Happy Dolloween
by Jo
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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission
Storycodes: M+/f+; club; latex; catsuits; costumes; sexdoll; maids; display; group; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
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Happy Dolloween Jo M+/f+; club; latex; catsuits; costumes; sexdoll; maids; display; group; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Denise pulled open the door.

"Trick or treat!"

"Whoa! Look at you! A princess, a cowboy, and what are you little boy?"

"I'm a girl and I'm Super Zit with awesome and disgusting powers! Squeeze me. I dare ya."

"Uh, I'll pass."

Denise handed out the candy just as Lisa walked up.

"God, I miss Halloween. All the dress-up, all the fun."

"Leese, we work for Anderson, remember?"

"Not the same thing. Okay, we dress up, but it's a job. You ready?"


Denise grabbed a jacket and followed Lisa to her car.

"So what is it this time?"


"You don't know? You're his go-to girl and you don't know?"


"Well, it's Halloween, so it'll probably have that angle."

"What? We dress up as kinky pirates and sexy princesses-"

"And zits."


"Don't ask."

Lisa gave her a quizzical look.

"Anyway, you know Anderson. Why do something simple when you can go over the top."

"Yeah. Remember when we did that carousel thing and we were all in pony gear. And the guys got drunk and kept falling off?"

The two girls exploded in giggles.

"Where are we going?"

"Now that I do know. It's that fetish club, the kinky men's club over on Apple."

They drove in silence for a while, then Denise chuckled.

"If their wives only knew."

"You think they don't? Twenty bucks says they do and they're happy to get the perverts out of the house."

"Last time we were there, weren't there like twenty of them and ten of us?"

Lisa blew a non-existent hair from her brow.

"Yeah, something like that. But it was more like sixty of them. I swear they were all on the little blue pill."

"Tell me about it. I was sore for a week. And not just, you know, that sore. I didn't go to the gym at all."

It was Lisa's turn to chuckle.

"Yeah. Well, here we are."

"Anderson's here already."

"Figures. Imagine his surprise when I show up early!"

"Well, you do seem to be clock-challenged. It was eight, right?"

"That's what he said."

They found him in a room on the second floor of the house that was bigger than a house, but smaller than a mansion. Outside it was three stories, all brick, inside it was leather and dark wood. A man cave for the well-heeled.

The rest of his girls were there.

"Nice of you to join us."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"What part of 7:30 didn't you get?"

"You said eight."


He made a gesture. Some of the girls nodded. Lisa punched Denise in the arm.

"Damn it, Denise, that time shit of yours rubbed off on me!"

Some of the girls laughed. It was a running joke about Denise and clocks.

"Okay, ladies, let's get going. My four athletes and," he turned, "Denise."

"Me? I'm not ... I can't ..."

"You like to show off by putting your whole fist in your mouth."


The "athletes" were the girls who specialized in taking large objects into their pussies or up their asses. While Denise had to work herself loose before anal sex, these girls could take one, or even two cocks without breaking a sweat. Sometimes she'd mediate between two of them as they passed a billiard ball between their asses. She always wondered how that affected going to the bathroom, but she'd never had the gall to ask.

The girls were in various stages of undress. Two of them had in rubber cat-suits. But these weren't ordinary cat-suits. They covered the girls completely. There were no toes in the feet, but there were fingers. Denise watched as they ducked their heads into the rubber hoods. Other girls tugged at the rubber, then sealed the seam running up the back. The effect was naked, rubber dolly. The girls were totally encased in so-called flesh-tone rubber. The faces were somewhat caricature-ish, almost cartoon-like. As the girls moved, Denise realized that there must be eye holes in the painted on eyes. But other than nostrils, there was only one opening. The girls pried and pulled at their pussy lips until they bulged obscenely. The contrast of pink, wet, girl pubes against pale, rubber skin reminded Denise of those monkeys in the zoo. Kind of obscene, but you couldn't not look.

Anderson handed Denise the pear.

"Loosen up."

She was about to ask front or rear when he said, "Front."

Denise breathed a sigh of relief, smeared some lube on her pussy lips, and pushed the thing inside. She cranked the handle, opening the pear, stretching her pussy slowly, in stages. She watched the others prepare.

She and the "athletes" were going to be sex dolls. Just like you'd imagine, with garish faces, stringy, blonde hair, and perfectly round openings for both mouth and pussy. Except, instead of simple ring-shaped openings, there were shafts attached to each. Lisa handed Denise her own suit. The shafts were semi-rigid, lined with soft rubber, and filled with some kind of gel. Denise knew why Anderson wanted the special girls for this. When you took the size of a decent cock, add some soft padding and a shaft, well, that's a whole lot of something that needs space inside a girl. She noticed that while the pussy tube was sealed at the end, the mouth tube wasn't. She cranked the pear.

Beth was already in her suit. There was no mouth opening, but there were two between her legs and Denise watch, amazed, as Beth pushed first one, then a second tube into her like it was nothing. She ooched around a bit, Marie tugged up on the cat-suit. Beth slipped her hands into the sleeves, Marie pulled the hood over Beth's head and ran her hand down Beth's back, sealing her in rubber.

