The Realm of Pleasure - A Halloween Story

by The Technician

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Dabbling with magic on Halloween night can lead to trouble.

A young man and his buddies come up with a sure fire way to make a Halloween party extra interesting... and get their girlfriends naked at the same time. But be careful messing with magic, especially at Halloween. And be very, very careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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It was supposed to be a frickin’ joke! It was just a bunch of Halloween mumbo-jumbo to get the girls to take their clothes off. I didn’t really mean it. I wasn’t trying to summon anyone... or anything. I was just trying to get laid.

The six of us boys came up with this plan over the summer. Actually, it was my idea, but everyone went along with it. As Halloween approached we would all talk about the “door to The Realm of Pleasure,” and how we should have a magic ritual on Halloween to open the door. I used an online translator to create some ancient sounding Latin phrases and we bought some colored sand and some really heavy musky incense and some weird incense holders that we got online, but claimed that we had found at a voodoo store in New Orleans. By the time Halloween came around we were ready for the party. James and Will had different girlfriends by then, but it didn’t make any difference. We were going to have a naked Halloween party and, hopefully, sex, sex, sex.

We didn’t do anything right away. We knew that we had to work up to it as the party progressed. Besides, we had told the girls that it had to be done at midnight. So up until then it was a standard Halloween party with six couples drinking wine or beer and dancing or sitting around talking. Bob, who was dating a girl named Bobbi, told a rather raunchy ghost story that sounded like something he might have heard at a Boy Scout overnight. Other than that, and dancing to The Monster Mash, it wasn’t much different than our average once-a-month parties out at Dave’s dad’s cabin on the lake.

Dave is my cousin, so I should probably say Uncle Stan’s cabin. His mom is my mom’s sister and they are very close so Dave and I grew up being close cousins. Our parties were pretty mild for a bunch of high school seniors. Uncle Stan looked the other way if we were drinking a little bit of beer or wine, but if he wasn’t there, he expected everyone to be back in town by midnight. This would be our last party for the year because Uncle Stan and Aunt Margie closed down the cabin for the winter right after Halloween. And because it was Halloween, and because all of us were now over eighteen, Uncle Stan– and the rest of the parents– extended the curfew to two in the morning.

When midnight came around, it was time for the party to get interesting. I gathered everyone into a big circle outside and built a small fire out on the deck in a little iron firestand that they kept there for when the nights were cool. Then I started drawing lines on the wooden floor with the various colored sands. I carefully explained that each line had to be a separate color. I mumbled nonsense words while I poured the sand. Then I handed out the sacred drink that had to accompany the completion of each line.

Randy wanted to use pure Everclear, but Jim pointed out that something 190 proof is 95% pure alcohol. With the amount we would be drinking, that might kill someone, so we settled for an apple-cinnamon-flavored 80 proof Vodka that we put in a decanter with a skull on the stopper. I thought it tasted like shit, but Bob said it would be perfect. I had these special, tall, two-ounce shot glasses that were supposed to be used for ouzo or anisette, but I only filled them 1/4 full. That way everyone would be drinking a half-ounce at a time while at the same time inhaling a lot of fumes so things would hit them even faster. As leader, I filled my first shot half way, but planned to keep the rest at 1/4.

The outer circle was in red sand... one shot of sacred drink. The inner circle was blue sand... another shot of sacred drink. The first line dissecting the circle was in gray sand... one more shot of the sacred drink. The next dissecting line was a pale shade of red, followed by another shot of sacred drink. The next line was dark blue... another shot. The final line, which only went half way through the circle to where the other lines intersected, was black... one more shot. Then came the star to complete things. The star itself was in white sand. When I got done, I had a strangely-shaped white, five-pointed star inside a red circle with a blue circle in the middle and lines cutting through the star at each of the points. We, of course, had one more shot of sacred drink when I completed the star.

I set the weird incense holders at the tips of the star and called for one final shot of sacred Vodka. In total, that was eight partial shots for a total of four ounces of Vodka.  For my final drink, I filled my two ounce shot glass completely full and threw it down my throat. That meant I had downed six ounces.

I really felt that last shot and could tell I was not speaking as clearly as I should when I made the big announcement. “In order for the final incantation to be successful,” I carefully explained, “all of us must be skyclad.”

