Halloween Hell for Tim
by Restricted
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© Copyright 2009 - Restricted - Used by permission
Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; gag; vacuum; stuck; cd; bodymod; curse; cons/nc; X
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Halloween Hell for Tim Restricted Sbm; cuffs; gag; vacuum; stuck; cd; bodymod; curse; cons/nc; X

Halloween, last day in October, season of autumn mists and ever changing colours on the trees. Leaves scattered on the ground as the trees discard them.  Tim loves autumn. He loves to wrap up well when there is a chill in the air and go for a walk. He could think out his thoughts and sort his life out.  The bills, the health problem he has got. He was told that he must take it easy to allow his body to get used to the changes it was going through!

Tim had been taking hormone tablets and had grown his breasts. He had grown his hair and although he wanted to change his sex, he had to live as a woman for a year. If he could not do that psychologically, he would be best stay as he was. Around the house, he only wore dresses. He had no pyjamas only nightdresses. He spent ages practicing and perfecting his make up for use indoors, but he could not make that final leap to be seen in public.  He knew that once he had the operation, everything about him would change and he would be accepted.

A friend had arranged that for a week, he could go dressed as a woman and work in her women's clothes shop, giving her staff a week off! But Tim backed out. He could not do it. He knew that if he had gone through the proper channels, he would have to be dressed a woman and live like one for a year, but he just did not cherish the thought that he would still look like a man in drag!

Walking through the park, Tim had to decide whether to go ahead and have it done or just stay as he was! But for now, everything was peaceful. He saw the old lady sitting on the bench. She looked tired and weary, haggard and bent over. She asked Tim for some money, but he gave her a mouthful of abuse! He walked away from her while she was screaming all sorts of foul curses at him.

He walked on and forgot about the woman as he meandered around the many paths.  For some reason he had this sudden urge to be bound. Tim had to go home and tie himself up. He imagined his breasts bound tightly and his feet tied together, and being handcuffed.  He could not figure out why it had entered his chain of thoughts. He just had to go and do it! No, Tim decided that he would not have the operation for now. He would wait another year before making the plunge! He phoned the clinic he was booked into for the operation. He had paid to go private and so the need to go about dressed as a woman for a year was bypassed by some greedy doctor who wanted the money! He managed to get hold of the receptionist who told him he had to put a letter into the effect that he had changed his mind.

Tim stopped at a newspaper shop and bought a pen, pad and envelopes. He wrote out the letter to say he had changed his mind about the operation and wanted to leave it for another year. His appointment could be used on someone who wanted it right away. The operation was due to take place in the middle of November.

Arriving back at home, Tim went straight to his bondage cupboard. He took out the rope, the gag, the blindfold and the handcuffs.  But for some reason he needed to go one stage further than he had done before. Stripping off naked, he wondered how he could get extra pleasure. Oh yes, bondage he loved, but he always found it boring after a while. He needed to think that someone was torturing him!

But first he made some dinner for himself, ate that, and watched the television. Got bored of that and ran a film through the recorder.  He loved the film about the two nubile girls enslaved in chains and their antics as they tried to escape. Their performances always turned him on no matter how many times he watched it! Once that was over, he looked at the clock, it was now eleven thirty. Tim wondered where the time had gone. "Half an hour to the witching hour!" he thought. He turned off the recorder and the television and thought about his bondage once more. He was hoping the idea would have gone out of his head. Instead it was stronger than ever!

Looking around, Tim wondered what to do! Then he figured it out. He had one of those bagless vacuum cleaners that never lost suction. He put a timer into the socket and plugged the vacuum cleaner into the timer. He allowed the timer to switch on after twenty five minutes and set it to run for thirty minutes! He quickly tied his feet together and to one of the legs of the chair. He took the hose and with the aid of some duct tape, taped the hose to his body trapping his manhood in the hose. Fortunately his house was some three hundred yards from the nearest neighbour!

He took the bit gag and gagged himself, and tightened the strap up as tight as he could, forcing himself to chew on the rubber covered steel bit. The beauty of this gag is that if his nose got blocked, he could still breathe through his mouth. After trying several gags, this is the one he eventually settled on. Tim took the rope and tied himself tightly to the chair and by putting the keys to his handcuffs in a small bag which he tied to the chain between the cuffs, he knew his escape was easy to achieve as he had done it so many times before. He put the blindfold on and strapped it tightly behind his head as well and proceeded to put his hands behind his back and lock the cuffs on himself. All he would have to do when he had had enough was undo the bag, take out the key and unlock the hand cuffs.

