Horny Devils

by Coated

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© Copyright 2019 - Coated - Used by permission.

Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; F/f; event; display; costume; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; harness; public; surprise; scare; vibe; climax; trick; stuck; cons; X

Author’s note: This story is a sequel to my previous work, “Barrel Monster”. It also makes reference to my stories, “Ariel” and “Just Rewards”. While you do not have to read those stories to enjoy this one, it is highly recommended. So, go read those, then come back. We’ll wait.

It had started the year prior as little more than a randy prank when Bella got Candice to take the role of the Barrel Monster at the haunted house where they both worked. She had originally been meant for herself to use it for a night or two of kinky fun, but when Candice showed up late and needed something to do Bella decided to put her in the rigged costume and see how she took to it. Her gamble paid off as Candice responded well to the stimulating rubber suit and vibrating inserts. Bella was overjoyed. She had found a playmate with equally twisted tastes.

Over the months they had grown quite fond of one another to the point that Bella had asked Candice to move in with her and make it official. Now they were a couple and neither could have been happier. Their theatrical leanings complimented one another well and Bella’s talent in the costume department meant they made quite the impression when cosplaying at the local conventions.

As the summer progressed their thoughts turned towards Halloween once more. They had both wanted to be a part of the haunted house again and discussed it one day while watching a Hammer horror movie. “I’ve an idea for October”, Bella said, “but I won’t tell you what it is. You’re going to have to trust me on this.”

Candice made a mock frown. “Last time I trusted you I ended up in a barrel, sealed in a rubber suit.”

“See? Good things happen when you trust me.”

Bella would say little more except when she told Candice a week later that the planning committee had accepted her proposal for her new scenario. She also started spending a lot more time in the little room she’d set up as her workshop and kept the door locked at all times so Candice couldn’t sneak a peek. Even so, Candice would get the occasional clue. One time she noticed a splotch of red on the sleeve of Bella’s work shirt that could have been paint or liquid latex. Another time Bella had Candice strip naked and weigh herself on the bathroom scale, then measured her again while holding herself in a strange pose with arms akimbo. It all didn’t add up to much and Candice could only wonder what strange surprise her roommate was concocting.

October finally rolled around and on the day before opening night they were over to the warehouse where the haunted house would occur. Bella revealed that she had been there on her own a few days prior and requested a particular room for its size and ceiling height. “What’s the ceiling height got to do with it?” Candice asked, but Bella would not say. They spent the afternoon constructing a pair of sturdy scaffolds, then concealing them by arranging a bunch of papier-mâché rocks, stalactites and stalagmites around the room. A few theatrical lights concealed here and there added to the décor, and when Bella switched off the house lights to test things Candice was amazed to see the room was now a fair example of a cavern lit with the flickering flames of unseen fires, a grotto straight from Dante’s Inferno.

“Wow, this looks great!” Candice exclaimed. “So, are we going to be playing devils or something?”

Bella nodded. “Yes, we are.” But she wouldn’t elaborate, insisting it was a surprise. Candice had to wonder what was in store but knew enough to wait for the big reveal.

The next night and the two were back in the “grotto”, lugging in big boxes that Bella had packed herself. There were a few more lights to add, a stereo for sound effects and music, and a big one simply marked, “Costumes”. Other cast members wandered through and complimented them on the look of their room. Soon everyone had drifted off to make their own preparations, and it was time for the girls to don their costumes.

Bella brought the box over to a secluded corner behind the set so they could have some privacy in case someone wandered in. She opened the mystery box and retrieved two shiny red bundles and a bottle of lube. She handed one bundle to Candice. “Okay, first you need to put this on. Strip down, and I mean everything. Then we can get you lubed up.” She shot a devilish grin at her roomie. “Unless you don’t want the help?”

