Gwen and the Haunted House
by The Storyteller
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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; halloween; haunted-house; display; lingerie; cuffs; acting; audience; voy; stuck; stripped; naked; hum; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X
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Gwen and the Haunted House The Storyteller Solo-F; F/f; halloween; haunted-house; display; lingerie; cuffs; acting; audience; voy; stuck; stripped; naked; hum; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Hi, I’m Gwen. I’ve got a story to tell, but I’m not sure you’ll believe it. I’m 25, single. This story starts just before Halloween.

I saw an ad posted on a bulletin board at my community center. It read “Short term acting gig for haunted house. Several positions needed for week of Halloween.” It listed the haunted house address and said that the manager would be interviewing in person there.

It was only a week before Halloween, but I thought it might be fun and hoped I wasn’t interviewing too late. I went to the location and found Alex, the manager. He told me that the main positions were full, but that he could still use a few alternates. He said that if I were hired things would move quickly. He invited me to take a tour. There were many people working on many things at once. Costumes, makeup, rigging people moving in all directions. As we walked through he told me that many of the positions required size and strength because of close contact with the paying guests. “We’re scaring them,” he said, “and they can react unpredictably. I don’t want anyone hurt, so big guys fill those spots.”

In one of the last rooms there was a dungeon scene. On the right, a torture chamber. On the left, a glass wall, reflective, dark behind. Alex hit a light switch and the area behind the glass lit up. I could then see behind it. Two skeletons were chained to a wall, and there was a third position with empty chains.  “A possibility for you. We will have a girl playing a prisoner, chained, alive, calling out for help. The position was originally meant for a guy, but we switched it up the other day. It’s now a ‘Sexy Damsel in Distress” part. Check it out, she’s coming in now.”

A girl passed by us, moved behind the glass and began adjusting the chains. “That’s Zoey. We changed the part from guy to girl when we hired her.” As he spoke I watched Zoey put her back to the fake stone wall. She raised her arms to the chains above her head and placed her feet at shoulder width where there were ankle chains. She moved into and out of her position, changing the chain length so that they would have some slack. Satisfied, she left the glassed-in area.

Alex continued the tour. After a full walk-through of the public area, he said “Would you be interested in alternating with Zoey? The spot requires a continuous hands-up position, which we know is tiring. In this case you’d switch spots with Zoey throughout the night. ”

“Sure, sounds like fun” I said.

“Before we go any further let me show you how you will be dressed.” We went back to a changing room where Zoey was apparently getting into costume.

Alex knocked, Zoey said to come in. Zoey was in costume. Gulp! She was in sexy black underwear, with a shredded blouse and nothing else. She was a bit taller than me, thinner, less busty. Hard nipples showing through her bra. Flat belly with a hint of a six-pack. He turned back and forth, checking herself in a mirror, then faced Alex with no hint of shyness. I stared, flushing at the thought of wearing that in public. Zoey seemed all business with Alex, asking if this was what he had in mind.

“Absolutely,” Alex said. “I love it. Better than I’d hoped. If you’re good I’m good.”

“Sure, I don’t mind showing off.” Zoey responded.

“Excellent. Zoey, we’ve been looking for a 2nd for you, and if Gwen is interested I’m ready to offer her the spot.”

Alex and Zoey both looked at me, and I heard myself say “Sure, love to!”

My mind raced. What the fuck did I just say? I’ll be next to naked in public. Swoon!

Alex clapped and smiled. Zoey smiled, too, but there was an edge to it. Fiendish? Jealous? I couldn’t tell. Alex blew through it, though. “Gwen, this needs to move fast. You and I have paperwork to sign. Our first performance night is in two days. Zoey is in charge of the part, follow her lead. You have to get up to speed in next to no time.”

Alex rushed me through the employee docs, which basically covered days/hours of work, compensation, limits of liability, etc. Alex wrote in that I was to provide for my own costume except for a shredded blouse they would provide, and added a line about how Zoey would supervise my part. I signed, and Alex started me immediately.

Alex sent me back to Zoey. She was all business. “OK, Gwen. You’ve seen what I’m wearing. You need to be in black underwear. Light colors will make you visible through the glass before the lights come on. Bring some underwear choices tomorrow for me to choose from. In the mean time let’s go to the stage.”

Zoey took me through the part, which was the chained damsel pleading to be let go. She explained that customers would come through in groups, that in the dungeon room they would first have their attention drawn to the right. On a timer the behind-the-glass lights would light up and I’d be on. I would scream and yell to be let go. After a short period the lights would drop, mechanical ghouls would shoo the customers on to the next room and the scene would repeat.

