Coven 3
by Garden Variety
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Storycodes: FM+/ff; FF; motel; outdoors; bond; naked; rope; susp; breast; bdsm; ceremony; toys; insert; objectify; tease; torment; les; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
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Coven 3 Garden Variety FM+/ff; FF; motel; outdoors; bond; naked; rope; susp; breast; bdsm; ceremony; toys; insert; objectify; tease; torment; les; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Cast of Characters

Lulu – Blonde, full-figured, a paid sacrificial-victim of cult
Anne-Marie – Witch-leader, coven organizer, roommate
Jo-Anne – Assistant coven-leader, witch, devil-worshipper
Bob and Dick – Cult gay couple, piercing-suspension experts
Freddy and Harry – Cult medical men, bleeding-wound staunchers
Marge - confused teenage motel-keeperís daughter
Sam and Alexis - rich, cruel, cultís only married-couple
Shrouded Coven pacing-chanting members, a “Leaping Lures” [fishing-cabin motel] desk-clerk – all small-part players

All characters were more than eighteen by the time of the story.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home!

Chapter 1: “Lulu”

I’m Lulu. I gave myself to the coven on two previous occasions. As the ex-cons put it, I went straight. For about seven weeks, I’ve been working at a regular job and sharing a cabin, devoted to my live-in teenage, skinny-hillbilly lover, Margie. Today is different, because I’ve heard from Anne-Marie, the coven’s chief Witch. Wants to sacrifice my Margie, only if she’s a virgin!

“Are you?” I ask my petite, light-brown-head, compact darling, lightly-stroking her bottom, rear-thighs.

“She doesn’t know…” I admit over phone to Anne-Marie, who gives me instructions: Test requires ruler.

Margie brings it over to me and I kiss her, really only a peck, but on the lips. “Should I strip?”

“Only your nice bottom-half, I’d think…” I smilingly tell her with my hand over the mouthpiece.

[On phone] “All right, Anne-Marie, I’ve got it here now…”
She says to measure my hand from fingertips to thumb.
“Three inches,” I tell her. “O.K., let me do that, and I’ll get right back to you.”

I hang up and Margie comes over and sits bare-bottom on my lap. She has a cute, tight bottom. I can’t even say it’s a bubble-butt, because she’s totally trim. I run my hands delightfully over all her curves.

Margie looks deeply at me and says, “You’re going to have to pay for that!”

“Let’s do her job first.”
‘I touch her pussy, pushing her jasper, nether lips apart rather roughly, but also pressing on her clitoris. She smiles. I fit my fingers in, and they are stopped halfway, she is a virgin!’

I kiss her more thoroughly than before, and rub her small, only-partly-filled-out boobs.

Margie comes: “Argghh!”

[On phone: ] “Anne-Marie, she is…Yes and what, …I join? Maybe, if you’re paying…a thousand each? …All right. …Goodbye.”

Margie starts undressing me, with my big 39DD-bra being among the first things she removes: Sold on my tits!

They’re: Melon-like, pink-nipple, humongous, complete white globes. She’s kissing and licking my face, neck, ears: I hold my slim Margie, gently fondling her pretty, soft hair. [I don’t have much left of my own sun-yellow hair, only to the bottom of my ears! The coven cut almost all of it off in their Satanic Halloween festival: It’s coming along, growing-in very slowly. Really-long haired for years, until two months ago.] Next, moving her sweet, warm, wet lips down me slowly to my upper-chest curves: Worshipping my gorgeous tits all-over, their forgotten undersides and in my cleavage, sucking like a baby on my sculpted, now-erected nipples.
‘I know her Mom died young, I wonder if that is meaningful?’

First I stand up, sliding Margie onto the chair in my place. Because though Margie is only ninety pounds, I don’t like lifting her from sitting. From standing, it’s no trouble? I pick her up and carry her to the bedroom like a bride. She smiles sweetly in my arms. We kiss passionately while on the way. I lay her gently on the bed, there’s a little lesbian pussy-eating sex-action, and I orgasm: “Argghh!”

You don’t mind if I gloss over the details: Margie is subtly-cute: Every bit of her, and slender, with only the minimum girlish curves. I like the delicate way she looks. Nobody else would! So what? Her face is neither pretty or not, and her bush is ordinary, medium-brown. Her legs and her feet are neat. They’d never win any beauty pageants. Who cares? Is this love? Perhaps. I am certainly very fond of Margie.