Candice was already getting a bit warm. She shook her head and with mock seriousness said, “Oh, no, I’ll need all the help I can get.” She then undressed in record time and began applying the silicon lubricant to her naked skin. Bella squirted some lube into her palm and applied it to Candice’s back, then made sure to go over the rest of her and hit a few imaginary missed spots. Her partner in crime was appreciative of the attention, and for Bella’s help holding wide the neck opening of her catsuit, for that is what the crimson bundle was. Bella had made one for each of them, and its custom make and generous lubrication meant it slid on easily and fit like a dream.

Soon Candice was a crimson silhouette. A bundle hung at her chin but the suit had no hands or feet. “Don’t I get claws, or hooves?”

Bella moved behind her. “Of course you do. First things first.” She reached over Candice’s shoulders and drew the hood of the costume up and over her face. Candice adjusted the nose, mouth and eye holes while Bella slid the back of the cowl into the neck of the costume. Then she turned Candice to face her and took a step back to look her over. A smile of admiration grew on Bella’s face. “Nice, very nice. Okay, let’s get me into mine, then we can add the rest of the gear.”

Several minutes later they had repeated the process for Bella. The two, latex-clad, now stood before one another. Candice was feeling a bit randy at the sight of her girlfriend so attired and could see from her hardening nipples perking up under the latex that Bella was feeling the same. Candice stretched and hopped about a bit, enjoying the feel of her catsuit and the appreciative look in Bella’s eyes. “Okay, what’s next?”

Bella retrieved more items from the box. “Boots first, then corset.” She handed Candice a pair of calf-high latex boots with shiny black plastic soles and high red heels. Candice quickly slid into them and zipped them shut. She had to admire how the styling gave the footwear something of the look of black-hoofs. The corset was really more of a waist cincher, also in red latex, that zipped closed in the back. Bella came over once she had her boots on and zipped Candice into her cincher, after which she did the same for Bella.

“Now, let’s get your harness on.” Bella had produced from the box a set of straps with two sturdy-looking D-rings at the top and an odd rubbery pad at its bottom. She held it open and instructed, “Here, step in with your left leg, then your right.”

Candice was perplexed. “What’s this for?”

“I’m about to show you. Step in, please.”

With a shrug and a sigh that said “I know you’re up to something but I’ll do it anyways” Candice did as she was asked. Soon Bella was adjusting the straps over her shoulders and centering the D-rings, then retrieved a small padlock from the box and attached it to the straps at Candice’s back, locking her into the harness. The strange rubber pad was sitting snugly at her crotch, no doubt to prevent chafing. Bella then retrieved her own harness and put it on. Candice noticed that Bella’s harness closed at the front and had a simple clasp to keep it shut.

Bella looked and smiled at Candice. “Okay! Nearly done. Let’s get your gloves on you.” She once again went to the box and produced a pair of elbow-length red latex gloves. The fingers were shaped to seem long and claw-like, an effect heightened by the long, black nails at the tip of each finger. “Stick out your right hand, please.” Bella slid the glove onto Candice’s proffered hand and did the same with the left one. As Bella went to retrieve her own gloves Candice attempted to flex her fingers for a better fit but found the gloves to be so stiff they were nearly unmovable. She noted that Bella’s pair didn’t seem so restrictive. There was a pattern emerging here, and Candice wondered what the next difference between their outfits would be. She didn’t have to wait long.

Bella stood before Candice with a smile, holding something behind her back. “So, what do you think of your costume?”

Candice feigned indifference. “It’s okay, I guess.”

Bella laughed. “Ha. You’re such a terrible liar. Good thing you don’t have to recite any lines tonight. But, I do need you to make some scary screeching noises. Care to give it a try?”

Candice tried to look menacing and screech like what she thought a demon would sound like. It only drew another smirk from Bella. “Oh, that won’t do at all. You sound like a giant chicken. Lucky for you, I have a solution. Let’s try this; Say, ‘aaaaah’”.

