The Horse Costume
by EF
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© Copyright 2008 - EF - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; collar; costume; cbt; torment; toys; insert; party; spank; reluct/cons; X
The Horse Costume by EF F/m; bond; cuffs; collar; costume; cbt; torment; toys; insert; party; spank; reluct/cons; X

"You've been a real jerk to me and my friends last night, Jeremy!  You know it is my turn to pick the Halloween costume this year, and you're going to be the back end of a horse all night!"  Rachel was furious after Jeremy had insulted her friends, made fun of her dress, and generally had been quite the boor all evening.  Now it was her turn...

Halloween evening rolled around, and Rachel was thoroughly prepared.  Jeremy and Rachel had played around with bondage and control, and even fantasized about public bondage a time or two.  She had quite the punishment in mind for Jeremy.  She started by locking his wrists to the collar behind his neck so his arms were almost earmuffs.  Rachel then attached the front of the collar to a dog leash she had attached to the far side of the dining room table.  "You better get used to being bent over tonite.  You're going to be in that position all evening."

She slid his slacks and boxers down, then proceeded to cut his shirt off with a pair of scissors.  Just for kicks, she waved the scissors menacingly near his manhood while he protested.  To enhance his awareness of the situation, she trimmed his hair quite short, leaving just scratchy stubble around his privates and between his legs.

Rachel then brought out a PVC contraption attached to a leather belt.  It had a large 6" piece of pipe covered with some latex rubber and a loop in the middle, connected to that pipe was a length of PVC pipe that ran from Jeremy's groin to his mouth, where a riser was covered with a dildo.  The dildo had a hole down the middle of it.  The pipe continued about 10 inches past the top of Jeremy's head, where it had an additional latex dildo.

Rachel held Jeremy's nose shut until he opened his mouth to accept the dildo, then she buckled several straps to attaching it to his hips, chest, and head so he couldn't eject it.  Rachel then wrapped a studded parachute around Jeremy's balls, and connected the parachute to a weight heavy enough to make Jeremy wince when she released it.  She then adjusted a strap between the weight and the loop in the center of the 6" drum.

Rachel leaned over, letting her breast rub against Jeremy's ribs.  "Ok sweetie, all you have to do to reduce the weight hanging from your balls is to suck the cock.  You should be pretty good at it by the end of the night."  Rachel watched as Jeremy hesitantly started sucking, and she could see his cheeks suck in and the latex drum deform as the weight's support shifted from the parachute trapping his balls to the latex drum. 

Next came the horse costume.  Rachel lifted Jeremy's legs one at a time and slid the horse-butt portion of the costume up his legs.  It was equipped as an anatomically correct stallion, and the weight attached to Jeremy's parachute hid neatly in the pouch for the horse's balls.  Before pulling the costume the rest of the way up, she carefully fed a butt plug with a horse's tail attached to it through a special hole in the costume, and lubricated it and inserted it into Jeremy.  To be sure it stayed in place, she then fastened a leather thong waist harness and buckled it snugly into place.  Having positioned the tail, Rachel proceeded to cover Jeremy's upper body with the remainder of his costume, and left it loosely draped over his head.

Rachel proceeded to get herself ready, dressing in a sexy mini-dress and stockings before donning the front half of the horse costume.  She was a real tease about it, dancing where Jeremy could see, but not touch her as she dressed. 

The party was at their friend's house next door, so all that was left was to put the two pieces of the horse together before they could leave.  Rachel hooked a strap to the inside of each of Jeremy's elbows, and carefully straddled the pvc pipe where it extended above Jeremy's head, pulling the elbow straps tightly around her hips, bringing the top of his head against the back of her hips.  She fastened another set of straps to hold the front dildo against her clit, and reached down and flipped on a vibrator in the dildo to keep herself entertained for the evening.  One last thing she arranged before fastening the costume shut was a short latex tube with a small funnel and a clamp. 

After zipping the horse costume pieces together, Rachel applied a target-colored sticker to his left butt cheek that said "spank this spot".  Rachel then donned the horse's head mask and started to parade around the living room.  Jeremy pulled and struggled. 

Rachel was ready for his resistance and decided to exercise some control over the situation.  She undid the clamp on the funnel which broke the vacuum seal holding the weight up with the drum.  She could hear Jeremy desperately sucking trying to relieve the pressure on his balls.  To top it off, she poured a couple ounces of whiskey down the funnel.  The dildo Jeremy was sucking had a straw to it that ran to a small catch basin in the PVC pipe.  The whiskey pooled at this straw and Jeremy's attempt to suck the weight up resulted in him getting several mouth-stinging swallows of Kentucky's finest. 

"Ok, are you ready to cooperate?"  Rachel asked loudly, being sure Jeremy wouldn't mistake the tone in her voice.  She heard a muffled "uh-huh" from the costume behind her, and reapplied the clamp to the hose so that Jeremy could once again raise the weight from the parachute.  She practiced a couple more laps around their living room and dining room before deciding he was sufficiently ready to go to the party. 

Rachel then proceeded out the door to the party where nobody would know that Jeremy was helpless in the costume, and almost everyone was obnoxious enough to spank the sticker on his left butt cheek to see if he would react.  A few even played with the tail.


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