The Party Favor
by M Twain
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Storycodes: Solo-F; MM/f; costume; party; alice; public; nudity; display; electro; exhib; gag; no-sex; cons; X
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The Party Favor M Twain Solo-F; MM/f; costume; party; alice; public; nudity; display; electro; exhib; gag; no-sex; cons; X

Susie had been anticipating Halloween; she loved partying. She knew that with Halloween there was the opportunity to be incognito and without anyone knowing who she was her inhibitions nearly vanished. It was like being drunk while sober. She could (and would) do something that she could only brave while snookered to the gills, but while still being sober and enjoying the excitement of it (or fearing it). Then there was avoiding the risk of being in a public place roaring drunk and waking up next morning with no memory of the night before, in a strange bed, floor, or wherever and not knowing whoever! No, that would not do! But still she wanted to flirt and show off for the thrill of it. The thought excited her. But how to have her virtue and dare she think of it, the slutiness too? Should she dare to be such a wonton woman? Yes she would do it!

But what? Just what would she do?

Then an idea came to her.

She would do it!

So she went to a local secondhand store (she was on a budget after all) and there she found a nice dress, tight in the waist (her waist was narrow), wide in the hips (she had been told she had good full German hips), and full in the bosom (she could fill that naturally), cut somewhat low with elastic across the top, showing the nice cleavage she could display. The dress was a white print with small red poke-a-dots. The skirt of the dress was full and moved when she wiggled her hips. She thought, “The boys will love this!”

She also found cheap long haired blonde wig. No one would ever mistake this wig for real hair. Why anyone would have used such a wig, she did not know, but for a costume it was great (and cheap.)

From a costume shop, she bought a latex face; well it was not so much a full face, but rather parts of a face. There were appliqués to add fullness to the cheeks and chin, and contacts to make the eyes blue. Susie felt that with this disguise no one would ever recognize her.

She spent the weekend before Halloween, modifying the dress. What an absolute minx she would be. She dressed up the dress with red bias tape. There were two vertical red stripes down the front of the dress, one over each boob. With another vertical stripe down the front of the skirt and still one more down the back of the skirt. Looking at the dress, she thought, “Well not a fashion statement, but I think no one will mind.” There were other additions to the dress also, but these would not be obvious until the Halloween party.

Then she stenciled on the front of the dress “Which Way did the rabbit go?”, and “Drink Me.” She decided that “Eat Me” might be more than she bargained for. She also added a patch of a Grinning Cat and a Caterpillar. Then she pinned a playing card to the dress, the Queen Hearts. Then she added to the back of the dress “Pull Me”, three places, two just below and inside the shoulder blades and one in the small of her back. One more “Pull Me” was penned on the front of the dress, just below the top front center of the bodice. At each “Pull Me” was a tassel, a short string with a button on the end. Then she stitched to the front of the dress, right over her belly button, a small button looking like an electric door bell button and added the words “Push Me”.

Lastly, she styled the blond yellow wig with two long braids tied with bows.

With the dress and costume now finished she thought “How very Wicked.”


On Wednesday, she took a vacation day and started getting ready for the party. First she shaved, completely, everything below the waist, then showered and bathed, taking a nice long bubble bath in the tub. “Might as well enjoy my day off” she thought.

After drying off, she took some bright red cloth tape and cutout an exaggerated pair of ruby red lips. This she applied over her mouth, after placing a soft foam rubber ball in her mouth. Mmm, mmm she said, thinking “Well at least I can’t bore anyone with my chattering. This will make me the quiet silent type.” Then she started her makeup, leaving the final touches for later.

She continued applying her costume, the cheeks, the chin and the blue contacts. She had other body fittings to apply as well, including her earrings. On went the dress, white shoes (7.5 cm heels [3 inch]) and the blonde wig. Lastly went the final touchup to her makeup, with somewhat exaggerated features to her eyes, with red blush to her cheeks and the tops of her boobs (of course), and a dash or two of perfume in the strategic places (absolutely).

Looking in the mirror, she thought “Well I really do look like a storybook character.”