“Aaammmph!” Candice complied and opened her mouth wide, only to have Bella bring her hand quickly from behind and shove something big and soft into it. With a muffled “mmmmrrrr!” she flopped her hands about uselessly as Bella secured the straps of the gag around her head, then produced a mirror. “There, much better! Have a look.” In her reflection Candice could see the straps were the same red as her costume and so were near invisible against her hood. As for the gag itself, Bella had modified a panel gag by adding a wide-open mouth and bared fangs to it. A bit of black mesh hid a breathing hole that would keep her from getting winded. The result was quite realistic and gave Candice the look of a screaming demon. She had to admit it looked good, or would have done so if her mouth wasn’t stuffed with a big latex ball.

“You love it, don’t you, my little latex demon?” Bella was getting a bit warmed up at the sight of her playmate in her red latex kit. Candice nodded in agreement. “Thought you might. Come on, let’s get you hooked up and I’ll show you what you’ll be doing for the night. Then I can finish my own dressing and join you.” She took Candice by the hand and lead her to one side where a particularly dense clump of faux stalactites and stalagmites made a sort of oval frame that a person could stand within. Candice could see the metal frame from which hung a set of straps with red bat wings a metre long each. Beneath these a thick gymnast mat had been secured to the frame.

Bella explained, “This one will be your station for the night. When the patrons come into the room they will walk the outlined path and trip the electric eye. That will activate the motors that will pull you up from behind the stalagmites and make it look like you are flying to get them. The sound system will screech for you so you don’t sound like a crazy chicken. All you have to do is wave your hands around a bit like you want to claw them. After a few moments the program will set you back down to wait for the next group. The pad is there in case it drops you a bit fast, but we’ll try it now and I’ll adjust it if needs be. All right, my fallen angel, time for you to get your wings!”

Candice stood next to the gym mat and fidgeted a bit as Bella attached the hanging straps to the D-rings of her harness. She knew that her roomie would have taken every precaution and measured everything twice to avoid putting her in any danger. Even so, the thought of being helplessly pulled up and down by some machine had her a bit nervous. Bella seemed to read her friend’s mind and said, “Don’t be scared, I’ve already tried it out on myself. It will only pull you up about six feet or so, and the mat is thick and bouncy. And if anything happens I’ll be right over there with a remote control for everything. Here, I’ll show you.” Bella walked over to another clump of stalagmites on the other side of the room and picked up a small box with several controls on it. She pointed it at the top of the hidden frame and pressed a button.

Candice let out a muffled yelp as the contraption sprang to life and lifted her several feet off the floor. She hung suspended for nearly a minute before it gently lowered her once more. Bella came walking back over, remote in hand. “See? Nothing to worry about. Now, when you’re waiting you should be on your knees so the scenery hides you. When you get pulled up you claw at the patrons and let your feet dangle. Then, when it lowers you, kneel as you touch the mat. Easy! Here, let’s try it again.” She pressed another button and Candice was lowered onto the thick mat, promptly losing her footing and finding herself in a sitting position about a foot off the ground, swaying in her suspension. It was then that Candice noticed the latex-coated pad between her thighs had worked itself into her crotch and was not as soft as she had first thought, it having something firm that was now pressing against her sex. She suspected that Bella had added it as a little extra distraction.

Correctly reading the surprise in Candice’s eyes, Bella smiled slyly and continued, “There’s one more feature I should tell you about. Every time the electric eye is tripped, this will happen.” With a bit of dramatic flair she pointed the remote at Candice’s midriff and pressed an oversized red button. Immediately the hard plug in the pad roared to life, vibrating strongly enough to send Candice into a spasm with a bug-eyed squeal. A moment later it was over, but Candice continued to flail a bit in her suspension.

