What Just Happened?

by RubberManBD

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Storycodes: MF; mpov; sex; outdoors; naked; mind-control; cons; reluct; X

The usual disclaimers apply. Let me know if you like it…

I don’t know what caused it, or why it happened to me, hell not even if I’m the only person with this ability, this blessing, or curse, not sure what to call it. I just know it started one day, and my life has not been the same – nor will it ever be.

Now, when I tell you the story, you will most likely say: Why are you complaining, it’s a dream come true – well, for some time that’s what I thought, too …

Living your life being an introvert isn’t that easy. Pair that with a demanding job, and you end up being alone most of the time. Especially when you also don’t like drinking alcohol or smoking (eliminating bars and the music scene). Which is pretty much most of what needs to be said about my social life. While not too bad looking, especially after slimming down some 70 pounds to a pretty decent lean figure for the first time since I can remember (probably around first grade or so), I rarely had any luck with women. Why do they flock to the assholes, anyway, and ignore the quiet, decent men who would treat them well? I guess women are pretty superficial, too, preferring looks over the rest…

Oh well, I had the occasional girlfriend (with a very loose definition of “girlfriend”), but with me not being interested in the “typical” social circles they were used to and frequented, it typically didn’t last long. Nor did it get too serious.

Which is why what happened recently had me almost shocked. Positively so, but shocked. I met – or rather came across – a woman, maybe five to ten years older than me. She was a looker, one might call her a MILF, and even if she wasn’t as “fresh” and perfect in every detail, she still was way out of my class. Way out. Our paths crossed, I didn’t really notice her at first, minding my own business, when I suddenly felt a shiver. You know the feeling when suddenly you notice you missed something, forgot something, though you can’t really put your finger on it? That’s how I felt in that moment. I stopped in my tracks, which was on my way back to work from lunch. In a slightly crowded walkway in the middle of town. I started to continue walking, but somehow I felt like I was held back, drawn back. Something in my brain nudged me to turn, to check what was going on.

Turning around amid the busy folks parting around me, I saw her. Tight jeans covering a nice butt, white short-sleeved blouse, with prominent though not large breasts underneath, long dirty-blonde hair to just below her shoulders. She seemed to have just turned around herself, her eyes scanning the surrounding – and zeroing in on me. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, a stark contrast to her ivory skin, her eyes slightly lidded. She just stood there, staring me down. Her tongue came out, licking her lips, adding to the shine of the lip gloss she wore. Slowly, her free left hand (pocketbook in her right one) came up to her right breast, scandalously kneading her flesh, pinching her already very visible nipple.

Do you know that situation where somebody seems to call you, or wave, or talk to you – you answer and then notice they meant somebody else behind you, making you completely embarrass yourself? Well, seeing that woman pretty clearly turned on I suspected the same thing at that moment. She couldn’t possibly be focusing on… being turned on… by me. Never in a thousand years. People always passed me by, never noticed me. Why would a 9 (at least) I didn’t know, never had seen before in my life, have the hots for me?

Still, I stood unmoving, just like her. Then she moved. Towards me. Or, well, in my direction, but not to me, right?

I still thought so when she had crossed the few steps of distance and stopped right in front of me. Sweat on her brow, her face even more flushed than the first moment I noticed her. Her hand, still kneading her generous breast, and shaking while doing that. She was breathing heavily, as if coming to me had been a tough workout session. Again her tongue peeked out from her slightly parted lips, wetting her lips yet again. “Hi” was all she managed to say, in a breathy voice, perfectly fitting her appearance. My brain had problems forming a reply, even one that would only consist of, say, two letters. Without waiting any longer for a reaction from me, she hooked her right arm into my left, and simply stated “Let’s go, I can’t wait any longer.”

Apart from being more or less dragged with her, I was paralyzed – in mind and action. I literally couldn’t think, couldn’t fathom what was happening. Never had a woman ever had such an impact on me. Never would I have expected, or allowed, to be just swept away by a woman in that way, dragged off to who knows where for who knows what. Well, at least the second part was pretty clear even in my fogged brain – and another part of mine was also pretty clear what was probably (and at that point, hopefully) going to happen.

With a last shred of willpower I pulled out my mobile and called in to work, saying I’d be late returning, as some personal matter had come up.

