Bound Halloween
by Mikel
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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-M/F; MF; F/m; party; bond; cuffs; collar; hobble; leather; heels; chast; corset; toys; tease; denial; climax; cons; X
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Bound Halloween Mikel Solo-M/F; MF; F/m; party; bond; cuffs; collar; hobble; leather; heels; chast; corset; toys; tease; denial; climax; cons; X

Jenny and I had been together for almost three years. We had met at a Halloween party when I couldn’t take my eyes off her incredible costume. I had stared so long openly fascinated by her she finally came over and asked for my name. She had looked so amazing as a leather Elvira. With the extremely tight bodice pushing her perfect breasts up high and the skirt that stretched tightly down to her knees I almost couldn’t think of what my name was when she asked.

Jenny had asked about my costume and I admit it was kind of a lame prisoner outfit but it had its perks. The weighted chastity tube and nipple clamps hidden under it were making walking difficult. The jump suit was locked around my waist and neck as were all the chains connecting my wrists and ankle cuffs so I couldn’t remove anything until I got home. Jenny had played with the locks and cuffs making my trapped cock swell in its steel cage but her smile had been intoxicating as she pulled and twisted the steel. When I told her the keys had been “forgotten” at home she looked as though she almost had an orgasm standing right next to me.

We talked for an hour Jenny even letting me stroke her leather covered hips and waist. The limited reach I had with my hands chained to my waist made me wish I had brought my keys as I stared at her heaving breasts. Jenny explained how she had made the dress and that it was much tighter than it looked. I continued to study her as she turned around to talk to a friend noticing that the skirt went all the way to the floor holding her legs very close together.

The back of the dress was completely closed from the high collar to her ankles and I could swear I could see the outlines of something under the leather. We continued chatting as the night wore on until I was informed that the friend I had ridden with was now passed out drunk. “Shit!” I cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked.

“I can’t drive chained like this and the damn keys are at home,” even as I struggled with the chains knowing how screwed I was my dick pressed harder on the metal cage surrounding it with the thought of really being trapped.

Jenny smiled and said, “I would be happy to give you a ride home.”

I stopped struggling and asked with a smile. “You can drive in that dress?”

“Oh you would be amazed at what I can do in this dress” Jenny answered with a freakishly sexy grin.

We both went to tell our friends that we were leaving and I shuffled along behind her towards her car watching her ass sway under the tight leather. Jenny said she had to park around the corner from the house so by the time we got to her car the now swinging two pound weight hanging from the chastity ring had made me feel like I had been kicked in the groin.

Reaching the car she went to the driver’s side and stood as I waited by the passenger door. After a minute of staring at her across the roof I noticed her eyes were closed and her breasts were heaving as she tried to control her breathing. I found out later not only was it the exertion of walking in the tight dress making her pant but the phalluses under it had made her have multiple mini climaxes as she walked.

I stood chained with my nipples starting to really ache, my cock and balls locked tightly inside a steel cage as this beauty stood gasping and moaning slightly. I could only watch as she licked her lips and leaned her head back while she held onto the cars roof with both gloved hands and climaxed. Regaining her composure I could see even in the dim street light her face redden as she unlocked the door and wiggled into the driver’s seat.

I could hear her grunt as she leaned over to unlock my door giving me a great view of her crushed together breasts. As I got in the car’s interior lights showed her wrestling to pull the dress up slightly exposing the monster high heels she was wearing. I sat staring again as she positioned her feet over the pedals having to hold her left foot off the floor as she pressed the brake and started the car. We chatted about her dress more as she drove towards my apartment and I found it was actually a very strict hobble dress and she had made it all herself.

I sat thinking this was a woman after my own heart creating something so restrictive and uncomfortable and forcing herself to wear it out. Jenny explained she loved Halloween, it was one of the few times a year she could go out in public dressed the way she wished she could always be dressed. I agreed and the conversation quickly developed into a discussion about bondage and we both found out we shared that passion also.