He heard the church clock strike midnight. It was time to start the witching hour. He sat and thought about the nubile girls. He pretended they had escaped and captured him and were getting even on him for what someone else had done to them!  The vacuum cleaner started up.

The vacuum sucked on him and tried to pull him into the cleaner. He was getting closer and closer to his orgasm and he was ready to shoot his lot when the vacuum cleaner stopped. "What the hell?" A few minutes went by and it started up again.  Tim was ready to explode now. He shot his lot, but the vacuum cleaner kept trying to pull his spunk out of him. Tim had gone flaccid, but the vacuum cleaner was relentless. He got another erection and quickly shot his bolt again.

His flaccid member was not flaccid for long, he got another erection and away he went again. By now the strength was being drained out of him. Why hadn't the vacuum cleaner turned off? He struggled to get the handcuffs off. In the state he was in, it was difficult to open the bag and getting the key into the lock of one of the handcuffs, was near impossible. He dropped one key and had to fish the other key out of the bag!

The vacuum cleaner kept sucking on him and he thought he would have a heart attack. He released his hands and trembling undid the tape holding the pipe on his manhood. It hurt as he ripped the tape off taking a lot of his pubic hair with it.

He sat back for a while, but his heart was still pounding. He thought he had had a heart attack by now, or was definitely heading that way! He took off the blindfold and gag and slowly unwound the ropes holding him to the chair.

Tim turned off the vacuum cleaner and looked at the timer. It had stopped with the power still switched on. He unplugged the timer and the cleaner and put them away. His chest was beginning to be painful by now.

Tim panicked and phoned for an ambulance!  While he was waiting, he put all his bondage equipment away and locked the cupboard and hid the key.  Tim staggered to the door and collapsed as he opened it.

The paramedics came racing up to his house and saw him laying there and set about stabilizing him. His blood pressure was at a dangerous level and his heart was racing far too fast. They put him in the ambulance and raced off to the hospital.

Going as fast as the ambulance would go, they past the park where earlier in the day Tim had gone for a casual walk. With his eyes closing and just about to go to sleep, Tim heard the paramedic and driver talking, "That was peculiar today wasn't it!!"

"What was?"

"That fire at reception. No one knows how it started. There was nothing combustible, just a lot of files and notes on the desk! A lot of people's records will have to be retraced again. I would hate to be the person having to do that!"

"Yes, that will take months to sort out the mess!"

The ambulance driver saw the old woman step out into the road in front of them. He slammed on the brakes, swerved, skidded and crashed heavily into a lorry that was parked. Another lorry coming the other way had also seen her; he swerved away from the ambulance, hit the kerb, burst a tyre and crashed head on into the ambulance.

Another ambulance and the police were called out and they took the ambulance crew away. They were all badly hurt as was Tim! The police took a statement from the lorry driver and searched for the old lady. The driver thought she might be in the wreckage, but a thorough search did not find her. "Oh well, at least she got away then!" the lorry driver said.

Tim was in an awful state. His skull was fractured and his face was badly cut open. It was decided to take him down to surgery straight away. The peculiar thing was that the surgeon doing the work should not have been on duty that night. He had agreed to cover for another surgeon who was going to a Halloween party. This surgeon was the one who was going to give Tim a sex change.

The police produced Tim's photo driving license. His National Insurance number was on the plastic card they had sent him. The surgeon said he had some notes on Tim and asked the nurse to arrange for them to be brought to him.  The surgeon explained to everyone what he was about to do. Owing to cutbacks, there were only newly trained staff about who accepted his word for what was going to take place. He did comment on the fact it was a very strange coincidence that of all nights, it was him on duty and the patient was his patient.

Time woke up with blurred vision five days later. The nurse sitting by him called the surgeon, who came along to take a look and remove the bandages. Tim wondered what all the fuss was about. The surgeon explained. "It was Halloween night, we had had a lot of files lost in a fire, The strange thing was that only a half hour earlier I had your notes on the reception desk, but took them back to my room to study your X-rays and the case notes!  Well you were so badly damaged, I thought that it would be best to give you your sex change now and that would give you a better chance of not being scarred for life. Congratulations. You are a most beautiful woman now!"



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