If I had suggested that before we started, I don’t think any of the girls would have agreed, but after going along with the whole ritual up to this point– and after drinking eight 1/4 shots of Vodka– all six girls agreed. Dave brought out six big floor pillows from the living room of the cabin so the girls wouldn’t have to sit naked on the wooden floor. The guys just used small rugs that normally sat on the benches around the edge of the deck.

Once we were all skyclad, I started the final incantations. In my best Boris Karloff voice, I said, “Quod aperire ianuam invocationin in hoc mundo, et inter mundum et immundum.” That was supposed to mean “This is the invocation to open the door between this world and the world of pleasure,” but who knows what the hell the free translator actually came up with.

I let everything get really silent and then intoned, “Iubes me ad ostium aperire, et surrexerunt ludere incipere.” That one was supposed to be, “I command the door to open and the orgy to begin.”

One of the girls giggled. I waited for everything to get really quiet once again and said very slowly, “Ut me ad voluptatem mundi.” I recognized “me” and I knew that “ad” meant to, so maybe this actually meant, “Take me now to The Realm of Pleasure.”

As soon as I had finished, I threw the magic powder I had purchased at a magic shop downtown into the fire. There was a big puff of smoke that enveloped me. When it cleared, I wasn’t on the deck. I wasn’t even at Dave’s dad’s cabin. I don’t know where in the hell I was, but there were a lot more people there and everyone was naked. At least half of them were fucking. Then it got smoky again and I was alone in a small clearing in the woods. An absolutely beautiful young woman a little bit older than me stepped up to me and said, “Welcome to The Realm of Pleasure.”

She pulled me over to a small bed-like couch in the middle of the clearing and said, “This world is balanced between your world and the next.”

I had no idea what she meant by that, but I nodded and said, “Uh huh.”

“In order to maintain the balance of this realm,” she continued, “all pleasure must be balanced out with pain.”

I must have looked scared or upset on that one because she laughed and said, “Don’t worry. The pain is minor. It is mainly symbolic just to please the Olympians.”

“How did I get here?” I stammered. “None of that crap was real. I’m sure than none of those words were the right words.”

“Oh,” she laughed, “they don’t have to be the right words. And your silly lines and symbols don’t really have to be in any particular order or shape or color. All that is needed is that you mean what you say when you say it.”

“I don’t understand,” I said softly.

“Didn’t you deeply desire to come to The Realm of Pleasure?” she asked with a smile. “And didn’t you ask to do so at Midnight on Halloween?”

“I guess so,” I answered, “but I just intended to get it on with my girlfriend.”

I looked around and asked, “Speaking of her,” I sputtered, “where is she?.. and everyone else?”

“You didn’t ask that ‘we’ come to The Realm of Pleasure,” she said, almost laughing, “You asked that ‘I’ come here.”

“But... but...” I sputtered.

“Be careful what you ask for,” she replied and again laughed.

She was pulling me down on one of the divans so that I was between her legs. “Fuck me,” she said breathily, and pushed herself up at me.

“I don’t even know your name,” I said, trying to pull back. Well, pulling back a little bit.

“My name is Voluptus,” she said, pushing herself further up against me, “but you can call me Heddy.”

My mind still had a lot of questions, but my prick was ready to go. And when it comes to arguments between my mind and my prick we all know who wins. I drove into her and started thrusting to match her thrusts up into me.

I was starting to climb toward a really good orgasm, but before I could nut, I felt someone push between my legs. Then I felt a greasy prick press against my asshole. I don’t mean the guy between my legs was an unwashed jerk, I mean that his prick was greased and he was pressing it up against my asshole.

“Pain with the pleasure,” Heddy said and thrust herself once again up against me.

I’m straighter than an iron rod, but at that point I didn’t really care if someone was trying to pound my pooper. All I could think of was finishing things with Heddy. And as strange as it sounds, after a few more thrusts, the buggering started to feel pretty good. I mean it hurt, but it hurt in a really good way.

Then I came. Boy did I cum. I felt like I was pumping a gallon of cum into Heddy while she screamed and thrashed beneath me. When I came to my senses, whoever had been fucking my ass was gone and I was lying across Heddy’s tits, with my limp prick still inside her.

“That was nice,” she said softly, rubbing her hands across my back.

“I thought you said that there was pain with pleasure for everyone?” I said as I pushed myself up onto my arms causing my prick to pull out of her very tight twat.

“Hedone is immune,” she answered brightly. “After all, this is my realm. Al and I rule it together.” She laughed softly and added, “I believe you have met Algo.”

“That’s a weird name,” I said, trying to match her laugh.

