Mental Ward


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Storycodes: FF; hospital; explore; captives; torment; bond; straitjacket; cocoon; wrap; entomb; stuck; rescue; cons/nc; X

It was the fall of 69

Phebe was expecting a new script to be delivered at any time.

The phone rings

Hi, Phebe, it's Purcilla,

Oh hi, Pru what's up? I'm bored with nothing to do.

Why don't come over I just got my new movie script, A Halloween Horror Film this time.

Ok, I'll be there soon.

Wow! this script is scary Phebe.!! I know, but there is a problem. The location where do the producers find an old Mental Hospital. Why not suggest the old Mental Hospital in the next county.

OH, I forgot about that one, I thought they tore it down?

Not yet maybe the Movie Company can rent it cheap ??

Let me make a call to the producer, Great I'll check it out.

Pru they already knew about it and have rented it for the movie, they also want me to check it out. So you up for a road trip. Sure!! We will go, tomorrow.

Come the morning Phebe and Pru are off. Upon arriving at the Hospital they saw a movie trailer already there. They checked in with the guard. She tells them the Hospital has rooms that are not safe, they must be careful where they step. But most of them are marked off.

Girls being girls, couldn't wait to explore it.

Phebe, where to explore first, how about the mental ward?

Sounds good, this way to the nut factory. OK were are here what's the door code to open it Phebe 1234 lame says, Pru.

Wow look at this place wheelchairs, gurneys, straps, straitjackets, medical restraints, they just left it all here.

Maybe they will sell it all to us after the movie, Phebe what's on your mischievous mind of yours, Nothing !!

OK, Pru sit down in this his wheelchair? NO-Way!! I'm not getting in that thing. I'm Scared, it's just a chair Phebe says.

But this place is supposed to be haunted.

PRU SIT DOWN !! See nothing happened !!

Now my turn, I see some lab coats on that coat rack, Be right back.

Phebe turns around to see Pru now sitting in the wheelchair with a hospital gown on and is tightly bound and gagged into the chair.

Pru was strapped into a tight-fitting white canvas straitjacket, but that was not all. There were hospital cuffs around her ankles, knees, waist, elbows and finally a 4inch high neck collar. Pru also had her mouth stuffed full with gauze and then white medical tape wrapped around her head to hold it all in, She could not move or escape from that chair.

Phebe screams Pru what happened ??. Of course, no speech was heard.

How did you get like that? Is one of the stage hands pranking me or what?

Pru was trying with all her might to warn Phebe what was behind her.

What Pru saw was a ghostly figure of a Mad Doctor coming towards Phebe hold a syringe in his hand and laughing hysterically.

PHEBE PLEASE !! Turn around for God's sake. But it was too late.

The Mad Doctor comes closer to Phebe, Then reaches out with his blood-soaked hand, grabs Phebe by her hair and yanks her head back, while plunging the syringe into her neck. Phebe looks up to see the Mad Doctor and begins to scream. The Mad Doctor releases Phebe and she takes a step back and turns around to see The Mad Doctor laughing hysterically at her. Phebe can't believe this just happened to her.

Moments later Phebe falls to the floor unconscious.

Phebe slowly begins to wake up. Phebe be is lying on a gurney, but somethings wrong she can't move. what the hell happened she asks herself, but no sound came out of her mouth, just loud mmphs

Phebe realized she was bound and gagged on a hospital gurney.

There she was laced and strapped tightly into a modified Straitjacket and Hobble Skirt with a full Hood too, the laces were pulled tight with no gap in between, the straps and pulled to their last hole.

Phebe's mouth was packed with gauze and sealed in medical tape. A hood was pulled over her to cover her head, It only had cutouts for her eyes and two small holes to breath through. Phebe's tries as best she could, There would be no escape from this.

Phebe saw two zombie-like orderly's coming toward her, they grab the gurney and wheeled Phebe out and down the hall to another room

They were preparing something on the far wall, that's when Phebe saw what it was, A 2-foot wide lined box, with a small window just like a padded cell. The orderly's released Phebe from the gurney and strapped her to the back of the boxes back wall, They then slam the door shut.

Phebe soon realized this was no ordinary padded cell, But a soundproof isolation chamber. No sound or screams would ever be heard, once she was in there, even if she wasn' already thoroughly gagged, she would spend the rest of the night in there.

The next morning, suddenly the doors flew open again, in came Pru strap naked to the gurney. The two orderlies free her from the gurney and put her on a metal surgeons table, They strap poor Pru up-tight, ankles spread wide, then knees, waist, wrists, elbows at her side, two chest straps above and below, a collar and finally a head strap. Pru struggled in vain to free herself from the table.

Phebe watched in horror as she saw the finale thing that was about to happen to her. The two orderly's grab a syringe attached a tube running up to a bottle of saline solution.

They intended to give poor Pru a BOOB JOB!!

If Phebe could only scream for them to stop, Forced to watch the two orderly's do this to Pru, but then suddenly the chamber filled with gas and Phebe has been knocked unconscious again.

