The Ghost of Halloween Past
by 64Fordman
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Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f+; ghost; hist; bond; straps; rope; slave; chair; dunk; punish; torment; tickle; transform; denial; sex; climax; cons; X
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The Ghost of Halloween Past 64Fordman Solo-F; M+/f+; ghost; hist; bond; straps; rope; slave; chair; dunk; punish; torment; tickle; transform; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

It was Halloween evening and Cindy Bartram was alone in her one bedroom upstairs apartment on another holiday, she had lost count how many a long time ago. She wasn’t expecting any trick-or-treaters in the mostly senior complex, she had lost touch with her friends and hadn’t dated in more than four years.

Cindy no longer thought about living alone, she simply existed there. At 28 years old she was attractive enough, not gorgeous, but at 5’10” and 115 pounds Cindy though she was too tall, too thin, her breasts were too small and her butt was too big. Cindy actually had a pleasant face thanks to her steel blue eyes, high cheek bones and beautiful smile with her perfect straight white teeth, all framed by wavy blond hair that came a couple of inches below her shoulders. As for the rest of her, she was thin, but her tiny waist gave her a little curve at the hip with a round behind that filled out her jeans, and her small breasts were perfect for her narrow chest.

Going about her normal after work routine that began with changing into pajamas and ended with putting a frozen dinner in the microwave and sitting in front of the television until bed time, except tonight would end a little different. Cindy had vacation to use before the end of the year and had taken Friday and Monday off, the fact that Halloween was on Thursday this year had no bearing, she was just tired of hearing her boss bitch about getting earned vacation off the books and it’s been slow.

Not having to get up for work meant Cindy could indulge in her favorite pastime, self-bondage. Cindy became interested in being tied up when she reached adolescence but it remained in her fantasy world until she discovered the idea of tying herself up on the internet, her activity grew to include toys for sexual gratification, she has never shared her secret with anyone.

Cindy entered the bedroom and looked through her toy drawer, she decided on a hogtie and selected a vibrator and a ball gag. Removing her pajama bottoms she got on the bed and inserted her favorite vibrator, 1.5” diameter and 7” long with raised bumps all over it; her panties would hold it in. For the hogtie she was using a restraint that had Nylon cuffs with Velcro closures. The wrist and ankle cuffs were 2” wide and attached to a Nylon strap of the same width. Cindy secured her ankles in the cuffs which held her ankles together and left the Nylon strap laying across the top of her ankles. She brought each side of the strap around the bottom of her ankles and holding it tight secured it with the Velcro. Her legs were now held tightly together with the wrist cuffs on the outside of each ankle.

After gagging herself with the 2” blue ball gag she rolled onto her stomach and used her right hand to secure her left wrist in the cuff. Reaching into her panties she turned on the vibrator then placed her right wrist in the cuff and using her long slender fingers while rotating her arm held the strap against her wrist while rolling onto her side and using the mattress to close the cuff.

Cindy was now in a tight hogtie with her wrists held against her ankles, her mouth filled with a rubber ball and being buzzed to an orgasm. Her first orgasm was perfection, long and hard as she grunted into her gag, her legs straining against her arms with feet pointed and toes spread. Her second was just as good but by the third, though nice, she was getting tired now an hour into her session.

It was time to start the escape process, the trick was that her hands were held on the outside of her ankles but the Velcro closure holding the device together was on the inside so the only way out was to pull one of the wrist cuffs open, not impossible but Cindy knew from experience it takes time and concentration for fingers with little leverage to pick apart the Velcro. Add in the periodic loss of concentration from additional orgasms and occasional setbacks from orgasmic struggling that result from rolling over and reclosing the partially opened cuff and the whole process could take an hour or more.

Tonight it took Cindy a little over an hour to get a wrist free, with three more orgasms in the process, but that’s when the fun really started for Cindy. It wasn’t about getting the orgasm she wanted but about helplessly enduring the ones she didn’t.

