Women Will Save The Males

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 4 - Sleeping is for the Weak

"Alright, let me do this, Isuki, then you can go see the nurse just outside my office and give her your leash. She will walk you back to Misha."

"Do what? AAAAAH!”

"Turn on your butterfly vibrator to the highest speed, of course. It's going to make you forget about your sore nipples until you get back to her."

"Aaaaah! It's… It's too powerful…"

"Don't you like pleasure?"

"That's… That's not it…"

"Ah well, go now. I have work to do. Thanks for visiting, Isuki. Come see me if you have any issues with your piercings."

Dr. Carroll had been very nice this afternoon; she gave Isuki some unexpected shiny nipple rings, but what she did just now was not as nice. Isuki's butterfly vibrator pressed hard on her pussy and clit because of her tight rubber shorts, and her dog paws prevented her from reaching the remote that Dr. Carroll had nicely tucked inside them.

When she pushed Isuki out of the room, everybody around turned toward the pet girl, curious about this buzzing noise coming from her crotch. With a paw covering her sensitive spot Isuki rushed to the closest nurse and showed her the leather leash.

"Aaaah! … Dr. Carroll said that you have to lead me back to Misha. Let's go! Hurry!"

"Oh? Is that a way to ask for help?"

"S… Sorry… aaah… Would you escort me back to… Misha… please?"

"Mmm… okay… But why are you so tense?"

"I… I… Dr. Carroll… She put a … something… in my shorts."

Of course, that just made the nurse grin some more. She already knew what this buzzing noise was but, for entertainment purposes, just wanted to observe the way Isuki would explain it.

The tall brown-haired nurse walked around her desk and grabbed Isuki's leash.

"Let's go, doggy. You are distracting everybody with this inappropriate behavior of yours. Come!"


Why did everybody think it was okay to yank on her leash so hard? It was a mystery, but they all seemed to enjoy doing it.

Ashamed like never before, the path leading to the central elevator seemed slow and long even though it wasn't that far. Not only everybody looked at her, making various comments about how funny it was to have an office pet, but on top of that, Isuki was getting dangerously close to her first involuntary orgasm. Cumming in public would certainly be the most awkward thing that could happen to her.

Fortunately, she managed to control her volcanic body until the metal doors parted. Isuki rushed inside the elevator, and as soon as her assigned nurse joined her and pressed the down arrow, Isuki dropped to her knees and exploded uncontrollably.

"Aaaaah AAAah! AAaah! I'm… I'm cumming! I'm… I'm cumming! aAaaah!"

"Oh my! I didn't think pressing that down button would bring you to your knees. How adorable…"

"Aaaah! Aaah! It has nothing to do with the elevator button. Aaaah! Make… Make it stop… Please… Take this thing out of my crotch!"

"Oooh… Are you asking me to reach in your shorts and remove a juicy toy out of your vagina?"

"I… I mean… yes?"

As soon as she said that, Isuki experienced remorse. The powerful orgasm had scrambled her brain, and she had not realized the implication of her words.

"Okay, let me turn it off first. Then we will go somewhere quiet to take it out. We can't do that in public, right."

"…I mean… You can just turn it off… That would be fine."

"Yes, but that is not what you asked for. I don't mind helping you take it out. Don't worry about it. I'll be happy to do it for you."


That tone and the way she patted her on the head made things crystal clear. This unknown nurse had something else in mind, but Isuki just couldn't bring herself to voice an accusation. If she were to be wrong about this double meaning, she would basically charge a woman with a crime she had no intention of committing.

"I'm Cora by the way. Let me turn this off for you."

"I'm… Isuki."

"I know… Someone sent a note to everybody explaining that you were our new office pet this month."


"Oh? You didn't know about that? Yes, we all know about you now. I'm lucky to have bumped into you so quickly. I was super curious to see what you looked like. You are adorable."

"Wha… what did the message say?"

"It's not important. Alright, your vibrator is off. Let's go to my quiet place."

"It's okay… I can go see Misha like this… No need for a detour."

"Shhh… Let's go to my quiet place, I said."

Apparently, Cora had no intention to negotiate the assistance she had offered earlier. The way she would help was entirely up to her, and she didn't need Isuki to chip in. She wasn't mean or anything, but this was definitely fishy.

Cora routed the elevator to a floor other than the ones Isuki were used to. It was the one known as "the residence". Isuki knew about this floor but wasn't allowed to access it. It was reserved for a limited number of employees who could potentially be asked to stay overnight to keep an eye on things and be rapidly available in case of an emergency with the males. Some of the most experienced nurses were on that list, and Cora seemed to be one of them.

The residence floor was pretty much a big living area filled with nice green plants. There was a fancy kitchen with shiny utensils, a comfy living room with nice leather couches and a big TV, and many bedrooms assigned to the different individuals who had the burden of being the first responders after business hours. They all totally deserved this nice environment to feel a bit more at home while they would be unable to see their loved ones.