That evening Zoey and I practiced the scene until I was sure I knew what to expect. It was short, but for a brief time I would be the center of attention. Chained up, mostly undressed, helpless. Scary-sexy. This was the only room in the haunted house where no other actors were in sight, Zoey explained. We would spell each other, with only a short time to switch parts and get the chains in place. We practiced switching roles without actually putting the chains on. Alex watched part of this, me still in street clothes and Zoey showing off in her skimpy attire.

I went home tired but excited that night. I was now into it, thinking through what I had in my lacy underwear drawer. The next day I showed up with several underwear choices. I had several black choices, but also brought a red bra/underwear pair, the most sheer, flimsy things I owned. I was both excited and apprehensive about wearing those ‘on stage’ but thought Zoey would choose one of the black numbers. She had me try on all of them for her, and when I put on the red ones she said “Let’s go on stage”.

She had me stand in place behind the glass as she went to the other side and switched the lights on and off to check visibility before the lights went on. “Those are the ones” she said, still all business. I suppressed a smile, and shivered at the thought of being seen like this.

One day of practice before the show! Zoey and I worked through our switch. The chains, anchors and cuffs were real, but the cuffs had a hidden release pin. Zoey explained that our switch would take place in the dark, and that we only had a minute to do it so we needed to be fast. She demonstrated several times, cuffing herself in seconds, performing the pleading damsel role, then hitting the releases and getting out quickly. When it was my turn, I had problems. I’d cuff myself and have the cuffs pop off while I pretend struggled. I’d push the pins in harder and have trouble getting them off. I had difficulty finding the sweet spot where the cuffs would hold me securely until I hit the release. Zoey helped, but was frustrated that I couldn’t get the hang of it. The cuffs worked a few times, then failed. Half the time I couldn’t get them to stay, the other half I spent too much time with the releases. Zoey began pinning the cuffs for me and then releasing me. That worked every time.

Before I knew it we were done for the night. Zoey asked me to keep on working on the release, but that she would make sure the pinning and release worked each time. We would work in 20 minute shifts through the show.

Opening night!

Zoey took the first shift. I stayed in our passageway, out of customers’ sight but where I could observe Zoey. It took about two minutes from the time a group entered the dungeon until they were out and the next group was ready to enter. The lights were on, and we were on display, for about 45 seconds each time. Zoey struggled and pleaded with each group, and I noticed something that wasn’t apparent during our practice: This house was ROCKIN’! Loud screams, bangs, thumping music competed with Zoey’s yelling. The customers couldn’t see me because the passageway where I stood was dark, but at an angle I could see them. Zoey wiggled and pleaded to them. They had a mixed reaction, some scared, some amused, others obviously aroused.

Twenty minutes! The lights dropped, I slipped onto stage. Zoey was already out of the cuffs and helped me get in. “I’ll watch from the side like you did” she said. I was now bound and was about to be on display in my skimpiest lingerie!

The next group was in quickly, and a moment later the lights came up. Shocked expressions from the group! I froze for a moment, then started pulling on the restraints and doing my best pitiful cries for help. Wow, their reactions were intense! Lights drop, another group, lights!  I lost count quickly, and wasn’t ready when Zoey stepped back in to take my place. She hit my releases, nudged me out of the way and was ready in seconds. I must have been asleep at the wheel, because she hissed “Get out!” in the dark as the next customer group entered.

A second shift, third, etc. I was getting into this. Sometimes I’d try to turn away as though embarrassed. The restraints held me in place, so they all got a good look at me. Toward the end of the first night there was a guy who didn’t want to leave. As the mechanical ghouls shooed the group on, he slipped the shooing and stayed. All of a sudden I got a rush of embarrassment. This guy was staring at me, clearly turned on! I was nearly naked, restrained, and began struggling for real. I couldn’t stop him! A third group, a fourth, and he stayed, fascinated. Finally he left with a group. A few groups later Zoey stepped in and released me. “Getting into this?” she asked, and I saw that Zoey was checking out my suddenly wet panties.

There wasn’t time to talk until we finished the night. I told Zoey about the guy and that him staying had bothered me. At first she said it was just the way things are, then got interested and said his attention had turned me on. I hid my face, and she giggled and said “maybe he’ll be back!” I couldn’t admit it to her, but she was right. The dungeon act was titillating already, but when he stayed behind the act was blown for me. I broke character. All of a sudden I felt naked and tried to cover myself, but the cuffs held me in place. He stared, watching my growing arousal, amused at my inability to stop him.

