Candy Crush
by 64Fordman
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Storycodes: FF; F/f; M/ff; mast; oral; bond; captive; reluct; climax; costumes; handcuffs; denial; gag; hogtie; chairtie; bedtie; majick; rope; tape; witch; nc/cons; x
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Candy Crush 64Fordman FF; F/f; M/ff; mast; oral; bond; captive; reluct; climax; costumes; handcuffs; denial; gag; hogtie; chairtie; bedtie; majick; rope; tape; witch; nc/cons; x

Sonya types the last lines of her research paper, backs it up on her thumb drive and shuts down her laptop. Satisfied with the work she accomplished Sonya turns her attention to her roommate Bailey.

Spinning her desk chair Sonya sees Bailey still reclining on the futon they use as a sofa in their dorm. Bailey is engrossed in her book, a little too engrossed. She doesn’t notice Sonya until an open palm appears in front of her face.

Bailey sighs and hands Sonya her phone. “Read!” Sonya demands.

“Yes mother.” Bailey said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

“You’re still on the first page!” Sonya said.

“I hate this crap.” Bailey said.

“A Tale of Two Cities is one of the classics of literature, it follows the lives of several people before and during the French Revolution. A woman even gets her hands tied, you should like that part, and you have a paper due in three days.” Sonya said.

“If I finish the first chapter will you tie my hands?” Bailey said.

“You get plenty of that from your friends, get on with your reading.” Sonya said.

“Can we snuggle at least?” Bailey said.

“None of that until you’re caught up with your studies. You’re off to a very poor start this semester.” Sonya said.

“You know you’re very bossy, right?” Bailey said.

“My mother worked two jobs, I was the oldest of five and responsible for meals, cleaning and school work. You don’t take yours very seriously. I couldn’t wait to go to college, I guess it’s my lot in life to be around people who require constant supervision.” Sonya said.

Bailey knew Sonya was right, she should put more effort into her studies. The last thing she wanted was a mother/daughter relationship with Sonya. Getting tied up was easy, she had friends for that, but those were just innocent games. Bailey’s relationship with Sonya had much more potential, and bringing tie up games into it would make it perfect. But that was for another time, she needed to get the relationship back on track. Perhaps this was the incentive she needed to get serious about her school work.

Two weeks pass. Bailey hands in her last past due assignment and feels good about it, but it’s taken a lot of nagging from Sonya who has been true to her word regarding intimate time between them. Bailey needs a way to show Sonya she is a partner and not a charge. Bailey enters the dorm room. Sonya is at her desk and looks frustrated.

“What are you working on?” Bailey said.

“The history of Halloween and Trick-or-treating. It has to be written like an article and begin with a personal experience. My mom was always working so I wrote about listening to my classmates stories the next day. Could you read it and see what you think? ” Sonya said.

Bailey reads the first few paragraphs.

“This is good, if you’re selling anti-depressants. Look, Halloween is this weekend, we’ll skip the party and go trick-or-treating. I’ll take care of everything.” Bailey said.

Its Halloween night, the girls stand in front of the mirror in costumes Bailey made. Sonya is a cop. She wears a blue button down shirt and pants. A cardboard badge hangs above her left breast with a safety pin.

Bailey is a criminal in black and white striped pajamas and pillbox cap. She bought a couple plastic Jack-o-lantern pails at the dollar store in town and borrowed a pair of handcuffs from her friends down the hall. She hands the cuffs to Sonya.

“I knew you would find a way to get tied up.” Sonya said.

“It’s part of the costume.” Bailey said, turns and puts her hands behind her.

“Nice try, arrest yourself.” Sonya said handing Bailey the cuffs.

“You make a terrible cop.” Bailey said cuffing her own hands in front.

“Careful, I might cuff you to a tree and leave you there.” Sonya said.

“I love it when you talk dirty.” Bailey said.

The girls walk into the small college town and trick-or-treat from one end to the other. They stop to talk with parents to let Sonya collect ideas for her research.

Soon they are on the last street. The sign says dead end, a dirt drive at the end of the short street leads to an old house several hundred yards beyond.

“We have enough candy.” Sonya said.

“This is about you getting a good grade, and that’s the creepiest house we’ve seen.” Bailey said.

They climb the porch steps of the old house and approach the door. A wood frame screen door is all that separates them and the interior. The acrid smell of something cooking on the stove stings Sonya’s nose. As she opens her mouth to suggest they leave Bailey rings the bell and shouts trick-or-treat through the screen.

A grey-haired woman wearing a patchwork dress with a black shawl over her shoulders appears on the other side of the screen.

“Oh how lovely, Phoenix, we have visitors.” The woman said. She opens the door and Bailey pulls Sonya inside.