The ride seemed way too short as we pulled up to my building and Jenny parked the car. I didn’t want to leave her yet and fumbled with asking her to “help” me inside.

She smiled as she put the car into reverse and backed out of the parking spot and turned away from my building with me looking at her puzzled. Jenny drove to the furthest parking lot and reparked the car looking at me she smiled and said, “We might as well enjoy the walk”

I smiled back thinking about watching her struggle to walk again but moaned inside knowing my balls would be aching badly by the time we got back to my building. Jenny leaned across my body and pulled the door handle, that I couldn’t reach, then opened her door and swung her welded together legs out of the car. I watched her struggle to stand before jumping out of the car and falling in behind her for the long walk to my building.

Jenny asked if I was enjoying the show and I said I was as her firm ass shifted back and forth under the tight leather. Reaching the first curb Jenny stopped and stood looking at it almost making me run into her. I knew as soon as I saw the curb what the problem was and told her she would have to go the long way around and that I would wait for her. Jenny smiled and turned left and walked the few hundred feet to the opening and turned back towards me. The brief rest period for my aching balls had allowed me to watch her walk in the tight leather reflecting the light from the street lamps as she wiggled her hips with each step.

Jenny walked past me not even acknowledging I was there so I fell in behind her as she continued to wriggle through the parking lot. The next curb was taller from the gutter opening and I heard her mutter something about a bad idea as she turned left again and headed off to find the opening. During this last part of the walk I could smell her arousal and hoped she might be open to relieving my aching cock problem when we got back to my place.

Jenny came back into view almost fifteen minutes later, the sweat glistened on her heaving breasts as she walked under the lamps making my rested cock swell again against the steel tube holding it so firmly. We were getting close to my building, I was still watching her ass and listening to her heels click loudly on the pavement when I heard her moaning and she stopped again. Shuffling next to her I watched her bite her lip while she rubbed her hands over the tight leather, then throw her head back as far as the tall collar allowed and begin shaking all over.

I let her lean on me as I tried to hold her steady with my cuffed hands as the orgasm washed over her body making her gasp for air and moan louder. For several minutes she leaned limply on me then suddenly stood up straight and rasped, “Sorry, I couldn’t fight it anymore.”

I smiled and said, “No need to apologize I was really turned on by that.”

She smiled weakly and said, “We really need to get inside”. I walked beside her into the building and we struggled up the few steps to my floor, having to kind of lift and push her from behind over each step.

Once at the top of the stairs she said, “Why didn’t you think of that at the curbs?”

I answered, “I don’t know but I wish I had” thoroughly enjoying grabbing her leather covered ass. I unlocked the door grateful I had cleaned up earlier but forgetting my box of bondage gear lying on my bedroom floor.

Once inside she said, “Get me your keys, we really need to free your hands.” Without thinking I nodded and headed for the kitchen table and turned around to see her standing in the living room.

This was the first time I had seen her under normal light and even through the thick makeup she was wearing I could tell she was a real beauty. I shuffled to her quickly and handed her the key ring and she deftly uncuffed my wrists leaving the cuffs dangling from the waist chain and said, “That’s enough for now undo my dress” and turned her back to me. I was rubbing my wrists and looking at her back as she raised her long black hair up and asked if I saw the zipper?

I started to say no then noticed it right at the top of the collar and reached up and pulled it down. As the zipper lowered I found it did not release the dress but only a cover that opened to show an elaborate system of laces under it. The zipper went down to her ankles and so did the laces. I stepped back and stared amazed at how many small X’s the laces made from her neck to her ankles and understood why the dress fit her so perfectly.

Jenny stood explaining how to release the tension and in what order and in fifteen minutes I had her grunting as I eased the tension around her waist. I saw her head drop forward and she groaned when I worked the laces free and could now see that there was something under the tight leather. I eased my hands under the damp leather and rubbed her skin feeling the indentions the laces and leather had left in it.