“The Algos are weird beings,” she answered as she pushed me off of her and stood up. “But it is time for you to meet the rest of the party.”

“My name, as I already told you,” she continued brightly, “is Voluptus, or Hedone, but you can call me Heddy.” She pulled me through a smoky patch and suddenly we were in a grassy glen. All the trees were gone. It seemed to be night and the air was very cool.

“You will be immune here,” she said in almost a whisper, “because you will be the source of pain.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, as thirteen nubile, naked, young women slowly appeared as the hole in the smoke widened and then the wispy smoke cleared completely. They all looked like they were at least my age or older. I guessed the youngest at eighteen and the oldest– the leader– in the high twenties or early thirties. None of them had any coloring in their hair, as was obvious by the fact that the color of the hair on their heads exactly matched their untrimmed bushes.

Twelve of them were dancing nude beneath the stars in a large circle, while the thirteenth, obviously their leader, stood on a large square rock in the center singing a low-pitched keening song of some sort. The song got faster and faster and the women danced frantically around the circle keeping up with the tempo of the tune. After several minutes of frantic dancing, the leader’s song began to slow down. As the song became slower and slower and slower, the dancers seemed to be moving in almost a special effects slow motion. The leader then switched to just a slow, deep, melodious wail as she settled herself down onto the rock with her hips right at one of the narrow ends and her legs hanging over so that her feet were almost on the ground.
One of the dancers slo-moed her way over to kneel between her legs with her hands on the leader’s thighs. Then she leaned forward and began to lap at the moisture glistening on the leader’s mons. She lapped very, very slowly and the leader’s wail began to rise and fall in pitch and volume.

“She gets great pleasure from drinking at the well of Saphos,” Heddy said. “It is for you to give her pain to balance that pleasure.”

“Me?..” I sputtered. “How?..” I asked.

The girl on her knees began to moan and push her ass back and slightly up. “Oh,” I said as my prick began to rise to the occasion. As I moved forward, I felt a strange sensation and suddenly my prick was covered with some form of greasy oil. I grabbed the girl’s hips and pushed myself forward into her ass.

She groaned deeply and pushed back against me. I wasn’t sure if it was a groan of pain or passion. It’s hard to tell under normal circumstances, but I really couldn’t tell as I slowly began to push in and out of her ass. I think it was a mixture of both.

Her tonguing was becoming more frantic as the woman on the altar– I really don’t know why I suddenly knew it was an altar of some sort. The woman on the altar started humping up into the girl and pushing her sex harder and harder against the girl’s mouth. Meanwhile, I kept thrusting into the girl’s ass.

Suddenly, the woman on the altar wrapped her legs around the girl’s head and squeezed tightly. It was obvious she was having an orgasm. The girl thrust her ass back against me and brought her hands down so she could frantically rub her own cunt. In what seemed like just a few seconds, her legs stiffened and shook as she brought herself off. That also brought me off and I pumped gallons of cum into her ass before pulling back out of her.

I watched my cum ooze back out of her asshole as it slowly closed back up. The woman laying on the altar released the girl’s head and she slowly stood back up and staggered back to the circle where she rejoined the other women in the slow motion dance.

The woman called out something in a strange tongue. It must have been a name because another of the girls from the circle danced her way slowly over to the end of the altar and lowered herself down between the woman’s legs.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but since I was again greased up and ready, I waited for the girl to bring the leader close to another orgasm and then stepped forward and speared her ass with my engorged prick. This time, it was easier to tell that it was more pain than pleasure. The girl swished her ass rapidly from side to side as if trying to dislodge me, but she never pulled forward even a little, though that would have readily pulled her off of me.

Again the woman on the altar came almost violently and clasped the girl’s head tightly against her cunt with her legs. The girl, meanwhile, did a stiff-legged dance as she rubbed herself to her own orgasm. Meanwhile, I was pumping great amounts of cum into her ass.

This continued until every girl in the circle had brought the leader to orgasm. They were all now slowly dancing around the circle with the woman’s juices smeared all over their faces and a mixture of their own juices and my cum running down the insides of their legs. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do at this point, so I walked back and stood next to Heddy.

“Why no pain for me this time?” I asked, “Am I immune, too?”

She laughed, and said, “I told you that you would be.” Her laugh deepened and she continued, “Wasn’t pumping gallons of cum into each of their asses painful enough?”

“Not really,” I replied, and she laughed again and said, “You’re special. Did you know that?”

