The Black Room - A Halloween Story
by The Technician
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The Black Room The Technician Solo-M; MF+/mf+; halloween; alien; hist; ritual; ceremony; bond; bdsm; whip; torment; portal; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; XX

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One of the blue devils of Ireland stops by with a special request

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I knew something was wrong the minute I opened my front door. My alarms were on and all lights were green, but someone was already inside. The little soft-ball cat toy wasn't up against the door like it should have been as I opened the door. Maybe you have to be a little paranoid to always drop a cat toy just behind the door whenever you leave and then look for it against the door after you have slightly opened it, but just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that there aren't people out there trying to get you.

I am a LOT paranoid, and I don't have a cat, but the cat toy had been pushed all the way into the room and I knew absolutely that someone besides me had already opened this door.

I cursed myself for not having taken a weapon with me, but I had been at a neighborhood pool party at the local fitness club and it is pretty hard to hide a significant weapon when you are dressed in just a pair of sweats over a swimsuit.

I kept my back to the wall and continued slowly into the room, my hand moving along the wall to the painting of the surf off the coast of Maine. I noiselessly slid my hand beneath the painting and into the concealment located behind it. I should have retrieved my Beretta 92FS 9mm pistol, one of four weapons I keep stashed around the place, but instead my hand closed on nothing. The concealment was empty.

I was debating between retreating out the door and charging into the living room when a voice called pleasantly from the other room, "You have an impressive array of weaponry, but I assure you we come in peace. Please join us."

With that the lights came on in the next room. As the saying goes, "If they wanted me dead I would be dead already," so I walked into my living room to join whoever it was that had defeated my alarm systems and removed at least one of my defensive weapons from its hiding place. I have to admit I was taken aback by what I saw as I came around the corner. I haven't seen everything, but I have seen quite a bit and it takes a lot to surprise me. This surprised me.

Sitting on my couch were two persons dressed like they had just finished filming the latest sequel to "Men in Black." The one who had been speaking even looked quite a bit like Will Smith. I knew he had been the one who was speaking because the other Man in Black was a woman. The black suit and sunglasses accented her pale skin and shining blond hair, and the obviously tailored suit highlighted her well formed breasts, even as she sat stiffly on the couch. If it was possible to sit at attention, that is what both of them were doing.

Will said, "I hope you enjoyed your party," and gestured for me to take a seat in the chair opposite them.

I prefer to pick my own seating arrangements, so I instead slowly lowered myself into my recliner and pulled the lever to lean back as I asked, "What do you... agents want of me?"

As I moved the recliner back I wobbled the lever slightly side to side and pressed back twice with my heels against the leg support. The motions were intended to look like the normal motions of a male settling into his favorite chair, but the sequence actually activated a special program on the security computer. The TV set mounted on the wall behind the two agents came on at a low light level and began to display the feed from the thermal imaging camera mounted in the vent above me. Neither Agent in Black noticed the image starting to form behind them. When the picture slowly brightened, I would be able to see the heat signatures of their bodies, and more importantly I would be able to see what weaponry they had concealed in their clothing.

"I assume you are agents of some sort?"

As I spoke, my hand slipped into the small slot just above the lever on the side of the chair. I was hoping to find my Baby Browning. The 25 caliber isn't much of a weapon, but it beats throwing pillows at someone. I like it as a last resort because it is small enough to overlook in a quick search, but at close range the seven shot clip allows for a double two-one heart-head tap with one round left in the pistol.
Will smiled and held up the Browning. As he placed it on the table, he said softly, "As I said, you have an impressive array of weaponry for a peaceful man."

I didn't answer. Instead I pushed the two buttons located at the bottom of the area that should have held the Browning. Will winced as the sharp prongs of a taser mechanism punched through the cushion on which he was sitting. Blond in Black screamed and jumped to a standing position.

He smiled wryly and spoke softly, "I guess I should have said that you have a VERY impressive array of weaponry for a peaceful man. I thought that we had neutralized the power source for that, but evidently there was still enough power in the capacitors to trigger the plungers. Lucky for me, there wasn't enough charge for the power surge. May we now discuss why we are here?"

Blond in Black, however, was more ready to cuss than discuss. "You son of a bitch," she screamed at Will. "You said that thing was completely neutralized. Those prongs hit me right between the legs and the shock mechanism was active. It damn near burned my clit off!"

He smiled back at her. It was not a reassuring smile. The last man I saw smile like that put three bullets into my chest at close range. If I hadn't been wearing a vest, I would have been dead. But I was, and so he was... dead that is.

The warm smile and cold eyes had their intended effect, however, and Blonde in Black suddenly regained her composure and sat back down on the couch. Will coldly replied to her, "If the shock system had been active you would be unconscious right now."

Looking over at me, he added, "Correct?" Then, as if we had not been interrupted at all, he repeated, "May we NOW discuss why we are here?"

"Sure, why the hell not," I replied. Actually I was starting to respect whoever this was. He was well trained, well prepared and not easily shaken. Obviously, he was one dangerous son of a bitch.