"How are we supposed to walk in this?"

The words were garbled, but the meaning was clear.

"Dollies should be seen and not heard. And dollies don't move. I'll position you where I want you and you'll stay there. If a client wants to reposition you, that's his prerogative. But you stay put ... and stay quiet. Got it?"

The other four and Denise nodded. Denise noticed that each outfit was different. She had a pussy and mouth tube. Beth had no mouth tube, but one in her pussy and one in her ass. Tina had a mouth tube and an ass tube. Liz had just an ass tube. And Crystal had all three.


The other girls were encased in their rubber skins. Costumes appeared. There was indeed a princess or two, and a pirate. Witches. Of course, there had to be witches. And a mummy and a ghost. Denise had wondered why the rubber was colored until she saw the costumes. Duh. Witches had green skin, the ghost white. Obvious.

Lisa walked over. She was a witch, or maybe a vampire. Her skin was white and she had this Elvira thing going on. Denise noticed that Lisa's mask had a cutout for her mouth.

"You ready?"


"Ready as I'll ever be."

Lisa held up the cat-suit and helped Denise step into it. Denise cranked down the pear and pulled it out as Lisa pushed the tube into her. Even after the pear, it was still a stretch - uncomfortable, but not painful. Although, it did make her gasp when Lisa made the final push.

She slipped her hands into the rubber arms. Lisa held up the hood and Denise ducked her head into it, opening her mouth for the tube. It was kind of like a snorkel with a ridge of sorts that she could get her teeth around.

Her costume, in keeping with the cheap-sex doll theme, was a skimpy, baby doll nightgown, as was Beth's. Two others had what was supposed to be French maid outfits. All were cheap looking and ill fitting. Crystal had nothing to wear. She'd be a basic, rubber sex toy. Three holes, no waiting.

Anderson did his usual, last-minute inspection, made adjustments to things that didn't need adjusting, but that was Anderson.

The girls trooped into the next room. It was a large room with several pieces of furniture. A huge fireplace took up an entire wall. The place was festooned with orange and black bunting, ribbons, and balloons. there were black cats and cobwebs, pumpkins and hay bales.

Anderson placed Denise in the corner of a love seat, arms by her side, legs splayed. With her head back, the small pin-holes in her "eyes" gave her a view of a portion of the ceiling. She let her head flop to one side and got a pretty good view of the room - at least a corner of it. The other dolls were placed, the girls took their stations. A couple at the bar. A couple grabbed trays. Anderson stepped over to the double doors, opened them, and the men filed in. When the last had entered, he backed out of the room and closed the doors.

Things went as these things tend to do. The men were dressed in conservative business suits - a sharp contrast to the rubber dollies and costumed girls. Drinks were dispensed and consumed. There was a buffet table off to one side and one of the girls, one of the witches, served the men.

One of them gave a speech of sorts. Apparently it was one of their birthdays. There was a lot of cheering and laughing. Denise lay, inert, staring at the wall. Crystal lay, sprawled on a couch, opposite. Men and costumed girls came and went.

The birthday boy was given first choice, or maybe not. Maybe it was a challenge and he took Crystal. Took all three of her holes to the cheers of his mates. And so Denise was surprised when he walked over to her. He said something she couldn't hear and the mummy doll pulled Denise up, then bent her over. She supported Denise's back and held her head. Birthday boy put a knee on the couch and pushed his cock into Denise's "mouth." He came, came quickly. And if Denise could remember ever swallowing that much, well, the memory escaped her. Birthday boy tucked his still-hard cock back into his pants and angled toward the bar. The mummy (Jess?) produced a spray bottle and spritzed Denise's mouth.

In fact, she noticed, after each of the dolls were fucked, one of the other girls gave her a little douche. No sloppy seconds for these guys - just clean, fresh rubber.

But Denise was surprised by the gesture, then double surprised when it turned out to be vodka - hundred proof by the taste of it. She tried not to cough as the booze ran down her throat. It burned, but in a good way. Denise appreciated the gesture. Anderson had a rule about drinking. The girls could drink to be polite, maybe even catch a little buzz, but they were there to work. But if the mummy wanted to pour vodka down Denise's throat, who was she to argue?

Denise lay on the couch for four hours. The booze had given her a pleasant buzz and she lay dreamily as the men used her. She was fucked in both holes, a half dozen times each. In between, she stared at the corner of the room, at Crystal who, surprisingly got little attention. Not that she was ignored, but the men seemed to prefer the rubber-clad, costumed girls with real pussies to the all rubber variety. Still, the handful of true, rubber aficionados seemed to have a good time.

Later, much later, Denise, fresh from a bath, wrapped in her plush robe, curled up on the couch with the plastic pumpkin in her lap. She rummaged through the goodies. She ripped the wrapper off a mini Snickers, ate it in one bite. Across from her, the doll costume lay crumpled in the chair. She'd clean it, of course. That was one of Anderson's rules. It was in her best interest to clean it, given where it had been. So she'd clean it, but not tonight. She swallowed the candy, unwrapped another. She raised her glass to the rubber face with the perfectly round mouth and mussed up yellow hair.

"Happy Dolloween."


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