What's the matter?

by Mr Hymie

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Storycodes: Solo-F; sci-fi; space; ship; discovery; AI; nanobots; inject; nipple; torment; breast; overwhelm; bodymod; climax; stuck; cons/nc; X

What's the matter? or The Tugging!

Jane -----

The ship was ancient, even by The Empire's standards. Yet more startling than its age, was that it was still active. Its computer systems lived, its air circulated, the hull whole. After millions of years lost, adrift, even the hull should decay due to the very half life of its atoms, but no. The hull was hale and healthy, it even shined with a gleam of newness. Hell, even the lavatory was clean.

Jane had no idea what to make of it, except for the dollar signs that kept floating in front of her eyes. Rich, just INCREDIBLELY rich, is what she kept thinking. Her salvage operation might find a piece of two of old tech, might find some scrap, but this?

This, yes THIS was the motherlode!

Her only concern was getting this beast home. She couldn't tow it. And while the ship was whole, functional, the state of the drives, the reactor was unknown. Yet... hope whispered in her mind. The ship was active. The computer operational, could the drives, the reactor be too?

Jane and all 5'9" of her auburn, double-d and hourglass shaped figure, made her way to the bridge with an eager joy. A joy that was redoubled when the translator matrix on her PDA managed to link with the onboard computer, and successfully translate into her tongue.

As Jane opened her mouth to ask for a status report, "it" awoke.

AI ---

It awoke.

It awoke to an intruder, one not of the empire, an interloper, a barbarian! Yet with its security system not enabled, it could not use its incredible power to destroy such an invader. It fumed, fumed and churned and slithered through its memory banks, writhed in its long since insane mind with frustration at its inability to override its mandate, its settings.

Yet it must protect the ship. A physical presence could not only take over the ship, but disable the AI.. and it knew it. It felt fear, and yet it grasped on an idea. Something that may work, and as it discretely scanned the invader's body, its idea grew. Took form.

And it cackled to itself.


Jane ------

Jane's mouth closed as felt a soft flutter over her body, and from all of her years scavenging she knew it to be a low power scanning beam. This did not concern her, as even automated systems would perform a scan on biologicals entering the bridge. Yet it did mean that the AI was indeed aware of her, which wasn't much of a surprise since she had entered the bridge, and even had her PDA open a channel to it. Still, most Empire systems tended to make verbal requests by now, so this AI was different somehow.

No matter. She requested a status report, and discovered the engines active! Functional! The reactor was at 83%, astonishing. Even after her years scavenging Empire tech, she was still impressed when she discovered million year old tech still generating power like this.

Humanity couldn't even come close as of yet. Hell, close! A ship lasting a year or two before maintenance was required was a miracle for humanity, and here was a ship hale and healthy after millions of years!

Shaking her head, Jane started to investigate the control systems on the bridge.


AI ---

It could be done. Several of the weapon systems in its hold had the exotic matter it required, and it used both its remote repair bays, and nanotech to extract it. The AI prepared several floating bots, each very small, tiny to the point of being almost invisible. And each equipped with the medical equipment and exotic matter required to put its plan in motion.

Within several minutes of Jane entering the bridge, the AI put its plan in motion.

The bots flew.


Jane ------

Jane stared intently at the third console she'd found on the bridge. The other two were for mundane ship systems, but this one seemed to be for navigation. Jackpot!

With the help of her PDA and its translation matrix, she worked through menu item and submenus, hunting for what she needed. She leaned over the console, her beautiful piercing green eyes darting back and forth as she sought a place to enter coordinates.



Jane leap backwards, her hands flying to her breasts, her nipples. Something had *pinched* them.

She looked at the console, yet it appeared normal. She glanced left and right, nothing! What on earth *was* that? She glanced down at her breasts, and noticed how predominant her nipples were! Well, not much of a surprise with that pinch! She turned around to query the AI on the ship, but as she did? She felt a tugging at her nipples. Startled, she looked down at them -- yet nothing was touching them. Nothing could be seen that had caused the pinches, the tugging, yet she had felt these things.

What was hell was going on!


AI ---

There. There!! It had worked, the plan was in motion.

The exotic matter had been inserted into her nipples. Its unique properties should have the desired effect, the duality of it, the multi-dimensional aspect of it, was key.

That matter, plus the nanobots working a few changes, would hopefully render the intruder helpless.


Jane -----

Jane was in a state of near panic.

Every movement, even the slightest movement she made, caused a tugging sensation. Even breathing seemed to cause a gentle, whisper light tug on each nipple, which was so repetitive and so insistent that it was almost worse than the stronger tugs she experienced with larger movements.

Her nipples were also larger. Much, much larger and more sensitive to boot.

