Lady Fortunato
by Unajet
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Storycodes: MF; M/f; frathouse; halloween; basement; costume; latex; corset; bond; cuffs; gag; toys; insert; theme; display; alcove; bricks; tease; immurement; encased; tricked; camera; sealed-in; climax; cons/nc; X
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Lady Fortunato Unajet MF; M/f; frathouse; halloween; basement; costume; latex; corset; bond; cuffs; gag; toys; insert; theme; display; alcove; bricks; tease; immurement; encased; tricked; camera; sealed-in; climax; cons/nc; X


“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Marion told her boyfriend Kevin as he led her by the hand through the frat house that was still being decorated for tonight’s open Haunted House. Every year on Halloween, his fraternity used the Haunted House to raise money and it was always the most popular one on campus. Having their scantily clad sister sorority members scattered around the house in different scary predicament scenes helped tremendously.

“Isn’t that the way all the best tales start?” he asked leading her from the kitchen through the door going down into the basement. “You and I both know that you are looking forward to doing this. When we came up with the room scenes, I suggested this one specifically for you knowing that you would be perfect for it.”

Really?” she answered a bit sarcastically. “Does that mean you are finally going to tell me what you have planned on me doing tonight?”

Coming to the bottom of the stairs, she was able to see that lengths of black fabric had been draped from the overhead floor joists to the floor, dividing the open space into smaller sections, each one to contain a damsel-in-distress scene.

“Nope, you’ll just have to trust me for a bit longer,” he told her with that smile of his that got to everyone, even professors. It was that same smile that had gotten her to agree to doing a scene without knowing the specifics of it.

Following the narrow cloth path that had been created, they emerged into the small room that she would be staying in until they closed the doors at midnight. The back wall of the room was made up of the old brick wall of the house but there was a small niche right in the center of the area. There were four sets of metal cuffs bolted to the back solid concrete wall with d-ring metal plates. Two spread far apart about head height, and two ankle height, perfect placement to secure someone with. Off to the side was a pile of bricks stacked up with a large covered plastic bucket next to them, a trowel simply waiting to be used. It didn’t take Marion but a moment to figure out what Kevin had planned for her.

“You want to brick me up in the wall?” she asked with her voice raised a bit more than she intended.

Kevin wrapped his arms around her and did that same smile of his.

“I remember how turned on you were while writing that essay on The Cask of Amontillado. Thinking of Fortunato being chained to the wall as Montresor stacks the bricks higher and higher,” he heavily whispered into her ear. Marion could already feel her body beginning to warm at the idea. She didn’t know why that story, or the other of Poe where someone perished in a similar way, turned her on so much but they did. And Kevin had figured it out. It wasn’t that she wanted to die, but it was the thought of being restrained and helpless in that situation made her wet.

Kevin reached down between her legs, making her moan as his fingers pressed firmly and finding exactly what he knew he would.

“You are already wet, you naughty girl,” he said taking her earlobe in his mouth and gently biting at it. “I take it that you are ready to agree to this. And that is not a question.”

Still looking at the pile of bricks, she told him, “I need to at least know what exactly is going to happen.”

Kevin smiled at her knowing that he had won.

“First we are going to get you changed into your outfit for tonight. It’s in that box, along with some other items,” he said pointing to the corner. She was so mesmerized by the niche and bricks that Marion had not even noticed the cardboard box. “A little before the doors open, we will secure you to the wall in the cuffs that are there. Then I’ll change into my costume. As the guests come into the room, I’ll keep mortaring and stacking the bricks to make the wall. Until you are completely sealed in and helpless.”

“And exactly how will I get out?” she pointedly asked turning to face him.

“When the haunted house is over and all of the guest leave, I’ll use the crowbar to pry the brick rows away,” he told her nudging his head toward the box where a crowbar was laying on the ground behind it.

Biting her lower lip, and with her body already looking forward to doing this, she told him, “Alright, let’s get me changed.”