After cleaning her toys and putting them away she decided to get a snack and see what was on TV. She barely made it to the living room when the emptiness returned, in the past the euphoria of an experience like she just had would get her through the week, now it didn’t last an hour. Cindy finished her cereal and flipped through a few channels then decided to go to bed.

Cindy let out a startled scream as she passed through the door, a strange looking man was standing in her room.

“Who are you?” said Cindy.

The man opened his mouth to answer.

“What do you want?”……”How did you get in here?”…….”Why are you in black and white?”

“You’ve been living alone so long you don’t even wait for an answer, Jack.” he said.

Cindy realized that despite being startled she was not afraid of this man, in fact he had a calming effect on her.

“What?” she said.

“Your questions, my name is Jack, I am the ghost of All Hallows Eve, I travel the earth every year on this night in search of lost souls, as for my appearance I come from the world of the dead and this is how I appear in the world of the living. When I come near a lost soul as I’m traveling I am automatically drawn to them, once in contact I know everything about them. This is my first time being drawn to a soul that is still among the living.”

Now that Cindy had a good look at Jack he wasn’t bad looking for a dead guy, he just happened to be in shades of grey.

“So you’re here by mistake?” said Cindy.

“There’s no mistake, your soul is definitely lost and I think I can help, do you remember A Christmas Carol?” said Jack.

“You mean Scrooge?”

“Exactly, we’re going to get you some historical perspective that will give you a whole new outlook; by the way, what do you do for a living?” said Jack.

“I work for an insurance agent, I thought you knew everything about me?”

“I just wanted to hear it from you.”

Jack held out his arm and Cindy placed her hand in his and in an instant the two were standing in the most amazing room Cindy had ever seen. The space was enormous and the tile and stone work was stunning. Cindy was so consumed by the beauty she forgot she was only wearing her pajama top and panties with a pair of white bunny slippers.

“The ruins don’t do justice to the real thing.” Jack said.

“Where are we?”

“Welcome to Rome, 46 BC, during the rule of Julius Ceaser. This is the family home of a high ranking member of the Roman Senate. The Senator and his wife are traveling but their daughter Agrippina is home and today is Saturnalia, a Roman festival that involves dancing, drinking and the custom of allowing ones servants to pretend they are the masters for the day, all in good fun of course, especially for Agrippina’s servant Domitius.”

“What if someone sees us?” Cindy asked.

“No one can see us unless I wish them to, you temporarily exist in my realm.” Jack said.

Jack led Cindy into another large room with two people, a beautiful dark haired woman about 25 wearing a dress which appeared to be made from a potato sack and a tan muscular man about 35 wearing fine but ill-fitting robes Cindy suspected belonged to the woman’s father.

“Agrippina has yet to take a husband.” Jack said.

“And she’s not above a little hanky panky with the hired help.” Cindy added.

“Yes, except the help isn’t exactly hired around here.”

“Right, so what is it we’re going to see?” Cindy asked.

“We’re not going to see anything, you’re here for your first history lesson.”

Cindy suddenly became Agrippina and was standing in front of the servant turned master.

“You were told to scrub this floor.” Domitius shouted.

Cindy broke out in laughter.

“You mock me, it seems you need to be reminded of your place.”

The man grabbed Cindy’s arm.

“Let go of me you shithead.” Cindy said.

“And now you curse me as well.”

With his muscular and powerful body Domitius easily placed Cindy face down on the floor and straddling her body to hold her down tore her simple servant dress completely open down the back. He tore a wide strip free and stuffed it in her mouth tying it tightly behind her head. With Cindy trying to struggle he turned her over, pulled the remainder of the dress away and gathering her wrists used the sash that was around her waist to bind her hands in front.

Lifting the now naked Cindy to her feet he led her to a marble column and tied the sash to an iron ring above her head leaving her facing the column on her toes.

“Now you will learn respect for your master.” Domitius said.

Cindy felt a sharp sting on her bottom and protested through her gag as Domitius administered a sound spanking to both cheeks. As the spanking continued Cindy noticed her bottom wasn’t the only thing being warmed up.