“What about the head witch?” I asked. “Is she immune?”

“Watch,” Heddy said and nodded toward the altar where the leader was still moaning softly in the afterglow of her dozen intense orgasms.

Dozens of small, imp-like creatures swarmed all over the altar and the woman who was still lying naked on it. They were only a foot or so high, but their pricks were the size of a normal man, and they were sticking their pricks into every opening on the woman’s body. Two or three or possibly even four were all ramming into her cunt while at least two were ramming into her mouth and ass.

Heddy leaned over to me and said with a smile, “She hates to be entered in any way and so bewitches the young girls to satisfy her each Witch’s Sabbath.” The woman screamed shrilly as Heddy added, “But her magic has a price. These are the imps who give her power. This Halloween night, they are taking their payment.” She smiled in an almost dreamy way and added, “Pain with pleasure. Pain with pleasure keeps the balance of this world.”

I turned to ask her something, but stopped as heavy snow suddenly enveloped us. “Are you ready for a coolie?” she asked, pulling me forward into the snow. I don’t know if we were in the same glen because everything was covered with snow.

“What’s a coolie?” I asked.

Heddy laughed and said, “A quickie in a snowdrift. There is a young woman who is always seeking new experiences.” She smiled at me and then pressed her lips tightly together. “She taunted me with her exploits,” she continued, “so I decided to give her a new exploit that combines the pleasure of hot passion with the pain of freezing cold.”

She ran her finger down my chest and said, “If you are willing, you will be providing the passion. The snow will be providing the pain.”
“Who’ll be on top?” I asked.

“I take that as a yes,” Heddy said, and suddenly there was a young woman lying in the snow in front of me. Her hair was a perfect ginger above and below. Her skin was almost as white as the snow.

“Fuck me,” she said, looking up into my eyes. “Please,” she said, “quickly before I freeze to death. I should never have joked about me being more sexually prolific than Voluptus. The gods are punishing me. Please fuck me so this torment will end.”

It wasn’t the most romantic invitation I had ever received, but Heddy gave me a big push and I landed faced down in the snow between the ginger’s legs. I quickly climbed up on top of her. I don’t know if the cold shortened little Johnny, but somehow he remained stiff. The ginger was wet and ready for me so I slipped inside of her and began thrusting.

I could feel that tightness in my balls that said I was going to cum soon, but it felt like I was fucking a badly-made sex doll– or perhaps a flexible statue. I pumped into her and she gave a low groan and began shivering almost violently. Then she disappeared and I fell face first into the snow. I could hear Heddy once again laughing behind me.

The snow seemed to turn to smoke that swirled around me for a moment, and when it cleared we were inside some form of stockade. Thankfully, the sun was high in the sky and very warm. I looked around at the crudely-built fort. The walls were made of logs buried in the ground with their pointed tips reaching for the sky. There were a couple buildings near the walls. A large open square made up the rest of the area. A naked woman was hanging between two posts in the middle of the square. From the redness of her wrists and ankles, she had evidently been hanging there for some time, perhaps even for days.

A large number of men and women in uniform stood in formation on three sides of the square. Directly in front of the bound woman was a reviewing stand with officers and special guests seated on risers. An officer with a lot of braid and medals stood at a podium reading from an official-looking piece of parchment. I didn’t even recognize the language, so I couldn’t understand anything he said.

“She has been convicted of treason,” Heddy said softly. “The normal punishment is death, but since there are extenuating circumstances, that has been commuted to one hundred and twenty lashes. If she survives, she will then spend the next two years as a penal slave within the fort.”

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“Sometimes pleasure must be balanced with pain,” Heddy said, giving me her weird, almost leering smile. Then stroking my bare chest she said, “And sometimes pain must be balanced with pleasure.”

“I still don’t understand,” I said. I was telling the absolute truth. I had no idea what the hell was going on.

“We are invisible to the people of the fort,” Heddy said. “You will give pleasure to this woman while she endures her punishment.”

“How?” I asked.

Her smile became even more leering as she stuck her tongue out of her mouth and wiggled the tip at me.

“OK,” I said, “but I’m not really into this kind of pain.”

