Going to a Party?
by Remmy111
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© Copyright 2009 - Remmy111 - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; encase; transform; bodyswap; storage; nc; X
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Going to a Party? by Remmy111 F/f; latex; catsuit; encase; transform; bodyswap; storage; nc; X

Carry was ringing the bell at the gate of the mansion. She did not had to wait long before the gate opens as she walked to the house. It was a big house and very old but it looked still very good. She smiled inside at the thought that this was hers now, but at the same time she was sorry that her aunt died, leaving her this house.

Yesterday there was a message from the maid of the house telling her that her aunt had died and the question if she could come the next day. She thought about it and than told the maid that she could come. The next day would be Halloween and she had plans to go to a kinky halloween party but this was more important so she did throw some things in a case in preparation.

Carry did not now that she had an aunt up to two years ago. A lawyer that told her she was the end of his search approached her. He was hired by a woman who would like to find her cousin that was once had been given up for adoption by her sister. Carry did know that she was adopted. It was told by her “parents” almost every day. That they were sorry that they ever did that.  There was really no reason for it. Carry was a nice, good-looking girl and gave no trouble at all. When she was old enough to leave then, she did!

After she heard about her aunt she visited her several times and she liked that old woman. Her aunt always told her to take good care for herself. She said it several times a day when she was with her.

 And now she was welcomed by the maid that stood by the door waiting for her. In the hall she took off her coat that the maid put on a hanger and in a closet. “I think that you would like to freshen yourself up, wouldn’t you?” asked the maid. Carry confirmed that she would like to take a shower. The maid told her which room she prepared for her and Carry went upstairs. After she had freshened up and taken a nap for an hour she went downstairs. She went to the living room and went to sit on the sofa. The maid came in and asked if she wanted something to drink.

“Coffee would be nice, thank you! I hope you will drink one with me!” Carry said.

After the maid conformed that she would she go to the kitchen to get the coffee. She was back in about 15 minutes and she set herself down with Carry. They started to talk about the last days of Carry’s aunt and she told also that her aunt had made a fund for the maid so she could stay to work there without Carry having to pay for her. She was well taken care for and would like to stay in service. Carry told her that she would be delighted that she would stay.

The talking went on for hours and they discussed also the coming burial. Around 10 o’clock Carry went to the library to get a book to read before sleeping. She went in there and her heart stopped for a moment. In front of her in the library stood some kind a statue of some kind. She recognised the person it was suppose to be but it did look strange. It was of her aunt but with a skin that was totally black. Not normal black but with a shine that was not normal for stone or an other material. It was also dressed with normal clothes and on it’s head was a wig.  She called for the maid and when she arrived she asked what was going on. The maid told her that her aunt had it made a few weeks before she died. And it looked so strange because it was made from rubber, latex to be exact! It was made from a cast of her aunt. That is why it looked so exact! After admiring it for a while she took one of the books and took it to the living room. She told the maid that she would read for an hour and then go to bed. The maid walked in after half an hour with a cup of tea that she drunk while reading.

 Suddenly she startled, she must have fallen a sleep. Strangely enough the maid was shaving her. She felt with her hand and felt that her head was already done. 

“What are you  doing” Carry asked.

“I preparing you, my dear!” the maid told her.

Carry could not think straight, her mind was foggy and she let the maid go on. When she was ready the maid took something out of a box. It was black and shiny. When it was unfolded Carry saw that it was a catsuit but a bit strange. She had seen catsuits before but this one was different! No zips and the only openings it had were with the mouth and nose. Even that was strange because the nose had inner tubes and the mouth had what it looked like teeth tong and uvula molded in it.

“I’m going to a party?” Carry asked.

“Something like that, my dear. Where you are going there will be a lot of people wearing this.” Said the maid.