Chapter 2: “Virgin”

Why would I convince her to be sacrificed? Well, the coven isn’t up to real human sacrifice. Their rituals are all bondage-torture shams. There’s some pain and I even bled a bit the last time: I don’t think that was intentional. They didn’t seem to like that much realism. Having a doctor in the group helped a lot. While I don’t know how good he is, Harry is fine treating small injuries.

They aren’t really going to hurt Margie in any permanent way. Though I’m chary of joining their group, my being there will guarantee she isn’t harmed. I don’t believe in anything, much less Satan! I would have to be desperate to worship in their coven as if it’s my religion. I know it’s gay-friendly and has from four-to-a half-dozen gay members. Call me bi-sexual if you have to – I never had a girl before Margie.

One of the former coven-members, Karl, has left to do his thing as a Christian, probably because Christmas is coming and he’s a shopkeeper! So they need a new thirteenth member and a female is better since they have too many men! This will make their total seven men and six women: Close!

I understand there’s an initiation, more bondage for me. My fee is paid and I also make a thousand and so does Margie. We can use the dough because our chambermaid-pickings have been thin. Other than the ice-fishing season, three weeks the motel was filled up, only two-to-five of the ten open cabins have been rented each week, and that means, we only made about five hundred each since early November! I got paid that much for two nights at the Satanic Halloween festival alone. I’d rather not talk about the Revels a few nights later: I claim to have been ‘out of it!’ I made a lot more for my unmentionable, regrettable participation as a ‘teenager’ at their Satanic Revels, November 4th…


Margie says that she’s ‘Wild to give up her virginity –and they want it!’

‘No’, I tell her, ‘make them pay you extra if that’s what they want, the bums!’ I would like her to try a man, because I think men are at least as good. And why should I try to keep Margie for myself? I’m not sure loving girls is what I want!

The twenty-second, ‘Sabbat,’ came up before I knew it. Anne-Marie is in her cabin, which she now shares with Jo-Anne. I thought they might tell me what’s scheduled. First they want Margie as a table!
‘Can’t I do the table-bit instead?’ I ask. After all, I’m used to being tied down and having people poking hot bowls into my tits and pussy! Margie is rather slender for that purpose. I’m sure it’d be harmful.

Harry comes over to the girls’ beckoning and they ask him. He shakes hands and welcomes me to the coven. He says, “It might be better.” For me to do it – I could kiss him! But don’t want to give him the wrong idea.

Public initiation is next and the first five to arrive will get to have sex of some kind with me. I object but Anne-Marie says, “It’ll be fixed so you only blow Freddie and have sex with Harry upside-down. You can do a handstand? [‘I admit having this ability, but no sex-experience.’] Girl-girl with me-Jo-Anne-Margie.”

I ask that the sex jobs of the men be reversed, so if I have to deep-throat Harry, he’s long-enough that he’ll reach, while Freddie can’t, and if I have to be screwed while doing a handstand, Freddie is plenty well-hung for that non-reach. I’ll sink down, end up standing on my head, can’t go on with that long, and Freddie won’t last too long a time. …At least these are ideas from my male-sex Revels experiences.

What is involved with the girl-girl? I ask. I’m sure I can eat Anne-Marie to orgasm, I’ve seen her and she is even shaved except what’s called a ‘landing-strip’ above her pussy. And I know she thinks me exciting.

Jo-Anne approaches. [It used it to be, she’s jealous of me with her girl Anne-Marie.] Saying, “I don’t suspect you anymore so we can be friendly.” This turns out to mean we lip-kiss, continue kissing down to our ears, neck, boobs-vicinity, but no more. Jo-Anne unbuttons down blouse slowly, teasingly lifts each bra-cup forward, removes her bra, shows me her B-cup tits: Her boobs are bigger, with nicer nipples than I’d thought. She’s a nearly-beautiful, if slightly-built, brunette. I can love her convincingly.

“But not too convincingly…” Threatens the chief Witch, buttoning-up her curvy, flirtatious help-meet.

Margie says, ‘She could eat me or we could do sixty-nine’.

“How public is this going to be?” I ask, because if it’s on the street, we’re going to be careful of the law.

Anne-Marie: “Don’t worry, it’ll be in our campground or on the edge of it at the worst.”