Domitius finished the spanking, untied the sash from the ring and led Cindy to a marble top table. Sitting her on the edge he walked to the other side forcing Cindy to lay on her back and tied the sash to the table leg. Cindy was lying across the table with her bottom on the edge and her legs hanging off, at least the cold marble felt good on her burning back side.

Domitius returned to stand between Cindy’s legs and removed a large gold medallion from the front of his right shoulder allowing his robes to fall away. Cindy’s eyes went wide with the full view of this man, the only hair was on his head and every muscle was visible through his tan skin, and his manhood was magnificent, Cindy wondered how this empire ever fell. Domitius took hold of Cindy’s thighs and stepped forward.

“What the hell happened?” Cindy said.

Cindy was standing next to jack in the first room.

“The lesson was over.” Jack said

“It wasn’t over, it was definitely not over.”

“You’re not here for that kind of lesson.” Jack said.

Jack held out his hand. Cindy took a few moments to listen to Agrippina’s gagged moans of pleasure before placing her hand in Jack’s.

Jack and Cindy were standing near some trees looking at a large group of people in the distance who all seemed to be focused on the same young woman at the center. The woman’s arms were being held by two men and a wooden stick with a long strip of leather wound around the middle to form a ball was stuffed in the woman’s mouth and held in by another leather strap wrapped around the stick on each side of her head and tied at the back of her neck. An older man holding a scroll was speaking to her.

The woman was wearing a heavy black dress that touched the ground and all but covered up the fact that she was a woman, with long sleeves that ended in thick white cuffs and a large white collar that covered her neck as well as her shoulders. A fabric head dress covered her hair and was tied under the chin and a long white apron hung from her waist.

The other women in the crowd were dressed similar, the men wore black waist coats, overcoats and pants with white shirts and flat brim black hats.

“Where are we, they look like Pilgrims?” said Cindy.

“Close, they’re Puritans, this is Massachusetts in 1634, the young woman is being charged with gossiping about her neighbors with ill intent.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“It was a very serious indiscretion which will be dealt with without delay.” said Jack.

“So we’re going to stand here and watch, right?” said Cindy.

“Not exactly.”

Cindy suddenly found herself in the crowd, she had become the gagged woman. She began to struggle as she was dragged by the men to a wooden chair but they were far too strong. Cindy was forcibly sat down and her arms were tied to the chair arms with leather straps. Her dress was lifted while her ankles were tied to the front chair legs, it was then she realized the woman’s feet were bare. As her waist was tied to the chair back the men tying her limbs finished and stepped back, it was then Cindy noticed the chair was attached to the end of a long wood pole with a pivot point about two thirds of the way from where she was sitting.

Four men took position on the other side of the pivot, two on each side, and pushed down on the pole lifting the chair with Cindy attached into the air. They swung the chair out over a small body of water. Cindy stopped struggling and filled her lungs as the chair plunged into the water. Her struggling resumed immediately as the water was freezing cold. The chair rose from the water and Cindy wasted no time in filling her lungs with fresh air, her body felt like lead as the layers of thick clothing had absorbed pounds of water. The chair plunged into the water again.

Another eternity as she was enveloped by the cold dark space and then the chair again rose from the water. There must have been a hundred people, men and women, watching from the edge of the water, and to Cindy they seemed to be enjoying themselves. She looked at the men manning the pole and knew she was going down again, she struggled hard to free herself but her effort was futile, another deep breath and she was back in the icy water.

In the eerie quiet Cindy noticed the effect this was having on her, she was getting that feeling way down deep; the chair emerged from the water. Cindy just wanted to find a quiet place to take care of some business but she was sent back into the water. It seemed the more she wanted to get out of that chair the stronger that feeling got.

This time when the chair emerged from the water it was swung back over dry land. As the straps were cut and the gag removed Cindy found herself standing next to Jack as the woman was helped away by her husband.

