session” was over.

So on the remote Aileen selected the same settings for both bugs; a “lack of volition to move”, largely heightened libido (just to make the paralyzation that much more torturous) drastically lowered inhibitions (so she could question them, command them, or whatever), and she set the timer to max (for safety the max was 4 hours). Aileen opened the door quietly and stepped inside. By the look of the way her husband was standing over this girl touching the back of her neck the first bug must have gotten the girl and her husband had been trying to remove it before his bug got him.

Aileen felt a tingle on her neck then suddenly she was frozen in place standing with her hand tightly gripping the door handle she had been trying to close quietly. Her frozen grip on the door handle was the only reason she had not fallen on her face with a painful crash. Aileen couldn't understand it, why was she frozen in place, there were two frozen people in front of her each with a bug, but somehow a 3rd bug had found her?

Rodrick: didn't understand what was happening at first. He had felt something crawling up his shirt, but honestly had just thought it was his imagination until he found himself frozen in place and the familiar feeling of something being altered in his mood. Then he saw a shadow enter the room, he could not see who it was from this position and angle but he just knew that it was his wife!

Had she found them early and made bad assumptions? But then again how could he blame her for making an assumption, he should have been doing this out in the living room, with this girl clothed, just to be more prudent, but the bedroom just felt like the right place to do this, and he had not really put up any argument against her being naked, he was paying for her time, and why shouldn't he enjoy it. It was not like he was cheating on his wife, she let him go to strip clubs whenever he wanted, and this was not much different really?

Well now he just needed to wait for the 5 minutes to pass then he would unfreeze and explain the entire thing in a matter of moments. His wife was a logical woman, she would calm down quickly, he hoped, once she understood. Maybe he could still salvage this situation and they could all partake in the diner and seduction that his wife had requested so many years ago.

Robin: could feel the presence of someone else in the room now, as her throat seemed to sink into her stomach she realized that they had been caught in their risky little game. It would be best for her to just stay still and quiet to let Rodrick explain the situation first, after all Aileen didn't know Robin in any way. Unfortunately Rodrick seemed unaware of the new person in the room as he just stood above Robin holding her chip in place, was he counting the seconds or something? Was it important to keep it in place for a certain amount of time or something? He had told her everything else before he had done it, had he forgotten this simple thing? Robin hoped he would stand up soon and see his wife standing there and explain everything before his wife started throwing things or something.

Rodrick: didn't move a muscle.

Aileen: didn't move a muscle.

Robin: held as still as she could in the awkward silence.

Robin: was soon feeling the effects of the chip more intensely. He had said that it took time for the body to respond to the “treatment” and to fully produce the chemicals and hormones that he had programmed into the chip induce in her system. She was now shaking slightly from sexual desire and excitement. Before it had been a figure of speech that she felt she would shake from desire, but now she actually was shaking, it had started in her toes buried in the carpet, and she had thought it was just fatigue at first, but now her fingers were shaking slightly and it was hard to breath normally as her heart started racing and demanding more oxygen.

Her inhibitions were slowly eroding, but her fear and confusion was currently holding her back from just knocking Rodrick to the floor and riding out a fantastic mind blowing orgasm on his cock that she knew was hard as a rock, she had seen it through his pants as he had moved around her. The silence was more than she could take at this point though and she broke. She probably would have said “Hey, Rod, your wife is here, didn't you notice?” but by now she was not thinking very clearly.

She spared a glance at the other woman in the room as she reached out to unbuckle Rodrick's belt, but her hands stopped short as she noticed that something seemed amiss. It only took a moment to realize that Robin was the only person in the room that was moving. Shock snapped her out of her lust for sexual release long enough to stand up and inspect the husband and wife. There, implanted in each of their Stem Tech sockets was a chip... with legs? This chip didn't look anything like the one Rodrick had shown her before he had inserted it in her own socket.

Aileen: watched in shock and horror as this super HOT naked homewrecker walked up to her. She could smell the most alluring rose scent coming off of the woman's hair as she had made a closer inspection of Aileen's neck under Aileen's hair. She could almost feel the warmth of the woman's pert breasts radiating onto her arm and she wanted nothing more than to have this woman's hard nipple rub across her bare skin below her blouse's hem. She had always found women attractive, and she had had a couple back in college. She and her husband had discussed women and what they would do with them whenever she got drunk enough on vacation to almost almost have the nerve and guts to go through with sharing her husband with some attractive woman visiting the same resort as them. But she had never been so close to any woman while under the influence of the hacking chips.