Moving my hands down I felt the top of what I thought was a leather thong when Jenny pulled away from me excusing herself and headed towards the bathroom. I sat down, still in my chains, since she had taken my keys with her waiting for thirty minutes. When she finally came out of the bathroom she was wearing my robe, her extreme heels poking out from under it and walked over and plopped down on my lap.

I groaned from the sudden weight on my steel covered cock and shifted her slightly as she kissed me deeply. She sat wiggling on my lap expressing herself about how she hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed with her once she was out of her get up. I smiled and kissed her and told her she was silly but she made a pouty face then sheepishly asked why she couldn’t feel my dick getting hard under her.

I laughed and said if she would give me my keys I would show her how much I wanted her and she looked at me confused so I took her hand and lead it down to my crotch. After a few seconds of her groping around she squealed loudly jumping up and said, “I want to see it” I laughed and said not until I get my keys. Jenny dashed into the bathroom returning with my key ring and helped me unlock the chains around my waist and neck then almost ripped the coveralls off me.

I was standing naked except for the chastity tube and nipple clamps, my suit was wadded up around my ankles that were still cuffed together. I wondered if she had intentionally left my ankles chained together as she knelt in front of me and inspected the steel locked over my cock and balls. Jenny seemed to be fascinated by the tube, she gratefully unlocked the weight and dropped it to the floor as I open the clamps hissing as each one let go of my sore nipples.

Jenny stroked and shifted the cage really enjoying the sight of my cock swelling inside the cage and desperately trying to push its self out of the small openings. I watched her as she stroked it then suddenly taking it into her mouth and working it up and down, the small patches of skin being brushed by her beautiful lips. Jenny continued sucking on the cage making the pain increase but also giving me unbelievable sensations of pleasure only stopping when I pulled her away.

She sat back on her knees with one hand still holding my cock and balls smiling and said, “I like it.”

I laughed and said, “I could tell, if you would give me the keys I could remove it and then I could enjoy it too.”

Jenny let go of me and made the pouty face again then stood up and lowered the robe showing her beautifully indented body, all the lines from the corset and leather seams were still imprinted in her skin. I continued to stare lowering my eyes to see the leather chastity belt locked tightly around her waist with its steel plate covering her pussy completely.

“I like chastity too” Jenny said quietly, “I have been wearing this belt for almost a month now and won’t have the key back for another week”.

I was stunned first by the sight of her belt then again by the fact she was locked into it for another week. We stood looking at each other when I noticed the wide leather straps around her ankles and the tiny pad locks dangling from each. Jenny saw me notice them and said, “Oh yeah the shoes stay on until I get my keys, but these are at home”. I could see the straps from the shoes were made into the ones around her ankles locking the impressively steep shoes on her feet forcing her to walk almost on her toes.

Jenny stood playing with the key ring looking down at my cock and asked, “Would you mind waiting until my key comes back before I release you?”

The question stunned me, I had never worn my chastity tube that long, I had already been wearing it two days so that would mean another seven but she was so damn cute I blurted out, “Ok as long as you let me unlock yours.” Jenny squealed and jumped into my arms.

We sat with her on my lap laughing and talking for an hour before finally moving to the kitchen for a drink. Where she pushed me down into a chair and got my wrist cuffs and asked if she could play with me. I swallowed hard and nodded yes and she quickly had my arms cuffed behind the chairs back. Jenny walked around the chair slowly, her musk filling the air then knelt between my legs and took the chain between them and tied it the cross support of the chair.

I sat cuffed hand and foot to the chair as she stroked my body and steel covered cock then stood up and walked from my view. After a few minutes she stepped back into sight naked except for the belt, shoes and now a set of tweezer style nipple clamps and said, “You have a nice selection of gear in there, mind if I use a few things?” I was so enrapt in her beautiful breasts and her pinched nipples I shook my head no.

