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Through the Looking Glass

by WiccedWoman

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© Copyright 2008 - WiccedWoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; Other/f; fantasy; oral; cons; X

Part 1 - Lilith Discovered

Charles had perfected the art of perfunctory sex, slotted somewhere in between the first shrill of the alarm and the last shot of caffeine. Alice acquiesced, she always did. It was over in two minutes anyway. It was more trouble to say no. However, she cursed the sticky mess that trickled down her inner thigh as she made her way to the bathroom. He kept a bottle of lubricant by his side of the bed; it made things easier, quicker, more efficient. At least he didn't leave her sore.

After that, the domestic scene was transformed by a chaotic flood of activity. Charles had a high-powered job in the city, the children - Lorina and Edith - had to be dropped off at the crèche and Alice, stressed-out Alice, worked as a journalist for a major newspaper. She didn't need to; Charles earned enough, as he continually told her.

She struggled to keep it together that morning as she navigated the household assault course. Lunches were packed, briefing papers found, car keys located and - hell and damnation - a new white shirt was tucked into the waist of her smart grey pencil skirt after two-year old Lorina decided to decorate the first one with her healthy muesli yoghurt.

Alice's head throbbed with tension when she eventually seat-belted the children in the back of her car. Charles had already made a clean escape in his. She opened her purse, located a couple of painkillers and swallowed them quickly. It was Panadol with a large measure of codeine and held the promise of quick relief. They were also calming, a temptation that wasn't lost on her.

Alice's period was due and she felt bloated, "cow-like" she reflected. Her breasts were sore, her belly tender and the base of her spine contained what she often thought of as a kind of "blackness" - a deep, dark, dragging hole. In addition, her vagina - if she'd had the time to think about, was very hungry. It felt engorged and hot, causing her mind to wander into carnal landscapes as her finger drummed on the steering wheel. She almost missed the green signal when it changed from stop. A sharp blast from the car behind jerked her back to reality.

It turned into a pig of a day at work. Her computer spat the dummy, sitting silent and sullen on her desk. Then Melanie, the office junior, wept on her shoulder about the abuse she was receiving from her Neanderthal boyfriend. Alice's heart went out to her. She was a good kid, kind and gentle. She didn't deserve to be lumbered with such a bastard.

To top it all off, the editor canned her latest story. It was a hard-hitting investigative piece about the stock market. He gave her a rambling, nebulous explanation, couched in legalese. She cut through his suspect rationalization with razor sharp precision, born of the dark cloud that was rapidly forming over her brow. "Cut the crap Bob", she sniped, "You're a weak kneed, spineless toad that's never had the guts to stand up to management - now or ever!"

She regretted the words almost as soon as they escaped her lips. She watched his mouth in fascination as it started to hang open in surprise. It was like a slow motion scene. She was sick of being fucked - literally and figuratively. Then, making a quick decision, she turned on her heel and spun out of his office. Her head was beginning to throb again.

In the safer territory of the staff kitchen, she made herself a cup of coffee and swallowed two more painkillers. Thoughtfully, she savoured each sip of the welcome brew. She looked up briefly as Michael wandered by - dear, sweet Michael. He was about ten years younger than her and deeply enthusiastic about his job. He was also lithe, fit, good looking and one of those rare guys who actually liked women, as opposed to merely lusting after them - although, she distractedly reflected, more physical desires could - perhaps - be sparked by the right circumstances.

She chased such depraved thoughts from her mind as he smiled down at her. "Hi Alice", his friendly tone lightened the darkness.

"Oh, hi Michael", she responded, "How's things?"

"Good, pretty good. What's wrong with you though? You look drained". His words held a double edge. A perceptive man, it was like an oasis - however, she would have preferred to hear how beautiful she looked. At least it indicated he wasn't trying to get into her knickers. The thought floated through her mind a little regretfully.

"Oh, it's nothing Michael", she replied tiredly, "Just the usual crap".

He continued smiling in her direction. "Come on Alice, don't let the bastards grind you down - you're smarter than all of them".

That made her grin. "Oh Michael, you're so sweet - in fact, you're a gift to womankind". The tone was more than a little ironic.