“She’s going home and have sex with him.” said Cindy.

“Did you think your generation invented bondage games?” said Jack.

Cindy joined hands with Jack and found herself in a small house.

“Everything is antique.” said Cindy.

“Not to them, this is 1928 Yugoslavia, and today is Materitse, or Mother’s Day.”

“It’s not Mother’s Day, I can see snow through the window.”

“The tradition here is the last three Sundays before Christmas are holidays. First comes Children’s Day where parents tie up their children until they promise to be good, their daughters spent an hour and a half hogtied, the following Sunday is Mother’s Day where the children tie up their mother until she gives them treats she’s hidden under the bed, and the last Sunday is Father’s Day where father gets tied up until he promises gifts that will come in the form of Christmas presents. Most families stop when the kids get to a certain age but this family likes the tradition even though their daughters are 18 and 20.”

“So where is everybody?” said Cindy.

“It’s early, Mother is sleeping and Father is out getting firewood, it should be just about time.”

Cindy had become the mother was startled awake in bed by the two girls grabbing her wrists. They had coils of braided rope and were wrapping it around Cindy’s wrists tying expert knots. The rope was wrapped around the bed posts and Cindy’s arms were hauled to the corners of the big bed and the rope tied off under the mattress. Cindy was shocked at the strength of the girls. They folded back the covers at the bottom of the bed exposing her bare legs and feet below the white knee length night gown their mother had worn to bed, making identical work of her ankles and pulling Cindy down as they tied the rope to the posts leaving Cindy fully stretched on the bed.

“Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, what will you pay to get away?”

The girls chanted in unison as Cindy looked down the bed at the two standing at her feet.

“I don’t have anything.” said Cindy.

“Well that won’t be too good for you Mother.”

They each produced a stiff feather and began using them on Cindy’s feet. Cindy was screaming “no” and “Stop” between fits of hysterical laughter until she remembered what Jack had told her.

“No, hahahaha, wait, hahahahah, it’s under the bed, hahahahahaha, it’s under the bed.”

The tickling stopped while one of the girls got down on the floor and looked under the bed.

“I don’t see anything, I think Mother wants to do this the hard way again.”

The tickling resumed.

“No, hahahaha, it was there, hahahahahahaha, untie me and we’ll look for it, hahahahaha.”

“Mother tries to trick us, maybe this will improve her memory.”

Both girls began using the feathers in a sawing motion between Cindy’s toes. Cindy began an uncontrollable laughing fit as the girls concentrated on the sensitive skin. She had no idea something could be so excruciating and exquisite at the same time.

Father appeared in the doorway and told the girls their treats were in the bottom drawer of the dresser, the girls stopped their assault on their Mother’s feet, got the two small boxes of baked goods and candies and left.

Closing and locking the door, he began unbuttoning his shirt. As Cindy watched this Slavic version of the Marlboro Man remove his clothing she slowly twisted her arms and legs against the ropes in a continuous reconfirmation of her total helplessness as a fire ignited between her legs like a fighter pilot lighting the afterburner. He pulled the covers away and climbed onto the bed.

Cindy was back in the other room standing next to Jack, the faint sounds of passion drifting through the walls, she had her legs crossed and a hand over the front of her panties.

“Do you need to pee?” said Jack.

“No, I need to….never mind.”

“It’s understandable, you’ve been horny for nearly two centuries.” Jack said.

Cindy scowled at Jack as she took his outstretched hand and was now standing in another house, this one was modern and decorated for Halloween and was filled with people, some in costume.

“I know some of these people, this is Steve’s house, he gave the last Halloween party I went to in…”

“2007” said Jack.

“Yes, I left early, they look like they’re having a lot of fun; oh there’s Steve.”

“He really likes you.”

‘I know, and I never gave him a chance, I can’t imagine what he thinks of me.”

“He thinks he likes you; what’s wrong?”

“Something seems different than I remember it.”

“That’s because it’s not 2007, this is the party you’re missing tonight.”