Jenny squealed again and moved behind me and quickly pulled one of my blindfolds over my eyes. I had started to object but felt her stuffing my mouth with a ball gag and decided it was no use so I sat in the dark quietly and waited. I could hear her moving around then return to me then start playing with my sore nipples. Knowing what was coming next I started to protest not wanting to have my sore nipples clamped again. Jenny paid no attention to me and clamped each nipple squeezing them tight and stood back tugging lightly on the connecting chain making me shift in my seat and moan around the gag.

I sat gasping around the ball as she stroked my body and tugged at the clamps for thirty minutes. My cock and balls felt like they were going to explode when I felt her mouth on my cock again warming the steel as she stroked it with her tongue. For another half an hour she sucked and stroked my straining cock through the steel pulling on the clamps every once in awhile until I was moaning and thrashing in the chair.

I thought I would die if she didn’t stop but just as I was about to try and get her to quit the suction on my cock seemed to increase considerably and I exploded into her mouth as she pulled hard on the clamps ripping one off. My cock seemed to squirt forever, I have never felt an orgasm like this before and she was sucking like her life depended on it. I lost myself in the darkness and sat moaning as she continued to suck me dry.

I felt her unlocking my wrists and I opened my eyes and could see, she had already removed the blindfold? I sat wondering where the time had gone as I rubbed my wrists and watched her smiling face in between my knees as she unlocked my ankles. I looked down and noticed one clamp still in place so I squeezed it and whined some as the blood flow came back. We spent the rest of that Halloween with her tied to the bed in my apartment while I stroked and tickled her mostly naked body.

Since that night we have been together every day, each of us enjoying tying and teasing the other. We talk frequently about the three day sex marathon we had when her keys finally arrived, I had made us wait until the weekend before unlocking her belt. Then we spent three days in bed literally never leaving the apartment. During our time together Jenny and I stayed in our chastity devices each keeping the keys for the other and each improving the equipment we used on each other.

During the holidays Jenny took great pleasure in wearing seductive and kinky clothes for whatever holiday it was driving me mad at each event we attended. This coming Halloween was going to be our third anniversary and the time when I asked her to marry me and we both wanted to make it special. Jenny had been working on a new costume based on the character of Morticia Adams and promised it would be more exciting than any before it.

I was planning to be a prisoner again only this time Jenny would lock me up and would be the one holding the keys. We had two parties to go to the nights leading up to Halloween but for the actual night we would be having a party at our home. For all three nights we would wear our costumes but for the night at our house I had special plans for her, little did I know she had some for me as well.

The first night of our parties I finally got to see her new costume and was stunned at how well it incased her firm body. Before lacing the dress I inserted two phalluses in her. Both had wireless remotes and could do wonderful or terrible things to her, I had used them a few times and new just how to tease and torment her. The leather chastity belt was locked extremely tight around her waist and the nipple clamps I had modified for her were clamped tightly on her large nipples.

Jenny took my additions in stride even after I laced her up and locked cuffs around her neck and wrists making sure she couldn’t remove the dress without me. I didn’t know that she had also locked her ballet boots on and would be forced to wear them all evening. Jenny would not be able to sit since she had made the dress a full body corset that only allowed her to bend partially at her waist and for brief periods only.

Jenny did not use any of her surprises on me the first two nights even though I teased her mercilessly and kept her locked in the belt all three days. By Friday she was so horny she begged me not to relock the belt on after replacing the batteries but I couldn’t give in I wanted the weekend to be like our first weekend together. Arriving home I immediately laced her into her dress making her whine knowing she would be trapped again for the next eight hours at least.

This time when she helped me into my outfit she locked a new chastity tube on my cock, the tube was much smaller and covered my cock and balls completely. Jenny had restrained my hands above my head like I had done to her so there was nothing I could do when she continued to add things to my costume. The next additions were the vibrating nipple clamps and multiple tens pads placed on my balls, ass and either side of my nipples.

After sticking the pads on me Jenny took wide black tape and wrapped each area she had attached the pads too and then wrapped my waist tightly making me gasp for air. Once she had finished she pulled the orange suit up to my chest locking the waist chain tightly around me. My ankle cuffs were locked on and I would find out later they had been locked much closer together as well.