But ‘There’s two more cabins usually with fishermen in them, that use the neighboring small campground’, I object.

Anne-Marie: “Well, that’s the fun of it, the little risk: That a fisherman will not be getting going early: He’s awake, late-night when we’re cavorting.”


Chapter 3: “Margie”

By now I’m somewhat used to abuse: Gay couple Bob and Dick strip me naked, making jokes about my admittedly-enormous bra-size, ‘a lulu’, while Jo-Anne parts my legs spreading my fat, pink pussy wide-open. She ties my ankles to corners of their ‘altar’. A circled ‘A’ for anarchy on it. The two men pull my arms up over my head – it makes my breasts awfully vulnerable – and back-of-the-frame-tie my arms: Can’t help.

Before Doctors Freddie and Harry can play with my boobs like they intended, Margie steps in the way saying she’s the virginal sacrifice so maybe they should attack her instead. Doctors only poke my boobs…
“Oh, no-o!” I shout. I feel especially bad that I cannot help the little girl since I am myself helpless!

Freddie helps Margie sacrifice herself by removing her blouse. Harry takes off her bra. Her nipples are erect and rose-red. Both men circularly-rub, caress, rough-up a breast each and lower her to the grass, chewing her sweet reddish nipples while Anne-Marie and Jo-Anne remove her skirt, panties and socks. Jo-Anne seems to want to chew Margie’s thighs – Margie screams “Too rough!” – While Anne-Marie eats her pussy slurpily with pro-licking, sucking and head-spinning, hard and fast, until Margie orgasms: “Argghh!”

“Oh, who’s that little girl?” Says newcomer Sam, the married guy. Envies doctors happily biting Margie.

“Can I play?” Asks his wife, Alexis. A voluptuous redhead wants Margie the skinny, hillbilly newcomer?

“The more the merrier.” Pants the virgin Margie.

Sam says, “I could whip her some?” He pulls out a short flogger and the other four stand back while he thwacks Margie a half-dozen on her tits, pussy and thighs, and when she rolls over, he gives her two-to-six more each on the bottom, back of thighs, crease at the top of her thighs, back, ass and inner-thighs!

Margie thinks, ‘How was I to know Sam’s a sadist? He looks ordinary, isn’t so fat or hairy, he does have a beard…I’ve got to protect my tender bits, that whip’s cruel on my poor titties, why does he always hit my nipples? They can’t take being hit! My thighs, well, they’re thin, so not-protected as say, Lulu’s meaty ones… “Ouch!” She wouldn’t have felt those… ”No!” Not there, never, he hit my clitoris and my asshole! I’m turning over but it doesn’t seem to help: Sam hits my crease my succulent inner-thigh so-o sensitive.’

Alexis, his redheaded chubby wife, strips, showing a good-but-flabby figure: Fat, round, C-cup tits, a sagging belly and ass: Pussy-fur so dark-red, it’s nearly black. Stays his hand, stops the vicious flogging. Leaps and lands flopping, lying atop of the crushed thin virgin, kissing and licking all her two-dozen whipped places. Turns Margie’s lithe form. Alexis applies her lips to Margie’s rear-end! Won’t stop until her petite thighs and bottom, including her asshole, are thoroughly licked, kissed, sucked!

Marge thinks ‘It’s a relief not to be whipped and she’s pretty in an older-girl way: I like Alexis, kissing her round face, lips, neck, ears, funny dark-red hair. Not dyed, unusual. …I’m chewing her hair. - She’s got green eyes. Eating: Her ears and neck. No freckles! Orange-skin all-over, red-orange nipples: I can dig her fat boobs with wide aureoles, she’s eating my little boobies, my flat belly, pussy a bit, thighs. Turning me, what’s that, my ass! It isn’t on the menu!…A little thrill zings up me from my ass to my tits: A nerve I wasn’t aware I had, got tickled!’

Soon the other coven members are setting hot bowls on Lulu’s luxuriously-plentiful fair skin squashing and burning her nipples and pussy, thighs and belly. Picking food from the bowls, pressing down more on each of Lulu’s huge, flattened, white, pink-nipple breasts; her soft, red-circled belly; prominent, stretched wide-open, invitingly-meaty pussy; curvy, extra-beefy thighs; serving themselves and eating from hot bowls burning the stressed, stretched Lulu-table.