"We need your help to solve a mystery," began Will. "... an old mystery from ancient Ireland." With that he handed me several sheets of paper. "Do you know what these are?"

"They are rubbings," I replied as I set them on the coffee table between us, "... like you would make from a tombstone."

"Correct, but they are not from a tombstone. They are from the Black Room at Moore's Abby."

"Never heard of it," I replied.

"Very few people have," Will responded. "And those who know of the Abby know nothing of the Black Room. The Black Room isn't actually in the Abby, but is sealed in an underground cavern on the grounds. The Franciscans who built the Abby thought it was a portal to hell, so they sealed it off. Through the centuries, everyone who has tried to unravel the mystery of the Black Room has died or disappeared or been driven totally insane. The local town is called Galbally. The name means, 'The Town of the Alien.' I have always found that name amusing."

He laughed. It was not a reassuring sound. Then he continued. As he spoke, he placed papers on the coffee table in front of me. The first rubbings looked like ancient writings and as the stack grew the writing moved through several renditions of ancient Gaelic, into Old English, and finally into modern English. The top copy read: On the darkest of the darkest nights With blue flame of purest light Within the circle of the morning star Bound and open from afar Sun joins moon and earth joins sky Until comes thunder from on high If the ritual is true and tried The solid door will open wide But if you do not time it well You will see the depths of hell

I picked up the paper and held it up as if to read it. What I was actually doing was examining a little more closely the heat signatures displayed behind my visitors. I leaned back and again levered the recliner into the relaxed position as if I was settling back to examine the papers. As I did so, I once again slid my hand into the pocket on the side of the chair. This time I did not press both buttons, but instead pressed the top button rapidly three times and sat back up. I pretended to examine the paper while I waited for the backup system to cycle.

Mentally I began counting down, "Three, two, one....."


Blond in Black screamed loudly and slumped over against Will as the taser charge surged against her nether region. This time there was an extra needle that contained a rather powerful sedative. She would be out for some time. I noted that the mechanism had evidently once again plunged between her legs. The backup had restored it to full power. She would be very sore for quite a while. Will pushed her back over onto the couch and began to reach for the weapon I couldn't identify, but now knew was in an inside pocket of his black suit.

"Not necessary," I said quietly. "I could have triggered both sides, but I thought we needed to talk... privately."

Will continued to move his hand slowly toward the weapon, so I got up from the chair and stood alongside it with my hands held slightly out from my sides and my fingers spread. "Look behind you," I said as I slowly raised my arm and pointed toward the heat camera display. "I don't know what you are or where you are from, but you are definitely not from around here, are you?"

Will looked over his shoulder at the TV screen which displayed a rather explicit heat image of the Woman in Black. She had rather large labia, a piercing in each nipple and apparently another piercing through the hood of her clit. If the taser hit that metal, she would definitely have burns. His own equally explicit image showed not a human heat pattern, but instead an almost reptilian- shaped heat image.
He smiled. This time it was a real smile. "They told me you were good. Over the years, I have always gone to the best. Maybe you are the one who can help me at last." He gestured for me to return to my seat. "First you tell me what you think is going on, and then I will tell you the real story."

I was much more relaxed now. This could still go south, but it didn't appear to be a weapons situation connected to my primary line of work, it was more in line with my "hobby" of supplying technical support to exclusive clients interested in special forms of sexual pleasure.

"Well," I began, "for one thing you enjoyed watching your fellow agent get shocked. Assuming that is your sexual equipment between your legs, there was a significant heat increase when she squealed and jumped up that first time. I assume you aren't screwing her regularly because you are bigger than any man I have ever seen and I don't think she could handle the equipment on a regular basis, if you know what I mean. No woman could, so you probably have to get your jollies by inflicting pain, power or control."

"Even if I tried your normal mating practices," Will replied, "there would be a great deal of pain involved. Some women actually enjoy the mixture of pleasure and pain, but yes, I find that over the years I have begun to enjoy watching a human woman in pain.... or pleasure... or both."

He shrugged his shoulders. "You take what you can get, and it has been a LONG time since I have been with one of my own kind."

"I'd say at least 2000 years, judging by the Celtic runes. The oldest stuff looks Babylonian, so somehow this stone or stones or whatever it is got from Babylonia to Ireland. I would say that somehow one day a Celtic shaman or witch or queen or whatever either figured out how to open the portal or accidentally opened it while doing some other ritual and you got caught on this side of the door when it closed. You've been trying to get back, but you really don't know how it works, do you?"

