The Devil's Mark
by The Technician
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The Devil's Mark The Technician FFF; other/f; costumes; party; movie; devil; majick; bond; naked; sybian; tease; torment; electro; bdsm; brand; climax; cons/nc; XX

Darlene slid the white thigh-high stockings of her “Naughty Nurse” costume slowly up her legs and attached them to the garter straps which dangled from beneath the short red skirt which made up the bottom half of the costume. The upper half was a white “lab coat” that was cut tight to accent her breasts. The top of the “coat” was open to reveal an ample amount of cleavage which made it very clear that there was nothing but Darlene under that coat. It was also split on the sides, the front and the rear to allow the red of the skirt to show through. The skirt itself was short, flouncy, pleated, and cheerleader-like, except that cheerleader skirts do not have garters attached to the wide elastic waist that holds them up. The costume was completed with a small white nurses cap that sported a red cross superimposed with a set of white, kissing, lips. There was no doubt that Darlene would be a Naughty Nurse at the Halloween party later that night.

There were also white satin cheerleader panties which the costume website had said were optional. Darlene couldn’t imagine anyone wearing something so short with just regular underwear beneath it, so she had paid the additional $9.79 for the satin bloomers.

Tonight, however, as she dressed for the campus Halloween party, she left those protective bloomers sitting on the bed until the very last. Standing there in her sexy outfit with just white thong underwear under the short, red skirt, she looked at herself in the mirror as she posed seductively with her legs slightly spread, holding the stethoscope which she planned to wear over her neck like she had seen doctors and nurses do at the clinic. Turning away from the mirror, she even bent over slightly and looked back over her shoulder to see how much she might be revealing if she just left the satin bloomers at home.

The cheeks of her ass were plainly visible if she bent over even just a little. Anything more than that would expose everything that she had. Darlene held the satin panties in her hand as she debated yes, no; yes, no; yes, no. Finally she gave a long sigh and bent over to slide them up into place just as Amy and Michele yelled for her to get moving or get left behind.

Darlene, Amy and Michele walked the several blocks to the campus theater. Amy was dressed as a Naughty Witch. A peaked witch’s cap sat slightly askew over Amy’s dark black hair. Her pale skin was slightly visible through the layers of black filmy material that made up her costume. Darlene could tell that Amy was not wearing satin bloomers. In fact, from the back it appeared that she was wearing nothing at all beneath her robes. And from the front it was difficult to tell if you were looking at a black thong through the gauzy material or at Amy’s pubic hair. Darlene was pretty sure that Amy wouldn’t go totally commando in such a sheer outfit, and since the party was on campus property, Darlene assumed it was a thong. But since Halloween seemed to bring out the inner slut in almost everyone, she wasn’t totally sure that Amy wasn’t “sky clad” under her short witches robes. There was no doubt about the lack of a bra. The cool night air made her bralessness very obvious as Amy’s stiff nipples formed little peaks against the front of her costume.

Michele was dressed as a Naughty Policewoman. Blue, skin tight, short shorts pulled deeply into the cleft between her legs forming a slight camel toe. Her police shirt wasn’t much more than a bikini top with a large yellow star embroidered over the left breast. Silver handcuffs dangled from a loop on the shorts and a police whistle hung around her neck. In her hands she carried a slightly over-sized billy club that doubled as a flask. It was currently filled with vodka, Michele’s alcohol of choice, but it would probably be emptied soon after they arrived at the party.

As they approached the theater, Darlene could hear the band and the noise of the party. A wild, anything goes, Halloween party on campus might seem very unlikely, but several years ago the university was forced to address the problem of students driving under the influence after wild Halloween parties in town. A student hit several town children trick-or-treaters, and even though that particular student hadn’t been at a party and hadn’t been drinking and the gaggle of costumed kiddies had run suddenly into the street in front of him, the public outcry forced the university to act. The administration tried every form of coercion and enforcement they could think of on campus and the town police stepped up patrols and enforcement off campus, but all that managed to do was cause a lot of angry, drunken altercations between students and campus security and town police.

The resulting publicity was just as damaging to the university, So, in desperation fueled by pragmatism, the university decided to fight fire with fire - or in this case alcohol and debauchery with alcohol and debauchery. Since the problem seemed to center on Halloween night and raucous Halloween parties, the university decided that for this one night each year, the university rule about drinking in university buildings was suspended - as if it was ever really enforced, and the university sponsored an almost free, on-campus, all-night Halloween Party. Soft drinks were free, beer was cheap, and security looked the other way if you were bringing in something stronger. As long as you didn’t try to get in a car or go off campus, you could drink whatever you wanted.