And personal it was. We only walked something like 10 minutes, ending up at some upscale hotel. She urgently led me right through the lobby, to one of the elevators. While it moved to one of the top floors, she was already sucking on my mouth, exploring it with her tongue. The doors were starting to close again until we noticed we had reached the selected floor.

She pulled me towards one of the rooms, and barely had she closed the door behind us, she was already clawing at both her and my clothes. Her blouse didn’t put up much of a fight, more or less instantly dropping to the floor (at the cost of a few torn-off buttons). While pulling my head with one hand, ensuring our mouths didn’t come apart, her other hand was trying to remove the belt of my pants, followed by the button and zipper. Then returning to her jeans, repeating the ordeal, more so due to having to peel herself out of the skin-tight material.

As I still had both hands free (why the hell wasn’t I feeling her up?) I removed my dress pants easily after kicking off my shoes, then assisted her in pulling down her painted-on jeans, her semi-high-heels having already been stepped out of the moment we had entered the room. That done, I first focused on saving my shirt from suffering the same fate as her blouse, unbuttoning the top ones, pulling it up, before quickly breaking our kiss to take it off completely, then reconnecting our lips. My hands went up her back, trying to unhook her half-cup bra. I finally managed that, the lace underwear dropping to the ground. Being almost at my goal, I again broke our kiss, and stepped back slightly.

The sight was just – amazing. Yes, she was older than me, but what I saw confirmed what I had both suspected when she was still dressed, as well as what I had felt undressing her. Flat stomach, with a slight set of visible abs, breasts that even with her age had barely any sag (nor appeared to be artificial), flawless skin, and a tiny lace tanga that clearly was completely soaked, the tops of her inner thighs glistening from the wetness that hadn’t been, could no longer be contained by the skimpy piece of cloth.

We just stared at one another for what felt like an hour, but was most likely barely more than 5 seconds, before she took my hand and urgently pulled me towards the king-sized bed, falling on her back onto it, and in one swift move removing the g-string tanga that was now that last barrier on our way to heaven.

What followed wasn’t love-making. It wasn’t sex. It was, though, a grand fucking, ecstasy, bordering on madness. I’ve never been in bed with a woman doing what she did, with and to me. Nor had I myself ever been that extreme, that physical with any woman. It seemed… it felt like we had been waiting for this moment for decades, bottling up our desires, our wanton lust, just to let all of it out in those – as I later noticed – over 3 hours. I don’t even know how I managed to keep it up for that long, and with the number of orgasms I had. I didn’t count them, but it must have been a dozen. Considering what I saw, felt, from her, she most likely exceeded that number.

When we finally felt sated, we were laying there, exhausted, but glowing.

Well, for a few minutes anyway. The longer I laid there, the more my body… my mind started to become aware of what had happened. That I had been picked up, sort of, by a woman, had crazy sex with her for hours, even though I didn’t know her, hadn’t even asked her name or told her mine. All of which I would normally never hope for (or consider doing). She was still looking as hot as when I first noticed her, but somehow, the fire was gone. The desire, the lust – decreasing by the second. What was going on? It felt like a switch had been thrown. When our eyes met, I recognized she must probably be feeling the same way – as if waking from a dream, her eyes, her facial expression screaming: What did I just do?

Now, I didn’t want to appear like a no-good ONS’er, but I slowly raised myself on my elbows and mumbled “I guess I should leave now.”

A not-any-less-mumbled “yeah, I guess you should,” was her reply, before she turned away, as if ashamed of what she, what we had done, or that I could see her naked (or she me).

I gathered my clothes, put them on quickly and wordlessly left the room.

What THE HELL just happened?

That was the first time it happened. And I wasn’t expecting it to repeat. Of course, at that moment I didn’t know what to think – how could two persons that didn’t know each other, had never met, come across each other on the street, and just turn into two sex-craving people that ended up in bed just minutes later? Sure, I’ve heard and read about “love at first sight”, but what we had wasn’t love. It was just pure, unexplainable animalistic attraction, shared between us, that made us do something we could never explain.

I just chalked it up as “fine, now I got my weird, satisfying ONS out of the way, back to the same old again.” It was nice, but far from ever happening again. Ever.

Or so I thought.