Bella was all evil smiles befitting her devilish attire. “That’s the spirit! Nothing like a little incentive to perk up a performance. Okay, you’re all set. Any questions?” She didn’t try to hide her mirth as Candice uselessly made noises behind her gag. “Didn’t think so.” She approached and cradled her lover face in her hands. “Happy Halloween, hun. Enjoy yourself.” She kissed Candice on the forehead and gave her a gentle caress on the cheek before stepping back and pressing the button on the remote that activated the system. Then she went to her own station and finished dressing, adding a similar gag and stepping into her own harness before pointing the remote up and pressing the big red button. Candice watched Bella stand still a moment as her eyes closed and legs twitched while her own crotch monster came to life. Then she set the remote down on a bit of shelf behind her and waited.

They didn’t have to wait long. Luna, the house manager, came through a few minutes later. “We open in ten minutes. Everything ready in here?” Unknowingly she tripped the electric eye as she approached, sending Candice and Bella flying up as the sound system played their screeching and the pads between their legs came to life. The two red rubber demons twisted about in their harnesses and made fluttering motions with their clawed hands, startling Luna. “Woah! I’ll take that as a Yes! You guys look fantastic! Okay, we’re turning off the house lights now. Need anything from me?” Bella shook her head in the negative while Candice enjoyed the afterglow of her buzzing new friend. Luna made a note on her tablet. “Right. Have a great night, ladies! See you in a few!” And off she went to check on the crew in the Mad Madhouse room.

The automated system lowered the two rubber devils to their starting positions as the house lights went off with a snap. Now the ambient lighting bathed the room in flickering red and yellow for a flaming inferno effect. Background noises rose to fill the air with sharp, percussive sounds echoing through a constant litany of moans and shrieks. Candice was impressed with what Bella had done with a few lights and a bit of papier-mâché. She figured Bella had been planning this since the last event, and she was right.

Bella, meanwhile, was quietly fiddling with the remote, making a few adjustments while Candice was not looking. She quickly pointed it at Candice and pressed the big red button once more before setting it in its hidey-hole close by. Her changes would increase both the duration and intensity of Candice’s wild ride whenever the electric eye was tripped, especially for the action of the little friend stuffed between her legs. Laughing through her gag, she was every bit the little devil her costume implied.

Unbeknown to our two rubbery devils a bemused third party had been watching them on a hidden infrared surveillance camera. Luna had set them up to keep tabs on things and make sure none of the patrons messed with the performers. She and Bella had known one another for a while and had something of a friendly rivalry going on, often trying to outdo one another at Maker faires. That was why Bella had kept things secret from Luna despite her being in charge of the floor this year, and it had made her even more curious.

Luna had turned on the camera in their room shortly after they arrived to get an inside peek at what goodies Bella had crafted for the show. Her eyebrows went up when she saw their costumes. Bella’s kinky streak was no secret among her artsy friends, but this time she was outdoing herself. Everything seemed to be controlled with a small handheld unit Bella had set down somewhere near her when the show began. An evil smile crept over Luna’s face as she considered the possibilities. She went quickly to don her own costume before the doors opened.

Back in the grotto, Bella and Candice were getting some preliminary trials as several co-workers came in to see what they had for a setup. Most only stepped in the doorway and stood there so the electric eye was not triggered, but one brave soul done up as a creepy doll with a cracked porcelain mask came close enough to set things off. The air was filled with unnerving screams and shrieks as Candice felt her harness pull her up into the air. Suddenly the thick rubber pad set between her thighs pressed hard against her sex as the hardness within it roared to life in wild vibration. Caught by surprise, Candice, her gag muffling her shouts, began to flail about helplessly in midair. She caught a glimpse of Bella in a similar state. The doll-faced woman jumped and clapped with glee. Unaware of their predicament, she merely saw Bella and Candice’s midair ballet as good acting. She bowed to them, turned and skipped out of the room to join her own crew, tripping the eye once more and sending the descending devils back into the air with another burst of vibration between their legs.

