Showing Some Spirit
by T.S. Fesseln
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© Copyright 2012 - T.S. Fesseln - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; latex; outfit; stockings; toys; bond; armbinder; collar; tease; torment; denial; public; climax; cons; X
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Showing Some Spirit T.S. Fesseln M/f; latex; outfit; stockings; toys; bond; armbinder; collar; tease; torment; denial; public; climax; cons; X

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depicting ones of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below. Permission is granted for private use. The author wishes any agencies that wish to publish this work, to please contact him at [email protected]. Or visit his weblog at . Any comments are gladly accepted and encouraged.

A Sequel to ‘A New Haunt’, ‘Coffin Duty’, and ‘Invaded


“We are going to be late, Grant!” Brandy called out as she closed the door to their small home.

Brandy had just finished a shift at the bank where she was a teller and was still dressed in her ‘professional’ cream-colored blouse and grey skirt. She wore her blonde hair up and the reading glasses that dangling from a chain around her neck made her look more like a young librarian than anything else. However, her transformation from employee to bound serial-killer victim was just minutes away.

“I laid your costume for tonight on the bed,” Grant hollered from the bathroom.

‘And that is why I moved in with you’, Brandy thought to herself as she made her way down the short hallway to the closed bedroom door, ‘at least one of the reasons.’

She smiled to herself. It hadn’t taken very long to get to that big step in their lives together; only a month after the Halloween ‘Invasion’ the previous year at The Farm. That is what all the bondage club members lovingly referred to it as. A fetishist oasis on the outskirts of town where perverts like her gathered for their shared lifestyle. It was an older farmhouse and barn that had been outfitted for their needs, part of a larger farm that Ed and Cindy owned and worked. The Farm transformed itself into ‘The Body Farm’ every Halloween to raise money for the club and club members were encouraged to participate.

The blonde shivered with excitement.

Brandy opened the bedroom door and lying there of the bed was her black latex bodysuit, a pair of seamed, black stockings and her thigh high spiked-heeled boots. This was not the bloodied and torn Hooters girl outfit she was supposed to wear.

“Grant,” she hollered, “What the fuck?”

“Change of plans, sweetheart,” Grant smiled as he came into the bedroom still drying his hair with a towel.

Brandy turned around. Grant was naked, his large, muscled frame still glistening from the shower. His manhood wasn’t at attention yet but Brandy was sure that would change.

“What change?” Brandy asked, a bit pissed off by this ‘change.’, “I pulled coffin duty tonight and you KNOW how much I enjoy that!”

“I think you’ll enjoy this just as much,” he flashed his toothy smile, “I have been planning it for a while.”

Brandy narrowed her green eyes, “I am sure you have. It better be good. I have been nearly tearing myself out of my skin waiting for my turn in the coffin. You know, my panties are fucking soaked with anticipation.”

“Then we better get you out of them and into something more comfortable.”

Grumping, Brandy undressed, laying her blouse, skirt, nude-colored stockings and bra neatly on the bed. She knew Grant was watching her, admiring her lithe, six-foot model’s body. She knew he was a particular fan of her large breasts and their pale pink nipples already stiff from the day’s imaginings about this evening. She purposely turned away from him as she picked up her outfit for tonight.

The glossy black bodysuit smelled wonderfully of rubber as she held it up. It looked more like a risqué one-piece than anything else. The suit had a lace-up front that exposed her cleavage and a zippered crotch so Grant could work his magic once she was dressed. Brandy stepped into it and pulled it up her long, slender legs before hooking her arms through it. The outfit hugged her wonderfully and looked as if she had painted it on.

Brandy glanced back. Grant’s manhood had completely come to attention.

“Better get ready, Big Boy,” Brandy purred.

Ignoring her boyfriend, she sat down and pulled up each of her stockings, making sure that the seam was running straight up the back. She unzipped her shiny, spike-heeled boots and slipped them on, again luxuriating in their encasing feeling. The blonde got up off of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror, letting down her hair. She used to have it short but Grant had a ponytail fetish so she put up with the tangles and long brushings to please him.

In the mirror’s reflection, she saw her boyfriend come up from behind and embrace her, his kisses warm on her neck.

“God, I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

“I know,” she replied, turning to kiss him back. Their tongues danced over one another’s as he held her tightly to himself. He was still undressed and the smell of Irish Spring tinged the air.

“You are still not ready,” she smiled, “at least, not to go out.”

“And neither are you,” Grant replied as he stepped away from her and to their toy drawer in the dresser.