Security also looked the other way concerning anything that was happening on the quad or in the hallways or anywhere else dark and private - or even not-so-dark and not-so-private, as long as it was consensual. Except for the beefy bouncer types at the door, you didn’t even know that security was present unless a girl said “Help.” Then several campus police officers and a couple of special security people from a firm hired for just the night would appear like ghosts popping out of the mists and you had better be able to explain what was going on or you would disappear into the city jail as quickly as the black clad ghosts had appeared from the mist.

Both as an added draw for the party and as a public “cover” for the event, included in the nominal cost of the event was free pizza at eleven and a scarey movie around midnight. This year the movie was “The Devil’s Mark.”

“The Devil’s Mark” was your typical slasher / screamer flick that had become somewhat of a cult classic on college campuses. The blurb on the poster read, “Seven Sorority Sisters from Hidden Falls University hold a Halloween party on the stage of the campus theater to prove that it is not really haunted. As the clock in the campus tower strikes midnight, they learn exactly how mistaken that idea had been as a special performance begins, directed by the evil spirit which haunts the theater. A part has been written especially for each terrified student, which they are forced to perform for the pleasure of the spirit. By the end of the play, each has had her time upon the stage and each has been branded with ‘The Devil's Mark’ which will change her life forever.”

Along with the printed blurb were seven pictures of young women with their mouths open in silent screams. Imposed on the poster like a red watermark was what was evidently supposed to be a brand burnt into the skin showing three letters in very ornate script - HFU.

Darlene, Amy and Michele arrived at the party around ten. By ten thirty Amy and Michele were well on their way to becoming totally drunk. Darlene had agreed to be “wingman” for the night and remain relatively sober so that she could watch over her two friends. Amy had instructed her, “Just make sure that we don’t do anything that will be totally gross and embarrassing - at least not where someone can record it and put it on the internet. And remember the boys names that we disappear with, in case we don’t.” Michelle giggled, nodded her head in agreement, and added, “It isn’t like you were planning on suddenly turning wild and sexy anyway, Darlene. Please do this for us. OK?”

Darlene had agreed, but secretly she wished that she could totally cut loose for a night like Michele and Amy seemed to do so easily. As Michele and Amy each walked away seeking their hunk for the night, Darlene thought to herself, “I guess I will always just be the timid one in the white satin bloomers.”

An hour later it was pizza time and the crowd began to drift over into the theater portion of the building to watch the movie. Well, Darlene, at least was going to watch the movie. Amy and Michele both had other plans for the darkness once the movie began. They were each leaning heavily on the shoulders of hunks who could have been football players.

By the time the hokey setup and introduction scenes were finished, from the sounds in the darkness around her, Darlene was beginning to suspect that she might be the only one in the theater who was actually watching the movie. Soft moans and low grunts filled the air around her as she tried to concentrate on what was happening on the screen.

“The Devil’s Mark” was fascinating in an “it’s so bad that I have to watch it” sort of way. Why seven beautiful girls decide to spend the night in a haunted theater is never really explained. Why they don’t just run once things start happening is totally ignored. And the situations each found themselves in, at best, strained credulity. Once the “evil spirit” appears, the girls seem to be frozen in their chairs. Then each one is led up on stage by the devil-like being and suddenly they are in a play within a play, or at least a scene right out of some frat boys imagination.

The first girl walks up onto a bare stage and suddenly finds herself facing the Spanish Inquisition. Michelle half-way expected one of the red-robed clerics who surrounded her to break into a dance routine while yelling “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition,” but this was not a Monty Python sketch. It was an poorly done, R rated movie that probably skirted on a XXX.

Instead of a funny remark, the inquisitor grabs the girl, rips off her clothing, and binds her screaming to an upright rack that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. For an unknown star, the girl was very good at projecting fear. It was as if she was genuinely terrified as her hands were drawn tightly upward stretching her body taut. Beads of sweat broke out upon her body and she trembled as if actually in pain as the ropes began to stretch.

The inquisitor pulled a glowing iron rod from a charcoal brazier and held it close to the quaking girl’s skin while he asked in a guttural voice, “Will you accept the Devil’s Mark?” The girl’s sudden intake of breath as the red hot iron brushed her small patch of pubic hair was echoed in the audience as several girls and some of the guys winced at the thought of the pain that was just fractions of an inch away from her most tender skin. The girl shook her head from side to side all the while staring intently at her tormentor.

