Turnabout Surprise
by EF
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© Copyright 2008 - EF - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; bond; latex; catsuit; electroplay; cage; display; reluct; X
Turnabout Surprise by EF F/m; bond; latex; catsuit; electroplay; cage; display; reluct; X

As Vern tried to shake the cage door in frustration, the locks on the outside jostled only slightly, clanging quietly against the cold metal. Linda's voice came laughingly over the earbuds, "I would recommend against doing that again, sweetie." Vern considered the situation carefully. Something about the tone of her voice suggested he should take her advice. Linda wasn't one for surprises, and certainly he expected nothing like this! After all, it was supposed to be *her* in the cage!

Vern had taken great care in making the cage to get it to look a bit like an antique dome-top bird cage. It was a little over 7 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall, with half-inch metal pipe bars bending smoothly to meet at the top. The entire cage, inside and out, was a throroughly polished and chrome electroplated, and the coups de grace was a central 3 inch brass pole running floor to peak.

Vern and Linda had been married for several years, and each enjoyed their time as the Top in their relationship, so much so they had to have an arrangement and take turns. Vern had agreed to bottoming "anything goes" both friday night and saturday morning in exchange for Linda playing the "caged bird" and pole dancing during their Halloween party on saturday night.

Linda kept Vern tied on the floor in an uncomfortable ball position all night without letting him have any gratification. She started the evening by using his back as a dildo saddle and vibrator mount. Vern wasn't able to keep track of how many times her breathing changed during her ride, but when she stopped, it didn't take her long to fall asleep on the bed.

Sometime after daylight finally peeked through the gap in the window shades, Linda woke up and rolled over to check on her ball. "Good morning my Halloween treat!" she said smiling. Vern heard the innuendo in her voice, but didn't have any clue of what was to come.

"If it pleases you mistress, this ball is in need of a good stretch?" Vern knew better than to demand to be released, instead using his voice to make clear his understanding of who was in charge. Linda didn't answer, instead wrapping her short silk robe and shuffling off to the bathroom.

When Linda returned, she whispered into Vern's ear. "You know you're still mine this morning, don't you? That was our agreement." She retrieved a wide leather collar from their "toy box" and carefully wrapped it around Vern's neck. From the center of the bed headboard, she retrieved the end of a long plastic-coated steel cable which she locked into the collar's hasp before tossing the key to the lock across the room into the laundry basket. Vern was tense and uncomfortable, but resigned himself to stick to their agreement. Linda leaned close to his ball-tied body, and he could feel the silk of her robe, and the warmth of her breast against his back. "If you want to leave this bed, you'd better behave, " she said.

Linda proceeded to untie the ropes and loosen them from the wrist and ankle cuffs that held him in place. Vern slowly moved to straighten his legs and stretch his arms. Handing him a short glass of orange juice, Linda said, "Sweetie, you'd better use the bathroom now, because it might be a while until you get another chance." Vern drank the juice and shuffled slowly off to the bathroom while stretching, working out the kinks in his muscles. His arms and legs were free, but he still wasn't. The cable attached to his collar was made long enough to reach easily into the bathroom, but was too short to reach the key which Linda had thrown into the closet.

Once Vern had finished, Linda pulled the cable hand-over-hand to return him onto the bed where she locked each wrist and ankle cuff to a short length of steel cable that Vern had permanently attached to the bottom inside of the bed frame at each corner.

Linda took the opportunity to flirt and tease, seductively donning the outfit she was to wear in the cage later that evening. It was a thick latex, body-hugging catsuit with locking leather cuffs attached at ankle and wrist, and a zipper that locked at the top of the neck. Vern watched intently as Linda performed, doing a cage dance in an imaginary cage, dancing, spinning and stretching.

Over the years, Linda had learned all of Vern's sensitive areas, and she put that knowledge to good use. Leaning over the bed, she traced circles and squiggly lines all over his skin with just enough pressure to not tickle.