Will's eyes were almost boring through me as he answered, "Close. You are very, very good. The only thing you got wrong is that it was still in Babylon when I fell through the portal. I arranged for it to be taken to Egypt when the Hittites sacked the city. From there it went to Spain with the Phoenician invasion. When the Celts were raiding the coastal towns of Spain, I saw an opportunity to take it to a place of safety on that relatively small island. I hoped to be able to recreate the events that opened the portal in Babylon, but I have never been successful. I know that it wasn't supposed to open like that, but I don't know for sure what triggered it. I've come close several times, but... "

He again shrugged in what was almost a Mediterranean gesture of resignation. "I know it takes sex - lots of sex. It has to be a fair-skinned woman with red hair." Looking at his unconscious partner he added, "or blonde hair." He smiled again - this time the cold smile - and continued, "It has to be sex with a special kind of woman, and she has to be bound. It doesn't have to be rape, but it has to be rough so that there is a mixture of pain and pleasure... but it can't be unwilling. The woman has to be that special type who needs both the pain and the pleasure to truly become sexually exited by what is happening to her." Another shrug. "And the moment of climax has to be exactly at midnight on what you call Halloween."

He took off his sunglasses and reached up to his eyes. He removed what appeared to be two rather large contact lens and then looked back up at me with yellow, slitted eyes. His face contorted slightly and for a moment I thought that he was going to attack, but then he started to sob, "But it doesn't work. I can't get it right. I thought it had something to do with a 19 year cycle or a 53 year cycle, but regardless of how I try to set it up, it just doesn't work. And sometimes when it almost works, the people in the circle are sometimes pulled through to the other side or they die or they lose their minds but the portal still doesn't open. I've tried everything through the centuries, but the damn door just won't open!"

As he was crying, the black suit slowly dissolved away and so did the outward Will Smith appearance. He stood there naked, his blue reptilian skin glistening softly in the light. The lizard face smiled, if that is what you can call it when there are no lips. "Do you realize how much mental energy it takes to maintain such a strong mental projection for long periods of time?"

He shuddered slightly as if he were loosening his muscles after a great effort. "It helps if I choose a face that is somewhat familiar to the people around me. Then their minds tend to fill in the details and I don't have to be so exact."

Will sat back down and gave me another lizard smile. "I used to do a great Elvis..." He laughed remembering something about those days, "but I really do prefer to project a dark skinned person. If I have to go for really light skin, it can be very hard to maintain for long periods of time unless I am wearing some sort of true clothing that conceals my bodily form. Whenever I can, I try to stay in cultures that accept wearing robes. Then I only have to project the face and hands. I have projected a lot of hands and faces through the centuries."

Will paused and again started laughing but now it was almost in an hysterical way. I thought he was going to lose it, but he quickly composed himself and continued. "The purpose of the portal was to obtain... I think you call them 'slaves,' but that isn't quite the right word. They are willing slaves... sexual slaves. They actually seek the pain of mating with us. I was told that you understand women who are like this. That is one of the reasons I came to you."

I nodded partly in agreement with his statement and partly to show him I was actually listening to him. He was now totally matter of fact, almost like a college professor giving a lecture. "Somehow the portal knows their hearts and minds, and if they are truly willing sexual slaves - male or female - the portal brings them back to our dimension. It isn't just for our pleasure, though that it part of it. Our species has no...." He paused as if trying to think of the correct word and then continued with "...womb bearers. It is possible for us to exchange genetic material between ourselves, but the murias - I think 'embryo' would be your closest equivalent word - must be implanted in a willing womb. If the womb is not willing, the embryo will not... attach."

"You have no women?" I asked.

"Male and female as you know them do not exist for us. In our species, as we approach maturity, we seek out a suitable partner or partners and exchange genetic sequences." He gestured toward an area on his side that looked more like a healed wound more than an opening. I decided that I really didn't want to know the details of how they accomplished exchanging genetic sequences.

"That is only done once in our lifetime. The other's genetic material is stored within us for future combination. We can control when such combination happens, but after the combining occurs, as the murias develop within us, we are driven to find suitable wombs in which to deposit the murias. Somehow, at some time, it was discovered that human females make the best womb bearers. That is why we seek human females - that and the fact that the human female's body seems to most greatly activate our desire to deposit a muria in their womb. Our attraction to human females is so strong we find that it is often quite pleasurable to release the fluid that carries the muria into a willing womb even if a muria is not present."

He looked slightly embarrassed. It was almost like talking to one of the local high school kids about sex. ...... No, it was exactly like that.

Click!!! I was beginning to get the picture. Either time moves very differently wherever Will was from or his species has an unbelievably long life span. In either case, I now understood exactly what was going on. Will was basically a horny teenager who had gone to a peep show, fallen through the glass and couldn't get back into the audience. Now he was asking me to figure out was what caused him to fall through the window and somehow get him back.

"Tell me exactly what happened when you fell through the portal," I asked. His heat signature flushed. Whatever happened was definitely embarrassing to him.

"It was thousands of your years ago in what you call Babylon. The people there worshiped Marduk as god of the sun and Nanna-seun as goddess of the moon. The portals were created in the temples so that we could capture wombs during the fertility festival that celebrated the start of the new solar sequence. Each year at what you call the spring equinox, there would be one or two participants who were chosen by the portal to be womb bearers. Occasionally there would be a male slave or two who were brought through purely for work and pleasure."