By now she had figured out what had happened. It was obvious that her husband had used a chip on this hussy before Aileen had thrown the bugs in the room. What depraved game had they been playing? Was it one of the amazing, fun, sexy, thrilling games that Aileen had played with her husband in private before? Had he given his greatest gift to some other girl now? Aileen knew that no one else had this technology, at least as far as she knew, she had thought that she had been the one special girl in the world that would experience it's wonders. Well that didn't really matter at this point, Aileen was becoming more and more focused on her desire to get this stranger's breasts into her mouth and this stranger's fingers into her pussy. She knew it was the chip talking, but she didn't care, after all she had done this to herself, it was her just reward. Aileen watched with a pang of jealousy as the strange woman approached Rodrick to inspect the back of his neck.

Robin: moved back to the woman, bemused at how this could have happened. He had never said that the chip embedded in the back of Robin's neck was the only one in existence, but Robin had just assumed that it was. And then how could they have been installed in the back of their necks so suddenly, maybe that's what the “legs” on these other chips were for. Almost all of the time that Rodrick had spent fiddling with the back of her neck had been making the delicate changes necessary for his hack chip to work, after all once the chip was installed it's paralysis took hold almost instantly.But why would Rodrick make chips that could paralyze both him and his wife without warning, that seemed very dangerous?

Robin saw that what-was-her-name, Aileen, was clutching something so Robin pulled it gingerly out of Aileen's hand. It didn't take Robin any time at all to decipher its purpose and how to use it; after all this remote had been designed to be simple, self explanatory, and easy to use. Robin poked through the small menu screen and found actually a few dozen chips listed, but only three were active within range of the remote. She quickly deduced her own chip from the others since she was the only person not paralyzed.

She didn't think to set her own settings back to normal as she felt fine right now, her mental focus fueled by the mystery unfolding before her. Instead she chose one of the two remaining chips at random and turned off the paralysis. As she was violently shoved to the ground she realized her mistake, she should have chosen some other setting that would be obvious to figure out what chip was installed in what person, but now it was too late.

Rodrick: watched as his wife suddenly sprang into motion and ruthlessly threw Robin to the ground. He was helpless to stop her as he watched the scene unfold, he was sure that Aileen meant to harm Robin from the voracity of her attack. But then his opinion of the situation changed in an instant, though he could still do nothing about it. The girls had landed on the floor right in front of him, he had almost fallen ever from the rush of air passing by him, but lucky he had had a good balanced stance over Robin when he had installed her chip.

During her “attack” Aileen had ended up falling on top of Robin and landed with her face buried in Robin's sex. It only took Rodrick a millisecond to realize that this “attack” had been nothing more than a desperate desire to get her mouth on Robin's sex. Aileen had always been a very oral person. She treated good food or good wine like a fine lover, enjoying their textures in her mouth in an almost sensuous way, and that was nothing to the way she treated Rodrick's cock. 

When she took it into her mouth she seemed to revel in the feeling of it and the taste of it. Simply put it was no surprise to Rodrick that Aileen had gone straight for getting Robin into her mouth, though he would have thought she would have started on Robin's neck and worked her way down but Aileen must be so far beyond that already. He wondered if Aileen had left the last session's settings on her chip, or if she had chosen these settings herself. After all, buy now he had figured out what had happened and that Aileen was directly responsible for his current paralyzation and Aileen's current uncontrollable lust for pussy.

Robin: had been ready to fight for her life as she crashed to the floor, bouncing on the soft rug and coming to a stop. Her ass hurt like mad from the landing, and she would probably had a little rug rash on her tush, but right now she only cared about fight or flight... until she felt it... sudden warmth and a harsh sucking on her entire sex. Aileen had opened her mouth wide to suck on Robin's entire pussy lip area, and her tongue was already snaked out and licking Robin's clit.

Now a new fight or flight tried to kick in, she never could stand when someone went right for her clit, she needed a little warming up first. As she scrambled to move backwards though her legs would not respond. Pleasure unlike anything she had felt before was surging right up her spine from her clit. Whatever her natural state of lusty desire was and the added effect that the chip was doing to her her clit was taking this tongue lashing like a champ!