Margie’s preliminary virgin-sacrifice has to stop. Lulu is glad to see, as she is unable to be helpful now.

“You’ll see much more of this virgin-sacrifice tonight!” Promises Anne-Marie, with her usual evil chortle.


Lulu: After dinner, comes my initiation. I’m tied to the tree with their star-shaped flag in it, edge of our campground. A big white poster-board alongside says “Free Sex Acts with Lulu,” subtitled “first five to turn up.” Harry and Freddie already here as are Anne-Marie-Jo-Anne-Margie: It’s fixed they’ll be the five.

I know I am to suck off Harry, so I go to it. Though I do a very-thorough job: Kissing, licking, long-lapping, sucking, deep-throating him all the way down, letting him explode into my gullet, swallowing; long-stroke tongue-cleaning; palms-of-hands, squeeze-up and last-drop hook-out; it doesn’t take long, less than five minutes after which he dates me up! Perhaps shocked I accept him two days after Festival!

Freddie waits for me to handstand my butt comfortably backing to rest against the tree-trunk. He leans over me, shoves his dong in: My view is of his ass and his asshole, not very uplifting. This thumping screw is quick, no longer than my oral-sex. Freddie does thrust me down sufficiently that my head ends pushed into the ground, neck bent only for a minute, not enough so I get a headache: Drips onto my tits.

My shook-up boobs are lying on my neck and I could lick or bite my nipples. My belly jiggles foolishly. My thighs too. The lovely girls I can put up with, although somehow I feel less for Anne-Marie in eating her pussy than even I do for the guys! She does orgasm, however, so I suppose I carried it off all right: “Argghh!”…When she’s squatting on my upside-down face, she nuzzles my pussy and kisses my thighs.

With Jo-Anne, we are to make out and eat each other’s face, neck, ears and upper-chest, including all of her boobs, which is a tall order. At least I am let up into my normal position. She is nice: A good girl-kisser, not kissing my mouth as firmly as a man does, and more tender, loving, which I try to return, kissing her ears, neck, and curvy upper-chest. Her brown hair is still too-short in one place. Her pussy-fur mostly-shaven except her almost-black ‘landing-strip.’ Her breasts are full pear-shapes: She is like Margie, a slender person. Nothing is excessive but the adorability is there! I worship her reddish-brown nipples ragged-looking as though they’ve been around. We both get excited but neither of us orgasm?

Margie wants to eat me to orgasm and I let her. She knows her way around me and gets me off in nothing flat, using her combination of winning pussy-eating moves: ‘Hope my innards-details unwanted?

“Argghh!”, and my little friend is adding that she could also eat Jo-Anne’s pussy, if Anne-Marie didn’t mind: Anne-Marie didn’t mind, seemingly thinking ‘It’s all in fun’. ‘Anything goes’ is the coven’s motto!

So Margie eats her: “Argghh!”
What’s Jo-Anne like inside? Looser than expected. Easy-coming. Very-well-developed clitoris! Wants orgasm much: That makes everything a lot easier! Mashes her pussy into my face! I only rotate a bit.’


Chapter 4: “Sabbat”

[That Night]

As befits, the highest unholy day of the Satanic Year, the Sabbat festival, the virgin must be deflowered. “How much can we get?” Is Margie’s only concern. I try to get five grand, which would be great.

“Ha!” Laughs Anne-Marie. “Two grand!” She offers. I say, ‘We’ll just go home in that case, since we live here.’

“Wait!” She goes to the married couple, whom I later learn are rich, they are in the garment industry and contributed the shrouds, which everyone has now changed into…

“Twenty-five hundred!” Anne-Marie says.

I say to my little girl, “Find out what they’re going to do to you. Ask three-thou if it’s a lot: Don’t relent.”

Margie comes back to me and says ‘They’re going to drop me from the treetop with bungee cords. Bowls of buckshot will be stuck to my tits, and Ben-wa balls just inside me, you know they can’t go in, but taped-in and more balls in a bowl, stuck to outside my pussy, five times!’

I say, “I hope you asked the full three-thou for all that.”

Margie says she did.

“Oh, I’d also ask them to only drop you twice, instead of five times. Those bungee cords could give out after a time or two.”