Brandy should have guessed but deep down, she knew she would get into some bindings sometime tonight. She had been lusting after them all day in anticipation of coffin duty tonight. The remembrances of that first night that Halloween still could make her shiver with need. It was almost impossible for her to keep her mind on her job today knowing what she thought was in store for her this evening.

The black leather collar was the first restraint and he fastened it around her throat as if it was a string of rare pearls. The chrome studs and ‘D’ rings sparkled as he tightened and locked it into place. Next came the head harness with the red ballgag which he eased between her lips. She didn’t protest that she hadn’t eaten anything since lunch but her pent-up desire eclipsed any other hunger she may have had. He tightened each strap lovingly as she closed her eyes and just ‘felt.’ When all was snug, he pulled her hair through a metal ring in back to form a long ponytail.

“And now, for the surprise,” Grant grinned.

Brandy watched as he went to the other side of the bed and produced a large black gift bag and set it down in front of her.

“Happy early anniversary,” he whispered as he kissed her on her cheek.

Brandy pulled the bag open and took out the red tissue paper covering up her gift. His gesture almost brought her to tears. She hadn’t really thought of Halloween as their anniversary, but it was. She would have to be extra-special nice to him tonight when they retired to their bedroom.

The smell of new leather assaulted her as she found the black leather something residing in the bottom of the bag. Pulling it, she immediately knew what it was and squealed into her gag. It was a single-arm sheath. They had both wanted one for some time but they were expensive as hell. He must have saved up for a while to afford this. She threw her arms around Grant and hugged him as tight as she could.

“Let’s see how it fits.”

Brandy handed it to her boyfriend and spun back around to face the mirror, her hands clasped in back. She felt him pull the leather over her hands and up her arms, sheathing them loosely as he fastened the straps over her shoulders. Grant then began to lace up the binder, tightening it as tight as he possibly could until he knotted it at the top.

The effect was stunning. It forced her already large breasts forward, making them look even larger as they strained against the latex and lacings. You could even see her nipples poking against it. Grant noticed too and reached around to give them a playful tweak.

A rush of pleasure filled her and Brandy moaned into her gag.

“We’re not done yet,” he said, turning her back around and guiding her to her small make-up table and chair.

Grant eased her into her chair and produced an inexpensive vampire make-up kit. Brandy never had a man do any cosmetics on her before but she trusted her man. He took out the applicator and ringed her eyes with a charcoal-colored eye shadow. After he was satisfied with the result, he trailed a little fake blood out of the corner of her mouth. She wondered why he hadn’t asked her to use the set of vampire fangs included in the kit.

Grant saw her eyeing the teeth, “Because the gag wouldn’t fit.”

Brandy looked back into the mirror and saw a vampire hooker staring at her. She loved it.

“One last thing. Stand up.”

With his help, the blonde stood up and he eased her away from the table.

“Spread them.”

Like a good obedient sub, she did as she was told, spreading her legs a far as she dared to. Even though she had gotten really good at walking around in spike heels while bound, she didn’t want to push her luck.

Grant knelt down and reached between her legs, pulling the zipper open and exposing her shaved puss. It was already glistening from her over-active imagination and ready for anything Grant would want to do to her without aid of lubrication.

Her boyfriend fetched out of their toy drawer her pink butterfly vibrator, the one with a really long plug-in controller. He gently opened her swollen lips and nestled the butterfly in. Brandy felt the clips of the vibrator clamp onto her labia, making sure that it wasn’t going anywhere. She then felt Grant pull the cord between her ass cheeks and up the low back of the body suit. His warm hands reach down her back and pulled the cord tight before zipping her up again.

Grant hooked a stout chain leash to the back of her collar and fed the vibrator’s cord through the links. Brandy watched as he did this. A casual observer would miss seeing the cord within the lead. Last, Gant plugged the controller in. Her boyfriend could hold the end of her leash as well as the small controller in the same hand.

A shot of pure bliss ruptured through her as Grant turned her butterfly on. She sighed loudly as he went through each of the vibe’s settings before settling on a low, pulsing one. Brandy knew it would drive her nuts; keeping her on the edge for as long as Grant wanted her to be.

Without a word, Grant dropped the leash and began to get dressed himself. Brandy moaned as she closed her eyes. Her encased fingers were just inches from the controls as they dangled behind her. She could feel the tingle of her orgasm lurking just around the corner. She needed to unleash it; to let it run rampant through her, but she was helpless to do so. She couldn’t get to the controls. The vibe coldly continued its low, pulsating humming torture.

“Ready?” Grant asked as he picked up her chain.

Brandy nodded. She saw that Grant had dressed simply in a black pair of jeans, western boots and a black t-shirt proclaiming in bold white letters ‘VAMPIRE HUNTER.’ An Indiana Jones type hat and a bandolier of wooden stakes completed the picture.