Fast forward. Since the first night Zoey had been pinning and releasing my cuffs. She had commented twice that I was making more work for her since I couldn’t do the cuffs myself. I’d apologized the first time, ignored it the second time. Now it was the final night, Halloween. Zoey went at it a third time, asking why I wasn’t doing the cuffs for myself. “Figure it out yourself!” I said. I was annoyed and just wanted to finish out the night and leave her in my dust.

We started this night as we had before, Zoey first. Things were normal for several hours. Near the end of the night I was on shift, Zoey in the passageway as normal. I was doing my familiar struggling act when I noticed “that guy”.

I called out to Zoey “He’s here!” and began struggling for real. He stayed behind and the next group entered.

“Zoey! Untie me!” I said.

“Not the end of your shift!” Zoey said.

Lights! The group watched as I struggled. The guy smiled and began to get a visible bulge in his pants. I felt my own arousal and knew he, and the other customers, could see my wetness.

“Damnit, Zoey, untie me!”

“Figure it out yourself” Zoey said in a singsong way.


The lights had just dropped, a new group replacing the previous, my voyeur remaining. “Bitch? Moi?” Zoey said as she grabbed my bra and tore it cleanly off me!

“No! Noooo!” I said. The lights came up, and the group gasped. The guy got wide-eyed. I was now topless, my nipples hard from the excitement.

I looked at Zoey. She smiled and said “He’s baaaack!” in the same singsong tone.

“Untie me!”

“Figure it out yourself” Zoey sang back to me again.

The guy kept his fascinated gaze, touching the bulge in his pants. I struggled, unable to figure out the cuff pins.

“Fucking Bitch!” I exclaimed again.

“Wrong answer!” Zoey said, and tore my panties off in one motion while the next crowd came in.

I was now spread eagle and completely naked! My pussy was burning up, my wetness beginning to run down my thigh. Lights! My act blown, I was simply trying to get away. My voyeur clapped and whistled, and the rest seemed to take his cue. “Wardrobe malfunction!” One guy called out, and the rest laughed.

The lights went down. The shooing ghoul moved in, but the entire group avoided it and stayed. Nooooo!! A few new people came in, the remaining people pointed them toward the glass and at me. As the lights came up they began applauding! A few people broke out their phones and started taking pictures! I heard someone yell out not to use flash. Lights down, lights up. More people. More cameras. More applause. The first voyeur stayed through it all, locking eyes with me when he could. He was telling people it was all part of the show, that I was having fun!

Lights down, lights up. The crowd had been growing, but this time I looked out and saw Alex, and a fully dressed Zoey! I hadn’t been looking toward the passageway. She must have been away from my side for ten minutes. Cameras! Applause! I yelled out to Alex, but with all the hooting and hollering he couldn’t make out what I was saying. Zoey pulled out her phone, motioned to Alex, and he pulled his out and they both joined in on the picture-taking.

I couldn’t say whether I was more mad, embarrassed or aroused. I felt like I was in heat from all of it. After a few more cycles the lights went down and stayed down. It was still too loud to hear movement, but I felt Zoey come up next to me. “You deserved that, but now you deserve this.” she said. I felt her reach between my legs and begin rubbing my clit. I pulled back, then to the side. “Nope” she said as she followed every move I made. I couldn’t get away from her hand. I was so on edge I was ready to cum in seconds. I fought one last time, then gave up and thrust forward into her hand as I climaxed.

“Good girl.” Zoey said.

She dropped a long jacket in front of me, unpinned one cuff and was gone in a flash. Trembling, I uncuffed myself the rest of the way, put on the jacket and left the dungeon stage.

I went back to the dressing room and found it completely empty. No one there. I dressed quickly, then searched the rest of the house. No one. The place was deserted. I went home and collapsed, slept.

The next morning I awoke pissed. Gonna call the police, I thought. I went to the community center and checked the bulletin board. No ad. I asked around at the center. No one knew anything about the ad I’d seen.

I went back to the haunted house. No one there. All the installed gear was gone. I asked neighbors, but aside from complaining about the noise, no one knew a thing about who had put on the show. No one knew Alex or Zoey. I was getting flustered. At this point I realized I didn’t know their last names, nor the names of any of the other workers. I checked with the local business bureau, but they had nothing. No license had been issued.

I went home and checked my copy of the employee agreement I’d signed. Good lord. I never read the thing. The only name on the whole document was mine!



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