Bondage Halloween Tales
Halloween Magic *
M/ff; stage; latex; catsuit; magic; bond; transform; anaimal; melt; saw-trick; public; tease; mast; climax; cons; X
Halloween Party Fun *
F+/m; hotel; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; cart; toys; game; hum; revenge; reluct/cons; X
The Halloween Costume *
M/f; MF/f; D/s; costumes; bond; cuffs; party; latex; bdsm; nipple; crop; torment; toys; insert; climax; cons; X
The Bondage Halloween *
ZenMaster Shawn
F/m; bond; chas; bdsm; blackmail; hum; public; toys; cons/nc; X
Witch Hunt on Halloween *
Solo-M; F/m; outdoors; woods; cottage; drug; bond; captive; witch; magick; succubus; transfrom; cellar; chains; sex; climax; cons/nc; X
Something Sweet *
Raye De Lobos
FF/m; drug; strip; bond; encase, chocolate; statue; display; reluct; X
Two Ghosts *
M/f; F/mf; D/s; halloween; kidnap; captive; bond; chains; costume; chast; slave; bdsm; electro; torment; cellar; reluct/nc; XX
What a Halloween! *
Rojo Caliente
F/m; leather; bond; gag; straitjacket; collar; leash; toys; public; tease; torment; mast; climax; denial; cons; X
Tales from the Mummy
Halloween Display *
MF+/ff; drug; wrap; bandages; tape; latex; cocoon; display; toys; climax; reluct; X
Halloween Holiday*
FFM/mf+; F/m; bond; gag; tease; dream; witches; drug; wrap; bandages; stakes; public; naked; hum; sex; climax; cons/nc; X
The Halloween Mummy*
F/m; costume; wrap; bandage; tape; electro; tease; toys; insert; public; denial; cons; X
Halloween Night in Lost Rising*
Solo-M; FF/m; village; witches; drug; capture; wrap; bandages; entomb; tunnel; ghosts; train; stuck; nc; X
The Halloween Trick*
Jim Williams
F+/m; spandex; bagged; wrap; gag; cocoon; display; public; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
Happy Halloween*
F/m; bond; oral; chast; M/f; latex; bandages; wrap; cocoon; display; crate; intubate; encased; plaster; cons; X
The Witching Hour*
[email protected]
Sbm; F/m; F+/m; bond; gag; tease; chast; wrap; bandages; cocoon; entombed; witches; majick; statue; display; oral; climax; denial; cons/reluct; X
Wrapped up in the Holiday*
M/f; bond; gag; nipple; mask; wrapped; bandages; program; object; toys; insert; tease; denial; cons; X
Selfbondage A Halloween Tail*
Solo-F; M/f; halloween; costumes; party; cuffs; bond; ghosts; dream; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
Dollstories How Not To Decorate For A Party*
Lobo De La Sombre
F/fff; house; dungeon; majick; mc; rack; chains; shackles; x-frame; stocks; transform; lovedolls; display; cons/reluct; X

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