Candice shot a look at Bella. That minx! She should have expected such a prank from her. But she didn’t stay flustered long, not with her bird’s eye view of Bella in flight, her body wrapped in red latex, excited eyes staring out from her latex hood, moans audible even with the music and her gag. She noticed Candice looking at her and with a gleam in her eye gave her a thumbs-up. Candice couldn’t help but laugh and returned the gesture. This was going to be a wild night.

Meanwhile, Luna had finished changing into her black latex ninja costume as her assistant, wearing a zombie Pink Ranger outfit, came in. “Turnout already looks good. We got a line out to the parking lot.”

“Good. Let’s have a look at the house.” They moved to review a trio of flat screen monitors, each divided into four camera views. “All clear. Everyone seems to be up and running. Ha!” The assistant pointed at the camera for the grotto. “These two are great! Never a dull moment with Bella, yeah?”

“Oh, she’s full of surprises”, Luna said. “Here, stick around a while and watch the cameras. I’m going to go walk the floor.” The assistant nodded and sat at the console as Luna pulled on her black rubber ninja hood and slinked quietly out the door.

Back in the grotto Bella and Candice were enjoying the first visitors of the night. With each approaching group the eye sent them into the air triggered their special accessories. The vibrations grew stronger with each usage, and Candice was sure she would go over the edge fairly soon. Then, a group came through and she went into the air and…nothing. The pad was still. Candice let out a muffled yell of frustration as she thrashed about in her harness to the fright of the patrons and the amusement of Bella. Unbeknownst to Candice the vibrators were set to randomize after their first few uses and one of those settings was nothing. The next one could also be a dud or it could buzz like a hive of bees. No way to know. Bella, who had already had one full-stop herself, knew the frustration would drive Candice insane. “Trick or Treat”, she laughed to herself.

It was another twenty minutes of excruciating buildup and frustration before Candice caught the wave and rode it all the way to her first orgasm of the night. The patrons in the room were a bit alarmed at her spasms followed by her limply hanging in her harness and wondered if she had been accidentally electrocuted. They were about to call for an usher when one dressed as a shiny ninja appeared beside them. “No worries, folks, it’s just how these devils are. They tire easily without fresh souls to feed on. Any volunteers?” There were some laughs as she urged them on to the next installation.

Once they were out of the room Luna turned her attention to the two horny devils. “How are you ladies doing? Having a good time?” There was a teasing air to her question that said to both women that their manager might be on to their little secret. They grunted and nodded, with Candice doing so a bit weakly and with glazed eyes. “Glad to hear it! You two sure are making an impression with the patrons. I needed to have another look at you in action. Don’t worry, I had them hold the next group for a few so we could have some private girl time.” She stepped back and purposefully tripped the electric eye.

Instantly Candice and Bella flew once more into the air, both their secret friends roaring to life. So distracted were they that Bella didn’t notice when Luna quickly moved to stand beside her, pretending to study her intently. “Hm, very impressive. But, how does the magic work? Not in a chatty mood, I guess. Hey, what’s this?” Pretending to discover it, Luna picked up the remote from its hiding place and walked out to stand in front of the two gals. Each grew wide-eyed and tense as Luna examined it. “A remote? It looks homemade. Did you build this yourself, Bella? My, my, this looks positively retro with all the buttons and switches.” She pointed it at Bella and pressed the big red button at the bottom. A moment later Bella stiffened and began squirming about in her rigging, helpless as the vibrator came to life.

Luna’s smile was wide enough to be seen even under her mask. “Oh, how delightful! You move beautifully, Bella. Candice is such a lucky thing, getting to watch you dance and sing all night. I’ll bet you feel the same way. Let’s see.” She pointed the remote and Candice and pressed the button. Candice squealed loud enough to be heard and did a little dance of her own. “Wonderful! But, I can’t be standing here all night. The patrons will want to see you as well. But, you know”, she mused teasingly, waving the remote for emphasis, “this is really important. I’d hate to see anything happen to it. I’d better hold on to it, for safe keeping.”

