Wetsuit Mummy

by Tar Feathers

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© Copyright 2019 - Tar Feathers - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wam; messy; rubber; glue; sold; X-frame; susp; cons; X

I watch you hanging from the Saint Andrew's Cross, you requested, no begged for something extreme and I think I have been able to deliver. You are wearing a wetsuit, three mil of black neoprene encases your body. I know from experience that a suit like this will stretch to some degree as part of this session.

You look into my eyes, you are drooling around the bright red ball gag which sits between your teeth, your wrists above you strapped with soft leather straps and your ankles below you leaving you in an attractive ‘X’.

I have hinted at what will happen. It is a simple session, I have foregone the usual large selection of food, paint and mess which would usually be your punishment for being your bratty self. There are just two barrels mounted above you on a scaffold tower above your head. You were disappointed, however I promised you would experience something which would make up for the simplicity.

From the barrels run tubes attached to taps at the base of each, the tubes snake towards you and slip into the sleeves of the suit.

“It’s simple, I tell you.” I pause. “There is a substance in the barrels above you, it’s rubber cement , a thick gooey glue. I will ask you two questions, if you get the questions wrong I open a tap and the glue will start to fill your suit. Now, then you have to get free, all you have to do is stay quiet for thirty minutes, before the rubber cement starts to set. If you succeed the maglocks holding your wrists will release. If you make a noise however…”

You groan knowing that this would not be as simple as this, you know that, deep beneath the rubber you have a devious Bluetooth controlled dildo and across your body are pads for an electroshock TENS machine. I know that the pads on your labia and your nipples will certainly challenge your enforced vow of silence.

“So…” I smile. “Question one. True…” I nod my head. “Or false. Lightning never strikes the same place twice.”

I watch you, a smug look passes your eyes, and you shake your head. It must be an old wives tale. I laugh.., “Wrong!” You squeak behind your gag indignantly. “Sorry…” I walk towards the scaffold and step up onto the ladder, twisting the tap on the barrel,

There is no visible difference apart from the groan from you as the cold glue starts to seep into your left arm. I wait as the glue flows, it is sometime before I start to notice the suit expanding beneath your armpit, I reach up and start to smooth the suit, allowing the glue to flow deeper. Soon enough I see your expression change, it is clear the flow of heavy paste has reached your crotch, soon enough I see the gusset start to bulge. I touch my phone screen and you moan, as the vibrator adds to your sensations.

I tap the barrel, it is finally hollow sounding, so I know that here are twenty-five litres of glue in your suit,

“Shall we try the other side…” You snarl at me. I laugh. “Okay, Goldfish only have a memory of three seconds.”

I watch you, there is no movement from your head as you watch me, then you shake your head. I sigh. “Oh what a shame…” You look victorious, but I walk towards the other ladder. You squeak but I open the tap. I think, if I better understood gag talk I would hear you swearing at me.

It is not too long before the suit looks obscene, bulging, your body thick and pudgy as the glue has made you look fat.

“Okay, quiet time…” I touch the app again and you gasp as a shock hits you. If I have wired it right you would have just had a zap to your nipples, however, you have remained quiet.

I place a clock on a stool, you can see a countdown. I toy with you, ramping up the vibrations and shocks, I watch the far away look as I know you are about to cum and switch off everything. The sadness in your eyes almost makes me cry, almost…

With fifteen minutes gone I start to ramp up the shocks and vibrations, your body quakes, I see the panic in your eyes as you hold back on what will be an explosive orgasm. I know you too well, I know that you cannot not resist and the final shock to your pussy is too much, your moan loudly through your gag and seal your fate.

You stare at me as I shake my head sadly. “Oh dear…” You know what will happen now, the glue has been setting and your potential movement restricted, there are only seconds left where I will be able to remove the suit before it becomes an almost permanent part of you, but that was always the point, at least for me.

You see, I have a buyer, someone on the dark web with expensive and very specific tastes. They wanted a new chubby, rubber dolly, a role you will be fulfilling. I am not sure what will happen to you, I don’t ask. It may be possible for them to remove the suit eventually, but it will protect you for the overseas travel by secret private jet. Of course you will be in the hold, where I hope the thick rubber will keep you warm.

I leave the vibrator running on low and the shocks set to random as I leave you for my client to pack and transport you. I take one look back, winking as I leave you and I see your wink back. This is what you wanted, what you pleaded for. I know you will be safe, I would never put you at risk, but I will miss my gunge slut…

The door closes behind me and I leave you to start your new life…


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