Cora walked fast as if she was looking forward to playing with her new doggy girl. Trying to keep up, Isuki, almost out of breath, didn't have a chance to add a word until they reached Cora's bedroom.

After entering her small apartment and yanking Isuki in, Cora slammed the door shut. Looking around for the first time, Isuki ran out of words to describe the place, but she liked it right away, making her forget her problems for an instant. The walls were all pink, there were a couple of stuffed animals here and there, likely gifts from her girlfriends, and white furniture made the place very girly and quite pleasant to look at. It was nice to see that those nurses who sacrificed part of their life to protect the precious sleeping males were treating this well. A small apartment that felt like home was proof that people cared about each other.

"Aaah! See. This is my quiet place. Do you like it?"

"Y… yes… It's very cute… But… Misha is waiting for me and…"

"Aaah, don't be mean, Isuki. I was very happy to show you my place."

"Sorry… I didn't mean to…"

Cora grabbed one of the small stuffed animals and showed it to Isuki.

"This is Lieutenant Asterios, my favorite."

"You named your favorite plushy Lieutenant Asterios?"

"Yes. Isn't he cute?"

"Well, yes. It's a cute little raccoon."

"It's NOT a raccoon. It's a tanuki."

"Oh… Sorry."

"Your name is Isuki. You should know what a tanuki is. It sounds almost the same."

"This is kind of… unrelated?"

"…and you are both pets."

Just now, Isuki understood something that she would have preferred not to. Cora was a pet lover. Seeing how much she adored Lieutenant Asterio didn't announce anything good. Did she invite her into her girly apartment because she saw Isuki the same way as a stuffed animal?

"Okay, Isuki. Let me take off your shorts. You are pretty bold to wear this outfit in public, by the way."

"I… I didn't decide to wear this… It was Misha who…"

"Would you stop talking about that Misha person? You are with me right now. Whether or not it was your idea, if you wear this outfit, it's because you like it or else you would have asked someone to help you take it off."

"But… what I'm trying to say is…"

Isuki couldn't finish her sentence, interrupted by Cora and her latex shorts that went down a bit too rapidly to her taste, exposing both her naked butt and stuffed pussy.

"Oooh, nice little toy. You are a little perv…"

"I'm… I'm not… It's Dr. Carroll who put it in… Aaaah!"

"Oh, sorry. I shouldn't have taken it out so fast… Are you sore down there?"

"A… A little bit…"

Using one of her dog paws, Isuki wanted to rub her crotch, but Cora interrupted her intention.

"No, don't. I have a better treatment for this. Trust me. I'm a nurse. Just lie down on the bed and close your eyes. I'll be back in a second."

"But… I'm… I'm fine… Really…"

"Tsk… Don't argue with a nurse. It's not polite!"

"I'm sorry."

Why were things always moving so fast since this morning? Isuki hadn't had a single quiet moment to herself since this out-of-the-ordinary day started. She sat on the bed, a bit tired, and somehow, Cora's idea didn't seem all that bad anymore. Her temporary room was indeed a comfy and relaxing place.

Perhaps this strange nurse didn't have any bad intentions after all, and maybe she just wanted her to feel better. It would be nice if Cora would take the time to listen to what she had to say. A little chat with no pressure while quietly resting on this bed would kind of be pleasant.

Isuki let herself fall flat on her back and positioned her body in the middle of the bed. She closed her eyes, not only because Cora had asked her to, but also because she tried to decompress a little bit and push away her misconception that her host had something else in mind.

The small pet girl had a minute or two to herself before Cora came back from the washroom.

"Awww, you look much calmer now. Isn't this bed very comfy? Keep your eyes closed, doggy. I'm sure you'll love this next feeling."


Already half asleep, Isuki obeyed and kept her eyes shut, even though she felt Cora climbing on the bed and over her legs.

And then… She felt something touching her crotch. Was Cora going to apply some soothing cream for her poor abused pussy? Dr. Carroll must have shopped around a lot to find the most destructive vibrator ever. It gave her a run for her money. What Cora was doing was all gentle and pleasant… until something slammed inside her vagina without any resistance, causing her to jerk and open her eyes wide. Cora was towering over her in a position that left no doubt about what her intentions were.


"Shhh… Relax. When I have a sore pussy, this always helps."

"But… But… Is this… a…"

"Yes. It's a strap-on. You seem to know what it is, so you also know how good it will make you feel, right?"

"…yes… but… you… you are going to… fuck me?"

"No… I'm just massaging you. Just like that…"


When Cora began to move her hips, Isuki's loin caught fire, so was her face. Her little involuntary moans played against her as Cora had totally heard them and knew the pet girl felt very good about her sudden treatment.