Both of the captive devils protested uselessly as Luna laughed once more. “What’s that? You want me to do something with the remote? What could that be?” She gave it a glance and smiled. “Oh, look, it has two settings, ‘Mild’ and ‘Wild’. Why is it set to Mild? Let’s see what this does…”

Bella looked on in horror as Luna changed the setting to “Wild” then pressed the button. She knew that would eliminate the random nature of the stimulation and set it to buzz every time on its highest setting, and for its longest duration. And it did exactly that for both women as the vibrators were reset. Luna did a little twirl in triumph and walked out of the room. “Have fun, ladies! See you at the end of the night!”

With a laugh of delight she went out front to the waiting line of eager patrons. “Okay, folks, we’re back from our break and ready to restart the show!” She gave her crew a nod and went back to the control room. Sending her assistant out to make the rounds, Luna sat down in front of the monitors to watch.

Bella, unable to free herself without the remote, was now a prisoner of her own infernal device. She had planned on leaving the Maximum setting for the last hour of the final night, not put them through the ringer for most of the first! There was nothing to do but fume as a new batch of patrons came into the room and triggered the electric eye. Bella saw Candice fly into the air and thrash about from the added stimulation as her own harness yanked her aloft and, a moment later, her vibrator roared to life. It was a lot stronger than she expected! She yelled through her gag and did a bit if thrashing on her own. The intense stimulation continued relentlessly as the crowds came through, pausing only briefly between them and leaving the two devils breathless and frustrated. Finally, after twenty minutes or so Bella saw Candice thrash about in what had to be a powerful orgasm. The sight of it pushed her own desire so that when the next group sent her aloft the buzzing tormentor between her legs sent her over the edge. She breathed heavily through the nose holes in her mask, wide-eyed and whimpering slightly as she thought about the hours remaining till closing, and wondering if Luna would come back and turn things down.

The answer to that last question was a resounding “No”. Luna was enjoying the show too much, watching her helpless victims writhe and shout in their bondage. When her assistant returned Luna pounced on her with caresses and kisses. As her assistant was also her girlfriend it was warmly received and soon Luna found herself with an eager Pink Ranger kneeling before her, gently opening the fly of her ninja costume with her teeth. Luna sighed and kept her eyes on the grotto monitor as she received the first of a most delightful ministration.

It was nearly four hours later that the last of the patrons passed through, leaving the two red rubber devils alone. Slumped in their harnesses, panting heavily, they looked at one another and wept from exhaustion and frustration. Their stimulators had been relentless and the crowd unending. All they wanted now was for someone to come and let them out, so they could get some rest and put some ice packs on their sore parts.

It was then that two women appeared in the doorway. Bella and Candice groaned. Had they let some stragglers in? Expecting one more ride on the merry-go-round they awaited the inevitable. Only, it didn’t come. The pair, dressed as an angel and a devil, strolled right up to the beam of the electric eye but stopped right before crossing it as if they knew it was there. Bella raised an eyebrow as she noted that both women were in outfits made of latex that were of high quality and had to have been custom made.

The two looked at Bella and Candice in delight. The angel said, “Oh, Lil, would you look at them! They’re adorable!”

The devil nodded appreciatively. “Indeed they are”, she said with a Southern lilt. “And they seem to be our kind of people, if you know what I mean.”

“That I do!” the angel said with a nod and a wink.

“You know, Sam, they kinda remind me of the gals you have back at your place, the ones flying around the castle. I mean, sure, we have ‘em Down There as well, but they seem more kin to your crowd. They’re so perky and adventurous.”

“That they are. They’d make a great matched set for my Clench”, the angel assented. She gave a toss of her silver shoulder-length hair and sighed. “Hate to leave ‘em here, but rules is rules. I suppose I can put in a hold on them now, so that when they do finally come our way I get first dibs.”

The red-headed devil shrugged. “Why wait? Take them now.” She looked at her astonished friend and smiled. “Come on, Sam, think about it. You could have them both transformed and in your Clench before anyone even noticed.”

