Halloween Party
by Rupes
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Storycodes: F/fm; femdom; straitjacket; handcuff; long term; party; costumes; public; hum; sex; cons; X
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Halloween Party Rupes F/fm; femdom; straitjacket; handcuff; long term; party; costumes; public; hum; sex; cons; X

This year I really went to town on Halloween, we had some friends coming over from another country and they really wanted to experience a proper Halloween.  I had been shopping since early March as I really wanted to make the most of the opportunity. 

Thinking of a costume is always a challenge, but this year as it was going to be “Adults only” I thought about going a little more risqué, as if you can’t be sexy and let your kink out on All Hallows Eve, then when can you?

Ebay had been a god send, quickly I had found a white leather straitjacket, but I wanted a few more “options”, so I had contacted the seller who happened to be in Bangalore and had agreed exactly what I wanted.  Being so far away I felt apprehensive about the end result but via e-mail they assured me that they used the very best products and the price was agreed for a custom made Straitjacket with the following options:

Solid Roller Buckles that would accommodate a padlock on all straps

Tightening Strap front loop again padlocking

Welded ‘D’ Ring on the collar with a long chain (1m) again solid welded links, connected to a Single Peerless High Security Pin Tumbler Handcuff

Side Arm Loops

Four dangling buckles at the waist band for another idea I had

Double Padlocking Crotch Straps

Locking Chest Strap

Lined in Leather so it would be double thickness

Triple Stitched Seems using Kevlar thread

The commission took 4 weeks to arrive after sending them the handcuff.  When it did I was amazed, the stitching was first class, and the leather used was thick, strong, and yet supple.  The sort of leather you find on a very high quality handbag.

I quickly held it up to me for size which looked perfect, having no time I packed it all up and put it back in the polythene bag in the box and tucked it away in our storage unit.

Being so impressed with the quality, I called them the next day, this was the first time we had spoken on the phone and she was a really nice girl.  I had assumed that this kind of place would have been run by a guy, but no, a sweet sounding girl with a heavy accent.  She was so taken by the design that she requested that she could sell it to order, of course I had no objections.  Also I wanted to order a load more stuff.  So I briefed her on the phone, a pair of leather trousers to match the jacket, leather lined, triple stitched, padlocking buckles at the waist, above and below the knees and at the ankles, and four straps to attach to the jacket.  Also I needed a nurse’s dress, short white leather, same specs, leather lined, triple stitched, padlocking buckles at the waist, on the short sleeves, and collar, with size 6 white leather thigh boots.  She went a little quiet on the phone and I thought she was going to make some excuses about making anything else, but instead, after a pause she just told me that she could not make the boots, but she had a girlfriend who worked in another factory that could, and how high would I like the heel?  I said 6 inches and she said that would have to be made as the biggest she has had from them is 4, so there would be a delay of two weeks.  No problem.

True to her word six weeks later a package arrived from Bangalore.  Inside was the trousers, dress, and boots with a note.  Hi, I have added a couple of Red Leather nurses crosses to the dress, I hope that fits in with what you hoped.  Also I took the liberty of adding a couple of locking straps to the boots to match the design of the trousers.  X XSurita

The boots were a work of art, made of the same leather as the rest of the stuff, with padlocking buckles at the ankle, and above and below the knee, they would finish about mid-thigh length.  Everything was packed up and put in the storage unit ready for Halloween.

About a week before Halloween my partner was told that she would have to work the late night shift that night which meant that she would miss the party and not be back till the next morning.  I was devastated all that planning!  Of course she noticed and knowing nothing of my plan asked me what was up?  I told her what I had planned and to my surprise she just said o-well we can play dress up another night privately.  The whole week I was really down.  But I still had a party to host so it was not that bad.  I thought instead I would just stick on some handcuffs and be a “prisoner” how lame.

The day of the party rolled around.  Vicki (my partner) came to me in the morning and said “Hey I know you are pissed about the outfits you ordered, but there is nothing I can do, I am sorry, but I tell you what, you go now and get them and as soon as I get back from work we can try them out, you still love me?”, I said “more than anything, I’ll go now as then I can be back ready to get ready for tonight”.

I had some errands to run, last minute things to pick up etc, and then went and picked up the two boxes and headed home.  I popped them in the wardrobe ready for later.  Not quite as good I thought as there is something about being kinky around other people but Vicki was a great girl and I knew she would make it special anyway.  We spent some time fixing up the place adding the last decorations.  It looked great.  About 4pm there was a knock at the door and Vicki went to answer it.  It was Tanya her sister.  Tanya is a perfect size 10, the same as Vicki but where Vicki has the better looks Tanya just ooze’s sex appeal.  Dark hair, perfect waist, hips and legs.  We have shared a few intimate moments over the years but only as far as Vicki would let it go.  I said to Tanya “God your early, are you getting ready here”, “yes, the place looks amazing” she replied, I noticed that she only had a small handbag with her but thought better than to say anything as I presumed that the rest of her stuff was in the car.

