To this special 2016 All-Hallows Edition of the Plaza

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Stories that are Bound to entrap you, and keep you tied up for hours...

  1. Collateral Damage
    The Technician
    Solo-M; MF; M/f+; FF; nightclub; show; stage; contest; strippers; dance; blowjob; oral; bond; straps; sybian; bdsm; punish; electro; wrestle; oil; force; demons; angels; retribution; cons/nc; XX
  2. Candy Crush
    FF; F/f; M/ff; mast; oral; bond; captive; reluct; climax; costumes; handcuffs; denial; gag; hogtie; chairtie; bedtie; majick; rope; tape; witch; nc/cons; x
  3. Vampires Banquet
    MF+/mf; nightclub; alley; drug; capture; bond; rope; gag; strip; naked; hide; sex; caught; mansion; kitchen; prepare; vampires; cut; feed; climax; vore; soft; cons/reluct; X
  4. The Captive Banshee
    The Technician
    Solo-M; FM; F/m; inn; curse; banshee; fay; legend; dark-night; majick; transform; sex; climax; fairy; cons; X
  5. Barrel Monster
    Solo-F; F/f; event; display; costume; neoprene; surfsuit; hood; gag; mask; barrel; liquid-latex; encase; public; surprise; scare; vibe; climax; stuck; cons; X
  6. The Invitation
    The Technician
    Solo-M; costume; suit; halloween; car; chauffeur; mansion; party; bo-peep; bedroom; rom; sex; first-time; discovery; cons; X
  7. The Stone Basin Coven
    Loras Pa6
    Solo-M; party; costumes; F/m; F+/m; armbinder; bond; cocoon; gag; latex; MC; tricked; witch; majick; ceremony; bonding; frogtie; rom; tease; denial; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
  8. A Second Visit from Saint Michael
    The Technician
    Solo-M; M+/f+; Other/m+; ranch; captives; slaves; auction; bond; strip; hum; bdsm; whip; flogging; torment; oral; freeze; revenge; punish; cons/nc; XX
  9. First Halloween Horror
    FFF/ff; MM/ff; Halloween; handcuffs; shackles; strip; nude; kidnap; transport; first; bond; gag; hood; costume; stocks; bdsm; spank; cons/nc; X

Be fore warned ye mere mortals, venture into this dark area at your own peril. Beware the Goblin and other Ghouls that will attempt to steal your very soul!

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