I walked over to stand in front of the young woman who was strung up tightly in a naked X between the posts. The mist and smoke seemed to follow me and enveloped both her and me as I reached out and stroked her magnificent breasts. She had a fabulous body and her nipples were standing erect on her perfect breasts. Maybe it was the cool air which stiffened those nubs. Maybe it was fear. It was even possible that she was sexually excited by her predicament. I used my fingers to massage both nipples and she gave a slight groan. She couldn’t see me, but she could obviously feel me. I began to massage both breasts with the palms of my hands while my thumb and forefinger tweaked and twisted her pink nipples.

Then the first stroke of the whip hit. She screamed and twisted in her restraints. I didn’t mean to, but when she twisted, her nipples started to slip from my fingers and I automatically closed down trying to hold on to them and ended up pinching them pretty tight. She gasped for breath and looked down at me. I’m sure she was looking right through me, but her eyes were staring right into mine.

As the lash continued to fall, I continued to stroke and slide my hands up and down the front of her body. After twenty lashes the commandant, or whoever he was, called out something and the man with the whip stepped back and held his whip at his side. A rather haggard-looking woman in a loin cloth– apparently one of the fort slaves– stepped up with a small cup of water. She strained to hold it up to the woman being whipped and urged her to drink. She repeated that several times and then stepped back into the ranks of the soldiers.

As she walked away, she stepped right through me. There was no physical contact, but it still felt really weird. The Commandant barked out something and the man with the whip returned to his station. Two lashes were counted out as I knelt down between the woman’s feet. She smelled of sweat and pain and fear... and woman.

I reached up with my hands and held her by her waist. Then I pulled my face into her triangle and reached out and slid the tip of my tongue up and down her slit. Soon I was spearing into her cunt with my tongue as the lash drove her forward into my face. Three... no four times... the Commandant called out and the lash stopped, but I kept up my relentless attack on her snatch.

The count was now at one hundred– twenty strokes left to go. I felt fingers intertwine in my hair. “Fuck me,” a raspy voice groaned out. “Fuck me now!”

I looked up and the woman was looking down into my eyes. She could see me! She pulled me upright in front of her and suddenly my arms were bound against hers. My legs were held tight against her thighs by thick leather bands. I thrust toward her and after several failed attempts was able to line my prick up with her slit and push into her.

The Commandant was saying something. I still couldn’t understand his words, but I somehow knew what he meant. The final twenty strokes were to be wrapped around the woman so that the whip would strike on her breasts and stomach and, of course, on her sex.

The first stroke hit with a loud “Thwack! Snap!” and I screamed. The whip seemed to pass through me, but at the same time, I could feel its terrible sting.

The woman looked into my eyes and said in a very throaty voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard! It’s the only thing that will help me survive the pain.”

I began frantically thrusting into her. It almost felt like her internal muscles were trying to tear my prick from my body, but I couldn’t stop. It felt so good... and at the same time it hurt so badly as the whip struck again and again and again and again.

Just as the Commandant shouted out for the last time, I erupted inside of her. I hung there gasping for breath. She almost incoherently mumbled, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Then I heard the laughing voice of Heddy say, “Pleasure with the pain... Pain with the pleasure,” and the smoke overwhelmed me once again.

When the smoke cleared this time, I was alone in a meadow with Heddy. “One last fuck before Halloween comes to an end for this year,” she said with that same leering smile that was now becoming almost frightening.

She lay back in the clover and opened her legs. The sudden, strong smell of a woman in heat enveloped me and my prick somehow once again sprang to full stiffness. She pulled me down between her legs and I smoothly entered her. She began slamming herself up into my crotch and I tried to match her intensity.

As we fucked, I could hear a loud buzzing behind me. I was just about at my final climax– somehow I knew it would be my FINAL climax– I was just about at that final point when a giant wasp flew around in front of me and pointed its throbbing stinger directly at my chest. I knew that when I spurted it would sting me, but I couldn’t help myself. I thrust again and again into Heddy’s wonderful cunt. I screamed out as I pumped my cum into her. It was a scream of passion and pain because just as I spurted, the wasp rammed its stinger into my chest, just below my left breast. The pain was overwhelming, and I passed out.

When I awoke I was in a hospital bed. My eyes weren’t open, but somehow I could see everything that was going on. I could see that there were needles and tubes stuck everywhere on my body and I could hear the whine and hiss of various machines. Above my head, where I shouldn’t have been able to see it, was a monitor of some sort with numbers and weird squiggles.

A doctor was standing alongside the bed holding a strange-looking hypodermic with a very long needle. “Your heart stopped again,” he said– though it looked like he wasn’t really talking to me. It was more like he was talking to himself as he looked up at the monitor. “We had to inject adrenalin directly into your heart,” he continued. He shrugged his shoulders and added, “... again.” As he was putting away the needle he said in almost a sigh, “This was our last hope.”