Kevin let her go to move over to the box where he pulled out a sexy looking clown costume for her to wear, causing her to laugh out loud.

“Are you kidding me?” she asked taking the black, white, and red item into her hand.

“Of course not,” he told her seriously. “That’s what Fortunato was wearing… well, maybe not exactly that costume, but he was dressed as a clown. And hopefully anyone who sees you will recognize what we are trying to recreate.”

Examining it a bit more carefully, Marion saw that the corset top was a black and white diamond pattern with black and red stripes along the sides. There were a fluffy matching skirt with sequin triangle details hanging over it with little bells attached at the pointy ends.

“My breasts will barely stay in this,” she told him.

“That just makes it better,” he grinned. “Come on and get changed. We need to be ready when the doors open.”

Marion quickly began to strip out of the clothes she was wearing but as she went to put the costume on, Kevin stopped her.

“Wait, I got something else to go with it,” he said reaching back into the box and pulling out a set of shiny black panties. Handing them to her, she saw that they were latex and would fit her very tightly.

“And these are?”

“For fun,” was his response.

Giving a sigh, Marion slipped her cotton ones off and struggled to pull the latex ones up and into place. Once they were, she had to take a moment to run her fingers over them. The tightness of them felt wonderful.

Slipping the corset costume on and pulling it up over her, Marion turned so that Kevin could do up the lace back. And he made sure that it was tight. Running her hands over her sides, she could feel the items turning her body into a smooth hour-glass figure.

“Now for these,” Kevin said producing latex stockings from the box. One was black, and the other red, while both had the black and white diamond pattern where they ended just above her knees. Using the baby powder he also pulled from the box, she managed to get them all the way up and into place.

“You are starting to look so hot,” he told her.

“Are you saying that I don’t normally?” she teased.

“Don’t make me punish you for putting words into my mouth,” he smacked her ass cheek a bit hard while smirking before pulling out more items from the box. He helped to wrap the large while ruffled collar around her throat before securing the matching smaller ones around her wrists. She then sat on the lid of the 5-gallon bucket to put the white strap high heels on.

“And for that final finishing touch,” he caught her attention by bringing out a black and red wig with ponytails for her to wear. After securing it into place with bobbi pins he had thought of, Marion couldn’t help but feel so much sexier.

“Take a picture,” she told him. “I have to see myself like this.”

Kevin smile and did as she requested. Seeing the transformation, she felt between her legs grow even hotter.

Glancing at his watch, Kevin said, “Let’s get you into place so that I can then get changed.”

“Alright,” she said carefully stepping towards the niche. Every step made the dangling bells give a jingle. It was just about an arms lengths deep from the brick and the interior of the three walls was smooth concrete. The width was wide enough so that her arms would be straight from her body with her wrist attached at the level of her head. The brick of the outside wall stopped at the opening, so as Kevin built the wall, it would perfectly match.

Turning around to face outward, Marion backed into the niche, finding it a perfect size for a person to stand in with just enough room between them and where the wall would be. With each step, the feeling of the tight walls made her breathing become heavier.

“Raise your hands, Lady Fortunato,” he grinned at her and of course she obeyed. Kevin wrapped the metal cuff around her wrist just below the ruffled cuff. Pulling a small Allen wrench from his pocket he began to use it to tighten down the screw that would hold it in place.

“Is that necessary?” she asked wondering why something that hard to get off was being used.

“That’s what came with the cuffs when we bought them,” he told her. There was only three small links between the cuff and the metal plate bolted to the concrete wall. Even with her hands chained, Marion could reach up and touch the low ceiling. She would not have a lot of wiggle room. But she did notice that the inside of the cuffs were lined with something soft. Kevin must have noticed her testing them.

“We glued a fuzzy fleece in them so they wouldn’t leave any marks,” he told her moving to secure her other wrist the same way. When he bent down to do her ankles, she had to spread her legs a bit to reach where the lower cuffs were bolted. The heals put her a the perfect height for them. They also had only about three links and she could barely lift her foot from the floor. If they also had fleece, she couldn’t tell thanks to the latex stockings.