Smoke from her pubic hair curled into the air as the inquisitor repeated his question, “Will you accept the Devil’s Mark?’ He then added, “You can make all this end if you just accept the mark. Why draw out your suffering. A moment of pain and it will all be over.”

“Yes, yes,” the girl answered in almost of whisper. She looked totally broken and willing to submit to anything. “If it will make this stop, I will accept the Devil’s mark.”

The inquisitor smiled a genuinely evil smile and placed the iron rod back into the glowing coals of the brazier. The girl closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. It was over - or so she thought. But there was one more thing to be done. In one flowing action, the inquisitor drew another red-hot item from the coals and pressed it against the flesh of her right hip. There was a blood curdling shriek, the girls eyes flew open and her entire body shook for a second or two before she went totally limp, hanging in her bonds, unconscious from the pain.

The camera zoomed in towards her hip, showing full screen the brand which was now burned into her flesh just at the edge of her carefully trimmed pubic hair. It was the same brand that was superimposed on the publicity posters, a very ornate script of three intertwined letters, “HFU.”

As the screen faded to dark for a scene change Darlene could hear the clang of the campus clock beginning to strike twelve. Automatically, she began to count the clangs of the bell as the screen faded back in to show the face of the inquisitor looking directly into the camera. For an old film, the computer work was rather impressive because he transformed smoothly from human form to a horned devil with a very narrow face, dark, reddish skin, and snake-like eyes. It looked as much goat as man. Then, as though it was looking directly as her, it said once again, “Will you accept the Devil’s mark?”

The eyes on the goat-like head widen and stared intently at her as the voice repeated, “Darlene, I said, ‘Will you accept the Devil’s mark?’”

Suddenly the theater became totally quiet. Even the sound of the bell had stopped though it had only struck six or perhaps seven times. The camera panned back until the devil seemed to be standing life-sized on the screen. Then it - whatever it was - stepped off the screen and began to walk toward the steps at the front of the stage.

Darlene turned to the young girl sitting to her right and asked, “How did they do that?” But the girl did not answer. No one answered. The girl seemed frozen in place. As Darlene looked around the audience, she realized that everyone was frozen in place.

Darlene also realized that the theater was no longer dark. She could see everyone. They looked like strange statues in a madman’s museum. Amy was on her knees between the seats about half way back, her mouth frozen in place on her some boy’s cock. A few rows farther back, Michele was sitting astride another boy. She was totally naked and was frozen at what appeared to be the top of a bounce with his prick barely remaining in her dripping cunt.

“It’s midnight,” said a coarse voice, and Darlene turned rapidly to see the devil-goat figure approaching her. “Time has stopped for you.... and for me,” explained the evil one. “The scene change occurred exactly at midnight on Halloween, and you were counting the strikes of the bell in the tower. That was all I needed. I have drawn you in with me between the scenes. For them time has stopped. It is just a second of blackness before the next scene, but the next scene is yet to be created. It is your scene.

While they are frozen between scenes, you and I shall create your own special scene. Your part has been written for you by your own subconscious, and you will perform that scene for me... and for all these people... and for many, many more in the years to come. The scene can be as long or as short as you desire, but it will end when you ultimately accept the Devil’s mark.”

Darlene shook her head and looked desperately around the student audience. “Someone drugged me,” she shouted out. “Amy, I need help! Michelle, help me!”

No one moved. No heads turned toward her frantic pleas for help. No security personal came running down the aisles. The only response was soft laughter from the repulsive goat-like being now standing directly before her.

“Let me explain your scene and give you your motivation. You have been captured by a sadist with a specially modified Sybian erotic stimulation machine. You know what a Sybian is. You spent some time looking at them on the web. You even envisioned yourself riding one to the heights of ecstasy.”

“Tonight that fantasy becomes reality with a few extra twists from me. Just like your seven sisters of HFU, your fantasy is your torture. You will ride a Sybian pleasure horse and be given pleasure and pain until you can stand no more and finally submit to me and accept the Devil’s brand on your thigh. However long that takes, it will all be over before the clock finishes striking twelve and the next scene of the movie begins.”