Vicki took her into the bedroom and they were chatting loudly.  I went off to the local petrol station to grab some cigarettes as tonight would be a heavy smoking session due to the people coming.  I was gone about 30 minutes and when I got back I was greeted by a real surprise, here sat on our sofa in the living room was Tanya, dressed as a white leather nurse, with those amazing boots.  She jumped up and gave me a twirl “What’ya think?  Good job we are almost the same size huh?, Sorry but I was stuck for an outfit, hope you don’t mind?” I stammered to get the words out “er…. God no… you look erm…. Amazing ….” “well it’s your design, I just hope it lives up to our expectations, anyway come in to the bedroom with me” she said quite softly.  In the bedroom was Vicki waiting with the trousers and jacket laid out, “Strip” she demanded, “but erm… Tanya …” I said, “O for god sake she has seen a cock before you know, in fact she has seen your cock before, just get everything off!”  I did as she said, once undressed and a bright shade of red with Tanya watching I quickly slipped on the trousers and did up all the buckles.  She then helped me in to the jacket, Tanya watching intently, “Over here and start doing up these straps Tanya” Vicki demanded, “You will be looking after him tonight”.  They did up all the buckles between them, when it came to the arms, Vicki pushed my elbows together and Tanya did up the buckles it was really tight.  “Right, Padlocks, where are they?”  Vicki demanded, “in the wardrobe” I said, I had purchased a load of small but high security padlocks ready, there should be enough in fact there should be some left over. She opened up her handbag, and then unwrapped a padlock, snapped it shut through one of the straps, tugged it to make sure it was locked and then tossed the two keys that came with it into her bag.  It took about five minutes before my fate was sealed, all the straps were padlocked.

“Right Tanya, your turn” Vicki said, and with that she repeated the process on all the straps on the dress, and then the boots, making sure each one was tight.  She then took the dangling handcuff attached to the D ring on the straitjacket and snapped it shut around Tanya’s right wrist, she then clicked close another 4 or five notches until she was happy that there was no way Tanya could slip it off.  She double locked it and again threw the keys into her bag.  Vicki zipped up her bag, looked at us and then said “Tanya, I can’t be here tonight, you have my permission to use this worthless slut as you see fit” and with that she headed out the door at the front door she turned around and said “by the way, I will be working all weekend, so will not be back until Monday evening”, she slammed the door and we heard the car driving off.  Vicki worked quite a way away, which happened to be close to Tanya’s house so she would stay there as it was often easier than driving back each night, only to have to turn around a few hours later to go back.

I looked at Tanya who was tugging at the handcuff.  She got up and started to walk off, she was stopped by the chain. “Move Slut” she giggle as she said it.

We spent the day together talking and catching up and getting used to doing things together, about five minutes before the party was due to start Tanya turned to me and said “God, this outfit and being chained to you is making me so horny” She playfully tugged the chain and lead me into the bedroom, she managed to get my cock out through the zip of the trousers she slid down and started to kiss and suck and generally tease.  The doorbell rang, she stopped and got up and tried to walk out the bedroom, she then realised when her arm was stopped with a metallic clank that she was chained to me.  I looked at her “Quick, get me back in so we can answer the door”, getting back in was harder than expected mostly cause I was horny as hell, but we got it in and went to greet our guests.

“Hi, Tanya, what the f….” they said “Yeah, Vicki had to go away so I got stuck with horny little slut…”

The party went well, everyone loved our outfits and we even got voted best couple’s outfit!   Tanya took every opportunity to tease me, kissing me passionately when no one was looking, and constantly slapping my bum, or biting my ears.

The last guests left at 4am, and we were by this point slightly drunk, very horny, and both of us were hot and sweaty.  We did the usual goodbyes as the last couple left, Tanya shouted “Yeah, Bye” quite abruptly, slammed the door, and then turned and ran towards the bedroom, I had no choice but to follow her.  She ripped at my crotch trying to get everything out which she did in no time, she pushed me hard onto the bed and was on-top of me before I hit the mattress, she managed to hike up the dress enough to get her legs across me and before long she hit her rhythm, and after what seemed like only minutes we both erupted in to the throes of a long, heavy, and deep orgasm.

Waking up first it took me a few minutes to recall what had happened, in fact the room was still spinning a bit, my arms were still pinned in the leather prison, and my chest felt heavy.  Tanya was still on top of me, legs still across me but lying flat.  Remembering the passion of last night I soon had another erection and with some fairly carful movements was able to stimulate her enough to slip it back in, after a few minutes she was wide awake and going hell for leather, ten minutes later she looked at me and said “What a way to wake up, Vicki is a lucky girl”.  We decided to make some breakfast but soon discovered that there was little or nothing in the house to eat.  Tanya having drunk less than me was fine to drive and so she insisted that we go to McDonalds, I assumed she wanted to go through the drive thru so thought that would be ok. 

We pulled in the car park and instead of going through the drive thru she parks!  “erm Tanya, what are you doing hun?” I asked “Getting breakfast silly” she said.  She was by this time stood out of the car at the length of her handcuff chain, she was tugging at it impatiently, “get out” she ordered, “no way” I said “Correct me if I am wrong, but Vicki, your mistress has given me authority over you?” she said quietly “Yes” I said “Well then, get out that is an order”.

I must have been a bright shade of red in there, but the staff just laughed and said “on the way home from Halloween?” “Yes” Tanya said and placed the order, great now let’s get our food and go I thought, but no, she grabs the tray and heads over to a vacant bench in the biggest window she can find.  Four people asked if they could have their photos taken with us, Tanya agreed to each and even let one woman slap my arse.  However I did get my dream of being kinky in public.

The next two days waiting for Vicki to get back were a blur of sex, more drinking and waking up each morning with Tanya on-top of me.  I often think of that weekend, and often wonder if one year we will get to repeat it.  Maybe I will think of a way to turn the tables and put Tanya in the jacket ……



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