There was none of the over-simulation sharp abrasive pain she had expected. In her heightened state of arousal Robin wanted nothing more than to reciprocate pleasure, but every time she tried to sit up to lean in and grab Aileen's hair, or caress Aileen's neck or whatever, the pure pleasure of it all would make her stomach lock up and she would fall back too weak to sit up. Only after she had cum, and cum again when Aileen had taken to fingering Robin did Robin manage to pull herself out from under Aileen.

Aileen: followed this girl across the floor as she scooted back away from her. Aileen was on all fours like a Lioness playfully stalking her mate. She still wanted more, to taste more, the feel more, to experience more. She had been with women before, but this was new and interesting being under the influence of the chip. She knew she was under the influence of the chip, and she also knew that in the morning she would not regret going with the flow and letting her desires take full advantage of her situation. Rodrick would pay for what he had done, but Aileen didn't mind getting a little action herself now that she was here.

Rodrick: watched as Aileen fucked Robin. It was like watching the hottest porn he had ever seen, being just an observer in all of this. Robin was now trying to back away, she was looking at Rodrick and back at Aileen like she was forming some kind of plan, but then she seemed to suddenly change her mind, rolled over to face Aileen on all fours and pounced on Aileen, knocking her back.Robin had Aileen stripped naked quickly, then she mounted Aileen as she nimbly spun her body around so that she could press her pussy into Aileen's face and still reach her pussy. This put the girls in a 69 position a little more to the right of Rodrick's view than he would have wished, but then again, how could he complain, he could still see them.

Robin: found it amazing to taste a woman for the first time while under the influence of the chip, in her profession she had of course fucked women, fucked couples, and fucked lots of men, but this was a whole new level of intoxicating pleasure. As long as she gave in to her lust her mind seemed more focused and sharp thinking than she had ever been, and the pleasure seemed more real than ever before.

Aileen: found the pressure of this lithe, small framed young hot woman laying on her chest calming... kind of... it was also exciting, but since she was the “bottom” now she didn't mind calming down a little bit and just experiencing the pleasure this strange woman was providing. The chip giving her clarity helped her at least stay focused enough to keep sucking on this girl's pussy. It tasted fantastic, and was a pleasure in itself to experience it. Aileen tried for a little bit to copy whatever this girl was doing to her, but it didn't take long to realize that there was so much pleasure that Aileen could not decipher exactly what the girl was doing to her, down below.

Rodrick: watched the girls with his complete attention while the girls fucked 69 style. He was mad with lust at this point, even without the chip he could not have held out this long without joining in, if he hadn't been paralyzed that is. When the girls finally broke it up Robin crawled to Rodrick looking into his eyes the entire time, putting on a very sexy show of crawling to him slowly.

The entire time Aileen was following behind crawling on knees and one hand with the other hand distractedly buried in Robin's sex. It looked like she was madly fingering Robin, not paying much attention to the fact that they were even traveling. When Robin reached Rodrick she looked behind her and sighed frustrated, then continued to crawl until she was behind Rodrick, then she sat down, depriving Aileen of her new toy.

Robin: watched as Aileen's attention was drawn upwards. Robin had moved so that Aileen would follow and would end up with a face full of cock if she didn't watch where she was going. Sure enough Aileen was slowly realizing just how close she was to her husband's crotch. Once Aileen was distracted Robin quickly moved to stand up and hold Rodrick's shoulders so he would not fall over. Aileen didn't waste any time unbuckling, unbuttoning, and pulling down Rodrick's pants. Robin spoke for the first time, “Help me lay him down.”

Aileen: didn't seem to have a say in the matter, her body responded to this woman's command instantly and the two women carefully lifted Rodrick up, turned him facing with his back down then lowered him to the ground. He was now in a useless uncomfortable looking position, but Robin moved to the bed, picked up the remote. The woman spoke up again, “Rodrick, just lay flat and don't move otherwise.”

Rodrick: didn't have a moment to think before he found his body responding to Robin's command, laying flat, then she froze him again with the remote. It didn't take any time at all before Aileen was riding his cock with abandon. It seemed like his balls were going to explode, it was like he was having an orgasm but his balls could not muster up enough to contract. This made his orgasm ride out for a long time, it was almost too much for him and he wondered if that was what it felt like to have long or multiple orgasms as a woman.

