First Halloween Horror
by ElectroPainLover
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Storycodes: FFF/ff; MM/ff; Halloween; handcuffs; shackles; strip; nude; kidnap; transport; first; bond; gag; hood; costume; stocks; bdsm; spank; cons/nc; X
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First Halloween Horror ElectroPainLover FFF/ff; MM/ff; Halloween; handcuffs; shackles; strip; nude; kidnap; transport; first; bond; gag; hood; costume; stocks; bdsm; spank; cons/nc; X

Nadia could not quite understand what had happened. Though her English was quite passable and she could understand it very well in normal conversation, she became lost when it was spoken too quickly. It was for this reason she found herself so confused and bewildered.

She had been having such a fantastic time during her first Halloween party as a US citizen and now she and her friend Mikki were in a van; wrists handcuffed and ankles shackled. It had all happened so fast.

Nadia and Mikki, along with two other women and four men were live props working in the local Haunted House. Though the Haunted House attraction had been running for the better part of the month, Mikki had asked her to help out tonight; Halloween night; as one of the girls said she could not make it. Nadia was excited to work in the Haunted House and to help out her friend.

Nadia’s part was not difficult and only required her to moan and let out an occasional scream—vocalizations standard across any language or dialect. She would be the girl in the stocks, wearing torn and battered clothing and fake blood on her face and torso. Mikki had been and was to be the lady on the rack partially severed across her stomach. Mikki had scared the crap out of Nadia when she went through as a customer.

Mikki had to show Nadia how the stocks, though they would not open by simple movements, could be opened at any time by her own hand. Nadia tested opening them several times before feeling completely comfortable with them closed around her wrists and neck.

Mikki and Nadia stuck around after the House closed for the night to help pick up candy wrappers and other trash. The House’s staff complimented Nadia on how well she did and asked if she would be interested to help them during their Santa’s Twisted Workshop event. She said she would love to.

The two friends had changed from their Haunted House costumes and into their Halloween party costumes; Mikki being a witch and Nadia a French maid. Her accent being Slavic and not French played better than an American using a fake French accent Mikki had told her.

In today’s world of Trunk-or-Treat and other sanctioned safe Trick-or-Treating events, the streets were only speckled with the occasional door-to-door tricksters and the women pretty much had the streets to themselves. They turned up the dimly lit alley to cut their walk to their large shared home—a house specifically occupied by wives of soldier’s deployed or stationed overseas. Their four other house-mates hosting the Halloween party Mikki and Nadia were now heading.

The women paid no attention to the dark-colored van as they began to walk by. That was until the rear doors sprung open and three fully costumed people jumped out and grabbed them, cuffing their hands behind their backs, shackling their ankles, and, tightening cloth draw-string bags over their heads. They were roughly guided into the back of the van, doors slamming closed behind them, and the van driving off. The whole capture could not have taken longer than twenty seconds.

Nadia could not have been more scared. Especially considering she came from a country where these type of abductions were all too common and half the time were the acts of the police.

Their three abductors had not uttered a sound as they performed their actions with the efficiency of a machine, but, when Nadia tried to speak to Mikki she was poked sharply in the side and hushed by the voice of a female. The fact that at least one of their abductors was a woman caught Nadia and Mikki off guard.

The two girls rode in silence, hands cuffed behind their backs and cuffs firmly locked around their ankles connected by twelve inch chains, for what seemed to be a hundred miles. The last ten-minutes or so caused them to bounce roughly against the hard floor; causing their bodies to land painfully upon their tits on occasion. The, obviously, dirt road seeming to have more rutted places than smooth.

Shortly after the van stopped, both back doors swung open and Nadia felt the cool night air wisp underneath her short black, pleated skirt and cool-fully across her bare buttocks and her barely covered lips. She wished now that she had worn the stockings which had come with her costume. Not only due to the cool air, of course, considering her current predicament. Mikki, wearing a much longer dress, had not felt the air the way her friend did and had not given much thought to what she wore beneath it.

Nadia and Mikki were slid roughly out of the van. Both girls now noticing that all of the hands pulling upon them felt too small to be men’s hands. The girls were led from the van and into some sort of building. Nadia found walking in four-inch heels much more difficult with chained ankles and had to be kept from tripping and falling several times by her captors.

Once inside, they were led down what seemed to be a zig-zag of hallways and corridors until the echoes of Nadia’s heels changed and sounded as if the room was quite large. A female voice, muffled as if covered, came from across the room and said, “It’s about time. What took you so long?”