“Phoenix, come say hello to our guests.” The woman said. A charcoal grey cat perched on the back of an upholstered chair pauses for a moment, then returns to his grooming.

“He never minds me,” the woman continues, “look at you a police officer, and you must have been a naughty young lady, I hope you’ll be released soon.”

“Not if I can help it.” Bailey said.

“No one is interested in your randy thoughts.” Sonya said.

“I have a reluctant jailor.” Bailey said.

“Oh, I see.” The woman said.

Phoenix delivers a long meow then continues grooming himself.

“Yes of course Phoenix.” The woman said.

She rummages through a cabinet and returns with two hard candies, each in a clear wrapper. The woman holds them up to the light and studies the color swirls in the amber marble size balls.

“These will be splendid,” she said dropping one into Sonya’s pail, “and this one for you” putting the other in Bailey’s pail. They both thank the woman and turn for the door.

“Take care, and do stop again,” the woman said as the girls step off the porch, “that was a lovely idea Phoenix, they’ll have a wonderful time.”

Phoenix meows again.

“Oh dear, I forgot. I’m sure it will work out,” the woman said.

The following Saturday afternoon the weather is dreadful and the girls have nothing to do. Bailey dumps Sonya’s candy pail on the floor to take her Snickers and finds the amber ball.

“I think yours is prettier than mine.” Bailey said and tears open the wrapper.

“You’re not going to eat that, you don’t know where that came from.” Sonya said.

“My Grandma used to make homemade candy. It smells wonderful,” Bailey said popping it into her mouth, “it tastes like fresh baked gingerbread. I feel warm all over.”

“Should I take you to the nurse?” Sonya said.

“How about we play doctor, I’ll diagnose your problem.” Bailey said.

“What are you doing? Stop that.” Sonya said.

“We’ll have to restrain the patient.” Bailey said, grabs a roll of duct tape and pushes Sonya onto the bed. Bailey tapes Sonya’s wrists behind her back and turns her over kissing her hard while forcing her tongue past Sonya’s lips.

“What’s gotten into you? You know I don’t like this.” Sonya said when Bailey breaks the kiss.

Bailey shoves her hand down the front of Sonya’s pajama pants causing Sonya to squeal when two fingers enter her sex.

“I’ll send this to the lab.” Bailey said withdrawing her hand and placing her fingers into her mouth, then slowly drawing them out through her closed lips, savoring every drop.

“Just as I suspected, I recommend a full round of orgasms.” Bailey said forcing her tongue back into Sonya’s mouth and her hand down Sonya’s pants fingering her again. Bailey keeps her mouth sealed to Sonya’s lips. Sonya has no choice but to fill her lungs when Bailey exhales.

Stimulation and hypoxia induced euphoria cause Sonya to lose control of her body.

Bailey senses Sonya’s arousal and decreases the speed and pressure causing Sonya to lift her hips off the bed to get it back. Bailey uses her leg to hold Sonya down. Both girls begin moaning, Sonya from her need and Bailey from Sonya’s teeth clamping down on her tongue.

Bailey decides Sonya has had enough and allows her to orgasm. Sonya opens her mouth to scream and Bailey replaces the tongue gag with a hand gag.

Sonya’s orgasm fades and she lies on the bed panting.

“I need some supplies,” Bailey said, tapes Sonya’s ankles and presses a long strip across her mouth, “be right back.”

Bailey returns with a bottle of water and peach yogurt from the cafeteria and a small canvas tote bag she drops on the futon. Bailey pulls the tape from Sonya’s mouth and shares the water and yogurt with her, feeding Sonya as she is still taped hand and foot.

“I borrowed some stuff to make you more comfortable, can’t keep you like this all night.” Bailey said. She brings the tote to the bed and removes several coils of rope.

“All night?” Sonya said.

“Doctor’s orders.” Bailey said. Sonya struggles but Bailey is on top of her. Bailey cuts the tape from Sonya’s wrists and removes her pajama top, then ties her wrists to the corners of the bed. The tape is cut on Sonya’s ankles and her pajama pants and panties are pulled off in one motion. Bailey ties Sonya’s ankles to the opposite corners of the bed.

“Now isn’t this much better?” Bailey said.

“No, wait. Untie me, we can snuggle.” Sonya said.

“Don’t worry, you’re in excellent hands,” Bailey said, ripping a strip of tape from the roll and holding it over Sonya’s mouth, “we don’t want to disturb the other patients,” and presses the tape over her lips.

Bailey kisses Sonya’s taped lips and moves down to her breasts, licking and sucking until each nub is swollen. She kisses her way down Sonya’s stomach, lingering at her belly button, exploring the tiny folds inside with her tongue before continuing down to her sex.