Margie runs back and tells them this. Anne-Marie comes over and says, “Three thousand, she goes with a fisherman if one is attracted, and she’s dropped three times.” Margie holds up her hand and stills me, so she can agree.

Anne-Marie, dragging, pushing poor virgin along: “They want to check and make sure you’re a virgin.”
Margie is tied with bungees attached by each wrist and each ankle to a square, wooden frame which hangs in the tree. Sam the married guy asks Freddie, “Well, you’re a doctor.”

Freddie reaches into Margie’s pussy and says, “No teeth in there.”

Bob and Dick, and a few others, laugh.

“Harry, you’re a doctor.”

Harry comes over. “I’m sorry, baby.” Puts his fingers an inch or so inside Margie. “…She is a virgin.”

I tell them, “If you keep checking, she won’t be anymore!”

They fill the start of Margie’s pussy with Ben-wa balls and put a couple more in a plastic bowl taped over her pussy, fill another two bowls with buckshot and tape them upended to her rather-small dainty red-tipped boobs, hoist her. All the shrouded coven light their tall, black candles, chant, pace up and down.

Anne-Marie gives a signal and they all stop, Jo-Anne pulls a switch. The frame with Margie attached, comes hurtling down about thirty feet, stopping with a rubbery boing just three feet before hitting the ground! Margie, naked on the frame, bounces up and down four more times. Screams comes with each bounce as the balls just inside Margie’s pussy rattle and hit her hymen, the metal balls outside hit her pussy-lips and clitoris over and over, and buckshot-bowls on her tits smash pellets against both those cute little boobies I love, attacking again and again, her tender buds with dozens of hits on each nipple!

Slowly she is hoisted again to hoarse Margie-screams, “No, no, no-o-o-o-o!” Draws the attention of the neighboring camping fishermen!

Screams accompany her second drop, which if anything seems to go a couple of feet closer to the ground and Margie bounces still more before dangling to a stop, we can hear those pellets and balls hit softly on her poor abused skin…The three bowls are moving outward and the tape seems a bit looser, from the continuous stress on it.

The third and last time, boing, boing, boing, boing, as Margie is dropped and bungeed, bouncing, up and down, vibrating horribly. We only hear rattles as the shot and balls hit her abused body, over and over, moans and groans. At last Margie comes to a halt. Less than a foot off the ground! I ask if I can remove Margie from her crucifixion and take off her torture-devices.

Bob and Dick help. There is a little blood but she’s probably still intact. Almost black-out.

Harry sticks a finger or two into my semi-conscious girl’s pussy and gives his okay.

The two fishermen come to see what’s happening and the drunker one says, “Isn’t that your daughter?”

I go over and distract Pop, the innkeeper. He’s sweet on me.

I say ‘it’s only a game,’ while the coven wraps Margie in a shroud, take the fisherman and her away.

I later hear the fisherman took her virginity in a drunken stupor. They don’t even know his name.

Margie says his beard hurt her like sandpaper and he insisted on a great deal of kissing.

A grand show: In an hour, he screwed himself sober. She came!

But I do seduce Pop: A happier, snaggle-toothed hillbilly you’ll never find. I keep him interested, using my big body shamelessly enough that her father forgets about Margie’s trouble: My large, pink-tipped boobs were all his, he holds me tightly by my breasts half the night. Flaunt both above and below – my heavy thighs, men are nuts for them – I am a python-wrapping, men-squeezing expert.

Pop is sleepily-gleeful, when Margie crosses his path in my doorway: “How you doing, Marge-honey?”

As he’s leaving, in their fleeting, mutual kiss-goodnight. “Okay, I guess…”

With a wink for me, Pop guiltily slinks away to his bedroom over in the office-cabin.

Margie more or less collapses into my arms. She’s very hot.

Margie needed icing-down all over and next, a long, hot shower. Her tits, nipples and pussy are bright-red and swollen a half-inch high! There are pinkish-red, whip-stroke-marks all over Margie too!

She seems to be halfway-recovered the next morning: Only-pink tits, nipples, and pussy. Perhaps, a quarter-inch-high swellings? She looks good that way, everything exaggerated? Margie will need at least one more icing-down? She hates it. too. Lighter-pink whip-stroke marks? Improvement! …Such is the resiliency of youth, I guess.

I remember I made a date in two days with the Doctor, Harry. I wonder if he’d check out Margie free?


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