The creature chuckled softly and stroked Darlene’s bare thigh between her stockings and her skirt. “That brand will make you mine..... forever. It can never be removed. On the plus side, the brand does give you eternal youth. You will stay young and beautiful forever. But there is a price. HFU does not stand for “Hidden Falls University.” No, no, no,... it stands for something much closer to my heart. H-F-U is Hurt, Fuck, Use. Once you have that brand on your thigh, it will control your body and mind forever. If anyone touches that brand while the sun is down on Halloween, you will say to them “Hurt Me, Fuck Me, Use Me,” and they will.

You will not be able to help yourself and they will not be able to help themselves. They will hurt you in ways that you cannot imagine. They will fuck you in ways that will take you to the heights of pleasure and drive you to the edge with pain. Then they will use you in whatever way they want to fulfill their deepest, darkest desires that even they don’t know lie beneath their conscious minds. After they are finished with you, then you are mine for the rest of the evening, and as you will soon discover, time can pass very slowly when I am around.

You will be safe during all the days of the year and all of the nights of the year except one. But the price for the gift of eternal youth that I will give you is that every year on Halloween, the brand - and I - own you during the hours of darkness.”

The being reached out his hand and took Darlene’s hand in his own. He pulled her up to her feet and led her toward the stage. She looked around as she walked and murmured over and over again, “No, I don’t want to do this.” She tried to will her feet to stop, but they continued to carry her up the steps and onto the stage. As they reached the movie screen she shuddered and asked aloud,“Why can’t I pull away? What is a happening to me?”

Suddenly they were through the screen - or in the screen - or in the movie, - or at least in a studio of some sort. The goat-like being walked her to the center of an empty stage, wherever it was, and Darlene suddenly was naked and on her knees with her hands tied high above her to a rope that stretched upward into darkness. Between her legs was what looked like the top of a horse, or perhaps half of a small barrel. It was vibrating and pulsing and rubbing against her. She could feel the pressure of two dildos, one in her cunt and one in her ass. Something was also pressing directly against her clit from the outside.

Despite her fears, waves of pleasure swept through her body. She approached orgasm but just before she reached that peak, the vibrations stopped and instead of pleasure, sudden, sharp pain tore through her. Electric shocks repeatedly pulsed from dildo to dildo and from the dildos to her thighs. When she thought that she could bear no more pain, the pulses stopped and one final excruciating pulse zapped through whatever it was that was pressed against her clit.

Darlene screamed loudly and tried to raise herself up off the device, but her thighs were held in place with straps or tape or something. She really couldn’t turn her head downward far enough to see exactly how she was restrained. With both pain and pleasure gone for the moment, she slumped within her bonds, her arms stretched tight above her, her legs splayed against the sides of the machine.

In this pause following her pain, the Devil leaned forward to look her directly in the eyes. He now looked like a very handsome young man that she had once dated for a few months. He smiled and despite the handsome face, she could see the evil being behind the mask. “Will you accept the Devil’s mark?” he asked in a voice that was somewhere between sultry and sneering.

Darlene’s eyes widened as she remembered what the evil one had told her would be her life if she accepted that mark. She couldn’t bring herself to speak but shook her head slowly from side to side. The handsome young man in front of her smiled that same evil smile that she had seen on the face of the inquisitor and held up a small remote. “Every round goes higher, higher,” he sang softly and pressed one of the buttons.

The Sybian came alive under her with vibrations and movements that were just a little bit more intense that they had been. As she felt herself rapidly approaching orgasm, a camera suddenly appeared directly before her face. “My God, she thought, they are going to show a closeup of my face as I cum!”

It was a great closeup. Darlene’s mouth formed an O of forced pleasure. Her head lolled back and she groaned in pleasure as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her. There was no second wave, however. Instead her legs spasmed and her cunt and asshole clenched tightly on the dildos as electric shocks tore through her body. Her groans of pleasure quickly became screams of pain as the shocks pulsed in a variety of intensities and durations culminating once again in a bolt of lightening that tore through her clit and forced her legs to clamp tightly to the steel horse.

Once again she sagged in her restraints and moaned softly, neither in pain or pleasure, but in despair.

The camera moved aside and once again the evil one looked into her eyes and asked, “Will you accept the Devil’s mark?”

This time Darlene answered softly and slowly, “No.... no... I can’t do that.”

In a slightly higher pitched voice, the Devil again sang, “Every round goes higher, higher” as he held up the remote and again pressed one of the buttons.