It had just been a few days since my experience. My mood was still somewhat better than usual, with frequent flashbacks to that day. It also depressed me to a certain degree, as that meeting had once again reminded me of what I was missing out on, not being in a relationship… but oh well, better to have fucked and died than never have fucked at all (or something along that line).

So it was back to work as usual. Grinding data, fixing programs, yadayada… an IT-guy’s ordinary day. It being a Friday, I was looking forward to a happy, relaxing weekend.

Yeah, just kidding. Boring, mind-numbing weekend is more like it.

On Saturday morning I headed out for a run and walk in the country. I have a favorite trail with multiple routes that I usually use for either of the two. I decided to just do a couple miles jog, so on went the shorts and T-shirt, then headed out the 10 miles to the parking place.

Even with the nice weather, it was still early so there weren’t many other cars there – just two at the time. I knew that would change, but for the next 30-45 minutes I was most likely going to be out on the track by myself, not meeting another soul. I grabbed the belt with the water bottle, locked the car and stowed the key in the pocket of the bottle holder, and off I went, enjoying a nice summer morning.

About 20 minutes in I reached one of the outlook locations of the track, presenting a good view of the valley below. I stopped for a short stretch & breather, but when I turned to continue on the track, I almost ran her over. “Her” being a stunningly pretty woman, maybe barely 20. Blonde hair in a ponytail, which reached almost to her magnificent ass. Nice, albeit not large breasts, sitting high in her sports-bra, hour-glass waist nicely exposed, and muscular but still feminine legs covered in tight, bright-red leggings. I started to excuse myself for not watching out, but my brain came to a screeching halt in the middle of me opening my mouth. Yeah, she was a beauty, and yeah, I’m extremely shy at times, but why was I suddenly so stunned? And how long would it take until she noticed the boner I was feeling coming up quickly and with a vengeance?

But my worries about her thinking I was some weirdo or rapist were not relevant. Looking at her face, sinking into her light blue, almost silvery eyes, I noticed she was also kind of frozen – just standing there, mere inches from me, looking into my eyes, her jaw slowly dropping, her breath rate increasing even more than it had most likely already been from her running. Her cheeks flushed visibly, as did her ears, and the skin in the area between her wonderful breasts. She fidgeted with her hands, seemingly uncertain what to do next.

We were standing there for more than just a moment, like statues, staring at each other. My blood pressure went up, along with my heart rate and my dick, while I noticed that her breathing wasn’t slowing down from the “rest”, but rather kept getting deeper and stronger, along with her chest and cheeks turning more and more red.

I can’t say if we were like that for 10 or 100 seconds, probably somewhere in that range – time seemed to stand still. Suddenly, without a word uttered by either of us, she threw her arms around my neck, pulling our faces close together in the process, then devouring my lips with an intense kiss, assaulting my mouth with her sweet, long and eager tongue. I pulled her even closer with my arms around her waist and back, her breasts pressing into my chest. We sucked on each other like drowning people suck in air. My hands roamed her back, down to her round, solid ass cheeks and into the cleft of her buttocks and between her legs, eliciting moans from her on top of what she was already doing while kissing me. Her eyes were barely open (I noticed when I opened mine slightly), she pushed her body into mine as if she wanted us to merge into one entity. I felt one of her hands on my thigh, moving inward to my rock-hard staff that she had to have already felt pressing against her lower regions, almost painfully kept in check by my running pants.

When she had reached her intended destination, I heard her gasp, then felt her hand go up and grab the waistband of my pants, pulling it down far enough to free me from that soft prison. When her hand left, I was sorry she didn’t follow up with some additional ministrations, until I felt the leggings that were in between my hand and her ass being pulled down. She struggled for a moment, then her arms flew around my neck again, her pulling herself up further, putting all of her sweet load on my neck and shoulders – until I felt her impale herself on me, her upper thighs clamping down on me from both side to not slide off, carefully managing her stance considering her ankles were more or less bound together by the leggings she had pushed down, but not off.

I couldn’t believe we were doing it while standing there in the open, on the trail. I’d never before had sex while I was standing up (nor in a public place) – but the intensity with which she ground into me, bouncing off and back onto my member, her vaginal muscles squeezing me almost to a painful degree – I was in heaven. My brain shut down more or less completely, once again, while I held her up under her butt, not wanting to impede on her lower body’s movement. Or mine.