"I'm only telling you the truth Alice" he was more serious now.

She wondered if he was attached. If he was, she envied her. "Anyway", she thought ruefully, "I'm too old for him". They spent another twenty minutes in mutually gratifying conversation before Alice reluctantly returned to the insistent chores of the office.

5pm eventually arrived - it was a deadline of sorts, just as important as any other - actually, more important than any other. She had to collect Lorina and Edith from the creche. Charles never did it; his time was too valuable, his job too imperative.

The children bubbled with excitement when she picked them up. She responded as best she could. Sheer fatigue and the accumulated effect of the desperately needed analgesia had combined, blunting her reactions. With some relief, she drove her car into the family garage - however, the trauma of unloading two lively kids, numerous papers, her laptop and several bags of shopping was still ahead.

Alice managed to forge through the evening, but it was touch and go. Thank God for Birds Eye and instant dinners. Without them, starvation was a distinct possibility - either that, or a nervous breakdown she mused. Eventually, she tucked her two little darlings - clean and fed - into bed.

She had the house to herself. Charles still wasn't home. "Nothing unusual there", she resentfully thought. She tried his work number and got the clipped tones of the answering service. She dialled his mobile, it was turned off. She almost suspected he was having an affair; but then, there was the habitual morning fuck to consider. He still needed her.

She curled up in a corner of the sofa and started to read. In reality, there were projects Alice knew she should have been working on - but for once, she just didn't give a damn. However, in due course - and with a certain inevitability - her head was stealthily embraced by one of the scattered soft, velvet cushions. Sleep crept up like a thief, there before she even knew it.

She woke with a start when she heard a knock at the front door. It was light now, but strangely, she had no thoughts about Charles, the children or her job. Her business attire had been replaced by a slinky, black satin slip that dipped low at the back and almost equally as low at the front. She responded to the persistent noise.

Opening the door, her eyes met the gaze of a tall, craggy guy dressed in tradesmen's gear. She paused, drinking in the vision. He was solid and muscly and had a spark in his eye that seemed to bore right through to her soul. "Mrs. Liddell?" he questioned.

"Yes", she replied, "What is it?" Actually, the question was irrelevant. He was stepping inside the door anyway.

He looked down at her. "You've had some trouble with your heating system?"

"Yes", she answered, slightly stunned and quizzical, "I have".

"I've come to fix it for you. Is it OK for me to go ahead?"

"Yes, go ahead" she responded automatically. She led him to the basement. As she did, she could almost feel the heat of his body as he followed her down. Her spine tingled.

The steps were dark and treacherous - the lighting strangely inefficient. Suddenly, she tripped and felt her body tumbling through endless black space - just plummeting and plummeting. Oddly, exhilaration and curiosity replaced fear. She was letting go, giving way, giving up.

Her sudden, soft landing came almost without surprise. A tender, melting sensation in her solar plexus urged towards trust. She gradually focussed her eyes. She was on a beach. It was dusk and a large, over-ripe sun was preparing to slip down below the horizon. The breeze was barely perceptible and soothingly warm. She ran her hands though the sand. It had the consistency of fine silk.

She looked up. The craggy tradesman looked down at her - though now, he was beautifully naked and a breathtakingly large erection swayed in front of him. He was gently fondling the engorged head as he stared at her.

She was sitting now, legs spread apart. She leant backwards a little, resting her weight on her hands. The black satin slip had disappeared. The silky grains lovingly caressed her bare skin. "Fuck me - please, please fuck me!" It was just a thought, as she experienced what felt like a liquid snake writhing inside her vagina. He smiled, obviously telepathic.

Without a word, he knelt down in front of her. His eyes were transfixed by her curvy, nude form. They travelled intently over her shimmering, deliciously rounded body. An insatiable hunger began to curl and form inside of him. He wanted to consume her. He wanted to taste every quivering inch of her soft, delectable female flesh.

In one sharp, determined movement he picked up her legs and slid them over his shoulders, until his breath gathered hotly at the entrance to Alice's now engorged slit. Her clitoris peeped out lewdly from between folds of warm, crimson flesh. Its resemblance to an invitingly ripe cherry was not lost on him.