I must have looked displeased because Will added, "I told you the portal will only take those who truly desire deeply in their hearts to be a sexual slave. I think you call such people submissives or pain sluts."

Will looked up at the ceiling as if he were envisioning something and then continued with his tale. "Then there came a year in which one of their priests came up with a new celebration. It wasn't at the equal light and dark times in the spring, but at what you call the autumnal or fall equinox - or it was supposed to be. We can watch and listen through the portals, and we heard what the priest told his people, but he messed up his calculations." Another shrug. Will must have spent a lot of time in Spain or Italy. I expected him to start talking with his hands at any minute. "Maybe the priest didn't make a mistake. Maybe he knew what would happen and intentionally moved the date. In any case, the festival was several days late."

"I don't know what the purpose of the festival was supposed to be, but he somehow convinced them re-enact their creation myth where Marduk shoots an arrow down Tiamat's throat and splits her body to form the heavens and the earth. Eight women were brought into the temple. They were totally naked. Henna had been used to lighten the hair on their heads and all other hair had been removed from their bodies. Each woman was led into the room and made to stand within a wooden frame. Her arms were spread high above her head and tied to the frame. Her legs were also widely spread and tied to the base of the frame."

I noticed that Will's not insubstantial member had swollen slightly. I really hoped this teenaged reptilian didn't pop a woody remembering the sexual excesses of that night.

"After the women were securely tied, eight other naked women, the hair of their heads removed, their bodies totally shaved and glistening with grease or oils, came into the temple and began painting the bodies of the bound women with symbols of the stars and planets. After they were finished with that, they began rubbing oils into the women's womb openings and back openings. They also began inserting carved wooden phalluses into both openings."

"While they were doing this, several of the male priests - who were also naked and hairless - began whipping the women with soft whips of some sort. The eight women were soon crying out in pain and pleasure. The whippings and the rubbings continued until each woman had reached orgasm multiple times. After the women were hanging limp in their bonds from their ordeal, they were released from the frames and led over to spots directly in front of the portal. There were eight wooden frames lying on the ground. Each frame was encircled by small lamps that somehow burned with a very blue flame. It was very bright to our eyes and with the bright blue light, we could easily see everything through the portal. Several naked males entered. One lay down on his back in the center of each of the frames. The slave women used their mouths to make the males totally erect and then each impaled themselves on the males. The naked women who had earlier painted the bodies of the Tiamats, now bound the women's hands and feet somewhat loosely to the frame."

"The priests began to again whip the backs and buttocks of the bound women as they ground themselves against the males. This went on for several minutes until the priest who had organized everything shouted, 'It is time.'"

"With that more naked males entered. Their bodies had been painted so that half of them were brilliant yellow like the sun and half were a more subdued white like the moon. The suns took a position in front of each woman while the moons began to push the women down and lay across them from behind. From the gasps of the women, it was obvious that the moon men were penetrating their back openings. The man, the woman, and the man underneath the woman all began moving and thrusting against each other. The women were soon moaning and calling out in pain and passion."

"The priest in charge then yelled out 'Now Marduk, shoot your arrow down Tiamat's throat,' and each of the males standing in front of the women put their very hard and erect penises in the women's mouths."
"'Hold back.... Hold back...' the priest kept repeating as the men and women thrust and thrashed together."

"'Hold back... Hold back.... Hold back...' It seemed to go on forever and then suddenly the priest yelled, 'NOW!'"

"The 24 men and 8 women all climaxed at the same time. By then there were many of us leaning against the portal watching everything and hoping that at least some of these wombs would be drawn over to us. That's when it happened. I was suddenly falling, and just as suddenly I found myself lying on the ground. When I got back to my feet, I realized that I was on the wrong side of the portal."

"Everyone began screaming. Three of the women had disappeared at the same moment that I had suddenly appeared and was now standing among them. A few of the priests bowed down facing me, but most grabbed weapons and began trying to force me out of the temple. Some high priest types who had been watching everything from a platform that we had not been able to see through the portal suddenly began shouting, 'He has summoned Asmodeus. Slay him!'"

"Everyone turned to where the priest who had organized the festival had been standing, but he, too, had vanished leaving his robes piled in a heap where he had been standing. While everyone was shouting and looking for the priest, I ran from the temple. I hid in the city for a while until I learned how to properly disguise myself. Thus I began my odyssey to find my way home."

Will looked at me with pleading eyes and asked, "So, can you help me get home?"

"Did you write the inscription on the stone?"

"No," he replied. "I just translated it. I keep translating it into the current language in hopes that someone can duplicate whatever it was that opened the portal."

I chuckled. Will did not like that and responded with what almost sounded like a hiss.

"Calm down, Will. I'm not laughing at you. I am just remembering all the legends of blue devils that have come out of Ireland. Maybe they weren't legends after all. People must have seen you a couple of times over the ages. I believe you, and I think I can help you. You have come to the right man, but we don't have much time and it will be very expensive."

