Vampires Banquet
by Siobhann
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© Copyright 2016 - Siobhann - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF+/mf; nightclub; alley; drug; capture; bond; rope; gag; strip; naked; hide; sex; caught; mansion; kitchen; prepare; vampires; cut; feed; climax; vore; soft; cons/reluct; X
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Vampires Banquet Siobhann MF+/mf; nightclub; alley; drug; capture; bond; rope; gag; strip; naked; hide; sex; caught; mansion; kitchen; prepare; vampires; cut; feed; climax; vore; soft; cons/reluct; X

Oh we are so dead. Captured naked in NightTown. And now we are prisoners of the Vampire clan. Here we stand, naked, tied up, in the kitchen of some mansion, while in the rooms upstairs we can hear the sounds of a rather large party. Oh we are so dead.

Anna and I had been in NightTown, hitting the nightclubs, when we met another couple. She was a gothic sweetheart and her leatherboy spent time in the gym. She was very inviting. They were hot, so we went out with them, heading back to their place for some dangerous fun. We were cutting through a back alley where a sex gang jumped us, chloroformed, knocked out. When we came to Anna and I both were naked. Everyone else was gone. Naked in NightTown, not a good thing. My hands were behind my head, tied together, elbows up in the air above my head. Wrists bound to my neck by a thin but strong cord. I couldn't get my hands down from behind my head if I wanted to, and I wanted to. My cock was throbbing, tied off tight, rope cock ring, a rope ball stretcher holding my nuts out, thin twine wrapped a hundred times, it cut and itched like crazy, it worked quite well. I was as hard as concrete and gonna stay up for a while.

Anna was tied the same way. Well, her arms were. Her tits were being tortured by rope. Thin twine, cheap but strong, wrapped a hundred times around the base of each tit, those beauties were purple, deep purple, looking like they would burst. So big, and full, she probably wanted them to burst. Her nipples were harder then I had ever seen them. I wanted to talk to her, to tell her how sexy she looked, especially with the big red ball gag making her drool. The head harness straps were too tight, her face was pressed into the leather contraption, and it must have hurt as bad as mine did. But I like her in a ball gag, the drool from the side of her mouth landing on her tits turning me on. I wanted to chew thru my ball gag and kiss her.

We were still in the alley, and needed to get somewhere safe. We did not see any place to run to, and it is impossible to open doors bound like this. We ran down the alley, naked feet slapping on the paving stones, but had to slow down. Her tits were in excruciating pain from the bouncing, as was my cock. My cock had never hurt this bad, or been this hard before. The ropes held the blood in, but the helplessness and the excitement of our predicament excited me too. I'm a natural submissive. I was really turned on by what was happening to us. We ran slowly down the next alley. Not many people were out tonight, and we hid in the shadows. If we could have found a knife or something....

We crowd into a small doorway as a group walks by the mouth of the alley. I hoped they didn't see us. No. They kept walking. We were safe. For a moment. Are we being followed? Are they watching us? We tried the next alley, and found a small loading dock we could hide in. Desperate for bottles, or something glass to break, we search the ground. Anna found a mattress in a doorway, some ratty old lumpy thing that somebody put there for god-knows-why. But Anna knew why. She knelt down on it, flashing her ass at me, that firm, muscular ass all sweaty, and she turns and lays back, the mattress is on something so it isn't flat, so she reclines, spreads, and points her pussy at me. I can't possibly resist. Horny overrides scared, and we needed to fuck. I knelt down in front of her, and carefully, tenderly, pointed my cock at her slit. I slid in, falling on her, off balance, I slid in totally on first thrust. We started fucking like rabbits, like trussed up frightened rabbits on the run for our lives, the sex was never better. I pounded and pounded as well as I could, not able to use my arms for balance, or a nice hug, and she writhes around and squirms her little fuckable body as much as she was able to make her cunt swallow all of me. It did.

She was so close to cumming, moaning, quivering, and I felt like I wanted to but couldn't. It must have been the ropes too tight, so we just keep fucking, and losing our minds with lust, making a lot of noise. That's when I felt a boot kick my shoulder down, and I fell completely onto Anna. She looked over my shoulder in horror but before I could look, ZAP, we get hit by some kind of tazer. Zap. The voltage runs over, thru, under, around my body, coursing thru me right into her, zapping right thru my cock into her cunt, the wettest connection, and bam! I climax. I came like a firehose, slamming into her in a spasmodic frenzy, my body totally seized by the shock of the tazer, not even able to breath, just seized in agony, except my cock which exploded in ecstasy. I poured into her. If I had been able to notice anything, I would have noticed that she had an equivalently fabulous orgasm, laying there, seized up, her body shaking violently beyond any control, total ecstatic surrender. I heard a womans voice “these two will do”. It was the goth girl, the bitch from the nightclub. We were being followed. We both passed out a second after the shocks stopped.