Her musky, feminine aroma floated enticingly around his nostrils. They flared to drink in the sweet scent even more deeply. The sight of her body, the touch of her velvety skin, the odour of her sex - together, they ignited an uncontrollable fire deep in the pit of his belly.

Thus, it was with an animal ferocity that his mouth clamped tightly over Alice's pussy and his tongue snaked insistently within her juicy, liquid passage. He also, teasingly, swirled the tip of it around her swelling bud. That pleased him, as it caused her to buck with pleasure - triggering a gush of sticky fluid each time - and each time, he compulsively lapped up the sweet nectar.

Alice was drowning in dark, surging waves of desire. She arched her back towards him. She didn't have a choice - it was an involuntary, instinctive movement borne of an ancient biological imperative - a primeval, flaunting pose.

She grabbed his wrists, sinking her nails in hard and ensuring that she was even more firmly anchored to the source of the fire that consumed her. He moaned deeply in response. It was an eerie, echoing sound that resonated inside her. Then everything started to fall away - even the beach she lay on.

She was surrounded by warm water and being dragged unrelentingly into its dangerous, motionless depths. Still, she was breathing - the gentle liquid filled her lungs and nourished them. Her lover had been transformed into a creature of gargoyle-like countenance - a demon from the belly of the ocean.

Her legs remained steadfastly wrapped around his neck and her fingers twisted even more tightly around his wrists. It didn't matter that the source of her ecstasy was some uncanny beast. With mounting frenzy, she squirmed against his ever more demanding mouth. There was only one imperative and it ached inside her with animal intensity.

Suddenly, she felt his hands digging into the soft, milky flesh of her inner thighs as he pulled her legs open even wider. She experienced a sharp frisson of pain as the surreal being dug his long nails into that sensitive soft tissue - however, the sting soon melded into pulse after pulse of lewd delight. He was continuing to gorge on her, incapable of letting go.

Searching tentacles adamantly caressed her tingling flesh - as if coaxing her further and further towards orgasm. Finer tendrils snaked their way across her belly and writhed in time with each throb of pleasure. One thread sought out her open, gasping mouth and forced its way inside - feeding her with a sweet, milky fluid.

Alice felt a bolt of panic when the tip of one feeler curled around her throat and another curled over her eyes - but it didn't matter, a scorching lust quickly disoriented her again. Her orgasm had arrived. Her muscles heaved and contracted and her belly became taut and hard. The tentacles continued in their insistent coaxing of her flesh as her whole body convulsed to a persistent tempo.

The demon was drinking in her pleasure - this pinnacle of delight nourished him. He opened his mouth wide and pushed his fat tongue into each shuddering wave. He wasn't finished - he was very, very hungry. Again and again, he cajoled Alice's body into an orgasmic rhythm, feeding himself with her sexual energy.

After what seemed like an eternity he was finally replete. Now it was time - his thick member entered her. Alice experienced sharp sparks of electricity as the alien phallus stealthily slithered between her distended vaginal lips. Almost immediately, she felt it quiver violently inside her. He was shooting his seed within the deepest roots of her being - but it wasn't over. It felt like she was locked to him forever as he pumped hot, sticky sperm into her time after time.

Suddenly, Alice was surfacing. She swam to the beach. Even now, despite the apparent passage of many hours, it was dark. An incredibly full silver moon shone with a soft luminescence and the heavens were dotted with gleaming, blue jewels. Her demon lover had disappeared. She spread her sated form over the soft and still warm sand. Her hands caressed her distended pussy and gently trailed over her now filled and swollen belly. Her breasts ached with an engorged, tender roundness.

The ache and fullness within her body seemed to pulse in time to the draw of the moon. It was like she was part of some prehistoric duet - caught in rhythms that transcended the boundaries of rationality. Suddenly, the breath caught in her throat as she was racked by a strong contraction that rippled through the drum-tight muscles of her bloated abdomen. Then there was another agonising spasm - and another. The onslaught of pain consumed her.