"I have accumulated a great deal of wealth through the centuries," replied Will. "What do you need."

"We need access to the Black Room."

"No problem. A cave that I have expanded and tunneled out runs underground from my estate to the room. That is why I bought the estate."

"I need a charter airplane to fly about fifty of my friends to Ireland."

"No problem."

"I need your assurance that neither I nor any of my friends will be harmed or taken through the portal unless they want to do go."

"We will make a truce promise. It is binding on all my people."

"And we need a willing womb to be your sex slave during this ritual and probably to go with you back through the portal."

"That would be me." came a somewhat sleepy voice from the couch. Evidently the Blond in Black was awake and had been listening to us. She turned to Will and continued, "I have always been able feel your power. I have always been able to see your power through your disguise even though I have never before seen your true form. The power excites me. The danger is what drew me to you. I want you to use me. I want you to dominate me. I want you to hurt me for your own pleasure."

"Prove it," I barked out rather loudly.

"What...? How...?" she sputtered.

"Strip! Now! Everything!" I commanded, and to my surprise she immediately began to remove her black suit.

My next comments were directed at Will. "She needs to be your slave. Tell her what to do. Tell her what you want!"

Will responded by fully unleashing one of the largest penises - if that is what it was - I had ever seen.

"Use your mouth," he commanded the blonde.

Naked and on her knees she crept over to him and began to lick and suck on his prodigious member. Erect it was as almost as long as her arm and at least that large. Blondie worked to pull at least the tip into her mouth. Like a typical teenager, it didn't take Will long to cum. Copious amounts of thick grey material flowed out of her mouth and onto her face and down her chest.

"Put it inside me," she panted. "Please, before I lose my nerve."

Will didn't need much more encouraging. He pushed her over onto her back and thrust into her. From her squeals and screams I could tell that he bottomed out with about one-third of it inside her. Then he began pumping. If there was any doubt that she was a totally submissive pain slut those doubts were blasted away as his massive member stretched her cunt almost as if she were giving birth. She orgasmed with a high, long wailing scream.

She lay beneath him softly moaning a continuous "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..." Will eventually recovered himself and, looking somewhat embarrassed, re-established his clothing disguise. After he had put his contacts back in, I spoke. "We only have a few days. This has to happen next Thursday night."

"But that isn't Halloween," interjected Will. The inscription says that the timing has to be exactly right."

"Correct," I replied, "and I think that is the one thing that you have gotten wrong all these years. Obviously you figured out what the timing had to be on this portal or whatever it is after the Roman conquests."

He looked startled. "Yes, but what does that have to do with it?"

"Since then, Halloween isn't Halloween. Samhain, the true Halloween is supposed to be on the night of the dark of the moon following the Autumnal Equinox. The Romans screwed up the date when they combined it with a Roman pagan harvest festival. They moved a lunar event to a solar calendar. The Babylonians had a solar-lunar calendar. The Roman calendar was purely solar. That Babylonian priest didn't get the date wrong. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was probably also one of your species trying to get home. He must have figured out that.... Will, your sun is much bluer that our sun, isn't it?"

"Yes it is, but what does that have to do with it?"

"Red light hurts your eyes, doesn't it? And you really can't see all that well in direct light from our sun? That's why the dark sunglasses and the contacts."

Will hesitated to reveal a weakness, but finally nodded his head and said, "Yes. I try to avoid the strong light of your sun."

"That explains it all," I continued. On the dark of the moon after the Autumnal Equinox there is no sunlight, not even the reflected sunlight from the moon. It is the darkest of the dark nights. Maybe any other dark of the moon would work, but there might be something with the alignments of the planets or whatever at that time that affects something in the portal, so that is when it works."

Will nodded as what I was explaining began to sink in.

"I think the blue light is just to get your attention with something bright that you can easily see. When you burn alcohol rather than oil in a lamp you get a blue flame. If it is half-alcohol and half water, the flame is the truest... and bluest. For Brandy, that is 100 proof. A pure blue flame. You folks must see that true blue alcohol flame best of all. A circle of blue flame around a naked sex show on a dark night was sure to attract watchers to the portal."

"The Babylonian priest - whoever he was - was relying on such a big crowd that when the forces - whatever they are - that hold the portal closed were weakest, the push of the crowd would force the barrier open and he could slide back into your world. It worked. He did that. He got home. But you fell out. Maybe it takes the absence of any red light to allow the barrier to open or maybe he just needed the right number of horny young whatever-you-ares leaning against the portal. In any case, if we duplicate those conditions on the darkest of dark nights, we should get you home."

Will was evidently processing all that I had just told him because his human face flickered in and out with the blue reptilian visage occasionally showing through.

"Can you write in your home language?"

"What?" answered Will.

"Can you write in your home language. Can you make a sign that people on the other side of the portal can read? "

"I can etch a message on the portal itself. What do I need to say?"