"Wait… wait… I… I didn't… decide to do this…"

"Not really, but sometimes it's nice to let people decide too… Don't you think?"

"No… well… Aaaah… Maybe… Aaanh!"

"It feels good, right?"

"Y… yes… aaah!"

Once more, Isuki's willpower disintegrated. She unconsciously raised her arms above her head, not realizing that her body language sent another solid signal to Cora, inviting her to continue her questionable massage.

Sure, Isuki had played with dildos before, but being penetrated like this by someone else was a first. Somehow, she never had huge expectations regarding the first time she would do this. She liked to feel good sexually and didn't think this was ruining a romantic dream or anything. Her attention was more toward how good it felt to have another person doing this to her.

Earlier today, when she licked Jennie into orgasm, it was her giving pleasure to another person. In this current case, Cora gave her pleasure without asking anything in return, and it felt somewhat comforting, even though it came out of nowhere.

"Aaahmmm Cooora!"

"Having a bit of fun, little pet?"

"I'm… I'm not a pet… but… AAah!"

Cora smirked and leaned forward to steal a kiss from Isuki. If there had been any doubts that she didn't want this, those could be now considered officially eradicated.

For the next thirty minutes, Cora fucked Isuki's brain out. They kissed a lot, which felt incredible, particularly when she was cumming from the strap-on at the same time. It was going very deep inside her, as she liked it.

After this last orgasm, Cora pulled out and just observed the tenderized doggy girl with a smile. Isuki's eyes had rolled up, and her tongue stuck out, confirming that her first time with this kind of toy had been a huge success.

"Hehe. You are such a nice pet. We will have to do this again."

A small gurgling noise was all Isuki could offer in return to this proposal.

As Cora unfastened her strap-on, the bedroom door opened, and another nurse entered. Was this a girlfriend? Or a co-worker?

"Aaah! Here you are, Cora! Dr. Carroll is looking for you everywhere. You left your post and never came back."

"Oh… sorry… I… I got distracted…"

"I see that… Go now. She really needs you. I'll take care of the pet for you."

"Okay, thanks. You have to bring her back to Misha. It's a girl working on the office floor. Isuki can lead you to her."

"Gotcha! Go now, before getting in trouble."

Isuki was too out of energy to care about this change of ownership. She saw Cora jumping back into her nurse uniform from the corner of her eye and leaving the room, abandoning her to her friend.

It really didn't take long before things turned into something dirty again. Without a word, the new nurse dropped down her mini-skirt and picked up the strap-on.

"Hehe… Round two, cute doggy. Since you are already willing…"


"If you are tired, don't worry. I'll take care of everything. I'm a nurse. Trust me."

Isuki had heard that before. Curiously, her time with Cora had felt so good that she was still on a high because of it, so much that her brain wanted more of this feeling and was ready to accept another good fuck from this unknown person. If her sexual hormones hadn't altered her judgment, she would have maybe asked her new lover for her name first.

It took no time for the nurse to climb over Isuki and penetrate her still wet and tingling crotch.


"Oooh, you like it deep. I see."


"And what if I do this?"


This little yelp from Isuki startled the nurse. When she pinched her freshly pierced nipple through the latex, it didn't feel very good.

"Ow ow ow! I… I just got those rings earlier today…"

"Oooh. I'm sorry. I didn't know. Let me take that latex bra off you then it will relieve some pressure. I have a girlfriend who went through the same thing recently."

The black rubber bra flew from the bed to the floor, exposing Isuki's small boobs and her shiny nipple rings for the nurse to caress as she fucked her. It was such a strange sensation to have metallic objects attached to her body without having the possibility to remove them. Well, maybe there was a way, but she didn't know it, particularly while wearing those latex dog paws. Dr. Carroll had not really mentioned anything to her.

"I love piercings on my girls. That means you are extra slutty. You know that, right?"


"You should get more of those. Did Dr. Carroll install them on you? They are perfect, so I'm willing to bet it's her work. I'll tell her to put more on you. She will be thrilled to know you would love that. It's her favorite hobby. Many of the nurses go see her for new ones because she is so good at it."

"I… I haven't asked for them…"

"Oh? You don't like your nipple rings?"

"No… No… I mean… I like them but…"

"Alright then, I'll tell her next time I see her, okay? Now keep quiet. I don't want to chat as I fuck you. You can moan all you want, though, because that's very hot."


"Good little doggy!"

This time around, the new nurse was at it for a full hour. She played with Isuki in various positions, switching every couple of minutes, which made this fuck session a very active one compared to the one with Cora. It was not a one-way game either, as Isuki had to apply what she had learned with Jennie earlier. Apparently, the tales about her magical tongue prowess had already circulated throughout the facilities. 