Through a haze of crippling sensations, Alice saw two twin figures moving towards her. She looked up, two men now towered above her. Their naked bodies gleamed in the soft light and their rippling, hard muscles were clearly visible. One stood behind her and, hooking his elbows under her armpits, lifted her into a squatting position.

The other knelt in front of her, making eye contact. It was a wordless gesture that transmitted she couldn't say quite what - save it felt like a lifeline had burrowed right down into the core of her being. He started suckling hard on one exquisitely sensitive nipple, whilst his hands stroked the taut skin of her round belly in a practised sequence. From time to time, a finger would gently dart just inside her vagina - then he'd trail it out towards her clitoris and spend time tenderly manipulating that slippery bud.

The borders between pain and pleasure dissolved. Each surge of ecstasy was accompanied by another, more violent tremor that undulated relentlessly throughout her abdomen. She was bearing down - pushing and pushing; caught helplessly in a timeless dance with the forces of creation.

Suddenly, through the sound of her own deep, sonorous wails, she realised that she was birthing. The man behind her gripped on even more tightly, as she frantically forced herself against him. Imperatively, her legs opened wide - then wider still - as she pushed out creature after creature. As she did so, each scrap of existence swam off into the gentle surf that was now lapping around her knees. The process seemed to go on forever - it felt like she was filling the ocean with life.

Abruptly, jagged shafts of light stabbed mercilessly through her consciousness. She looked up. Charles, it was Charles - he was staring down at her. "Hi babe, you fell asleep on the couch. Why don't you go to bed now?"

Confused, she looked at her watch - 2am. Those dreams - where had they gone? More importantly, where had they come from and what did they mean? They ran through her disorientated mind like a movie.

Groggily, Alice lifted herself from the sofa. She wondered briefly what time Charles had arrived home, but right now, she could only focus on climbing in between some soft, inviting sheets. She woke with a start when the alarm burst into life at 6am. Charles reached for her. She felt his rock hard dick press into her thigh, then, with a new ferocity, she pushed him away. "Go fuck yourself Charles!" She spat the words with venom.

Now it was Charles's turn to be a little disorientated, "Uh babe, what's the matter?"

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" She mocked him, then continued, "You arrive home at God know what time, then decide you want a quick fuck in the morning. Well, Charles, I'm more than just something you squeeze in between waking up and going to the loo!"

His eyes were open wide now, wide with amazement. Alice carried on, "If you want me, you can damn well take time! It's called making love Charles - ever heard of it?" With that resolute statement ringing behind her, Alice quickly slipped out of bed and made for the shower. Charles just lay there, stunned.

The morning assault course seemed to flow a little more easily today. Charles eyed his wife warily, he was anxious to avoid another outburst. "Perhaps she's pre-menstrual", the thought gave him some comfort.

She studiously ignored him as she efficiently readied herself and the kids. He was unnerved. "Need any help?" he ventured.

"Why break the habits of a lifetime?" She snapped with intentional viciousness. He retreated into silence.

As usual, Alice dropped the children at the crèche before arriving at the office. As she made her first cup of coffee in the staff kitchen, she bumped into Michael - literally. The touch of his body sent what felt like a flare through her pussy. Almost embarrassed, she steadied herself on the edge of the table. She hoped he couldn't read her mind.

He grinned in her direction - perhaps he could read her mind, then she banished the thought. "Hi Alice - in a rush this morning?" he said pleasantly.

"Oh, hi Michael, no I just wasn't concentrating - sorry."

"There's no need to be sorry - you can press your body into mine anytime", his grin widened.

Was he flirting with her? She reddened, "It was accidental Michael."

"Of course it was", he met her eyes briefly as he said it, then noticed the flush that was gradually fading from her neck.

Michael fancied Alice. He knew she was little older than him, but that just turned him on even more. He got the feeling there were unplumbed depths. The thought intrigued him. He also lusted after her curvy, petite body.

He found her an inviting combination fragile femininity and razor sharp intelligence that could dissect you in second. "She is", he thought, "Unaware of her potential." It was an idea that sent shudders through him. Visions of her straddled across his helplessly bound body, as she sadistically rode him time and again to the point of orgasm clouded his head.