Releasing my hands she had me push my arms through the sleeves and once the suit was zipped she quickly locked my hands together in front with a pair of hinged cuffs that were held closely to my waist. As I looked at the cuffs she pulled my head down slightly and slipped the large hand cuff style collar around my neck locking it snuggly in place. I tried to stand up straight and found I could not, the long chain leading to my ankle cuffs forced me to remain bent over. I looked up at the tall beautiful woman standing over me and tugged on my chains hoping for some sign of compassion.

I stood bent over staring up at her and saw her smile and say “Yes tonight you will not be so comfortable.” I grinned slightly as she continued, “Maybe if you are a good boy I might release you by morning.” I smiled again knowing she would release me before that since she could not get out of her costume without me and I couldn’t reach her chained the way I was. Once we were dressed I lead her to the front door and asked her to bend as far as she could for me. I took the long chain I had attached earlier to a large eye bolt about half the way up the door frame and locked it to the steel collar around her neck.

Jenny stood up straight gasping from the extra tension of bending in her dress. When Jenny tried to shuffle away from the door she was stopped by the chain that only allowed her to move about ten feet from the door. She looked at me and yanked on the chain, I said, “You wanted to hand out candy, and I know you can’t move very fast in that dress so I wanted you to stay close to the door”. We had discussed handing out candy and I had not wanted to but she had insisted that she would do it. I already knew she would not be able to get to the door quickly trapped in her dress and high heels leaving me stuck doing it all night so I solved the problem.

Jenny spent the night chained to the door, every time the door bell rang I would change the vibrator setting making her squeal slightly as she opened the door and tried to be cheery to the kids. When someone at the party would bring her a chair I would wait until she sat down watching her struggle to lower herself then quickly turn on her clamps making her stand up. I would go over and remove the chair once she was back on her pointed toes again smiling as I twisted my head to look up at her.

During the entire evening she never used any of the torments she had put on me so I thought she was just not wanting to encourage any rebuttals from me. I shuffled around most of the night fighting the chains holding my feet so close together and groaning when I would sit from the temporary relief from the pain in my back from stooping all night. When the final guests had left I had her bend down and unlocked her neck from the wall allowing her to move to the nearest chair and sit down whining as she lifted her pointed toes from the floor.

I shuffled around picking up some of the mess from the party while she rested and watched her stand and struggle to walk to the bedroom. Jenny had not been gone a few minutes when suddenly my cock, ass and nipples were being shocked violently and the vibrators came to life making my sore cock and nipples shake. I moaned and dropped to my knees and knelt shaking as my body was punished. While I was distracted Jenny pulled a leather hood over my head and buckled it tightly sealing me inside it and making me unable to say anything from the hood holding my mouth shut.

As I continued to be punished Jenny sat down near my shaking body while I pulled at the chains keeping me from reaching the hood. Only after an eternity of being shocked and shaken did the punishment stop and I could hear Jenny say, “I had not expected to be chained all night so I had left your remotes in the bedroom, so now you will be punished until the batteries run out”. I listened intently as she continued, “Then when you can walk you can find me and maybe I will release you”. I could hear Jenny grunt as she stood and reached for her remotes and before she got out of range I turned all of them on low.

Even through the hood I could hear her curse me as she felt the vibrations and then suddenly I was being shocked and vibrated again. How long I lay on the floor struggling with the pain and pleasure I don’t know but when I finally started feeling the shocks subside is when the real discomfort began. As I struggled to my feet the vibrators were still shaking me and between the fight with my restraints and the pleasurable feelings of the vibrations and the much weaker shocks my cock began to swell inside the cage she had locked on me.

During the evening I had concentrated so hard on not falling and moving around that only a few times did my cock ever start to swell. The only time it got uncomfortable was when I sat watching her struggle in her skin tight dress. Now my cock was trying to fully expand and the much smaller cage was making it impossible. The more I fought to keep it from growing the more pronounced the pain became and the more I seemed to not be able to control it.

