Trick or Treat
by Newplay
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© Copyright 2009 - Newplay - Used by permission
Storycodes: FF/m; bond; rope; cbt; outdoors; cons/nc; X
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Trick or Treat Newplay FF/m; bond; rope; cbt; outdoors; cons/nc; X

There is a knock at the door. John thinks to himself,  "Who could that be? It's past time for the kids to be out trick or treating!" It's almost 10:00 at night.

When John opens the door to see who it is he is pushed back by two women dressed like witches. Before he could get a look at them they covered his eyes with a scarf.

One of the witches now cuffs his hands behind his back.  The second witch starts to strip him naked. John thinks to himself that this may not be too bad after all, "Ok, they can have their way with me"

The witches now produce a pair of scissors and cut off John's shirt. He can hear them talking, "Now he's almost ready to take outside for the real fun."

The first witch takes some rope from under her robe and ties it tightly around just his balls.

They lead John into his kitchen where they have him drink three glasses of water. The witches wonder how much water they can make him drink. 

"John its going to be a long night for you so we want to make sure you're hydrated. Trust us, this will be a night of your wildest fantasies."

John takes a couple more glass's of water until he's almost feeling bloated.

She starts stroking his cock slowly, "See John this is going to be great." 

John asks if they're going to loosen the rope around his balls. The witches remain silent on that question.

"Ok let's go have some fun" the witches say. They now lead John by the rope tied around his balls out his backdoor into the backyard. With John's blindfold on he walks slowly behind them.

The two witches lead him out to a tree in the backyard. They un-cuff his hands only to re-cuff them around a tree. Now with the bark of the tree scratching his back and arms stretched behind him around the tree the witches remove his blindfold.

This is the first time he gets a good look at them. They are two of the most beautiful women he's seen. 

"Ok John now we can have the fun of a lifetime." The witches now drop their robes and stand before him naked. One of the witches takes the rope that is attached to John's balls and throws that over a branch above his head. The end that now is hanging down, the other witch ties a bucket to. The bucket is hanging right in front of John and about one foot off the ground. The weight of the bucket is pulling on John's balls.

"Now John isn't this fun!" The second witch now stands over the bucket and starts to pee into it. More weight in the bucket pulls harder on his balls. The moan from John puts smiles on the witch's faces. John pleads with them to remove the bucket.

"No John, now its my turn to add to the bucket!" The other witch pees into the bucket.

The weight is almost too much for him to bear. He groans even more.

"One last thing we need to do John." The witch takes a tube and tapes that to the end of John's cock. The other end she puts into the bucket. "Now we know after all that water you drank you're going to add a lot to the bucket. Hope you don't pull your balls off"

They stood there until he made the first addition to the bucket. The howling he made when that happened is what made me look out my window! I thought I saw two females standing in front of him laughing. But then I wasn't sure of what I saw. The moaning I knew for sure I heard.

Then as I was trying to see better into the backyard.

I heard a knock at my door. Now who could that be at this hour?



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