Robin: watched the couple. She was realizing now that she was in more control than either of the others, and she was even starting to wonder if her commands were being followed or being compelled. Eventually Aileen slumped down tired on her husband's chest. She was exhausted, panting, and glistening with sweat. Aileen looked up at Robin as she fell off of her husband to slump to the ground at his side. Aileen barely moved when she spoke but Robin could clearly see that Aileen was pointing at Rodrick's cock when she simply said “Please.”

Robin was not compelled to sit on this cock, but she also didn't mind at all in her current state. It felt wonderful going in, just as she thought it might after seeing just how much this chip affected her experience with Aileen. She took her time letting gravity pull her down onto the shaft, but once her clit pressed harshly into his pubic bone she stopped holding out and started grinding her clit into his pelvis. She was not quite fucking him, but more just rubbing her hips back and forth. She knew that this would almost always get her off fast, her clients that had a harder time holding out but who also wanted to see her cum on their cock liked this technique a lot. Sure enough she came very quickly, but now she felt it was her job to get him to cum also, as the missus was too busy laying on the floor limply, panting like a bitch.

Rodrick: had felt Robin's pussy clamp down hard on him when she had cum. It had been a new experience in it's own to have her fucking her clit into his shaved skin, and again he had felt his balls try to explode again as another orgasm flooded his senses. He expected to find Robin laying in a heap on top of his wife by now, but it seemed that someone in her shape (and profession) had more stamina.

At first she lay down on his chest letting her hardened nipples light brush up and down on his skin as she slowly fucking him. Then she picked up speed. She had no idea that he couldn't cum and that it was driving him mad. He wanted nothing more right now than to get up and fuck whatever hole was closest as hard as he could so he could cum properly. It took a while, and a few more almost-orgasms from him, and a couple more unexpected orgasms for Robin before she also gave up and slumped to the floor. She would have landed right on top of Aileen if Aileen hadn't already gotten up and grabbed up the remote.

Aileen: was already laying on the other side of the bed with her stomach down and her legs hanging off the bed, presenting her pussy to the bedroom door when she pressed the button to release Rodrick from his paralyzation. At first she thought he was going to fuck Robin, since he knew right where she was, but as he had stood up he had seen his wife. Looking at him longingly, begging him with her eyes, and presenting herself to him. He wasted no time pulling himself behind her. She didn't even care if she came, she had cum enough this evening to last a week, she just wanted to feel him finally get his release.

Just as she had expected he was rough. His hips slammed into hers, but the bed supported her nicely. He was pounding so hard into her that her hips were bouncing off of the mattress back into his oncoming thrusts, he had the timing just right also, thrusting right into her bounce ensuring he was getting as deep as he had ever been. It didn't take long for him to cum, but it seemed to last a lot longer than normal. She could feel his cock twitching inside of her even after the feeling of cum rushing through his cock into her had subsided.

Robin: had stood to watch the couple in action and it had been as amazing to watch as she had hoped. In her profession it was so very rare for a couple that hired her to focus on each other and not Robin, it was kind of nice to just watch for once.

“Aileen, stand up and drop the remote on the bed and don't pick it up again. Rodrick, Stand up.” Robin commanded. “Rodrick lay on the bed on your back, head on the pillow. Aileen go sit on his cock and press yourself as deep down onto it as you can then lay yourself down on his chest and hug him laying your head comfortably on his chest. Rodrick, hug her back.”

Then Robin pressed the buttons on the remote to freeze them in place. She hoped that it would also make his cock stay hard. The couple could enjoy a little time embracing while Robin got a good hot shower and decided what to do next. She would probably release Rodrick first, let him explain, then they could have that dinner they had originally planned for Aileen. As she showered though, her mind raced to come up with some amazing fun thing that she could do with the couple first.

After all once she relinquished control to Rodrick, her opportunity would be gone, and this might be a once in a lifetime chance to do something no one else had ever thought of or been able to do... But first she just had to think of something while the hot water ran down her body and the soapy self massage eased her tired muscles. It was also a nice surprise that her nipples and clit were already ready for some more stimulation and she was happy to have a moment to herself to enjoy pleasuring herself, another byproduct of the chip she realized.

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