“They stayed to clean up.” Replied the voice which had told them to be silent at the beginning of the ride.

“Ok. Prepare them. We don’t have much time before they get here. We need time to have our fun before they do, and, have theirs.”

At that, Mikki felt her long skirt yanked roughly down from her waist, over her perfectly shaped ass, falling to the floor at her ankles. At the same time, Nadia had her much shorter skirt removed in much the same fashion.

Nadia sobbed as she felt the zipper at the center of her back slide down and the rest of her costume fall away from her. She began to complain as the strap of her bra was unfastened. A sharp slap on her bare butt and a stern warning to keep quiet from the one whom had not been a part of the actual abduction stopped her before any word had actually formed.

Mikki’s body was exposed by roughly the same manner as Nadia’s as the costumes were designed for ease-of-use rather than actual authenticity. Mikki decided to save herself, what sounded to be to be quite a sharp, smack on her ass and held her tongue as her bra was unfastened and pulled down her arms.

The girls were forced to sit while their captors removed their shoes.

Mikki and Nadia were helped to stand once their feet had been liberated of their shoes and felt old wood upon their feet as they were guided through the room.

Both girls felt the same thing, though independently and unknowledgeable of the others, as their bodies were bent at the waist and laid upon a narrow but solid beam of wood. A leather strap was tightened around their waists to hold them to it. Both girls knew what the item they were strapped to felt to be, but, Nadia more so as she had just spent four hours in one much less sturdy than the one she was being strapped to now—Stocks.

Secured by the waist, the girl’s ankle cuffs were removed and their underwear pulled off. Their legs were spread wide enough and strapped so their feet no longer reached the floor. Their thighs were next to be strapped tightly.

For the first time the girls were worked on one at a time. First Nadia’s arms were held by two of the kidnappers as the third removed her handcuffs. Her arms were placed upon and held in the lower opening of the thick wooden stock as the third closed and latched the top portion. They pulled upon Nadia’s wrists to ensure her hands could not be pulled free of the openings, but, as her wrists moved easily within, her hands would not fit through. However, just to be certain, they locked both cuffs of a pair of handcuffs around each of her wrists.

Mikki was placed in her own stock the same as Nadia had. Her wrists fit much more snug in the holes and there was no need for them to place handcuffs on her wrists, but they did anyway.

There was also no need for the stocks to be locked as the latches were much too far for them to reach but the clicks of the locks were much too clear to be anything but.

Though neither girl knew for sure, but could deduce by assumption, that they were both being treated the same. That each of their cries and screams were due to the clamps being attached to their nipples. A string was tightened between them and around the beam of which their bodies lie. Any attempt to pull away from the beam or move upon it caused the clamps to redouble their grip.

Both Mikki and Nadia cried and screamed as they felt themselves, and heard their friend’s, asses assaulted by the sting of a whip. Their nipples getting tugged roughly when they tried to lift their midsections up to ready themselves for the next whip-strike.

Their whippings lasted for about fifteen minutes and both girl’s cheeks stung and, should they be able to see them, were bright red.

Mikki and Nadia’s hoods were finally removed and they caught their first glance at the dimly lit room. They could see each other as the devices in which they were both secured were only a few feet apart and set at a forty-five-degree angle to the other.

Candles were lit throughout the room. Their flames unencumbered by air movement and shot straight up from their wicks. It seemed as if there were dozens and seemed to cast the only light within the room.

Their captor’s stood against the wall across from their victims and wore full body black costumes and ghostly masks. As they had been hooded since their abduction, they had no idea which one of them was the one not in the van and seemed to be the leader of the foursome.

One of the eerily dressed women stepped forward and unrolled what seemed to be a scroll from centuries long ago. She read:

“Being duly tried and forthwith convicted of your crimes; which shalt not be further expounded upon nor discoursed as thy winches bear knowledge of their misdeeds and heinous ways; shalt have punishment; for which shalt befit such odious crimes; as proscribed by our beloved Ruler. Long live our King!”

“Crimes! What Crimes?!?” Mikki blurted.

“Silence her!” The leader ordered.

Within a thrice, two of the other women swarmed upon Mikki and roughly shoved a thick ball-gag past her teeth and cinched the strap tight, holding it deep within her maw.

“Teach her not to speak without express permission to do so. Twenty lashes.”