"Daydreaming Michael?" Alice's question cut across his thoughts.

It was his turn to redden. "Oh, uh - yeah", he smiled at her again as he said it. The two of them lingered for some time in the kitchen as their mutually entrancing conversation meandered from subject to subject. Of course, the real theme was the subterranean sexuality that snaked between them, but it wasn't time - yet - to expose it to the light.

Alice had to get on with the tasks of the day. She was attending a women's study group at the local university, it was research for an article on the controversy surrounding the newly appointed head of the Psychology department. She was a fiercely determined professor who held the view women had a stronger sex drive than men and that in a healthy society, every woman should have several lovers - preferably at the same time. It was an intriguing perspective.

Alice settled herself into a corner of the room. About twenty chairs were arranged in a circle and they gradually filled up with women. She noted the age range was diverse - the youngest would have been about eighteen, she guessed - and the oldest could have been sixty.

She pulled out her notepad and pencil as the now notorious academic held forth, then switched on her tape recorder, "Lilith is most well-known as the demoness or Goddess who was the first woman. She was created by God at the same time as Adam, unlike Eve who was created from Adam's rib. Lilith refused to submit to Adam's will and left the Garden of Eden and was subsequently cursed by God. According to popular opinion, this tale is evidence that she was originally a Goddess or at the very least an aspect of the great Goddess and was demonised for being an independent female."

"Hmmm", Alice thought, "Sounds like my type of woman".

The professor continued, " The myth says Adam complained to God that he had been deserted by his helpmate, so God sent three angels to fetch Lilith back. They found her beside the Red Sea, copulating with strange fiends, to whom she bore demonic children at the rate of more than one hundred a day. They instructed her to return to Adam and threatened to drown her if she didn't. Lilith refused, saying that it was impossible to leave her many lovers."

That sent a ripple of giggles through the room. It also sent sparks of recognition through Alice as she remembered her torrid and unusually vivid dream. It was, she mused, a weird synchronicity. It wasn't everyday you envisaged yourself in the embrace of some bizarre sea creature - and it wasn't everyday you dreamt of giving birth to hordes of unfamiliar animals.

"Lilith, Lilith", the name echoed softly in her brain, "What more lessons do you have for me?" It was a throwaway thought Alice would come to remember - an inspiration of unexpected significance.

Her notepad full and the class over, Alice returned to the office. She spent some time collating the information she had gathered. Her subject fascinated her, which was why the light hand on her shoulder startled her. She'd been lost in thought.

"Oh hi Michael", she said as she looked up.

He smiled at her, "I didn't mean to make you jump, I just thought you'd like this cup of coffee", he smiled again as he handed it to her.

"You're a mind reader, thanks. I've been too busy to even make myself a drink", she responded gratefully. He continued to hold her gaze - it was now about ten seconds over the merely polite schedule and rapidly assuming a distinctly sexual timing.

Alice's breath began to come more rapidly and she noticed her palms felt slightly damp.

She returned his look as he continued, "Alice, I've been meaning to ask you a favour. I'm having some problems with this writing project I'm involved in. You're brilliant at that kind of thing. How about we make a deal? I'll cook you dinner and you help me out", Michael's words were a total lie - but what was the alternative "Will you come home with me tonight and fuck my brains out please?" The thought had crossed his mind.

"Hi Charles - I'm really busy tonight, you're going to have to pick up the kids this evening. Sorry about that". Alice didn't give her husband any chance to object as she put down the phone, then she switched off her mobile. She looked up at Michael and smiled in return, "I'm always happy to help out where I can, what are you cooking?"

Alice felt a certain wickedness course through her as she entered the lift to Michael's apartment. She looked up at him and bit her lip. He was so much younger, she wasn't sure if she should be doing this. He touched her cheek and brushed some hair from her eyes. There wasn't any going back.

Michael poured some wine as Alice took in the interior of his flat. It was small, but reasonably tidy, considering that it was overflowing with all kinds of memorabilia and knick-knacks. It had a very lived-in intellectual air about it. She noticed the poster for Amnesty International in the hallway. Charles wouldn't have recognised a political issue if it came up and kicked him in the shins.