Standing back up, Kevin took a few steps back and admired his work with a large grin. He pulled his phone back out and took more shots of her. As his eyes roamed over her trapped body, Marion could feel herself becoming hot as she thought about the fact that she was now trapped like this for the next few hours.

“Lady Fortunato, you don’t know how turned on I am right now,” Kevin stepped up to her, adjusting himself a bit. Then he got a devilish smile on his face that worried her a bit. “But I think you need something more to turn you on.”

Stepping back out of the niche, Kevin reached into the box, holding up the item she saw he pulled out a red ball gag. The ball connected to more red silicone before securing to the black leather strap making it softer on the corners of her mouth.

“Kevin, I don’t think that I need that,” she told him as he stepped up to her, watching as he played with it in his hands.

“Oh, but I think that you do… and you definitely will once I get the other items into place,” he told her taking her jaw into his hand and pulling her mouth a bit forcefully open. Even as she struggled, Kevin easily slipped it into place and reached around to secure it in the back. Pulling out a small padlock, he showed it to her. “This is to make sure that you don’t remove it before I’m ready for it to be removed.”

As he locked the item in and around her mouth, all Marion could do was mumble her weak protest. Stepping back, he took another picture of her. Kevin didn’t even seem to notice the complaining as he went back over to the box, making her wonder what else he had been talking about using on her. Her eyes grew wide as she saw.

“Now, I wanted to make sure that since I knew that you were going to be so turned on that you had something to keep you company,” he said holding up the large double dildo. There was a large penis for her vagina, but at the backside was a smaller penis for her anus. Kevin had been playing with her anal hole for quite some time now, trying to talk her into letting him fuck her there, but she never would consent. “These are why I needed you to put on such tight panties, to help hold them in place. The gag was so that I didn’t have to listen to your complaints.”

For the next minute, Marion struggled as he began to lube up the two joined items bound for her constantly growing wet neathers. Bending down, Kevin gave her that smile of his before he pulled the edge of the panties covering her crotch to the side. With the lube adding to her own wetness, the penis for her vagina began to slip right in but Kevin had to work at the one for her tight little hole. As she felt it finally push its way through the tight rim of her anus, she moaned out at the pleasurable experience from its intrusion.

Standing up after smoothing the latex panties back into place to hold the item inside of her, Kevin gave that smile before saying, “I knew that you would like that if you would only give me a chance.”

Her breathing was heavy as she wiggled her hips trying to dislodge the intruders that Marion was finding she liked inside of her. She could not not care that he was taking more shots of her. She didn’t even notice when Kevin came back from the box with two small leather disks in his hand. Holding them up for her to see better, they had small metal bumps on one side, and smooth leather on the other. Without explanation, he pulled the top of her corset away from her breast and slid one into place directly over her nipple and areola. The raised metal irritated her nipples in an arousing way. As her body squirmed from the lovely irritation, she smiled at hearing the bells on her costume jingle.

“Now,” Kevin said taking a few steps back to admire his work, “I need to get changed. But don’t worry, I am definitely coming back for you, Lady Fortunato.”

Stepping forward, he gave her a kiss on top of the ball gag while pressing his body hard against hers, crushing her firmly into the solid wall. With a final smile as he left through the curtain, Marion began to call out for him with muffled cries.

Over the next few minutes, she could hear movement in other areas of the basement, but nobody ever came into her section. She knew that other sorority sisters of hers were also helping with the haunted house but she had no idea if they were facing the same kind of sexual torment that she was.

Feeling the toys between her legs, all she could do was wiggle a bit, and every time she did it only aroused her more. After a while Marion noticed that her nipples were getting irritated at the items pressing on them thanks to the tight corset. But she was helpless to do anything about it.