Mikki’s bare ass was bore upon by the whip twenty times, leaving her rear stinging and red once again, her screams of pain and frustration now much more silent as the gag did its job.

“As stated through the declaration, you, wench, are quite mindful of your treacherous ways and atrocious deeds. But, should your memories be clouded by ale or spirits, I shall affirm your crime as having befriended her.” The leader said, ending by pointing at Nadia.

Nadia began to open her mouth in protest.

“Silence her before she speaks!” She demanded again.

The same two women fell quickly upon Nadia and just as quickly had a ball-gag lodge deeply within her mouth and buckled to stay.

“Your perfidious kind shalt not filthy these hallowed halls with your tongue.” Nadia was informed but not understanding several of the words. Her English was good, but words have been used that most life-long English speakers would not understand.

“Twenty lashes for her as her kind should not step foot upon our sacred land.” The order being given and the whipping delivered.

Now, if Nadia didn’t understand, Mikki did… it was a bigotry attack. Nadia was being attacked for who she was and Mikki for being her friend. Mikki became immediately furious and slew curses against her gag.

“Such reactions and language shalt be expected of an acquaintance of a barbarian, so, your reactionary way bothers me not. We shalt take leave of you so you may contemplate your fates as we await our ruler and his consort. Speak what you wish as you will, it shalt not help your wretched souls.” The leader quipped then led her tribe from the room.

Mikki and Nadia tried to speak to each other but they could hardly understand their own words let alone make out what the other was saying. Nadia’s accent making her gagged words less able to be understood and Nadia’s requirement for clear pronunciation of English to fully understand it.

The girl’s resorted to trying to break free of the mid-evil styled contraptions robbing them of their freedom. Nadia thought that had they not put the handcuffs on her that she may have been able to slip her hands through the holes. She only managed to make her wrists sore trying to slip her hands through the double-cuffs locked around them. Her nipples suffered terrible abuse while she attempted to slip her head through its hole, which, should’ve been immediately obvious that it would not fit.

Mikki worked in much the same way even though her hands would not slip through the holes in the wood encompassing her wrists without the cuffs. The girl’s fought and struggled and watched as the other did, hoping to see a weakness they could help the other exploit if they could not feel it for themselves. No visual or self-felt weakness’ become apparent to either woman and watched as each other slumped in defeat.

Though neither of the two girl’s had any means of gauging how much time has passed, two hours after they admitted defeat to their wooden captor’s, the taller leader entered from where quartet had exited; followed by the other three.

“Our Lord-ship hath arrived and thus finds himself ready to mete out your punishment. I most happily admit our beloved King and his confidante to be most firm in their hands.” She said working extremely hard to hold back a snicker and hoping none of her cohorts laughed either.

Mikki and Nadia watched as to more figures entered the room where the girls came from. One wore a costume of the ‘Burger King’ mascot and the other a courts-jester’s costume. The ‘King’ walked center of the bound women and unfurled yet another scroll.

“It hast been determined your fate’s be dealt twenty-lashings upon thy hinds under my watchful eye, then, thou shalt be used by thy and my; nodding towards his courts jester; life-long sexual gratification. My words hast been spoke and thus it shalt be.” The ‘King’ said, rolling the scroll as he finished.

Both Mikki and Nadia screamed and fought against their unyielding wooden bondage devices well before the first synchronized lash fell upon their derriere’s. The thought that they were to be used by these two men for their demented sexual desires was far more than the two women were willing to bear. They fought and struggled futilely, but, unwilling to admit yet another defeat.

The whips continued to fall in synchronous staccato slaps. Their asses become more sore from each one; but, their fight being driven by fear and anger of what was to come and not by what was currently done. Both girls, unknowingly thinking the same thing, wished the lashing would never end so the next part could never begin; cringing with each successive count as the numbers drew closer to twenty.

After the last of the twenty lashes had been administered, the ‘King’ ordered his female followers to leave them be and they dutifully followed his demand after a kneel and bow of the head in admiration.

After the women left, the ‘King’ took his place behind and out the sight of Nadia and the Jester behind Mikki. The two kidnapped women silenced their screams as they decided they could do nothing to prevent what was to come and their screams would neither.

Both men leaned over their intended victim, reached down and removed the clamps from the girl’s nipples and, in unison, whispered “Are you ready to receive your punishment?”

Both women renewed their screams at the recognition of their husband’s voices.

The End—EPL



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