It only took a few minutes like that until we both were exhausted, and had had an impressive orgasm. We finally separated our mouths (how LONG can you actually kiss? When does it become something else?) and looked at each other, both completely out of air. Her still open mouth turned into a devilish grin, she bent over to pull up her leggings, me doing the same with my shorts, then she grabbed my hand and pulled me further on down the trail. After a short distance, she broke off into the shrubs, somewhat up a slope. Zig-zagging between dense, green bushes we reached a grassy field, with lots of small flowers. She stopped pulling me, stood before me once again. Painfully slow she squatted down while pulling down my shorts, which I stepped out of. On her way back up she ran her hands along the outside of my legs, then grabbed my shirt and pulled it up over my head, leaving me naked except for my shoes and socks.

Next she pulled off her bra, finally allowing me the nice view of her breasts, high and proud on her chest, crowned by a pair of extremely engorged nipples (forget about pencil erasers!). She squatted again, untying her shoelaces, removing them, then her leggings. Yeah, I didn't really notice before, but she was commando in her leggings, just like me with my shorts… Don’t ask me how soaked those leggings were…

Like a predator she attacked me just fractions of a second later, forcing me to the ground and mounting me yet again, this time in a slightly less exhausting way. Riding me, almost abusing me as her sex toy (and I really didn’t object either). Like wild animals, we kept at it for quite some time, often switching positions. I don’t know how many people passed that place on their way around the trail, but while I’m pretty sure they weren’t able to see us doing it up in the grass, they must have heard us. And not only while they were just below us, but also from a distance. Well, heard her anyway, as she was very vocal, especially when she came. And she did many times. But heck, I couldn’t care less. The experience would have been worth getting arrested. Several times over, even.

By the time the sun neared its highest point in the sky, heating us up even more than we did ourselves, we finally slowed down. Both of us on our backs, looking at the sky, a smile on our faces. My hand was still exploring her body, petting her breasts, squeezing her nipples. I’d give most of what I owned to stay together with her. Repeat that performance daily, even if it caused an early heart attack from exhaustion at some point in the very near future. I turned my head, looking at her face, silhouetted against the lush green behind her. Her hair, like mine, was drenched with sweat, sticking to her skull, her breath slowly coming down from the rapid, deep breaths she drew the last hours. As with the MILF, she was most certainly out of my league, no doubt even more so.

But while I sure as hell could imagine spending the rest of my life with a woman like her, the crazy urges were now mostly gone – sure, I was still more than attracted, but at a deeper level, not like a wild animal anymore. And yet, I savored every moment of watching her lay there, a satisfied smile on her face.

Until she slowly turned her head. Her smile slowly faltered, not quite to a level of disgust, but sort of “getting there”. She looked around, quickly grabbed her few items of clothing that had been strewn around, muttered something unintelligible, and just like that she was gone. Leaving me with a half-mast, so to speak (which in itself was surprising, given the number of orgasms I’d had), and with a shattered self esteem. Sure, we’d had several hours of mind-blowing sex, and I really enjoyed myself, but with a woman like her, I would have really preferred more than just a short fling, no matter how satisfying it was.

After dressing, I headed back to the car, exhausted both physically from the hours of fucking, and mentally from the feeling of loss and desperation. And puzzled.


At that point I was just completely weirded out – what was happening? I mean, yeah, some guys from work may have pranked me by buying some hookers to come on to me, but that didn’t make any sense – it would explain strange women coming up and having sex with me. But it wouldn’t explain the weird feelings I was having. I mean, really, with that MILF, it was just like some sixth sense made me stop and turn around. No prank can achieve that. Also, what about my “performance abilities”? Yeah, I’m not that old yet, but – having sex for hours on end without any sign of my dick deflating, even after the most intense orgasms I could remember? And I’m pretty sure I didn’t take any Viagra that Saturday morning.

Not finding any plausible, logical explanation, I conceded and accepted that it might just be some weird, quirky coincidence…. One I wasn’t complaining about, mind you. Not at all. I wouldn’t even be mad about it if it happened every now and then. Or got me some permanent girlfriend. But for now, I just accepted this turn of events as a lucky event. Two lucky events.