I passed out again. When I awoke this time, my eyes were actually open. I was in a different hospital bed. There weren’t as many tubes and the noise of the machines was much, much less. My parents were there and so was Dave and his parents.

“We thought we’d lost you,” mom said. It was obvious she had been crying.

“What in the hell did you think you were doing?” dad growled at me. His eyes looked like he might have also been crying, but he would never admit that.

I looked over at Dave. He looked back at me and then said, “Randy is an asshole.”

“What?!” all four parents yelped in unison.

Dave looked at them and said, “It was a party game. We were supposed to be using Vodka. But Randy thought that wouldn’t be strong enough, so he poured out the Vodka and substituted Everclear with some mints and candy dissolved in it.”

He looked back at me and said, “When you passed out, you stopped breathing, so we called the EMTs. All of the girls were unconscious by the time the paramedics arrived and Randy broke down and told them what he had done.”

“That means they drank four ounces of pure alcohol in less than five minutes!” I almost yelled. “We wanted them loosened up, not unconscious.” I continued. Then I remembered my parents were in the room.

“Well... um... I...” I stammered. My dad shook his head and said, “In other words it was teen-aged hormones run wild.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “something like that.” Then I asked, “Is everyone OK?”

Dave answered me. “Yes,” he said looking down at the bed, “but the girls are unbelievably mad. They woke up in ER naked and their clothes were still out at the cabin. Their folks had to bring them something to wear home. It was... awkward.”

“I’ll bet it was,” mom said with that “mom’s mad!” look on her face. “Almost as awkward as finding out that my son is on life support.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Halloween was two weeks ago,” a male voice said from behind my parents. It was another doctor. “You were clinically dead when they brought you in here,” he said. “We knew it was extreme alcohol poisoning so we put you in a hypothermic state until we could get the alcohol cleared out of your blood. There is no real way to filter alcohol out of blood, so we had to do a total body transfusion.”

“I still don’t understand,” I said.

The doctor looked at me and said, “We put you on ice and changed your oil.”

Somehow that made sense to me.

He held up my chart and looked back and forth from the papers to me. “You know that you should be dead?” he asked. He didn’t wait for an answer but continued, “You were flatline when the paramedics got there and still flat when you got here. Therapeutic hypothermia sometimes works in the case of severe heart attacks so we wrapped you in chill blankets and used intestinal lavage to take your core temperature down to 30 degrees, that’s just below 86 Fahrenheit.”

“Wow,” was all I could answer.

“It takes a little while to come up with five liters of your blood type, so we induced a coma.” He tapped the clipboard against the bed lightly and licked his lips. It was obvious there was something he didn’t want to say. “You didn’t come out of the coma,” he finally said. “After we got the blood changed and slowly brought your core temperature back up to normal, you remained in a vegetative state with effectively no brain activity. Your heart kept stopping so we determined that we had done all that we could do. We took you off life support just a few minutes ago.”

Dave looked really uncomfortable. He stepped up close to the bed and said softly, “We came here to be with you when you died.” He made a strange face with his eyebrows arched really high, and then continued, “But you woke up instead.”

“I’m supposed to be dead?” I asked incredulously.

“Medically,” the doctor said, “you WERE dead.” He gave me a strange smile and said, “I guess you are supposed to be alive. Someone has given you a new lease on life.”

It was another two weeks before I got out of the hospital. I haven’t told any of my family or friends about what happened while I was dead. I mean, who is going to believe me? I thought it was all just some strange dream while I was... unconscious, but then I looked up Hedone and Algos and Voluptus and the Olympians. They are all Greek gods or demigods. Hedone is the goddess of pleasure. Those who live in her realm of pleasure are called Hedonites, just as those who pursue pleasure above all things here on earth are called Hedonists.

The doctor’s words sort of haunt me. He told me I had a new lease on life. I do, but I’m afraid it is a one-year lease. Heddy said she would come for me next Halloween... well, that’s this Halloween now, I guess. I can’t decide whether I should hide or have another full blowout party somewhere. I think I’m leaning toward a real orgy. I might even redo my incantation. The worst that can happen is I will find myself back in The Realm of Pleasure screwing girl after girl while one of the Algos buggers me.

Midnight this Halloween could be very interesting.

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