She was not sure how long she had been testing the bonds holding her, wanting some kind of relief when the cloth was swept aside to reveal someone standing there. Marion could tell it was a he by the build. He was wearing black pants with a black shirt which had a ruffle down the center. A red cravat was tied around his neck for a bit of color. Over his head was a black mask covering his entire face, but if he were closer she would be able to make out his eyes. Secured over his shoulders was a blood red cape that hung to the floor, barely touching the boots he was wearing.

Walking right up to her, he reached out and roughly grabbed her chin, turning her head to each side as if inspecting her. Putting his hidden mouth near her ear, he asked, “How turned on are you right now, Lady Fortunato?”

Hearing his voice actually confirmed to her that it was Kevin.

Giving a sensual moan was all that she could do in response.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” he said before stepping over to push the box through the nearby curtain out of the space. From the same space, he began to remove free-standing electric decorative torches that would light the room during the haunted house. He spaced them around the room, making sure to place two right outside of the niche so that she would be illuminated for the show. Pulling out his phone, more pictures were taken of her.

Kevin then moved over to the large bucket and pried off the lid, beginning to stir the contents with a section of a wooden broom handle that had been nearby. That was when he picked up a trowel to use on the mortar mix. “I wanted to let you know that Brad worked this up in chemistry class. It’s made of normal mortar but he put in an additive so that it wouldn’t dry too quickly as long as it is being stirred. Don’t get me wrong, it will still dry, but not while I’m needing it to brick you up. Resting still in the air of the room will let it solidify.”

Marion gave a couple of testing struggles as he played with the items about to seal her in, and all it did was turn her on even more. Kevin played with the trowel and mortar, as if testing his skill then he looked up at her.

“Why don’t we have a least a couple of rows started for the first guests?” he told her.

With those words, he knelt down before her and reached over the brick pile. As she watched, struggled, and moaned, he laid down the first row, slathering a line of mortar on top of them. Without hesitation, he then reached over and proceeded to stack at least two more rows before standing back up. Moving towards the opening, he turned to admire his work.

“I think that you need to see this,” he said pulling out his phone and taking another picture. Coming over to her, he turned it so that she could see. Seeing her bound body, in the erotic costume with the bricks already in place, Marion about came just from that. “I’ll take it from that moan that you approve.”

Marion nodded her head. Reaching down, Kevin the pressed his hand firmly into her crotch, pushing the items even further inside of her before wiggling his finger to jiggle them. All she could do was struggle as her body almost tipped over the edge.

“Oh, no, Lady Fortunato,” he said stopping the movements. “Not yet. The night is still young. And we still have a little while before the doors open. I just wanted to make sure the room was ready, as well as you. So, I’ll be heading upstairs to help with things until it’s time. You,” he said touching the tip of her nose, “get to stay right where you are until I’m ready to seal you in.”

Placing the lid back on the mortal bucket, Kevin hummed a happy tune making her think he was enjoying this a bit too much. As he walked away, Marion moaned wantonly, hoping that he would at least stay with her but Kevin didn’t even look back at her. For the next few minutes, all she could do was stare at the bricks that were starting to seal her away from the world. There was something strange on the first two rows, as if the mortar didn’t fill in the area properly, but Kevin was not used to doing such work and she guessed that as he built the wall that he would get better.

By the time that Kevin came back, her body was a hot mess needing release in the worse way. But instead of saying anything to her, he began moving around the small room turning on the numerous torches he had placed earlier. After he was done, Kevin stood in the middle of the small area just looking at her. While still humming, he took more pictures of her. She couldn’t wait to see them later.

“Ready?” a male voice called out from somewhere.

Over the next few seconds, four other males voices including Kevin all responded with ‘yes’. That was when the overhead basement lights turned out. Even with the torches, the sudden darkness falling over her scared Marion just enough to worry about the predicament she was in. That was when she noticed the sounds of the costume’s bells jingling with her light struggles.