"Put it on something in front of the portal so you don't have to write backwards. They are looking from the other side. Get some UV blacklilghts and light up your message so that they all can read it. Tell them to stand back from the portal until it is time to push. They will know when that time is right. Have them tether themselves to something to make sure that none of them fall through when the window opens. Make sure you tell them of our truce promise. And so that we can be sure there will be enough of them on the other side of the portal, tell them get ready for one hell of a show that will be at least as good as the one they watched 4000 years ago."

Will smiled at me, his reptilian face slightly visible through his human visage. I could tell it was a happy smile, but I would still hate to see that smile on a dark night.

Two days later a charter 787 set down at Cork airport in Ireland. I told Will that a plane that could carry 300 people was a bit of overkill for our small group, but he explained to me that the plane was being delivered to Aer Lingus and according to its manifest was carrying only a crew and flight test technicians. He added "We needed to get everyone into the county with no questions asked, so I bought the plane for Aer Lingus to repay a favor I owe to one of the major shareholders."

Evidently he could see the look of concern on my face, because he continued, "You have complete documentation and tickets for a return trip. My solicitors will take care of everything once I am gone. If I have the wealth to buy one of Boeing's best just to get you into the country, I have the wealth to see that you all leave the country very well rewarded if things go well. "

He smiled - not the friendly smile - "And if things go wrong, none of you were ever here."

Seeing my obvious discomfort at that comment, he chuckled and added, "I have learned a lot about humanity in 4000 years. I always keep my word, but I also always, as you say, cover my ass. You have nothing to fear from me. But if your plan goes wrong and you all die or disappear, I don't have to explain things to the authorities." This time the smile was almost reassuring.

By nightfall we were all at Will's estate and ready to begin setting up everything in the Black Room. Goddess Deanna had arranged everything. We had all the people and props and those who needed to know, knew what they had to do.

I had called Goddess Deanna while Will was still with me that first night. She knew everybody in a twelve state area who was into any form of alphabet sex for fun or profit. I told her what we needed beginning with the fact that we needed seven pure pain sluts who would get off being the center of an ancient Babylonian sex ritual that inflicted a heavy mixture of pain and pleasure and carried the risk of being transported into another dimension where they would bear lizard children for the rest of their lives.

A long silence from her was followed by a single word..., "Pricey."

I told her everything that Will had explained to me. I had expected her to be skeptical when I warned her that some of the pain sluts might be taken through a portal in a rock wall, but instead, after I had completed the story, she just answered, "That explains the faces."

When I responded with a surprised "What?" she continued. "Every Halloween I used to have a big scene in an old mausoleum at this mansion I own upstate. No one had ever been buried there, so there shouldn't have been any ghosts, but every year someone would say that they saw faces staring at us from inside the black granite walls."

"A couple of years ago two of the slaves went missing overnight. The next morning, one slave's owner claimed she disappeared on him while they were having sex. He had her rigged with a TENS unit to shock her tits while he pumped her ass. He said that just as they were reaching that magic moment, she suddenly yelled out, "Yes, I am willing!" and she was gone and he was face down on the ground."

"I told everyone that I stopped holding the event because sooner or later there was going to be police involvement and that would be very bad for business, but the truth is that same night I saw one of the faces myself. It looked like it was half man and half lizard. Seeing him reflected or whatever in the black stone, his skin looked almost blue."

"It is blue," I answered, "and you are going to help his cousin get home."

Deanna gave one of her deep, throaty laughs and said, "Wicked." That was her signature comment, so I knew she was willing and able to do what we needed. She then added, "I will have everything in place by tomorrow night. Price tag is a million five, cash in advance... plus an account for additional expenses that may go as high as another mil."

All Will said in response to that was "Bank routing number?" I handed the phone to him and Goddess Deanna gave him the information. He pulled a satellite phone from somewhere - maybe he has a built in pouch - again, I really don't want to know. He punched the keys for a few minutes until there was a loud beep. Then Will told Deanna, "It’s in your account."

Will had everything ready when we entered the Black Room through his "tunneled out cave." It was a long carpeted hallway with concealed lighting and quality air handling. It was like walking between buildings in a major city. The first thing that I saw as we entered the Black Room were eight polished stones sitting beneath a bank of black lights, They were covered with what looked like ancient writing and were sitting in front of a massive black granite slab which covered one wall of the room.

I assumed that this must be the portal. That assumption was confirmed when I saw the inscriptions that Will has shown me that first night. They took up a small corner of the wall, but didn't block the view for the audience behind the portal.

A band of sorts, dressed apparently as Babylonian temple musicians, was playing an odd assortment of bells, chimes and harp-looking things. It wouldn't ever make the top ten on anybody's favorites, but it had an eerily sexual overtone to it as if it were calling to lusts buried deep within.

A hooded figure dressed in a deep blue robe stood in a blue tinged spotlight in the center of the Black Room. The figure cried out, "It's time," and I knew that it was Goddess Deanna under the robes. Sixteen naked male slaves, their bodies totally devoid of hair, processed into the room carrying eight wooden frames. They kept perfect step in time to the odd music. Their oiled bodies glistened in the blue lights as they set the triangular shaped frames in place upright along one of the side walls of the room.