“No, no, no, no, please, no, no, no, no” But the vibrations and thrusting began again. Darlene could feel herself being pushed toward another orgasm. Knowing that if she came, the pain would start, she tried to hold back, but what her mind told her body was rapidly overwhelmed by what the Sybian was doing to her sensitive cunt, ass and clit. Darlene’s “no’s” became louder and more rapid as her body writhed and twisted upon the erotic horse. Finally with a loud stretched-out “Nooooooooo” an intense orgasm tore through her. It was followed by a second, almost as intense orgasm that seemed to come from the very depth of her being. Darlene felt her body rising to a third unbearable orgasm when the pain cycle hit. Now there were no words at all, just a long, extended, throaty scream of pain punctuated at the end with a scream so high pitched that it almost didn’t seem human.

Darlene hung unconscious from the ropes which held her hands above her head. Soft evil laughter greeted Darlene when she came back to her senses. “Every round goes higher, higher. But you can make it stop. Will you accept the Devil’s mark?”

Darlene knew what she had to say. She had heard it from the girl tortured on the rack in the first scene. “Yes, yes,” she answered in almost of whisper. “If it will make this stop, I will accept the Devil’s mark.”
This time the evil one held up something that looked like a cross between an electric curling iron and a barbeque fork. He pressed a button and the tip began to glow dimly red. As he held the button the tip changed from red hot to white hot and began to smoke. Darlene could not take her eyes off the now brightly glowing script letters.

Suddenly the handsome young man was gone and the repulsive goat-like being was standing before her. He moved swiftly to press the branding iron firmly against her right hip. The pain was greater than anything Darlene had ever felt in her life. It overwhelmed her and, once again, she passed out.

When she came to, she was back in her seat in the audience. The movie credits were running and the lights were starting to come up in the theater. Her watch said that it was 2:30 in the morning. The movie was over.

Darlene’s first thought was “I must have fallen asleep” - that is until she looked down at her red stockings and white skirt. “This isn’t right,” she thought. “My stockings were white. The skirt was red.” Darlene’s eyes opened wider and wider as she lifted the lapels of her bright red lab coat. “Everything is reversed.,” she said aloud. “Something changed everything. This wasn’t a dream. It was real, and if it was real......”

She slowly slid the hem of the skirt up her legs and prepared to move the satin bloomers aside to check for a brand on her hip, but there were no white satin bloomers. Neither were there red satin bloomers. In fact, there were no bloomers at all, just a small, red string thong that barely covered her pussy lips. On her right hip, clearly visible and apparently totally healed was an ornate brand with three intertwined letters, HFU.

Most of the audience left the theater, but Darlene remained in her seat as though in a state of shock. How could she explain this to anyone? How could she explain it to herself?

Suddenly Amy and Michele were standing behind her. “That must have been really weird,” said Amy. Darlene got up and joined them walking toward the exit. As they approached the front door, Amy continued, “Yeah, to have an actress that looks so much like you in a skin flick, slasher movie. If it weren’t for the fact that this movie is older than you are, I would swear that it was you up there on the screen humping that Sybian.”

Darlene could only stare at Amy in response. As they passed the publicity posters for the movie, Darlene stopped to examine them more closely. The posters had changed. She was sure that on the way in the posters had read “Seven Sorority Sisters...” Now they said “Eight Sorority Sisters...” and there were eight photos of girls screaming in pain or pleasure or both. Darlene stared intently at what only she knew was the newest addition to the images. It didn’t just look like her. It was her. She knew exactly when the photo had to have been taken. It was a still of her with her lips formed in the O of her first orgasm on the Sybian.

“That is really weird,” repeated Amy as they walked down the steps and started across campus toward home. Then she added, “Maybe we should check you for the Devil’s Mark,” and she reached down and lifted the front of Darlene’s short skirt.
A gasp followed by “Oh my God,” escaped from Amy’s lips. “Look at this Michelle, she does have a brand just like the one in the movie.” Amy reached out with her fingertips to touch the strange brand that neither of them had ever before noticed on Darlene’s thigh.

Darlene moved backward and attempted to pull away but Amy and Michelle’s grip on her skirt held her in place. “No, please, don’t touch it,” she tried to say, but it was too late. Amy’s fingertips and Michelle’s simultaneous stroked the raised letters that had been burned into Darlene’s skin.

Darlene gasped in a combination of intense pleasure and pain. Then she pulled Amy and Michelle toward the darkness beneath the trees. Her voice was thick with lust and need as she looked at both of them and said clearly, “Hurt me. Fuck Me. Use Me.”

And they did.


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