As Vern struggled against his bonds, shifting and bucking his hips to try and get her to touch him where he so desparately wanted, she stood up and stepped back. "Ah ah ah! Sweetie, I don't think I want to spend the evening in the cage, but after all your hard work, it would be a shame to not have someone in it for the party tonite."

The look on Vern's face was a combination of bewilderment and nervousness as he asked "who do you have in mind?"

Linda ignored his question and went over to their toy box and dug around, coming back with a ring gag, a pair of tiny ipod earbuds, and a full-head leather hood with an attached leather collar and a long brunette pony tail sticking out the back. She put the ring-gag into Vern's mouth and buckled it behind his head. After checking the fit and adjusting the gag's buckle, Linda inserted the earbuds. She then carefully positioned the hood on his head before pulling the zipper down to meet with the buckle, and buckling the hood's collar, and locking the buckle and zipper in place. She then attached a blindfold to the mask covering Vern's eyes, and plugged the music player into the earbuds.

The playlist was very relaxing, and Vern hadn't slept much that night, so it didn't take long for him to fall fast asleep. Of course, the sleeping pills in the orange juice didn't hurt either.

When Vern awoke, he could feel the hard metal bars of the cage behind his head and back, and his his arms were spread wide, held fast by the wrist cuffs to the bars of the cage. He tried to call out: "Linda? Are you there?", but with the ring gag and the hood, it came out more like "Aaah ahh aahhh oo aaah". Hearing his noises, Linda came over. As she pressed down on the top of his right shoulder, he thought he felt and heard something click.

Linda's voice came over the earbuds: "Hi Sweetie! I won't be in the cage tonite, because I'm feeling a tad claustrophobic, and besides, you know how much I like a party! I know you wanted to have a dancing girl in the cage, during the party, so I've gotten a little help from one of our guests to get you into a suitable costume." While Vern listened, he felt hands release the cuffs from the cage bars, and remove the blindfold.

Linda's voice paused briefly before resuming. "You are wearing a very special bondage catsuit that is designed quite similarly to the one we had picked out for me to wear in the cage tonite. Yours has just a few additions. " Vern could tell Linda was trying hard not to laugh when she said that. Linda's voice continued: "All the commands you hear using my voice are pre-recorded, and that includes this script that I am reading to you now. Your bondage experience this evening will be controlled by an intelligent computer bondage system locked inside your catsuit. "

Vern started trying to assess the situation. His vision was a little restricted due to the hood, but he could see Linda outside the cage in her bondage costume, and a mummy about Vern's size standing next to her.

"We have about 2 hours before the guests will start to arrive, so this seems like a good time to get some practice with your costume. To provide you some incentive to pay close attention, we'll start with the discipline controls. There are a number of electrodes placed on your skin within the catsuit." Vern flinched as a jolt of electricity surged across his scrotum, another couple jolts hit separately, one on the inside of each thigh. "That was power level 3 of 10. Failure to correctly follow directions will result in stronger discipline levels."

"In addition to the ability to give commands through these earbuds, and issue electric shocks to various sensitive areas of your body, this catsuit is also equipped with a wide variety of sensors. You may not touch any lock or zipper on the catsuit or you will be shocked. You may not touch the door or cage locks. When directed to perform a physical action, failure to comply in a timely fashion will result in a shock. The first few times you fail to comply, you will get a simple warning prior to the shock. For example you might hear this warning message:" Linda's voice changed tone abruptly and laughingly said, "I would recommend against doing that again, sweetie. " It then resumed "Let's explore your sensors shall we?"