They walked out silently, and returned a few moments later carrying an equal number of wooden frames that looked like large eight-pointed wooden stars. These they placed on the floor directly in front of the highly polished portal wall. Eight naked female slaves walked behind each frame. Their bodies were also totally hairless and glistening with oil. The females were each carrying a large basket which they placed on the ground next to the star frames. The baskets contained small oil lamps which the female slaves began to place around the stars. The slaves knelt next to the baskets with their knees wide apart and as they took each lamp from the basket, they rubbed the body of the lamp against their sex until it was glistening with their juices. By the time all eight lamps were in place at the points of the stars, the female slaves were moaning loudly with arousal.

Goddess Deanna's voice broke the silence with a sharp command. "We are prepared. Bring in the sacrifices."

The hairless male and female slaves scampered silently from the room. The band changed tunes and began playing something that sounded more military - at least it had a regular beat of a drum and sounded like something that an ancient army might march to. Eight men, dressed in white tunics of some sort with folded headdresses that looked like something I once saw in a painting in a museum, entered in single file. They had wide leather belts around their waists and leather coverings on their forearms. Each held a braided leather leash, and at the end of that leash was a naked female.

The females were hairless except for their eyebrows and the long blond or red hair on their heads. I recognized the first female as the Blond in Black who had been in my place with Will that first night. Two of the others looked familiar. I had probably seen them at some event or another hosted by Goddess Deanna. One of the younger ones was trembling and seemed unsure of proceeding. An additional male, dressed like the others except in total black, stepped forward and struck her suddenly with a large whip. The crack of the whip reverberated in the stone room. The female stood still, almost rigid. I was thinking that if we didn't have willing sacrifices this might not work. For an instance I was upset that Deanna would have fluffed such an important detail, but then the female who had been struck shuddered, moaned loudly, and grabbed herself between the legs. The procession paused momentarily as she shook and cried out in an intense orgasm. If her mind had doubts, her body did not. She was a very willing part of this ritual.

The naked females were led to the frames which stood upright along the side wall. The frames were triangular in shape. In unison, the slaves lifted their arms high above their heads and the escorts tied them firmly to short chains which were secured to the top of the triangle. The escorts then pulled the females' legs wide apart and secured them to the bottom corners of the triangles.

The escorts left, and the female slaves who had carried in the baskets of lamps returned carrying trays on which were several small pots of what looked like paint. They rubbed a black powdery substance over the secured female's bodies so that the skin of each was darkened to a grayish blue-black. Then they began painting bright blue, red and yellow stars on the female's skin. I don't know what kind of paint they were using, but it appeared to dry instantly and didn't smear as the hairless females began to rub oils over the skin they had just painted.

One of the small pots that I thought was paint was not. It was some sort of grease or heavy oil. The slaves scooped up handfuls of that and began rubbing it into the secured sacrifices' cunts and ass. While they were doing this, the sixteen hairless male slaves returned. Each held what looked like a soft, leather, multi-stranded whip. They began flogging the bound slaves. One stood on each side of the triangle frames so that one was whipping the sacrifices' back and one was whipping her front. The whips were soft and probably did not inflict much in the way of pain, but from the sound of the leather hitting flesh, they were apparently wet from having been soaked in something and snapped loudly with each strike.

The hairless females then took two dildos from the trays and began pumping them into the slut slaves cunt and ass. Deanna had shown me the dildos earlier. One was bright yellow and had the image of the sun embossed on the tip. The other slightly smaller and was a softer white with the image of the moon on the tip. As the slaves plunged the dildos into the sluts, I couldn't help but thinking that it gave a whole new meaning to the word, "mooning."

The combination of pain and pleasure had an immediate effect on the slut slaves. Within moments they were thrashing in their bonds. The whipping and the dildo action continued until each slut slave had climaxed multiple times. They were now dripping with their own sweat and sex juices and hanging limply in their bonds.

"Enough," cried Goddess Deanna, and the hairless male and female slaves stepped away from the frames. The females walked over to the star frames, knelt and - after again rubbing the body of each lamp against their sex until it was glistening - lit the oil lamps. They must have been filled with 100 proof alcohol because there was now a bright circle of blue light surrounding each star frame.

Goddess Deanna loudly clapped her hands and the escorts returned. They were followed by a line of robed and hooded figures. A quick count told me there were sixteen dressed in white and eight dressed in black. Two white and one black figure went to each of the star frames.

The men robed in white removed their robes. One lay on his back in the center of the star frame. The other stood at the base of the frame. Meanwhile, the escorts released the slut slaves from the triangle frames and led them over to the stars. The sluts knelt next to the males and using their mouths quickly brought them to full erect. None of the men were of porn star proportions, but all were significantly above average in length and girth. The sluts then turned their attention to the standing male and also sucked him to full erection. Then they straddled the male on the ground and impaled themselves on his member. The man lying beneath her then pulled her tightly to him while the figure in black secured her arms and ankles to the points of the star. After she was completely secured, the hairless male slaves again began whipping her back as she thrust herself onto the prick buried in her cunt.