Cindy was now in the party and was immediately approached by a guy.

“Nice costume, very courageous.”

“Well courage comes in many forms.”

Cindy took the guy’s beer and began mingling through the crowd. She met old friends, was introduced to friends of friends, spent time talking to Steve and had the best time she could remember.

The party had wound down and the last guests were leaving, except for Cindy, unlike last time she was looking for any excuse to stay, her and Steve were hitting it off and she decided helping clean up was as good as any. While Steve brought bottles and glasses to the kitchen Cindy decided to bring the plastic folding chairs Steve used for parties back to the basement. She was able to carry four of the light weight chairs down the stairs and stacked them against the wall next to a wood cabinet. The chairs bumped the side of the cabinet and the door swung open enough for Cindy to see a pair of handcuffs on the shelf inside, as she reached for the cabinet door a dog barked from the corner of the basement.


Buddy was Steve’s Cocker Spaniel, Cindy opened the cage door and the dog bounded out and was jumping all over Cindy who sat cross leg in the dog bed next to the cage and was petting the dog.

Steve came down with the rest of the chairs, by now Buddy was lying on his back across Cindy’s legs while she rubbed his stomach.

“Did you find a new friend Buddy?” said Steve.

“More like an old friend.” said Cindy.

Buddy saw that Steve was holding his leash and got off Cindy, he was ready to go outside, Steve and Cindy stared at each other for a few awkward moments.

“We can talk more when you get back, I’d go with you but I’m not exactly dressed to walk around the neighborhood.” said Cindy.

“How did you get here by the way, there’s no cars out front?”

“I came with a very old friend.”

“Are the two of you involved?”

“You could say our relationship is ancient history.”

“I’m a little concerned about the emotional investment, after last time I’m not even sure you’ll still be here when I get back.” said Steve.

Cindy went to the cabinet and retrieved the handcuffs, walked over to one of the steel support poles in the center of the basement, placed her back against the pole and cuffed her hands behind the pole.

“How about now?” Cindy said.

Steve just stared at Cindy.

“You better get Buddy out for his walk.” Cindy said.

“Right, maybe by the time we get back I’ll remember where the keys are or Buddy will have some unexpected company tonight.”

Steve did find the keys and the two embarked on a night of passion that started in the basement, moved to the first floor and then to the upstairs bedroom, and Cindy was bound in one way or another the entire time. Steve made love to every inch of Cindy’s body and she lost track of how many orgasms she had, but she wanted every one of them.

When Jack appeared in Steve’s bedroom Cindy was still in the last lovemaking position while Steve took Buddy outside again. She was tied spread eagle to Steve’s bed, she was wearing her pajama top that was now completely unbuttoned, her bunny slippers were in the basement and her panties were in her mouth held in by a necktie tied behind her head. Jack passed his hand over Cindy’s head and the gag disappeared.

“Did you enjoy your lesson? Jack said.

“Yes, thank you for showing me the history of my ways.” Cindy said.

“And what did you learn?”

“To accept the way I am and not fear sharing it with others.”

“Excellent, we were successful.” Jack said.

“Maybe you’ve found a new career, you know what they say; find a need and fill it.” Cindy said.

“Perhaps, by the way, what do you do for a living?” Jack asked.

“Me, I live for a living.” Cindy said.

“Take care and don’t take this the wrong way because it’s a compliment in my realm, I hope to never see you again.”

Jack passed his hand over Cindy’s head and the gag reappeared. He then took a piece of folded paper out of his coat pocket and stuck it half way into the breast pocket of Cindy’s pajama top.

“A little parting gift from me.” Jack said and disappeared.

When Steve returned he apologized for taking so long knowing it was getting late as tomorrow was a workday for Cindy. He got back on the bed on top of Cindy and the paper crunched under his hand, he took it from her pocket and read it out loud.

“Steve, I’m on vacation and would love to be held hostage by you for the whole weekend.”

Cindy moaned through her gag as she heard the words.

“I guess Buddy will have some company.”



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