That torrid adventure left Isuki completely drained and unable to move anymore. They made her cum so hard and so often that there was nothing left of her soul. All her mitochondria had gone to bed already. The naked nurse was quietly relaxing next to her, gently playing with her nipple rings.

"You know, doggy. In not too long, Dr. Carroll will be able to increase the size of those rings. She can put much sturdier ones."

"I… I don't think I want that… Those are cute… but…"

"I'll tell Dr. Carroll to prepare them. It will make people happy. Don't you want to make people happy?"

"…Sure… I do, but…"

"If you don't want them anymore one day, you know the holes will heal and close, right? So what's the risk for you?"

"O… okay. I didn't know that."

"Yay. I can't wait until they get upgraded."

Why did Isuki always get that feeling that people were manipulating her for their benefit? This thought was an ongoing one inside Isuki's head, but she was so mentally disorganized that she couldn't come up with a rational explanation as to why it would be a bad thing.

The bedroom door suddenly opened, and Cora walked in.

"Aaaah! Perfect! She is still here."

"Cora. Are you done for the day too?"

"Yes. And I have good news. Isuki now has to report to us every day in the afternoon. I got Dr. Carroll to sign an official prescription for a daily massage. So she doesn't have a choice."

"You hear that doggy girl? We will get to fuck you every day from now on!"


"Oh, and that's not all. I went to see Misha, her friend, but she just yawned and called it a day when I told her the good news. She went home and said we could keep Isuki tonight. That means we have Isuki for ourselves until tomorrow. We can do whatever we want to her!"

All those words entered Isuki's ears, but she had trouble processing them. It was late, so she understood that Misha went home, but the plain language they used afterward about using her as a sex toy was a bit harder to digest.

But before she had a chance to object to anything, Cora and the other nurse made sure it wouldn't happen.

Isuki quickly ended up with a wet pussy pressed against her mouth while the two caring nurses began to make out, enjoying their new pet thoroughly.


"Good morning, Misha. We bring back your dog."

"About time. Woah… She has wobbly legs…"

"Yes. She didn't sleep much. Probably because she wasn't used to the bed or something like that."

"Right… as if."

"Alright. See you later, doggy!"

After patting Isuki's head between her pointy dog ears, the two nurses let her go and left the office. She fell to her knees and slowly crawled to Misha and rested her head on her lap.

"Awww… You look so tired. The nurses had fun with you?"

"Don't tell me about it…"

"Do you need more sleep?"

"Yes… Please."

"Please? Oh my… Those nurses are doing a good job at re-educating you."

"Don't tell me about it. I have to go see them every day, apparently. Dr. Carroll's order."

"Haha. And you believed that? Dr. Carroll would never do that. They were just playing with you."

"It didn't sound like a joke."

"Well, if you were unsure whether they were serious or not, and if it worried you, why didn't you ask them if it was true? They would have told you."

"…Whatever… I thought it was true."

"Still spineless from what I see… HEY! What's that?"

"What's that what?"

"Those bumps under your bra?"


"REALLY? You let Dr. Carroll do this to you? I know it's her hobby and would pierce every girl at the facility if she had an opportunity to do so, but do you realize how slutty it makes you look?"

"I didn't ask… She just decided to do it."

"Unbelievable. Why do you keep lying like this about what you like? It's okay if you like piercings."

"I don't… well… I do like them… but…"

"If you like them, then she didn't force you. Aaaah! You are a pain, Isuki. Go take a nap in the supply room. If you are less tired, maybe you can come with me to inspect the males this morning."

"Sure… Come pick me up when you go. I'll help you."

Isuki dragged her paws all the way to the infamous supply room. Yesterday had been the most intense day she ever had in her life. Misha's plan had been to keep her as a pet for a whole month, but with this level of intensity, Isuki would surely be dead within three days.

That said, not everything was bad. Even though the approach seemed wrong and controversial at a time, Isuki had discovered a couple of interesting things; kissing was fun, licking pussies was interesting, being fucked deeply and incessantly had its merits, and shiny nipple rings were kind of cute.

Was everything they did to her imposed, or did she have a word to say at some point but just didn't have the mental capacity to ask? Did it really matter anyway since the result was somewhat positive? Given the culture of the current society, getting whatever you want as long as everybody is happy, her experience certainly seemed aligned with this line of thought.

Triple checking that Jennie wasn't around before entering the storage room, Isuki sneaked into it and carefully walked in the dark toward the corrupted bed. She couldn't wait to lie down and close her eyes; without a good nap, she wouldn't survive the day. The prospect of recovering sounded very good… until her paw bumped into something… or someone… as she climbed on the bed.

"Heeey! We are here already! Find another room!"


"OH!? Isuki doggy is joining us! Yaaaay! Since it's you, you can totally stay!"

"…No… no… I'll come back later… thank!"



A pet's life was not always easy.



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