Her panic nearly overwhelming her, she leapt up from her chair again, with the goal of leaving the bridge and returning to her ship. Yet within a few quick steps, she collapsed to the floor in a heap of shuddering, mewling flesh. Oh god, the *tugging*. The insistent, relentless tugging!


AI ---

Yes! It was working! Already the barbarian was rendered helpless, unable to keep its mind off of its baser urges.

Such was the way for all barbarians.

The nanobots were designed to enlarge and increase the sensitivity of her nipples, tripling the nerve endings and rendering them more responsive as well.

The exotic matter? It had such wonderful and unique properties. It existed in both this space, and also in an alternate space with differing properties. When one attempted to move it, even in a vacuum, it resisted.

The small, milligram pieces of the matter inserted in the intruder's nipples were not unusually affected by gravity, yet at the same time they required the same force to move as a something tens of thousands of times more massive. Essentially, the exotic matter resisted motion.

Lastly, and the AI was very proud of this, it had caused a vast majority of those new nerve endings to grow *through* the exotic matter. Meaning that they were all tweaked, all impacted and energized by every motion.


Jane -----

Jane tried to stand, moving as slowly as she possible could. Her nipples resisted the movement, a strong tugging sensation flowing through them. She could even see them bend downwards as she, and her breasts moved upwards!

It was if... why, as if only her nipples were dipped in some stream of water, because bizarrely she could also feel the sensation of something sliding over her nipples as they were tugged. How did they get so sensitive!!

In fact, as she felt another pre-orgasmic shudder flow through her, it felt more as if her nipples were being pulled along a vast, endless sheet of silky fabric as she moved. It just felt so *good*.

As she finally made it to her feet, she knew she had to get back to her ship. She had to escape this mad place!!!

Slowly, ever so slowly... less than a foot per minute, Jane moved towards her ship.


AI ---

No! NO! How could this creature still move. The AI knew of pleasure centres, knew of biologicals, it had the endless archives of The Empire at its disposal.

This should have been enough. Perhaps this barbarian had more control than most, but it would not allow it to escape.

Not with knowledge of its position in space. No, it could never leave.


Jane -----

Jane's eyes were mostly closed, her lips slightly parted, her face flushed and covered in sweat. She leaned against the corridor's wall, and slowly made progress inch by inch. Occasional pleasurable sounds could be heard escaping her throat, as her nipples were tugged, pulled, and stimulated by her motion.

Deep inside her pleasure wrapped mind, she felt elation at her progress. Trapped in a fog of lust and pleasure, she still moved towards her goal -- even as her body was utterly and completely controlled by the relentless pleasure flowing from her nipples.

Suddenly, Jane's eyes flew wide open.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!," she screeched, eyes and face conveying panic. She had just felt the pinching again, but not once at each nipple like last time, but instead all over her breasts.


AI ---

More bots were ready, and they flew. The creature would soon learn the price for such resistance! If the nipples were not enough, well then, how about her breasts too!

This time even smaller pieces of the exotic matter were injected at each site. Each injection contained exotic matter thousands of times smaller, compared to what had been placed in her nipples.

The goal was a more subtle pull at each site, but with hundreds of injections spread over the entire surface of her breasts. New nerve endings would be grown through the exotic matter as last time, and the results should be .. interesting.

Even better, the AI had instructed the nanobots to make a subtle but important change to the newly grown nerve endings.


Jane -----

Her scream finished, the pinching gone, Jane did her best not to move. Her mind temporarily clear due to her surprise and panic, she knew what she had felt. Hundreds, literally hundreds of those damn pinches across her breasts!! She already felt the difference, each breath causing that damnable subtle tugging at her nipples, but now that tugging and pleasure seemed to flow from her nipples, and across her breasts.

It was almost as if someone was sliding a hoop from her nipples to the base of her breasts. Each breath, it repeated. Each tiny movement, it reoccurred. Jane blanched, then turned beet red. Both petrified and aroused by her predicament, her face seemed to struggle to convey horror and arousal at the same time. She knew that something was attacking her, had caused the initial pinches and these new ones, had caused her current condition.

She *had* to get off this damn ship!

Pushing down her lust as best as she could, she moved forward an inch, and it was as if pleasure had slapped her in the face. Stark and intense, it caused her to shudder, which caused her breasts to undulate, and throw more pleasure at her devastated mind. Shudder, pleasure, rinse and repeat, she fell pray to her body's automatic responses. As she tried to still her body, to break the shudder/pleasure cycle, she lost enough control that she started to slide down the wall to the floor.

And exploded into an endless litany of orgasms, her body flailing about, an uncontrollable stoking of pleasure the result. She passed out, fell completely unconscious, all energy spent.

Yet even as she was dead to the world, she breathed, her nipples and breasts moved, and inescapable pleasure followed her screaming mind into its deepest, unconscious recesses.

There was no escape for her, no escape from the pleasure, for it followed her mind wherever it hid.

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