"Lift your right foot backwards until your shin is parallel to the floor. 5 4 3 2 1 failure to comply" Zap! Youch! Vern quickly lifted his right foot. "Lower your right foot and lift your left foot until your shin is parallel to the floor. 5 4" This time Vern didn't let the count run down. "Put your left foot down. Use your right hand and cup your right breast. " Breast? Vern hadn't noticed that the catsuit gave him breasts... and hips? "5 4 3 2 1 failure to comply" Zap! Vern quickly slapped a hand up to his breast, lifting and jiggling it. It felt very realistic, heavy and pliable. "Impact detected to breast, abuse of the gel cell battery and other parts of the control system will be punished. " Zap! Zap! Zap! "All physical contact between your hands and the suit must be done gently without impact. Failure to comply will be punished most severely. "

The suit had flexible gel batteries formed into breasts. These batteries provided the power for the evening's activities. The computer control system was implemented as some surface mount electronics hiding up underneath the hood, near the ponytail. There were pressure sensors in the gloved hands and in the soles of the 4 inch heels locked onto Vern's feet. Each leg had angle sensors on thigh and calf, and each arm also had sensors for forearm and upper arm position. Padded hips disguised the wires and added some curve to Vern's lower form. Vern's penis was stretched down between his legs and held in place with a tight latex long-leg panty. There was also a bend sensor attached inside the hood to measure the angle of his neck. Along with all the other sensors, there was a pressure sensor mounted inside the catsuit's crotch, between his balls and his penis.

"Ok Sweetie, with the remaining time we have before our guests arrive, you need to learn to dance sexy. Grab the pole with your left hand and lean back slightly." By this time, Vern was quite tired of being shocked, and quickly complied. "Ok, now, caress your right hand up from the top of your thigh up to your breast. Lift the breast gently and let it glide down past your hand. Very good! Now trade hands and do it again." Vern traded hands on the pole, but carelessly started his sweeping caress mid-hip instead of thigh. Zap! "You have failed to correctly perform the action. " intoned Linda's voice. "caress your left hand from the top of your thigh up to your breast."

"Now it is time to practice the crotch rub on the pole. You must exert sufficient pressure against the pole to be received by the sensor. Grab the pole with your left hand, straddle the pole and press your crotch firmly against the pole. 5 4 3 2 1 failure to comply" Zap! "5 4 3 2 1 failure to comply" Vern had been pressing his crotch against the pole, but he had to press hard enough against the pole to make his balls hurt in order for the pressure sensor to register the pole rub.

"While holding onto the pole with both hands, tip your head back and swing your upper body from side to side. 5 4 3 2 1 failure to comply" Zap! "in order to complete this motion correctly, angle must be sensed between the neck and the spine, and also an angle between the spine and the hip. " Linda's voice repeated "While holding onto the pole with both hands, tip your head back and swing your upper body from side to side. " Vern did his best.

"When there is a musical rhythm detected, you must step one or the other foot within 0.2 seconds of the timing of the music beat. The more you are out of sync with the music, the stronger the shock."

"In the remaining hour before the party guests arrive, this is time for you to practice putting all these moves together into a nice fluid flow. If anyone guesses that you aren't just a voluptuous woman dancing in a cage while wearing bondage gear, your punishment will be severe."

After Vern had been through the various motion drills a couple times, "Basic motion training complete. Begin movement training. All moves must be smoothly executed. Too fast, too slow, or too uneven will be punished. " Zap! Zap! Zap! Vern was never known for being a smooth dancer, and it was painfully evident now just how much he needed to learn. It took him the rest of the time before the guests started arriving before Vern got smooth enough to avoid being shocked on anything but the most basic of moves.

During the party, the bondage control system changed modes again. "Mode 3, improvisation. You have 10 beats of the music to smoothly combine a hand crotch rub, a pole crotch rub and a head tip. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Failure to comply." Zap! "You have 10 beats of the music to smoothly combine a hand crotch rub, a pole crotch rub and a head tip. 10 9 8 7 6 5 jerky motion detected" Zap!

Nobody at the party realized the mummy wasn't Vern. Neither did anyone at the party know who the bird cage dancer was.

At the end of the evening, Vern was completely exhausted. The repeated shocks from the electrodes had made his skin quite sore in those spots. He spent a lot of the evening trying to figure out ways to return the favor to Linda.

After the last guest left the party, Linda reached between the bars of the cage and pressed the button on Vern's shoulder once more. The last pre-recorded bit of Linda's voice sounded into his earbuds. "Session ended. Happy Halloween!"


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