She begins slowly, applying gentile kisses, then outlining Sonya’s pussy with the tip of her tongue. As Sonya struggles against the stimulation Bailey separates Sonya’s petals with her tongue making long strokes and flicking Sonya’s clit with the tip.

A few minutes in and Sonya’s struggles become a rhythm of hip movement, her moans change to grunts. Bailey adds sucking and nibbling to the licking. Sonya lifts her head as Bailey looks up from her work and the two lock eyes for a moment before Sonya’s second orgasm is unleashed.

This time is more powerful, Bailey can feel the metal bed frame flexing as Sonya strains against the ropes. When it’s over Bailey cleans the leaking juices with gentile tongue strokes and plants tiny kisses on her sex while Sonya’s breathing slows to normal.

Bailey grabs the edge of the blanket on the floor and pulls it up over both of them, lying her head on Sonya’s shoulder. Both girls fall asleep.

Bailey wakes up but doesn’t open her eyes. She lies next to Sonya enjoying the embrace she has been denied for too long.

She decides to surprise Sonya with breakfast in bed and lifts her head to look at Sonya’s sleeping face before she leaves. Bailey is meet with two big brown eyes staring back and is about to submit her breakfast plan for approval when she sees the tape over Sonya’s mouth.

“Crap!” The details of the previous evening come flooding back. Bailey lifts a corner of the tape with her finger nail and peels the strip off.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know what happened.” Bailey said.

“Here’s a recap. Assaulted, bound . . .” Sonya said.

“I was overcome with an irresistible urge, I couldn’t stop myself.” Bailey said.

“Are you over it?” Sonya said.

“To be honest I’m a bit jealous right now. You experienced everything I dream about. You are right where I want to be.” Bailey said.

“I understand, and I wish I could be the one to fulfil your dreams.” Sonya said.

“One hell of a personal experience though. Still friends?” Bailey said.

“Fine, just get me out of these effing ropes.” Sonya said.

Bailey unties Sonya. The two get cleaned up and go down to the cafeteria for breakfast. They get their food and take a table.

“It was like watching a movie through my own eyes.” Bailey said.

“Did the aliens give you a tour of their mother ship too?” Sonya said.

“I’m serious. It came over me right after I ate that candy, what if I was under some spell. What if that old lady is a witch?” Bailey said.

“Because she talks to a cat. All old ladies talk to cats.” Sonya said.

“But what if she is? What if she put a spell on that candy? What if that spell made me tie you up for sex?” Bailey said.

Sonya senses a drop in background noise and looks around. Everyone around them is staring.

“Screenplay. She wrote a screenplay, and I’m helping her, with the lines, that she wrote.” Sonya said. The eavesdroppers return to their own business and Sonya turns back to Bailey. “What if, what if, what difference does it make now? It’s over.”

“Maybe not. We still have one piece of candy.” Bailey said.

“You don’t really believe this crap do you? Besides, your friends will tie you up whenever you want.” Sonya said.

“It’s not about getting tied up, it’s about being with you. You’re the most important part of my dream. Maybe I just want to believe, but I believe.” Bailey said.

“And if everything you believe is a bunch of hooey?” Sonya said.

“Then a piece of candy is just a piece of candy.” Bailey said.

“I’ll have to think about it.” Sonya said.

It’s the following Friday and Sonya has been thinking about Bailey’s request all week. Sonya is not sure if she is trying to talk herself into or out of it. What happened last weekend was not like Bailey at all. Sonya didn’t believe in magic, but a drug in the candy could explain what happened.

This is all ridiculous anyway, just a scam by Bailey. The sex was great though. Why shouldn’t Bailey get any? If she wants to get tied up once what’s the harm? Bailey will be back from her lecture soon, Sonya will eat it and pretend like she’s possessed or whatever. Sonya gets the candy from Bailey’s desk drawer.

Or she could just say she ate it and ambush Bailey when she walks in, bet she’d like that. Yeah, Sonya will get rid of the candy and Bailey will never know. She should keep the wrapper though, more believable.

Sonya pulls the wrapper off and puts it on the desk, maybe flush the candy in the shower room. As she thinks, the sweet smell of the candy reaches her nose.

Bailey was right about the candy. Sonya holds it up to her face and inhales deeply. It is wonderful. She better lick it, just to give Bailey an accurate description, more believable. The flavor spreads across her tongue like a warm loving embrace. Sonya puts it in her mouth.

As the last morsel dissolves on her tongue an anxiety overcomes Sonya, a powerful need that radiates from the pit of her stomach. Sonya runs from the room.

Bailey returns eager to learn Sonya’s decision but she’s gone. Maybe Sonya is out gathering supplies. That thought arouses Bailey, then she sees the candy wrapper on the desk. She’s under the spell, what if Sonya is tying someone else up. Bailey has to find her.