“Now, Lady Fortunato, we just have to wait for the first guests,” Kevin told her as he took up position before her as he played with the trowel in his hand, spinning it deftly. It wasn’t long before she heard the voices of people coming down the stairs and going into the different areas. Stepping over the small brick wall, he leaned in close to her, allowing him to whisper in her ear, “You do remember that Montresor didn’t actually let Fortunato go at the end of the story, right? And since we are reenacting it, why would I?”

Hearing that, Marion pulled away from him, trying to see his face to see if he was telling her the truth but it was still covered with the black mask. But there was a glint in his eyes from the torches that she didn’t know how to decipher. Struggling and moaning, hoping that he would alleviate her fear, Kevin only began to shake his head side to side as if he was disappointed that she hadn’t already figured out his plan. His frat brothers knew that she was down here right? Even though none of them had yet to come check on this area…

Marion’s struggles turned to a more desperate level but Kevin didn’t seem eager at all to calm her worries at all. Finally, their own curtain moved, which had been left slightly parted so guests knew to come in for the scene, as a group of four entered.

“Good of you to join us,” Kevin told them with a wide bow before he slathered mortar on the brick in his hand before placing it to start a new row. The girls giggled and held onto their dates as he continued his work for a row or more. Kevin gave a simplified version of the story, letting them know why he was sealing her away, keeping with the act.

Marion tried to tell them to help her, but the gag was doing its job perfectly, allowing only muffled words to escape, which brought on a round of laughter from the group. Before they finally left, they all agreed to come back through the haunted house later to see the progress of his work.

With each group, she would struggle and trying to communicate her plight, but all of them thought that it was part of the show. Between groups, she would moan at Kevin who would examine the rows, straightening them a bit more while totally ignoring her pleas before taking more pictures of the steadily rising brick wall.

When the bricks were at the level of her waist, Kevin finally seemed to stop ignoring her. Before another group entered, he reached inside of the niche to feel between her legs, pushing hard upward on the double penis dildo inside of her.

“Lady Fortunato, I had to get in a couple of feels before I’m not able to anymore,” he told her continuing to work his hand until he had brought her almost to orgasm again. Somehow he knew that she was right at the edge and stopped again, leaving her frustrated and wanting more, even considering what he was planning to do to her.

“Lady Fortunato, how naughty you are,” he growled out at her. “You are so wet that your slickness is starting to seep out from those tight panties.”

Hearing a group approaching, he told her, “Too bad that was the last time I’ll ever get to play with your perfect pussy.”

By the time the next few groups passed through, more rows of bricks were now high enough to prevent him from getting between her legs again.

Over the entire three hours, Kevin was slowing but steadily continue building the brick wall that would encase her inside of the niche. The worse part was that with every row, she could feel the hot wetness running down her legs letting her know exactly how turned on she was at what was happening. Every time he took more pictures she tried to plead with him, but was only acknowledged with a disappointed head shake.

When it was close to midnight, and the closing of the doors to guests, Kevin was not very far from the top, only her chained hands, neck and head still visible from the viewing room. At this time, Kevin would more chat with the group staying in character than seal her in, wanting to make sure they knew what was behind the brick wall.

“Closing time,” a voice called out to let the others in the basement know that the upstairs doors were now closed. Kevin then turned to look at her wide eyes, wondering if he really was going to seal her in.

“The Amontillado!” he called out, reciting one of the last lines of the story. That was when she saw him place another brick on a new row.

Pulling at the chains, Marion screamed from behind the gag but nobody seemed to hear, and if they did they didn’t care to find out the source of it. Watching each new brick being mortared into place, all she could do was cry. The sound of her bells was now echoing off of the concrete walls of her tomb, the pinging noises sharp in her ears.

“Yes, let us be gone,” Kevin recited more from the tale as he was almost finished with his work. But then he broke character to say, “But do not worry, Lady Fortunato. I will leave you with a gift.”