The wine was great. Alice enjoyed the warmth as it slipped down her throat. Her eyes met Michael's, "So what are you cooking?" She asked.

He didn't respond for a while, as he continued to hold her gaze.

"You're not cooking are you?" She eventually said.

Again, he didn't bother with a reply - his mouth on hers gave Alice all the answers she needed at that point.

She was being carried along by an irresistible tide she had no intention of fighting. She slowly undressed in the bedroom, while Michael's eyes drank in every nuance. He was hypnotized by her. "Oh my God", he thought, "I'm finally going to fuck her". His dick virtually touched his navel. Quickly, he matched her nakedness.

He pushed her back on to the bed like a man possessed and impatiently began to explore every curve of her body, every intimate crevice. Mouth, hands, tongue - all parts of him investigated her. He was in the presence of a personal goddess. His penis rubbed up against her flesh and began to drip with a sticky fluid.

Alice arched towards him. Her skin had never felt more alive. She thought she would die with pleasure when Michael's mouth clamped over a nipple and his tongue teased that delicate red bud mercilessly. She spread her legs wide and gently rang a finger up and down the crack of his tight butt, willing him to enter her. He moaned in response.

In a second, he was there - his cock firmly embedded in her tight, warm, sticky flesh. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold it together for very long, he was right. A devilish fire licked around the bulging head of his erection. Alice gasped as he opened her up. She experienced a delicious thread of pain when he started to fuck her with compulsive intensity.

Michael was coming, damn it. His body heaved in uncontrollable spasms as he shot spurt after spurt of thick white semen deep within her body. Her nails dug agonizingly into his ass. Michael loved the searing sting - it drove him into an even greater frenzy.

When the last shudder had died away, his head nestled limply in the curve of her neck and the moisture from his laboured gasps gathered there. Alice softly trailed her fingers through the beads of perspiration that had formed on his back.

"I'm sorry Alice, I'm really sorry - I couldn't help it", Michael's words were low and breathy.

"It's OK Michael, it's OK", her response was reassuring - but tinged with hunger as she continued, "We've got all night".

They lay there for a while, two entwined sweat soaked bodies breathing in time. Michael stroked her hair and stared at the ceiling. Alice curled beneath his arm, her head resting on his shoulder. The connection had unnerved her and it felt like - for the first time - she'd plugged directly into some unseen energy force.

Eventually, they stirred. Michael made some coffee, then poured some more wine. She was hungry now, "Well, stud - does this service come with food?" She teasingly asked as she opened the fridge. In typical male fashion, it was empty.

He looked at her and grinned, "I'll buy you dinner?" he apologetically responded.

Playfully tightening the neck of his T-shirt and pulling him towards her, she firmly answered, "Yes, you will."

He shuddered - he knew this lady had potential.

He took her to a great little place, it was his regular haunt. Domesticity wasn't exactly his forte. They had a fantastic time as the conversation crackled. He was great listener as well as a fascinating talker. Alice was totally intrigued - she obviously had him spellbound. She'd never experienced that before.

Back at Michael's apartment, it was time for the slow burn. He took his time as he slowly brought her to orgasm with his tongue. He sighed in satisfaction as he felt the juddering waves ripple through her soft flesh - then he flipped her over on to her tummy, pulling her buttocks towards him in an inviting pose. He fucked her savagely - deep and hard. He was copulating with a frantic urgency and his orgasm, when it arrived, was overwhelming.

Alice spent the night at Michael's place - her mobile phone still switched off. She drove to the office in the morning in a dream. As expected, her answering service was piled high with increasingly frantic messages from Charles. She picked up the phone. She heard the polished tones of her husband's secretary, she wondered distractedly if he'd ever fucked her, "Probably", she thought. "Tell Mr. Liddell his wife is fine and she'll see him this evening", with that, she terminated the conversation.

When Alice returned from lunch, she found a beautiful spray of white lilies lying on her desk. They were from Michael and contained a short note, "To my Lilly - an ungilded beauty". The irony took her breath away - Lilith obviously had a few more lessons in store.


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