Bailey moves from room to room asking if anyone has seen her roommate but no one has. She gets on the elevator and goes down to the student lounge with no luck there. Back at the elevator the doors open and two girls coming up from the laundry room are laughing. They tell Bailey about a girl taped to a pole.

Must be Sonya’s first victim, Bailey takes the stairs down. Entering the laundry Bailey sees a support column covered in silver tape with a girl on the other side, her sock covered feet well above the floor. Several machines are running but no one else is there. The girl seems to be enjoying herself, hopefully she knows where Sonya is. Bailey walks around the column.

“Sonya?” Bailey said, reaches up and peels the tape off Sonya’s mouth, “you tried to tie someone up didn’t you?”

“Your friends know how to have fun.” Sonya said.

“Let’s get you back to our room, then we can have fun.” Bailey said.

Bailey puts a chair under Sonya’s feet and begins to break the tape between Sonya and the column.

“What are you going to do in the room?” Sonya said.

“Let you tie me up of course.” Bailey said.

When free of the column Sonya steps down from the chair with a solid sheet of tape covering her front from shoulders to ankles. Bailey grabs the tape under Sonya’s chin and pulls it in a series of yanks, separating it from Sonya’s sweat shirt a few inches at a time. When it’s below the waist Bailey gives one big yank. The tape releases its hold on Sonya’s pajama pants sending Bailey backward spilling the plastic trash can and sending soda cans and food wrappers flying. When Bailey gets up Sonya is gone.

Bailey heads for the door but the RA walks in.

“I want you people to have fun, but you have got to clean up your messes, there are too many complaints from maintenance,” he said, “get the tape off that column and the trash picked up.”

“But I have to find my roommate.” Bailey said.

“Don’t make me report you to the administrator,” he said.

There must be two rolls of tape on this column, it takes 20 minutes before Bailey has it all down. Then she has to pick up the trash. After all this Sonya better be waiting in the room rope in hand. The elevator takes forever. When the doors open Sonya is there, and she’s holding rope.

More accurately, the rope is holding her. Sonya is tied to a chair with white rope. Hands behind, chest and waist lashed to the chair back and feet hauled up under the seat and off the floor. Sonya giggles behind the tape gag.

Bailey steps on, pushes the button for their floor and reaches for the tape over Sonya’s mouth, then stops. Better get her back to the room first.

The doors open, Bailey grabs the back of the chair and tilts it back on two legs to make it easier to drag down the hall to the room.

As Bailey drags the chair through the door into the dorm room several of her friends enter. One grabs Bailey from behind and clamps his hand over her mouth.

“You know what happens when you try to help someone,” he said.

The hand is removed as another guy presses tape over Bailey’s mouth and she is lowered to the floor on her stomach. Her arms are drawn behind her and tied, then her ankles. A hand grabs the tops of her feet and her legs are bent into a tight hogtie and her ankles tied off. The guys leave.

Bailey loves her friends but she doesn’t have time for this right now, she knows the clock is running down on the spell. She tries to sit up but can’t with her heels pressed against her wrists and can only roll over on her side. She inches closer to the chair but all the knots holding Sonya are out of reach, not that her teeth are any use sealed behind the tape. The best she can do is get her nose up to Sonya’s dangling toes anyway. Bailey lies on the floor in defeat.

An hour later two girls come in, untie Bailey and leave. Bailey gets up and peels the tape from Sonya’s mouth.

“Why did you run away in the laundry?” Bailey said.

“You didn’t want to tie me up.” Sonya said.

“It’s my turn.” Bailey said.

“That’s why I went to your friends.” Sonya said.

“I didn’t want my friends to tie me up. Wait, you want to be tied up?” Bailey said.

“In the worst way.” Sonya said.

“You have the opposite spell? Wait, I ate your candy and you ate mine. Of course, we were supposed to eat them together.” Bailey said.

“Stupid cat lady.” Sonya said.

“The spell will last until morning.” Bailey said.

“You better keep me tied up.” Sonya said.

Bailey wakes up and sees Sonya is already awake. She pulls the tape off Sonya’s mouth, Sonya insisted on it.

“How do you feel?” Bailey said.

“Fine,” Sonya said and stretches her spread-eagle body as much as the ropes will allow.

“I’m sorry about all this.” Bailey said.

“No, I’m sorry. Instead of a mother I should have been a better friend.” Sonya said.

“Let’s get you untied and get some breakfast.” Bailey said.

“Why don’t you bring something back, I’ll wait here.” Sonya said.

“Is something wrong? The spell should be over.” Bailey said.

“It is, I like it when you’re in charge.” Sonya said.



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