Oh we are so dead. Captured naked in NightTown. And now we are prisoners of some weird sex clan. Here we both stand, naked, tied up, in a kitchen, a messy expansive kitchen of some decrepit gothic mansion, while from the rooms upstairs we can hear the sounds of a rather large party. Still tied up the same way as in the alley. Except we are clean, we have been washed. The slap of a crop across my ass brought me back to consciousness. I awake in a standing position, a rope from the ceiling thru my elbows forcing me to stand, adding to the pain. Anna is the same. Immediately I notice that my hard-on is unabated. Even though I came totally, I still have a raging hard-on. And I am just as horny as before. What the hell? I look at her, and she seems to be excited, more excited then scared. Me too.

We are on top of small stainless steel tables, about two feet square, two feet high, in the middle of the room. A punky-goth chick, some waif in lingerie and a chefs toque works on us. She seems to be preparing us. Cleaning, scrubbing, to get the alley gunk off of us, then she rubs us with oils, herbs, scents. No wonder I am so hard, she is rubbing my cock with oil, a beautifully scented oil, my whole body is coated. I smell terrific, good enough to eat. And now I watch as Anna is prepared. Waif girl, nice black eyeliner, nice black lipstick, skinny girl, red stockings, is rubbing Anna down with the same oils. Anna squirms, but where can she go. The ropes thru the elbows really hurt when we try to move, and the wrists roped to the neck puts a choking feeling to any movement. The chef girl jumps onto Anna's table and begins weaving sprigs of thyme into her hair, pulling Anna's thick black hair up into a bun, securing it with thyme sprigs, exposing her neck . Her smooth, exposed neck.

Then she enters the room. That bitch that started it all, the one who tricked us. And her leatherboy. She is in charge, using her riding crop to give instructions. She walks around us, first Anna, then me, inspecting the job the chef is doing. “These two will do” she says again, and laughs at her own joke. The others laugh as well. It is when they open their lips wide that I can see that they have fangs, bright white and pointy fangs. And hers are rather long. Vampires. We have been taken to Bloodtown.

The pulse of fear runs thru my body and ends up in my cock. Now even the fear is turning me on. Are we prisoners in a Vampires mansion? Anna looks at me with fear. Our eyes meet. Helpless. Oh man we are so dead.

The big kitchen door opens, a waitress ringing handbell, and the ropes holding us up suddenly snap lose. The bitch slaps her crop on Anna's ass “dinner time” she says. We are still bound as before, but when the waif stabs me in the ass with a carving fork, I jump forward, off the table, and land on the floor. Two little trickles of blood run down my ass cheek. Oh man, we are so dead.

The waitress yells at us to move, to follow her. I am too scared to go anywhere, and I turn to look at Anna, as she steps off the table. We stand there, naked, looking at each other, trying to communicate with our eyes. I am so horny, bewitched, or potioned, or something magical. I can't think past my cock, hard and purple, throbbing, all I can think about is cumming. And I know when the Vampires bite me, I will cum. Part of the game. That is their gift for their victims. I look into Anna's eyes, warm deep eyes, tearing up from fear, or sexual frustration. Her body quivers with lust, she wants to fuck again, her eyes beg for it, she must be bewitched like me. She gives me a last knowing look, and trots over to the waitress. I follow her, in agreement. We are lead swiftly thru halls, and up stairs, thru the mansion, following the waitress, impatient to meet our fate. I wonder what is in store for us, my mind races to many possible ends, all just turning me on more.

We are led into a very large room, a great room where the Vampire's orgy is taking place. This breathtakingly beautiful room, done up in High Victorian style, naturally, is almost regal. Large dinning tables, conversation sofas, card tables, chandeliers, all occupied with groups of Vampires luxuriating in a hedonists evening. The waitress guides us over to a buffet table. Empty. That must be what we are here for. We stand still, perused by hungry eyes, sized up as food, blood, not as a human anymore. The waitress snaps a leather strap to the d-ring of the head harness holding the ball gag deep into Anna's mouth. The strap hangs from the ceiling, and she is placed onto a box, an elegant wooden cube almost a foot tall, upon which Anna places her sexy little feet. The strap snugs, she is held by her head in place, standing exposed, looking great. The waitress snaps a strap onto my harness, and I submissively step onto my box, a few feet away from Anna, both of us presented before the buffet table. The waitress now releases my wrists, pulling my arms down from behind my neck. They are so sore I have no strength in them, I cannot fight the waitress, she folds my arms behind my back each hand touching the opposite elbow and secures it with a leather strap. Some other slut is doing the same to Anna, our necks are very exposed.

