Trick and Treat
by Grumpy
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© Copyright 2012 - Grumpy - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; majick; bond; cuffs; spreaders; naked; tease; torment; cbt; mast; denial; climax; reluct/nc; X
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Trick and Treat Grumpy Solo-M; F/m; majick; bond; cuffs; spreaders; naked; tease; torment; cbt; mast; denial; climax; reluct/nc; X

Click. Click. Click. "Great, another Monday night home alone with nothing on TV" I said to no-one. Widowed less than 2 years ago I was finding single life a lot harder than I remembered. I decided to get ready for bed before putting in a movie so I headed up to the bedroom.

Stripping down to my skivvies I stopped and took a long critical look in the mirror. At 45 I thought the years had been kind to me. 5'10" and just over 180Lbs, my three trips to the gym every week were really paying off. Since deciding to shave off the gray hair and go bald a while ago I could pass myself off for 30 these days.

I threw on some comfortable shorts and loose t-shirt. Heading downstairs I grabbed a beer from the fridge and put some action movie into the DVD player, resigned to plopping on the couch and waiting until I was tired enough go sleep.

I must have fallen asleep during the movie because I was startled awake by a bright flash. All the lights were out and it was completely dark, except for a flickering reddish light I thought was coming from the TV. When I looked up from the couch I thought I must be dreaming. There standing in front of me was a vision of beauty wrapped up in flat out sex appeal.

She was short, probably only 5'6" or so without heels. Her black wavy hair cascaded down her neck and over her shoulders. Her brown eyes were staring at me as though she could see right through to my soul, and her mouth was cocked into this sly little half-smile. She was wearing a tight black and red leather corset that perfectly displayed her breasts, and it pulled her waist into a figure that could make an old-fashioned coke bottle green with envy. The bottom of the corset had garters that framed her pussy. Those garters also held up stockings that covered legs that went on for miles, all the way down into black pumps with 5" heels. This had to be a dream. Fetish models don't break into my house, they don't glow with fiery red light, and they don't generally have two little red horns or a tail either. Oh, did I not mention those earlier?

My cock woke up in a hurry as I drank in the sight of her standing in the flickering red light, and when she spoke for the first time her sultry voice had me standing at full mast.

"Hello, I am Talia." she said as she stepped forward and drew me up from the couch into a hug. She whispered into my ear, "Do you mind if I play for a while?" I think she took my stunned silence as permission.

There was a flash and then we were somewhere else. Next thing I knew I was practically hanging spread-eagle in the air. Thick black leather bands snugly encircled my wrists while being solidly attached to a spreader bar as though bolted into the end. I would call them cuffs, but there was no buckle or adjustment that I could see or feel. A ring was welded near either end of the bar as the anchor point for a chain that was stretched tight up and out. A similar arrangement held my ankles spread near the floor. I was standing on my toes, but by lifting them I could hang motionless about an inch off the floor. Actually, the motionless part was easy. I don’t think my best effort on my best day could do more than make me sway a little.

Then without saying a word she stared at her finger and one of her nails grew to about 2" long, poking right out of her gloves. Starting at my neck she dragged that razor-sharp fingernail down my chest, cutting the shirt in two. She scratched that fingernail all over my body, gently teasing my skin while turning my clothing in scraps and rags until I was naked before her.

"Hey what's the big idea!"

"It's Halloween Sweety. Trick and treat!"

"It's not even October, and it's trick OR treat you...AAAAAAHRG!" I screamed as she twisted my nipples.

"YOU WILL NOT ADDRESS ME IN THAT TONE OF VOICE!!! Besides," she said with a smile, "if you relax you might just enjoy this."

While she was talking, her fingernail retreated back inside the glove and she began gently stroking her gloved hands all over my naked flesh. I was really mad, but she had my cock loving it and eating out of her hand.

"I will explain this to you because it is so much more fun for me when you know what's happening. I am from hell, and despite your messed up calendar today is the true Halloween. I am here to play my tricks and collect my treats."

"I get my thrills from having complete control over silly mortal men like you, and eating the sexual energy when poor little men like you get all excited is such a treat."

She has been gently playing with my cock and balls for a while now during her little speech, and I suddenly realize I am about to cum. Before I can she quickly reaches up and twists both nipples.


"Did you really think I was going to let you get off that easily? Besides, I can remove these little things as easily I removed your clothes. Well, I can see now I will have to teach you some manners"

Out comes a piece of twine that ties itself in the middle to my balls. The ends snake down and tie off to the spreader bar at my feet. Meanwhile, her gloves have grown a million little prickly points that she uses to tease and scratch me for a while before they disappear just like her razor fingernail did.

Then she starts alternating between stroking my cock and balls with her hands and sucking and biting my nipples with her mouth, and playfully slapping me in various places. Every time I am about to cum she stops, slaps my cock, twists my nipples, pulls on my tied up balls, hits me with a crop, or something. Bottom line, she stops me.

Every time I approach that orgasm and fail to achieve it Talia gets happier, stronger, bigger, and brighter. Every time I fail and have to climb that hill again the pleasure gets more intense, and the impending orgasm gets stronger. After half an hour I have lost the ability to think of anything else. I have lost all sense of time, and eventually I'm ready to say or do anything for an orgasm.

"Oh God! I'll do anything! Please let me cum!!!"

"Wrong direction Sweety, I'm from the other place... but since you said please."

She takes off her gloves and wraps my poor abused cock with a condom. She then starts squeezing and stroking it with a purpose, and in no time I am finally cumming. I feel like every fiber of my being is flowing out of me. I start to relax as I shoot my load thinking that this ordeal may be close to being over, but nothing could be further from the truth.

"Time to dance for me Sweety."

Her hands are still stroking my now hyper-sensitive cock, and she is fondling and stroking the head too. "AAAAAH! STOP! PLEASE! NO! AAAAAAA!" The pleasure is simply too much for me to handle as I scream, buck, squirm, yank, and do everything possible to break free and make it stop by brute force. It is an epic failure. In the next three minutes I spend an eternity feeling like heaven while living in hell at the same time.

Eventually my body adjusts, my cock returns to normal, and just as I start to enjoy the attention she stops. As she removes the cum-filled condom she says "Ooooh take-out! This will be a sweet treat later." As she gives me a big hug she whispered in my ear, "See you next year my little candy factory."

There is flash as I jolt awake. Groggily I realize that there must have been a power failure. All the lights had just popped on, and I am on my couch in front of the TV. Once again speaking to myself out loud I say "Wow, that was some weird dream... but if it was just a dream why am I naked?"


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