Hearing that, she suddenly felt the double dildo between her legs come to life, vibrating at a frenzy pace. With how turned on Marion was from the predicament of being immured, it was only seconds before her body spasmed with a powerful orgasm. Her eyes closed as she screamed in pleasure from the toy that was shoved so far inside of her.


Kevin knew exactly what had just happened.

Opening her eyes, they were heavy from the loss of energy her body had used now that she had finally orgasmed. Kevin was still looking at her through his mask as his toy continued to vibrate. She could already feel her body building up again.

Kevin’s voice was more solemn as he recited, as if he were heartbroken, “Yes, let us be gone.”

With that, Marion continued to scream as each individual brick was stack and mortared into place while she struggled helpless to do anything about it.

Now, there was only one brick left to complete her tomb.

“Fortunato!” Kevin recited but Marion didn’t bother to answer, remembering what happened in the story. There was no point. “Fortunato!”

Standing there with pleading eyes that nobody could see, Marion watched as a small white chemical glow stick was shoved through the opening to fall to the floor, in place of the real torch that Montresor had used. Kevin wanted to make sure that she could see the brick wall of her tomb, just like Montresor.

That was when the last brick was forced into place, blocking the outside world from her as she dropped her head for only a second before the next orgasm hit her. Raising her head, Marion screamed not only in anger at her situation but in pleasure from the vibrations in her pussy and anus. The only sounds she now heard besides her screams were the sounds of the bells on her costume jingling with each new orgasm.


Finally finished with helping with the cleanup on the main and upper levels of the frat house, he came back down the basement steps. It was close to two o’clock in the morning, but he was not tired in the least. Kevin stepped back in the Lady Fortunato immurement scene and began to appraise his brickwork. He had to give a small laugh at the fact that there was a straight line going up both sides of the niche. It reminded him of a secret door that was very common in a lot of the video games that he played. There was no mistaking that there used to be something there.

Just as he had done before leaving the room after immuring Marion up in the niche, Kevin crouched down. He touched the numerous small plastic tubes that he had lined in the first few rows between the brick embedded in the mortal so that Marion had holes to get air through. Brad had done the calculations for him and made sure that he installed the correct number so Marion would not struggle with fresh air. They were still open and he could see the faint light from the glow stick he had tossed inside. He was pretty sure that they were not visible from the inside, adding to the erotic fear that he knew that Marion felt.

Standing back up, he took one final picture of his handy work for the album he was going to put together for Marion later on as a kinky Christmas present. Seeing all of the pictures put together as he had been bricking her in would easily get her wet all over again. He was so looking forward to getting her out of there and chaining her up naked to his bed until morning.

Picking up the crowbar, he worked at the one darker brick that he had specifically put at the level of Marion’s face, so that their eyes meeting would be the first thing to happen. It took a couple of minutes longer than he had thought it would, but eventually he managed to chip away the mortal and pull the brick out. Peering inside, their eyes met and he could see the overpowering relief in hers.

“So, how did you like your immurement, Lady Fortunato?”

Letting her head fall back to rest on the concrete wall, Marion could only laugh as he continued to pry away the set bricks. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the remote for her dildo, turning it off now that it had done its job. He would be taking the rest of the night from here. When he had removed just enough to be able to fit through, Kevin stepped into the small space, pressing his body hard against hers in the cramped niche. That was when he reached between her legs and gave her a smile.

“Lady Fortunato, even if you can’t say it, I can feel that you enjoyed it very much,” he said grinding his hips against her overly stimulated pelvis. He could tell how much she wanted more than just a toy or his fingers. He then reached around and pressed his hand over her rear hole, pushing the toy further in, earning him a lovely erotic whimper. “So, I have one question for you, Lady Fortunato. Are you finally going to let me fuck you in the ass as payment for freeing you?”

Marion eagerly nodded her head, so burning with desire that she would probably agree to anything to ease the need between her legs… even agreeing to do this again next year.


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