Finding my way to the bedroom was difficult, we had moved the furniture around for the party and there were multiple new chairs setting randomly throughout the house. After tripping on several chairs I managed to get into the hallway and find the bedroom door. Lurching through the door I shuffled to the bed to find her leather encased body lying on it. I could hear her moaning as I approached and when I could finally touch her I listened and felt as an orgasm rushed through her making her moan and convulse.

After she settled down she begged for me to turn the vibrators off, I found out later she had been forced to endure many orgasm’s from the slow vibrations and felt like she was going to pass out. I mumbled from under the hood and listened as she sat up and felt the tension of the hood ease and finally felt it being pulled from my head. I sat looking at her heaving breasts in my face as she unlocked my wrists then flopped backwards on the bed gasping.

I quickly unlocked the remaining chains and went into the bathroom to remove the tape that had been restricting my breathing and keeping the stim pads on my body. Returning to the bedroom I watched as she fought another building orgasm and lay gasping and thrashing about. I dug the remotes out of the rumpled up jump suit on the floor and turned them off hearing a sigh of relief from her. After several minutes I helped her to her pointed toes and looked into her desperate eyes and asked her to marry me.

Jenny was so surprised she stood quietly teetering on her toes staring at me then squealed “Yes!” We hugged and kissed for several minutes before falling over on the bed. My beauty laid on my shoulder while I stroked her leather covered body enjoying feeling her breathing under her leather skin. Waking up to Jenny shaking the bed I could see in her eyes she needed to be released so I told her where the keys were and watched her shuffle as quickly as she could out of the room.

I lay stretching in the bed hearing her heels clicking on the tile floor and noticed that the sun had come up. Smiling when she entered the bedroom knowing she had been encased in her leather prison for over twelve hours and knowing how badly she wanted out of it. I worked slowly but steadily for the next hour releasing her from the tight damp leather until she was down to her chastity belt and toe boots.

Jenny walked carefully but quickly into the bathroom, I waited in the bed for her to return expecting her to want out of the boots and belt and was surprised when she crawled into the bed without a word and began stroking my caged cock. We played around until my cock started hurting and I told her I would unlock hers if she unlocked mine but she continued to tease me and saying “I’m ok”. I had to stop her again and ask for the key but she still refused to give it to me so I tied her hands to the head board and rolled over trying to go back to sleep.

After drifting to sleep off and on for awhile she finally roused me saying the key is in the drawer. I unlocked the cage while she lay bound to the bed watching then I started to stroke her body and tease her. Putting the nipple clamps back on made her moan with arousal and curling up next to her and pretend to fall asleep made her struggle to free her hands. We spent the rest of the day playing with each other and making love finally falling asleep in each others arms. Waking the next day with her still in her boots and her hands tied behind her back I teased her before fucking her again and went to make us breakfast.

Jenny wandered into the kitchen teetering on her toes and her hands still bound behind her asking if I was going to feed her. I smiled and said “For the rest of your life” and grabbed her and kissed her deeply. After feeding her while she sat with my cock buried deep in her pussy we moved to the shower. I removed her boots making her groan loudly as I rubbed her sore feet and helped her into the shower. I scrubbed her exquisite body never untying her hands and she never acting like she wanted me too then dried both of us and led her to the bed.

We spent the rest of the day with her hands bound behind her making love and giggling like kids when she finally asked where her engagement ring was. I laughed and said “Do you want it now?” giggling she said she did so I left her alone and returned with her new chastity belt. She giggled some as I locked the cold steel around her body sealing her pussy tightly under several layers of insulated steel. After the belt clicked closed I freed her hands and slid her actual ring on her finger while she stared at the ring I broke the news to her. “The belt cannot be removed until I send copies of our marriage license along with a picture of us getting married to the service”. Jenny knew the service well since both of us used it frequently and said “I guess it won’t be a long engagement then”

I smiled as I knew I had chosen my bride to be well as she picked up my long term chastity belt and moved towards me.

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