The blue-hooded figure loudly clapped her hands and the whippings stopped. The standing male then stepped between the pain slut's legs and rammed himself into her ass. There is no other way to describe it. If the sluts had not been thoroughly stretched out by the dildos, the pain and tearing would have been overwhelming. Even with that, however, the sudden impalement by the well endowed men caused gasps and screams.

"Slowly, slowly," instructed Goddess Deanna, and the men began to pump into the sluts.

"Whips," barked Dianna and the hairless slaves again began to whip the sluts. The sluts were now totally lost in a blur of pain and pleasure. They had orgasmed so many times that the boundary between pain and pleasure had long ago merged.

"It is time for Marduk to shoot his arrow."

The figures in black threw off their robes. Five of them were men of prodigious endowment, but even they were dwarfed by the other three. One of the other three was Will. I knew it was him because he was standing in front of the Blond in Black. The other two were evidently cousins of his that were also trapped on this side of the portal. I hoped there were no other surprises that Will had neglected to mention to me.

Goddess Deanna was repeating in almost a chant, "Hold back... Hold back... Hold back...'

"Hold back... Hold back.... Hold back..." Just as Will had described, it did seem to go on forever until Goddess Deanna screamed out, "NOW!"

There was a blast of blue light and a shock wave that pushed me back against the wall as the 21 men, 8 women, and three whatevers climaxed together in massive orgasmic peak.

Suddenly it was very quiet except for the soft moaning of a couple of the slut slaves. Will and his two cousins were gone. So was the Blond in Black. I had expected that. Also gone were three of the other slut slaves, two of the hairless women and one of the hairless men. I hope they find what they truly desired. If Will was truthful, they only took those who deep within themselves wanted to go.

Goddess Deanna folded back her hood and turned to face me. "I would say that was successful," she said. Then she continued, "Sorry about not telling you about the other two. Will said that when he realized that this might work, he did a world-wide advertizing blitz using his native language in the background. Basically he told anyone who could understand, 'If you are trapped here, I have a way to get home. Contact me.' So we had three to send home instead of just one."

A soft male voice spoke from the shadows at the edge of the room, "Mr W?"

"I'm W," I replied, and a very well dressed man carrying a briefcase stepped out of the darkness.

"I am Mr Lithio's solicitor. He instructed me concerning payment and reward if this was successful."

"All participants will find that a suitable amount has been deposited in their checking or savings accounts. All paperwork has been filed so there are no tax implications to this transaction. For you and for... uhhh... Miss Deanna, that amount is one million dollars plus your expenses." Facing Deanna, "For you Goddess, that is in addition to the original agreed upon fee. For all other participants the amount is $250,000. Mr Lithio also instructed me to give you this letter."

He handed me a letter which began, "I apologize for deceiving you regarding how many of my kind would be here tonight. I truly did not know until today that there would be two more of us to send home. I did deceive you in one other way, though more by omission that deceit. I have learned over the years, that, except for its size, there is nothing special about the portal in the Black Room. Any highly polished stone will suffice. Black stone works best. Large stones give a larger window but apparently have the risk of the portal opening under the right circumstances."

"I have established a trust which will maintain the Black Room as a sacred site. Under current laws that will protect it and for many years to come. There is a clause which allows for 'certain suitable rituals deemed necessary by the trustees.' The trustees know who and what I am but are very well paid to keep secrets and to take necessary measures so that others keep the secret. There may be others of my kind who have somehow been trapped in your world. If anyone else responds to the notices that we have set up worldwide, the trustees will contact you and I trust that you or Deanna will arrange for a suitable ritual."

The letter continued with typical legal mumbo jumbo describing exactly how all of the transfers were to occur and how to draw additional funds in case another "ritual" was needed.

The final paragraph was handwritten, possibly by Will himself. "I have also legally established a trust for the sole purpose of fully funding an annual Halloween Party at Goddess Deanna's New York estate. I am sure that everyone present on either side of the polished granite will greatly enjoy the evening's festivities. I hope to see you there each year."

Deanna had been reading over my shoulder and when we finished the letter gave one of her throaty laughs and said, "Good. Now I don't have to remember to invite you. You have a permanent invitation."

"I don't know," I replied, hoping that she would see the twinkle in my eye as I spoke. "I don't know if I want to try to perform in front of an audience of blue lizards with giant pricks who might steal the girl right out from under me."

She laughed again. "It never bothered you when we were together that night in the grave yard under the full moon."

I looked somewhat puzzled and she added, "I told you, I can see the faces. I have always been able to see the faces. They are always there watching from the polished stones... any polished stone, remember?"

I hadn't thought of that. Polished stones are everywhere, especially in graveyards. Sex in the cemetery will never be the same again.

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