Arriving at the party fashionably late, she saw the party was already in full swing. She sashayed in, hips in full swing, and boobs bouncing up and down. Did I forget to mention the lack of lingerie? She was wearing makeup, shoes, a wig, and oh, a dress and very little else. Half a room turned her way watching her walk up to a punch bowl. Taking a tall glass, she filled it with ice and a ladle of punch, and a straw. Then she pushed the straw through a tiny hole the ruby red mouth covering tape. Taking a long swig of punch, she filled the foam ball in her mouth with punch, while filling up lungs with air, expanding her bosom. The punch wetted ball would keep her mouth wet.

The guys watching her would keep something else wet.

Then a couple of the stunned, jaw dropped, eyes popped guys came back to their senses and rushed to her aid, any aid. Not that she need any aid, but when cute guys offer aid, who is an Alice to decline. A pair of them no less.

That’s when Bill, the tall dark hunk of the pair, noticed the inscriptions on the dress and started to point out and reach for the “Pull Me” tassel on the front of the dress right at her Décolletage. Alice turned about showing off the back of the dress to Bill and facing Tom the tall slender blond with shoulders like a swimmer and a large shoe size, and rest of the room.

Now Bill noticed that the back of the dress had “Pull Me” three places on the back of the dress. “Are the strings to be Pulled?” Alice answered, Mmm, mmm.

Tom said “I think she can’t talk! Given that there is no objection, why don’t you pull on a string and see what our doll here does, and I mean “doll” in more than one way.”

With that encouragement, Bill pulled on the left tassel, which pulled out a few inches, “Doesn’t seem to do anything.” Then he looked up and looked at Tom and a room full of people. Again the stunned look was present.

“So what happened?” asked Bill.

“You have to see this for yourself.” replied Tom.

Bill let go of the string and walked around Alice. “I don’t see anything.”

“Well you missed it. Why don’t I pull on the strings?”, as Tom walked behind Alice.

“Here let me pull one these two strings.”, as Tom pulled on the two strings at her shoulder blades.

“Wow!” was Bill’s reaction, as each of the red vertical stripes on the front of Alice’s dress opened up revealing two large tits, made up with a small amount of rouge, and pierced with a ring through each large dark nipple. Connected to each nipple ring was a stainless steel wire leading out of sight.

Tom let go of the two strings and the dress closed backup again like nothing had happened. “I wonder what this other string does?”, and with that Tom pulled on the lower string right above Alice’s bum.

Now the room reacted to this new development. Sounds of surprise and approval were heard. “What, what happened?”

Bill replied “Let’s switch places.” as he walked behind Alice.

“Watch!”, and with that Bill pulled on all three strings at once.

With Tom admiring Alice, “Nice view!” Not only did the two red stripes on Alice’s bosom open up, but the red stripe in the front of the dress opened up revealing a pussy devoid of hair, but with an orange pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern with a green stem painted above her pussy lips and two piercings, one in each pussy lip. Again, there was a stainless steel wire leading from each ring going out of sight. “

While Bill held the three strings behind Alice, Tom noticed the string in front, “I wonder what this does?”

“Don’t waste any more time, pull it.”

And with that Tom pulled the string.

“Nice view!” Bill exclaimed.

“What view?”

“Our doll here has a nice derriere!” In fact the red stripe at the back of the dress had opened up revealing Alice from top of her bum down. Here she stood with all of her virtues exposed to the world, except that her face and name were hidden. Again there was another stainless steel wire leading from her back opening again going out of sight.

Tom then noticing that there was one more feature to the dress “I wonder what ‘Press Me” does?’ and with his other hand pressed the button over Alice’s belly button.

Alice jumped, and went “EEK!”, as loud the tape and foam ball would allow.

“Hey she’s wired also.” as Tom pressed the button again with a similar response.

“She must have some kind of shock device. You think it might be like a dog’s shock collar?”

“Must be.” replied Bill.

“Here, trade places so I can try it and you get the see the back view.”

Bill noticing wetness on Alice’s pussy, “I think she likes us.”

And with that Bill, Tom, and every Dick and Harry, oh and everyone else at the party all crowded around Alice to get their turn at pulling, pushing and looking at the Belle or is it the “Doll” of the party. Much fun was had by all and by the end of the night the batteries were flat.

Now nice guys don’t tell and Alice certainly was not going to tell, and so I end my story here.

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