“And when they do? I’m in enough trouble as it is, Lil. They catch me poaching, I’m off probation and getting a one-way ticket Down There!”

“And I wouldn’t mind that a bit”, Lilith said slyly. “But come on, they won’t do a thing to you. The paperwork is too much bother. The only one who can reverse their transformation is the Big Guy, and he’s too busy playing Skee-Ball these days to care.”

Samael thought on it a moment, then smiled wickedly. “Okay, I’ll do it!” She gave Lilith a BFF hug, saying, “I’m so glad we came out tonight!”, then turned to the now-frightened and whimpering rubber devils hanging helplessly in their harnesses. “Ladies, I have great news! You’re going to Heaven!” Behind her, Lilith began opening a portal as Sam continued, “Of course, it’s a special part of Heaven, but I think you’ll find it agreeable, don’t you, Lil?”

Lilith nodded enthusiastically. “Indeed! You might say they were made for it. Or, at least, they will be.” She watched gleefully as Bella and Candice looked at one another with panicked eyes, then saw a moment of concern wash over her friend’s face. “What is it?”

“Well, I’m worried about the show. We’re making off with two of their performers. It really puts them at a disadvantage.”

“I wouldn’t worry, hun”, Lil said with a wicked glance at the security camera. “I’m sure they’ll find someone to fill in.”

Back in the booth, Luna, who had removed her ninja hood and was finishing giving her assistant some special kisses of her own, heard her partner say, “Hey, who are they?” She looked to the monitor and saw two women who were not part of the show in the grotto with Bella and Candice. Quickly Luna grabbed the walkie-talkie. “Front door, are we closed?”

The cashier replied, “Yeah, about ten minutes ago. We’re just waiting for the last group to finish up.” Luna looked at the monitors and saw the final bunch of patrons were leaving the Mad Madhouse room and heading for the exit.

“Okay, go ahead and close up. I’ll be by in a few.” She stood up and said to her partner, “We got stragglers in the grotto. I’ll go and see – ” Her words were interrupted by a bright flash from the grotto as the infrared camera whited out. When it returned a few moments later they were surprised to see the room was now empty. The strangers were gone, and so were Bella and Candice! “What the…?” Luna didn’t finish the sentence, instead rushing out of the room and into the grotto.

When she got there she found it empty, and otherwise as she’d left it a few hours prior. There was a strange scent in the air, an odd mix of ozone with touches of jasmine, sulfur and, oddly, frozen pizza. As she walked forward she triggered the electric eye and was startled by the rise of the harnesses with empty costumes hanging from them. She walked over to the one that had been Bella’s with amazement. It was if they had vanished into thin air, right out of their costumes.

Wondering if her rival was playing some kind of prank on her, Luna stepped over to Bella’s harness and impulsively reached up to take a leg of the catsuit between thumb and forefinger, gently rubbing it. A strange electric tingle seemed to run from it into her as she was bedazzled. The suit still smelled of Bella, of her sweat and scent and sex. Suddenly Luna’s mind was flooded with images and sensations of what Bella had gone through that evening. Her heart raced and breathing became shallow as lust for that experience possessed her. She had to put on this red rubber devil costume now, she had to be in it, covered by it, consumed by it, strapped into the harness, gagged and plugged and at the mercy of the timer set to Maximum, with no means of escape, and no one to rescue her. She felt faint with the promise of it all.

Her radio crackled to life. “Everything okay in there?” It was her lover/assistant.

Luna reached up and pulled the red latex hood from the costume, held it to her face and breathed in deeply. Raising the radio, she said, “Yeah, fine. Go out front and tell the crew they can close and go home. Then, come in here.” She glanced at the other empty suit. “I’m gonna need your help with something.” She dropped the radio and began to undress. As she slipped the latex hood over her head she heard in the distance the sound of a woman with a Southern accent laughing in delight.


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