She did put her fingers in the through of the mouth of the suit and started to pull. Slowly it begun to stretch. When it was stretched wide enough she put her fingers further in the suit so she could also stretch the neck part of it. After it was wide enough it was worked the legs of Carry in the suit. When that was done Carry looked at her legs and must admit to herself that they looked beautiful. But the maid did go on and soon Carry was standing completely covered from top to toe! The only thing was that the nose tubes and the mouthpiece were sticking out. The maid did hold the mouthpiece in her hand and closed it. Carry could get no air and had to inhale by her nose. Doing so the nose tubes popped inside her nose. But then after she breathed out again the maid closed the nose and mouthpiece. She was fighting for air but she her arms and legs were not very cooperative, suddenly the maid loosened the grip on the mouthpiece and it to popped inside and into place!

 “Now you are ready my dear” said the maid.

Carry was curious how she looked and did her best to get off the sofa (with some trouble). The maid helped her to get to the mirror. She looked smashing. She would be the best looking at the party for sure, she thought. Even her teeth and tongue were black. She stroked with her hand over her black body and did get aroused. Her nipples were standing to attention. The maid took her by the arm and accompanied her to the library. Carry wondered why they should go there but she was still too weak and her mind did not seem to working properly.

In the library the maid put her in the middle of the room and turned her so she was facing the statue. She was surprised to see that the statue was now without the clothes and wig. Another shock for Carry was that the statue was suddenly moving. It stepped off the plateau it was standing on and walked towards Carry, who stood there with eyes wide as saucers. Then the statue spoke to her.

“Well Carry, I can imagine that you are surprised and yes, I’m still alive! But not for long I’m afraid, if I did not anything about it. This body won't work for long anymore. But we talk about this later, come in my arms and lets hug!”

Carry stepped forwards and put her arms around her aunt. They hugged for a while and suddenly Carry felt like a warm wind was blowing through her. She opened her eyes that she had closed while hugging and noticed that she must have turned around somehow because she was now facing the door. And she felt so strange again this time. Her arms and legs felt stiff and painful. She let her aunt out of her arms and was surprised to see a young woman instead! When she looked better she saw it was herself she saw. She lifted her hand and in spite of the catsuit they were old, bony and wrinkled and when she looked down she screamed. There was the body of an old lady. Somehow she was now in the body of her aunt! She screamed and screamed, but than a finger was pushed on her mouth and she could not make a sound anymore.

Then the young woman spoke: “Yes, you are now in my old body and I’m in yours. I was old, almost 200 of your years but now I was in need for a new body. But it has to be the correct one or else my spirit won’t fit in it. It was a long search for you and in the last two years we had you tested. I’m not your aunt but we used that excuse to get you here. And the switch had to be done at Halloween eve. Did you know that we are with many more on this planet and we are the reason there is a Halloween. We used to snatch people just like that in Scotland and later also in other country’s. Ah…..The good old days. In our normal shape we used to scare people like hell! We can not hold that shape long however. But all that is not possible these days anymore! So we had to find other ways to lure people in our net.  I’m happy about you taking good care of your body! Now we have to find another one for maid. At least I will play the maid then. And don’t worry, my child, we won’t kill you, we have to let our old host body’s “live” or else we would die to. So you will have company! “

Maid and her “aunt” lifted Carry (who by that time could not move at all, nor did she even breath anymore and she could feel the nostril and mouth tubes closing. ) and carried her to the basement of the house. A big door was opened and when her eyes were used to the low light she saw many “statue’s”  of old people wearing the same catsuit as her standing in the basement and she was put in line with those. Carry’s mind had cleared up and she was thinking: “This can’t be true, this must be a bad dream!”

“As you can see my dear, we both are already a long time on this earth. We had followed the beginning of the human race with great interest and when you were developed enough we came here and started to take the first human body’s in possession. The catsuit, by the way, is necessary for the exchange and  your preservation! It’s not normal latex but a special type of latex. Our own formula! But now we have to leave you and begin to search for maid’s body! “

Carry’s old body and maid walked towards the door and just before they went through ‘Carry’ turned around and said: “But there is one comforting thought for you, my dear………… In the state your in are now, you will, just like the both of us,  live forever!”



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