I look around the room, a dozen rather well-dressed Vampires, and another dozen half undressed ones, look us over, and lick their lips. I feel them tasting me with their eyes, strangely I welcome their attention. I am so ready for it now, I want to yell “come on” but all I can do is moan. Anna seems to be moaning constantly, like she is calling the Vampires over to her body. She is offering it all to them, every last drop. We are aroused by our own peril. Excited by our own doom.

Now I am surrounded. My killers circle around me, touch me. Their hands run up and down my skin, nails scratching deep, someone slaps my ass, another my cock. One Vampire lady drags her sharpened nails across my belly, cutting the flesh, scratching deep, raising blood. I feel like the bottom of my stomach drops out, like everything is falling, the same loss of control like when the roller coaster makes its first big drop. I look away, across the room, I close my eyes, not wanting to see them, not wanting to see the fangs, the bloody smiles that deliver my end. Panic, total fear eclipses my mind, I almost burst with fear, anticipation at what ever comes next. I concentrate totally on my cock, my eyes slammed shut, I try not to listen to their voices, I try to hide totally in my orgasm, if I could just cum now it will all be over... if I could just cum now it will all be over.... this is all just a dream...

Fingernails flail my ass. Four sharp tears across my right cheek, four crimson streaks now leaking blood, my blood. Her hand on my chest. Slash. She opens me from left shoulder to right nipple, deeper this time, the pain is acute, agonizing. I cannot help Anna, I have no idea what they are doing to her, I am to excited by my own fate. She shares my fate, bleeding from dozens of cuts, surrounded, lost. Someone cuts her rope, she falls to the floor, disappearing beneath a swarm of hungry bodies. The last I see of her. And now I feel their tongues, a dozen hungry tongues licking my wounds, licking deep where the blood flows, as more slashes crisscross my body, the pain so intense now I cannot feel any individual scratch, but all at once. My eyes still squeezed shut, I try to make myself cum, just keep begging for a climax, for an escape.

There can be no escape. I am bound, gagged, drugged and trapped inside some fatal mansion, I don't know where. Even if I could run, they would catch me. I am doomed. I feel a large body behind me, standing on my box, quite close. He presses his body up against mine, I feel his strength, feel his dominance, as his hands almost crush my arms in their embrace. He hangs on for balance, pressing up against me, I feel his hard-on thru his leathers, his mouth on my neck, wet, and then I feel his fangs in my skin, his fangs close on me, violate me, inside me. He digs deep, finds the veins he wants, and my blood flows freely, filling his mouth, running down my side.

Another bite in my thigh, then one on my calf, the rest of the crowd has their turn. I feel five or six more bites, all freely spouting blood, when I feel a mouth on my cock, and those sharp claws tracing my balls. Lips on my cock, I have to look. I force myself to open my eyes, and I look down. What a horrible sight, fascinating and beautiful. I am surrounded by beautiful faces, black eyes, white fangs ripping my flesh. My body, greased, shiny, now covered with bright red blood spilling out from a dozen bites. I never looked sexier. I look down, and the most perfect face ever looks back up at me. Black, black hair and white, dead white skin, all splashed with drops of my blood with deep, empty hypnotic eyes that own me. She is the one who started it all, and now will finish me. She has put my cock in her mouth, sideways, like a rose stem, and then I feel the ultimate thrill, she bares her teeth, slowly bites down with inevitable force, her fangs slowly penetrate my flesh, digging deep into my cock as her razored fingernails rip my balls open.

Now I feel it. My climax, my final climax. I begin to cum as soon as her fangs cut me, and keep cumming forever. I watch fascinated, terrified, as my cum shoots out of my cock. A solid stream of white pleasure spurts out of me as her mouth fills with deep red blood. It is the last sight I ever see. I fade. The blood flows, I fade. The force of the orgasm overwhelms me, and I cannot recover, as my blood continues to flow out, be lapped up, drunk or spilled. I wish this would never end, I wish they would keep me like this always, it is so fucking worth it, but it is too late, and I am gone. Warmth, darkness, beauty. Drunk by vampires, what a fabulous way to go.


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