Then, a few days later while shopping, I was just picking up my bags at the checkout, when I had that sort of “chill” in my brain again. About equally hoping and fearing another “event” would happen, I raised my eyes. There, right in front of me, her back towards me, was a woman. Long, straight black hair, halfway down her back, no more than maybe 5’5” tall, very thin build. Fancy, back-free top, daisy-dukes, nicely shaped legs. The skin all over looked like an extreme case of goose bumps, the fine, barely visible hairs standing up like electrified.

She slowly turned, shivering as if freezing. Her slightly oval face, with eyes clearly showing Asian heritage, was stunning. Her breasts were “typical” Asian – rather on the small side, her “high beams” clearly showing through the thin material of the top. She looked at me with her dark eyes, and it was as if a fire was slowly igniting in her, her going from afraid and surprised to full out horny chick over the span of a few seconds. In turn, my body was also already preparing for what I now already suspected was going to happen. Very soon.

I forced myself to grab my bags, hoping to be able to at least make it to my car before all willpower had wilted away, overpowered by the trunk between my legs. I could barely manage to turn away from her towards the exit, looking back both hoping and dreading she might stay back.

She didn’t. As if she was in a trance, she slowly followed me, ignoring the food the cashier was running through. And also ignoring, as I now noticed, the guy behind her. Who called after her. Still she kept walking after me. I was already at the entrance, her not far behind, when he seemed to be fed up just calling and ran after her. I kept on walking, as I neither wanted to cause a scene with a stranger, nor end up going all sex-crazed with her right there in the shop.

He grabbed her by her upper arm, but still she kept walking, just looking at him blankly for a moment, before turning back towards me. When he tried to grab her with both hands, I noticed a brief flicker of her eyes, her face slightly contorting, she pulled free of him, letting out a brief, but powerful “Stop!” before exiting the store, still in pursuit of me. Her face once again projected the hunger that seemed to be burning inside her.

I still wasn’t sure how far I’d be able to make it before succumbing to the sexual madness that was building up inside me. I considered just driving off, but over the last minute, the further she was away from me, the more I felt in my head as if my body was pulling me back towards her. Being parked close to the entrance of the shop, I knew if I just let go and fucked her like the other two women, we’d be in big trouble in no time! With the man (Friend? Boyfriend? Husband?), but also no doubtably with the police. It took quite some effort, but I managed to start the car while she reached for and opened the passenger side door, a predatory look in her eyes. Once she was inside and already reaching for me, I quickly pulled off, heading to the parking lot exit, headed to a dead-end street without any houses I knew was right around the corner.

I don’t know how I made it there (literally, I can’t remember), but I did. She was already working on my dick with her thin but soft lips by the time I made it to the open road, the next thing I remember is me exploding into her throat while turning off the then stopped car.

With the rather uncomfortable front seats not making for the best place to have sex in, I managed to get out of the car, went to the passenger side and pulled her out into my arms, our lips connecting sloppily, our tongues engaging in a wild battle. I pushed her against the side of my car, my hands first lifting her top slightly, running over her small breast, brushing and squeezing her hard nipples eliciting a strong moan from her throat that I more felt in my mouth than heard.

Meanwhile, her hands went to work on her shorts, unbuttoning and pushing them down, followed by the cotton panties. We briefly interrupted our kiss for her to dispose of her top, while I quickly tried the same with my shoes and pants (man, if this continues to happen I should stop wearing laced shoes), then with one swift move my T-shirt, joining her in her nudity. Again I pushed her against my car, this time grabbing her thighs and lifting her up, my dick easily penetrating into her pussy. And being welcomed by nothing short of a gushing, tight tunnel. I don’t know how much she exercised her vaginal muscles, but heck, I’ve never before felt what she did, what she was able to do. I mean, picture your cock being held, massaged, squeezed by half a dozen small hands at the same time. Relentlessly, strong, but still loving. I – yet again – exploded quickly, somehow pulling her with me, her eyes turning to plain white so far up they went in her head during what I must imagine was an earth-shattering orgasm for her. She was shaking, groaning, and yet her massage of me in her never stopped, it got even more intense. It felt like her muscles were working in a wave pattern, attempting to pull me in even further.