Phebe awakes this time. just like Pru was before, tightly strapped into a heavy canvas straitjacket and then tightly stapped down to a fix floor chair. But what was about to happen to her is not,

The Ghostly Orderly's have just inserted a double-stick tongue depressure secure around her neck. This particular device was able to clamp even pressure on the tongue and then inserted it into the mouth. Next, was a head strap device to hold the tongue depressure, it went around the forehead with a chin strap. The final thing the orderly did was apply cream to Phebe's temples.

In dawned on Phebe what all this was for. Electric Shock Treatments.!!

NO!! Phebe tried to scream. The first jolt was mild, but the next one was excruciatingly painful, and the third time made Poor Phebe pass out.

The girls awake together but still bound and gagged, but this time they are chained together by a chain which is bolted to the wall of the soundproof padded Cell. The girls are in serious trouble, how are they ever going to escape their fate, will anyone miss them or come to rescue them.

Suddenly the door opens, In comes the same two orderly's pushing wheelchairs. Within twenty minutes they had the girls strapped up tightly in straight jackets, and are wheeling down the hall again, but this time together, instead of apart to their separate tortures.

Through a set of double doors, they went. what the girls saw scared them Two Medical Tables in line with each other, so when the girls are strapped to them their heads were only two feet apart with a double faucet between them the girls could not understand this setup.

They would soon find out why.

After the girls were tightly strapped to the tables Phebe and Pru would now find out why. The tables were lower on a downward incline.

There were two mirrors above pointed at each other so they can see each other's torment, Next, the faucets were turned and pointed just over their foreheads and opened up to a slow dripping setting. Phebe and Pru were about to receive the Chinese Water Torture Trail. They are to endure this test for the next twenty-four hours. Drip, Drip, Drip.

This will drive them insane if they survive it. What next awaits are fair Damsels in Distress.

Meanwhile back at the studio, the producer was just about to get production underway, Where are those girls I've been trying to get in touch with them for a week. Ok, better called the guard shack. Boss, his assistant answers they went on location to check it out last week, but they have not checked in Ok call the guard shack at the location and see if the girls are still there and have them call me at once.

The producer gets the call from the location. Yes, they were here last week and they wanted to look around the set. Those girls don't they no it's not safe to go explore there. Yes, I told them but they insisted.

Send out someone to find them and call me back. the guard calls back. We can't find them and they have not gone back to their rooms either, Fools, Do what it takes and make a thorough search and find them, yes sir.

The girls were in dire straits from their last ordeal. they were submitted to unspeakable torments, They could not hold out much longer if no one comes to rescue them. The girls were locked up in the same room again, but this time not bound or gagged.

Then Phebe sees a chance of escape. She sees a rotten floorboard and begins to pry it loose. Pru come help me there a way out!

The girls pick and pry at it for a few hrs, then it comes to loose.

What they see, is a dark room below. Come on Pru, it's the only way out of here. Phebe, you don't know what's down there? I don't care let's take a chance.

So the girls lower themselves down to the floor below

It was a dark chamber with very little light. But the girls could only see an outline of a lighted door. they go to check it out, it opens up to a staircase going down to the basement. Phebe and Pru descend the staircase to the bottom, where they find an old heavy metal door,

They pry it open and hears

Welcome girls!! We have been waiting for you two, The two Ordery's grab Phebe and Pru to prepare them for there final scene.

Phebe and Pru NO!! please let us go. No, you two have seen too much.

Sorry girls, you two shall remain here for the rest of your lives

The search for the two girls uncovered why they are missing.

The FBI told the producer that the old abandoned Mental Hospital was taken over by a gang of white slavers. The FBI was not informed of the movie studio requesting to use the site or they would have been warned about it. The FBI raids the gang's hideout and finds out where the girls might be held and they are racing to rescue them.

Back in the chamber, well girls the gig is up. We were going to sell you two on the black market. But everyone is looking for you two. So I guess we go with plan B before we scram out of here. Unfortunately for you two, we have to make you two disappear.

Wrap them up !! Poor Phebe and Pru once more were to be tightly bound and gagged and mummified to await their final fate.

The head Orderly spoke, I call this one wall of silence. The girls were wrapped up three times in heavy white gauze from head to toe

To make it worse they also had their mouths filled with gauze packed in to keep them quiet, earplugs were also used. The only contact with the outside world were two eye slits in their hoods. Take them to their final resting place, OH the horror of being buried ALIVE!

The Orderly puts them into an indentation in the stone wall. The girls were held in place by heavy straps. Then one by one the girls watched in horror at the orderly's wall them up Brick by Brick. Finally, the last brick was put in place. No sight or sound just total darkness intomb for eternity.

By the fourth day of their entombment, there was little oxygen left. Soon it will run out and that would be the end of the girls never to be found.

Over here inspector, look what I found? What is it, Constable?

Fresh mortar. Those fiends, get me a sledgehammer quick.

As the girls were about to take their last breath, a light came shining through into there tomb, they were rescued in the nick of time.

Sorry girls it took a long time to search this mental ward. The White Slavers refused to cooperate. But they will pay dearly for what they have done to you. you're safe now.

The End

So Pru what do you think of the script?

Scary, you sure you want to do this one? Yea why not it 's going to be a classic. Now help me gather these hospital restrains the Studio negotiated for and sent over for me to use in the movie.

What for!! REHEARSAL Silly !!


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