Grant guided his beautiful blonde girl out the door and towards her new Nissan. Normally, if he was driving they would have taken his truck, but tonight her car was more practical.

As she walked, Brandy could feel the latex pulling at her skin with every little movement, especially her nipples. Each tug sent flares of pleasure, not enough to set her over the edge but just enough to tease her.

Opening the door, Grant eased his captive vampire in and buckled her safety belt. He then produced from his back pocket a black silk scarf which he blindfolded her with before shutting the door.

Her little Nissan purred to life as Grant drove. The blindfold intensified everything, helping the vibrator do its cunning work. She wondered what other people thought as they looked at her sitting there, a silk-scarf over her eyes. Did they avert their stares or wishing that they had her or were her? The thought caused her to simmer more.

“You remember what you were doing when we met?”

‘Getting tied up and mauled by you,’ Brandy answered in her mind.

“You were taking a tour of the local haunted houses. The Body Farm just happened to be your last stop. . . lucky for me. I thought tonight we would do the same. Hit a few creepy places and check them out.”

The thought both delighted and horrified Brandy. She loved to be scared within the walls of some holiday horror chamber but the thought of being seen like this. It was different being a ‘victim’ at their own
Haunted farm; People expected to see helpless targets of some depraved monster.

Brandy felt the car slow and stop. Grant removed the blindfold, revealing that they were stopped at a former Target now turned into ‘The 13th Mausoleum’. Customers, both costumed and not, stood waiting in line.

“Come on,” Grant said after opening her door and gathering her chain leash.

Brandy was hesitant but her boyfriend urged her out by pulling on her lead. Slowly, they made their way towards the line. The bound blonde could feel the ravenous eyes on her, drinking in all of her curves. Her ‘costume’ left little to the imagination.

A sudden burst of pleasure tore through her as her vibrator leapt into high. She caught her moan before it left her throat but she stopped in her tracks just shy of the end of the line where a group of teenage couples were staring at her. She recovered quickly as the vibrator died down and took their place in line.

“Be glad that I didn’t put a sign on you saying ‘Have I sucked you yet?’.”

Brandy frowned at him. Grant replied by turning the vibe on high for a moment.

The line moved quickly and soon Grant produced their tickets from his wallet. From the looks of it, there were several more pairs of tickets in there.

Past the front doors was a foggy cemetery complete with moss covered tombstones. Distant moans and screams filled the air as they walked the path. Brandy’s eyes were wide and she screamed as rotting arms erupted from a grave right next to her and tried to grab her. She screamed again when Grant turned her butterfly on high. A rush of burning ecstasy flared through her. She felt Grants hands steady her as she was being engulfed in pleasure.

Then it stopped as he urged her forward.

A corpse lurched forward towards them as they continued down the fake stone path and into the open gates of a decaying mausoleum. The crypt was lit in a deep, bloody red as hands clawed at partially open coffins. One burst open at the same time Grant turned the vibe on high. Fear and passion churned together as Brandy writhed in her bonds, held up by Grant. Branding flames of pure bliss erupted in her as she moaned and bucked in her restraints even as the vibrator had stopped its buzzing. She recovered, looking up into Grant’s dark eyes and realizing where she was. They had just started what she knew was going to be a long, long evening.

The vibrator began its slow, torturous pulsing as they passed the puzzled corpse and deeper into the haunted house.

By the sixth surprise scare, it was obvious Grant had gone through this place before. He had timed the vibrator to go off every time a deranged maniac came at them or a spider dropped from the ceiling before them. The mixture of sensations was as potent as Everclear and wave after stymied wave of pleasure threatened to overwhelm Brandy, sending her into a writhing whorle. But Grant knew when she was about to orgasm and pulled her from the fiery brink. She would moan her displeasure every time. By the time they had gotten through the 13th Mausoleum, Brandy was ready to do ANYTHING to get into Grant’s pants and feel him inside of her.

As he buckled her moaning form into the car and put her blindfold on, he grinned.

“Only 5 more places to go.”

One haunted house blended with another. She now WANTED the scares to come. With them came the all-too-brief bursts of pleasure. She was sure the smell of the rubber didn’t cover her arousal. The hot, prickling need swarmed through her like an army of wanton butterfly trying to burst out.

But Grant didn’t help her. He only tortured her more.

Brandy felt the car stop again and mewled knowing what was in store. He undid the scarf blindfold and revealed their next stop: The Body Farm.

“I think there is an unused coffin in the basement, sweetie, I think I can squeeze you in.”

Brandy moaned with tired joy. She was getting coffin duty after all.

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