I slowly regained some control over my body, and while she was still in her throws of orgasm, continued pounding into her, while at the same time softly biting and licking her nipples. It seemed like her climax wasn’t just a hill with a plateau, but rather Mount Everest, just with a very big plateau on top. I was still fucking her, biting her, when some time later she slowly came to again, her eyes asking, bidding, demanding more of the same. Which I happily obliged, feeling that I, too, wanted a lot more of the same for myself, and her.

We changed locations several times. Fucking in the back seat, on the hood with her ass on it and her legs on my shoulders, in the grass near the gravel road I had parked at… I’m not really sure where all we did it. I just know that a couple hours later we were both lying beside each other in the back seat of my car, my hands still busy slowly caressing her breasts and her clit, my still half-stiff cock not in her anymore, but nestled between her legs slightly pressing against her outer lips from behind.

I noticed her nipples beginning to soften, her breathing speeding up slightly, as if waking up from a good night’s sleep. I once again saw in her face as she was turning towards me that she was in a shock at what she, what we had done. She carefully extracted herself from my grasp, her face flushed not from excitement, but apparently from shame. “I… I need to go…” she said softly and hesitantly, “my… my husband… I don’t know…”

I was shocked, again. While it might be somehow explainable why two women dropped everything and wanted to have sex with me for hours, why would a married woman do so, too, then after several hours suddenly come to her senses and remember her husband she left at the store to follow a complete stranger?

After we had dressed I offered to drive her back to the store or anywhere else she wanted to go. She claimed she lived near the store and to just drop her off at the entrance of the parking lot. I don’t know if she was telling the truth, or just didn’t want me anywhere near her home, but I obliged.

I let her out, then drove off without looking back – and noticed I didn’t even know her name.

I started doing research. Well, Internet research, but I guess it sort of counts. I tried finding descriptions of situations like mine – a woman and a man just going crazy for a couple hours, having wild sex, then – boom, nothing anymore. Apart from some porn sites, some “wannabe” reports without any obvious merit, I couldn’t find anything helpful. The closest I got was with some reports of dangerous sex drugs, leading to (in almost all cases) rape of a woman. But I was of course sure I hadn’t given any of the three any drugs, nor was it likely I had been drugged, especially not with “trail-lady”. So what was it?

Then a frightening thought crossed my mind – had I raped those women? I mean, clearly, contrary to all appearances, they were not in their clear mind when we had sex. But then, neither was I, really. All my self control, conscious thinking, was out the door shortly after I met those women. All I consisted of was a body hell-bent on having sex. Fucking our combined brains out. So was it rape from and of both of us? From a moral standpoint I was out of ideas.

I moved on from that train of thought – what was causing this? I mean, clearly, with the latest “conquest” any sort of prank was clearly and completely impossible. Was it some higher power that caused it?

I posted a carefully worded description on several message boards, anonymously. I wasn’t too picky as to what areas the boards were set up for – medical, psychological, fetish, even some UFO and conspiracy theory boards, in the hopes of getting either feedback from people the same or similar had happened to, or some explanation as to what might be the cause.

Of course, the far-out boards were just that, far-out. The Q-nuts of course chimed in instantaneously, blaming the deep state and Hillary (d’uh!), and the UFO theorists – while not having any previous similar cases – “clearly” identified my case as “alien experimentation”.

Nor was the fetish board too helpful – just a bunch of folks (both male and female, as well as the whole LGBTQI+ range) chimed in, asking for info on how to replicate whatever was happening to me, once I found out. Thanks, but no thanks.

On the medical and psychological forums, apart from some non-professional postings, there were at least a few people inquiring for some more details, and offering hypotheses and suggestions, albeit nothing that actually provided useful information.

In my desperation, I also turned to some religious boards, not exactly expecting helpful replies – which turned out exactly right. Religious nutjobs, priests, etc. started piling on about how sinful I was, that I needed to confess, the usual. Again, no helpful advice or info.

So after the failure in my research, I started a different approach. I wrote down everything I was able to remember about the three incidents. I wanted to be able to possibly find something common about the – to date – three cases. I was both hoping and dreading a fourth, fifth or even more incidents, but I at least wanted to be prepared. For whatever it was that was happening to me…


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