To this special 2016 All-Hallows edition of the plaza

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It's that time of the year again when the portals between this world and the next open and the souls of the departed visit the living.

You may hear strange things around the house, a knocking sound or footsteps when no one else is at home. Things may move of their own accord, items may disappear only to re-emerge later somewhere unexpected.

Coins or feathers may be found in locations around the house, a signal that someone was there and wanted to say "Hi".

Whilst some may be friendly sprirts others who venture from the gates of hell are more mischevious. These spirits are the one's most likely to cause problems.

Some believe that if you leave your clothing out at night on the washing line, spirits will try your clothing on and will bring misfortune to whoever wears it afterwards. Leaving an umbrella outside gives the spirits a place to hide, bringing in the umbrella then carries the spirit inside.

Others say that ghosts follow people home during this time and if you hear your name called from behind you, do not under any circumstances turn to see who called you. Leaving the main door open during the night invites all sorts of wicked and warped spirits into your home.

Avoid taking photographs during this time as the spirits love getting their picture taken, they will often appear in the background of your images, much like the other world equivalent of photobombing.

Having an empty seat at the table enables those dearly departed relatives to attend family feasts prepared in their honour, should you wish to, otherwise chairs should be pushed in so other unwanted spirits don't sit there causing mischief.

Yes it's the Ghost tourist season, time to rake out those old costumes and decorations, prepare the apples for bobbing, get the pumpkin gutted and lit, and prepare for the pitter-patter of tiny feet searching for sugary treats.

It's also that time of year when we take time to enjoy the Halloween Special Edition 2016.


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